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Noah 02-08-2021 06:21 PM

Bluetooth Earbuds As an Aircraft Headset?
I recently picked up a pair of bluetooth earbuds and I've been wondering if anybody has figured out a way to use these in place of a headset in an aircraft.

Because these earbuds fit snugly, they exclude a lot of ambient noise, and they're super lightweight and convenient with no wires to get tangled or damaged. Battery life is pretty reasonable. The better versions have very good noise filtration to get rid of ambient noise picked up by the microphones (which are in the earpieces). Having a phone conversation in a noisy environment has impressed me. With the right bluetooth gateway which interfaces with the aircraft's audio system, these devices could function as a headset.

Has anybody played around with this idea? Is there a solution already available? Basically, what is needed is a bluetooth gateway that links to the earbuds and mimics both the headphone and speaker inputs to the aircraft radios. PTT functionality would still be separate with a hardwired switch. I found some bluetooth 2-way radio options specific to Motorola but they are rather expensive and customized for those handheld radios and it seemed that the right circuit board should be pretty inexpensive and is probably ubiquitous? Curious if anybody has tackled this already and how it worked out.

Here are the buds I am using:

rv8ch 02-09-2021 12:35 AM

good luck!
I hope you succeed in this quest - it will open up a lot more options for headsets. I am happy with my old bose aviation X headsets, but there are so many more options in the PC, Gaming, and mobile phone headset world that might be applicable to aviation.

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