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rccpilot223 02-12-2021 11:08 AM

Section 38 Canopy - Advice Please
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Did I mention this section is kicking my butt!! :)

I'm at the point where I am about to "fill the void" on page 38-28. But the vertical seam where the canopy skin (C-01418) and canopy side skins (C-01419) meet isn't meeting flush the way I'd like. In the attached picture, it would be the aft, upper corner of C-01418 and it is sitting higher than the forward upper corner of C-01419 by about 2 skin widths. Tried some ProSeal down into the void and a clamp to hold, and that worked on one side. The other wouldn't hold. Afraid when the aft end of the canopy faring is built, this will sit way high and create a "thick" trailing edge of the glass faring.

Would love to know if other folks encountered this problem, and if there is solution that worked well. Thanks in advance!

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