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BillL 02-05-2016 05:10 PM

Help for source of this terminal pin- .083" dia
Usually, I can find just about anything, but this pin is driving me crazy! I got Molex stuck in my head but the engineering drawing for an .084 pin (MXL) does not match the straight portion and has two locking tangs. They have .063 and .093, that look like it but not it. Mate-n-lok, TE, AMP, other? Please provide link if possible.

It fits on the Reiff and older Whelen strobe connectors.

I am thinking if the manufacturer is identified then I can find sources.

Thanks in advance.

gmkonrad 02-05-2016 06:15 PM

Mate N Lok pin
Looks like this is it.

I just bought some 2 weeks ago.


BillL 02-05-2016 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by gmkonrad (Post 1051646)

Fantastic! Apparently the mate-n-lok connectors were bought out a couple of times and there are different market offerings. This one seems to be "commercial" , not what I had seen.

I got a clue from Charlie Hammes, and was just researching Mouser.

Thanks to all. Hopefully this will help others if they can find the thread.

Mark C. 02-05-2016 07:24 PM

This part is commercial Mate-N-Loc.. Pin part number for 60618-1 24 to 18 awg the socket part number is 60617-1 both are .084 technology.. Best bet is Digi-key you can buy from them plus they will email you a print. Mark C,

Champ 02-06-2016 08:58 AM

My Whelan system came with .084 pins so I stayed with that size for other connectors to keep them all the same. I got pins from Digi-Key under the numbers WM1270-ND (Male 14-20 AWG tin) and WM1271-ND (female). They also have housings under the WM12xx-ND series.

.084 seemed to be a less common size and harder to get. I got feed up with depinning these with a tiny screwdriver and bought an extractor for $54.77 :eek:
High to as not as common as other sizes. Could possibly have home made an extractor using spare pins but it is nice to have the right tool for the job.

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