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Mike S 07-09-2016 10:56 PM

Show us the status of your 14/14A project
Starting new "sticky" thread.

MED 07-10-2016 02:47 PM

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Kit 140236

Good-bye Tinypic. Sniff.

M McGraw 07-11-2016 05:55 AM

This past weeks progress for N829MS
This is my status. Wings went on last week. Should be flying in a few months, hopefully!

gen1313 07-11-2016 04:58 PM

Hi all,
FWF progressing quickly. Avionics about to ship. More paint while I wait.

jswareiv 07-12-2016 05:19 AM


Originally Posted by M McGraw (Post 1094160)
This is my status. Wings went on last week. Should be flying in a few months, hopefully!

Hey Marvin, that's one beautiful paint job! Can't wait to see it up close.

MikeMikeWhiskey 07-19-2016 05:19 PM

Hello All, I thought I would post a few pictures of my baby. It's still in utero but coming along. Wings on order, due to arrive in August.


With special thanks to my very understanding wife and sometimes helper Olga (Olgy the Riveter);)


Head Crazy Man:D


Mark Wilchacky
RV14A Kit #140210
Empennage almost done
Wings on order

PRE911 07-21-2016 10:19 PM

Pink slip for RV-14A
I just received my airworthiness certificate today. 3 years and 2 months from start.
Yeaaah! Just buttoning back up. Hope to fly in a couple of days.

Have a photo but do not know how to post. I know I know, who can possibly build an airplane, and not figure out the clear instructions on this site of how to post one photo.

All the best,



JHartline 07-22-2016 06:41 AM

Absence of photos forgiven if you will provide some specs

Congratulations on getting completed!! Have you been looking at your normal flight profiles and comparing RV-14 versus Maule speeds? (See my signature line)

If you have time, could you post your power plant and avionics choices? I'm interested in seeing what the majority of folks are doing.

Cheers, James

jswareiv 08-04-2016 06:21 PM

New Seats
While the plane is being painted, hopefully done next week, my permanent seats are shipping tomorrow. Classic Aero totally redesigned the seats and it comes complete with the back installed into the cushion, instead of using Van's seat back and has a more wrapped around type of feel like a race car. They also have the hinges built in, so I will just need to take the pin, pull out the temporary seats provided by Classic Aero while waiting on these and insert the new ones. The color scheme flows with the interior, Hooker Harness belts and the exterior. Hopefully by mid August I will have some pictures of the final with all the paint done.

Erimo 08-25-2016 11:41 AM

RV14A ... in France
It's the end of the empennage/cone tail kit.
The others kits are somewhere on the seas between US and France ! :)


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