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GEM930 10-01-2014 05:50 PM

430 GPS antenna on a 250XL
I'm not sure if I should post this in the section or the comm section but here goes. Will the GPS antenna for my waas 430 work with my Garmin 250 XL? The reason I'm asking is I am going to be removing the 250 XL eventually to sell and replace it with the 430 I have. I need to remove the rear bulkhead for some other maintence and I figure while I'm at it I can go ahead and swap the antennas now.


craigvince 10-01-2014 07:47 PM

The WAAS antennas are different than the standard antenna. I would think the newer antennas are backwards compatible, but make sure you run RG400 cable which the WAAS antenna will require.

GEM930 10-04-2014 09:48 AM

Already has the RG-400 so I'm good there. I guess I'll give it a shot.

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