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Ivan Kristensen 03-28-2020 12:10 PM

Great Lake shores, low and slow.
Recently I did something I have never done before. It was a beautiful day here in South Western Ontario so in keeping with the Corona Virus self isolation I decided to go for a long slow and low flight to explore the north shore of Lake Erie from Long Point to the Welland Canal.
This was such a great experience that I continued the adventure north along the Welland Canal across the Niagara Peninsula to the St Catherine airport where I picked up the south shoreline of Lake Ontario. I followed it to the Burlington Skyway before heading back to Kitchener.
Right after I landed back at Kitchener I managed to catch the landing of a Chartright Global Express. In one photo it looks lige he put it right on the top of their own hangar..

An iPad Mini screen shot from FltPlan Go showing the routing.

A small community on Long Point in Lake Erie.

Entrance to the Harbour at Port Dover.

125kts @ 7.7gph. 2000ft or approx. 1500Ft. above the lake. The red colour on the map screen shows rising terrain in NY State..

Entrance to the Welland Canal from Lake Erie on the Niagara Peninsula.

A typical "Laker" going through the canal.

A good look at one of the 8 Locks on the Welland Canal. Locks #1 thru #7 being 766 feet (233.5 m) long and 80 feet (24.4 m) wide.

petehowell 03-28-2020 12:39 PM

awesome pics!
Looks like a beautiful flight - I learned about a "laker" today!

Ivan Kristensen 03-28-2020 01:13 PM

More Low and Slow
The Queen Elizabeth Way aka QEW crosses the entrance to the Hamilton Harbour on the Burlington Skyway,

Touch down:eek: of a Global Express at my home airport.

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