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The Swede 01-30-2016 12:13 PM

RV-4 #2784
Here's project progress in random pictures since late 2014. Soldering headset plugs now and have just ordered upholstery. Searching for someone that can do the paint is next...

The Swede 01-30-2016 12:17 PM

and more pics...

The Swede 01-30-2016 12:25 PM

Russ McCutcheon 01-30-2016 01:10 PM

Exciting stuff, looking great!

The Swede 01-30-2016 01:59 PM

Thanks, hope to be finished for the summer season. Just have to find some space for final assembly at local airport ESSV.

Found some more pics:

Infidel 01-30-2016 05:32 PM

Looks great and gold thinking with installing the oil cooler shutter.👍🏻

Vlad 01-30-2016 06:06 PM

Good job on the fuel tank!

Those oil cooler bolts will never come loose. :)

The Swede 01-31-2016 09:47 AM

Thanks, yes the oil cooler shutter will come in handy with the Gothic weather:D
Tanks were built and tested leak free by previous owner, but better safe than sorry I guess. And much easier fixing a leak before paint if needed. Also like to have auxilliarys stay where intended, maybe overkill to safe wire the cooler but it feels comforting when airborne:)

n82rb 01-31-2016 06:22 PM

i am really interested in the servo mounts that you have installed especially the aileron servo. could you give me a few details about them. what servos and arms and such. it looks like a good solution for the retro install im am going to do im mine.

bob burns

The Swede 02-01-2016 05:58 AM

Ok they are DYNON servos as recommended by DYNON in their servo application guide on their website. They are SV 42&32 with generic mount for roll and RV4/8 mount for pitch.
Roll servo mount is home made but I got the idea from somewhere on the forum. Backing alu angle on back side for support.
I'll put up some pictures arter Boeing at the projekt next time, will be about a week.

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