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Anders 07-29-2021 09:50 AM

Numatx HTS-C3K3 - Problem solved
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I have a Numatx HTS-C3K3 squeezer that has been working well since I bought it 2,5 years ago. In April this year it started to leak air from the pedal when not in use. It still worked. I contacted Numatx ( and they sent a new pedal which did not help. After some more communication they informed me that the unit was out of warranty, but that I could send them the unit for repair, but I would have to carry the freight both ways and the repair cost.

I then decided to open the intensifier that I expected was the culprit. Very much so. The piston plate had ben unscrewed from the piston rod (see picture). I cleaned the parts screwed the plate back on the rod, added some hydraulic fluid and closed the intensifier.

Now works as before.



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