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RhinoDrvr 01-06-2021 02:55 PM

Looking For Transient Hangar Space in Tucson Jan 24-29
Iíll be flying my RV-8 down to Tucson January 24-29. Anybody have gouge for hangar space available to rent that week? Never been to Tucson before so I donít know the weather patterns but my concern is the desert wind storms.

Anybody with better local knowledge leave their airplanes tied down this time of year?


Norman CYYJ 01-07-2021 05:14 PM

Winds aren't usually a concern this time of year. I don't know of any hangar space but there are plenty of shade ports available.

springer 01-07-2021 11:00 PM

Evan, I live in TUS part of the year and a hangar is almost impossible to come by. In fact left my -8 up north this season because I could not locate one. There are shade ports at Marana Regional and occasionally one at Ryan AF. Winter flying in So. AZ is terrific with the winds no more than 15 mph and usually much lighter.

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