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Wralf 01-22-2021 11:41 AM

New RV-12is SLSA coming this fall
Hi all, I’ve been waiting a long time to join the Vans crowd and with retirement coming up in June from AA I decided to pull the trigger on a RV-12 that I will keep at Bay Bridge airport. Hoping the pandemic is under control by then.
Looking forward to this fall, Bill Renner

Also... looking for hangering at W29 if you know of an opening.

jrtens 01-22-2021 01:11 PM

Welcome to VAF Bill. I think you will find the 12iS to be a very nice little plane. :)

Do you plan to take the LSRM course?

Wralf 01-23-2021 01:17 AM

I would like to take that course eventually, they have maintenance for RV 12s here so I’m going to let them take care of it initially.
Easing into the LS game after 40 years away just traveling high and fast I can’t wait to
Go Oregon- LAX - Texas - Md at 1500’ and 100 kts ��

jrtens 01-23-2021 09:59 AM

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Sounds good. Well, if you have any questions on options, performance, etc. let me know. Also, if you send me a PM with your email I can send you a W&B spreadsheet to play with.

Meanwhile, here is some real world data you can chew on. :)

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