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UnPossible 08-30-2015 01:09 PM

N964JB 1st Pilots N Paws Mission
Hey - I've been trying for a while now, but I finally completed my first Pilot N Paws mission. My daughter Jillian and I flew 5 pups from Granbury Texas up to Wichita Kansas..... from there they are headed to a rescue group in Des Moines IA.

The flight was just a bit over 2 hours each way. The pups were a bit restless from time to time, but overall it was a great experience. My plane and my daughter both got "christened" a bit, when one of the pups just could not hold it any longer, but they both soldiered on no worse for the wear.

Over all it was a great experience and we both look forward to future missions. I am going to need to find some sort of top loading soft sided crate I can put in the baggage area of my RV-7A.... the Rubbermade tub that I used was good for containing any messes, but not so good at containing the pups.


Arlen 08-30-2015 02:57 PM


Congrats on joining in with the saving animals missions! Pilots N Paws is a great organization.

I use a collapsible/foldable crate in the back of our -6, sitting on top of a plastic cover in case of "accidents."

Sort of like these:

...just get the size that will fit back there.

petehowell 08-30-2015 06:16 PM

Good Show!
Great that your daughter could join in the fun!

rv7boy 08-30-2015 07:56 PM

Congratulations on your first PnP mission! 😄

Paragon 08-31-2015 06:54 AM

Pilots & Paws is a great mission. Thank you for showing some pictures of the adventure.

Consider getting some hearing protection for the dogs next time. My understanding is that dogs have substantially more sensitive hearing than humans, and although they may tolerate the noise, I imagine the levels in an RV could be damaging.

Best Regards,

Cincinnati, OH

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