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Phantom30 08-08-2016 04:53 PM

RV-12 Glide #
In Garmin pilot to set up glide ring it requires a #....anybody know what it is?


hevansrv7a 08-08-2016 06:36 PM

up to you?

Originally Posted by Phantom30 (Post 1101636)
In Garmin pilot to set up glide ring it requires a #....anybody know what it is?


Let's assume that the ring is for emergency use in a situation where you have concluded the engine is going to remain silent and you want to find an airport ASAP. The airport you select must be inside the ring, right?

You need to determine to your own comfort level what the glide ratio of your airplane is with the prop either windmilling or stopped. I suggest you use whichever is worse, probably the windmilling one. Of course, you also need to determine experimentally the IAS for that situation. Examples can be found in Cessna POH's but of course your RV-12 will have different numbers.

Since I don't have a Garmin Pilot, this is an educated guess. I hope it helps.

PilotBrent 08-08-2016 07:24 PM

Max glide speed is 63 kts for the RV-12 and min decent is 59 per POH. In an emergency its probably impossible to be that precise so something close would work. When setting up my Dynon Skyview for this, I loaded up the plane with what I usually have for cross county flying and nearly full fuel, went up above my home field, pulled the power and flew around for a while at that airspeed. Then took a look at the data file to see what average VSI I was getting. I think I decided to enter 600 f/min to be on the safe side.

DHeal 08-08-2016 08:19 PM

Like Brent, I use 63 knots for the Max Glide speed and 600 fpm for the Rate of Descent. The green Glide Circle is kind of neat and potentially useful (including its consideration of the winds aloft on glide performance). However, keep in mind that the SV algorithm bases the size of the glide circle on the distance between your current GPS cruising altitude and the elevation of the surface directly under the plane. As a result, there are many potential situations where your glide performance could be significantly greater or less than that depicted by the green circle. As always, consider the Glide Circle as but one bit of input to your decision-making process.

NinerBikes 10-23-2020 10:43 AM

Noted for glide ring settings:

63 kts best distance, 59 kts, best amount of time left.

600 fpm descent rate.

I've seen one other estimate it at 560 fpm, don't know if that's from the book or actual experienced data.From page 4-42 of this

Glide Ring Setup

SkyView Classic (as of Software v14.0), and SkyView HDX, can display a Glide Ring .

For instructions on how to use the Glide Ring feature, see the SkyView Classic Pilot’s User Guide,
Rev W. and later, or the SkyView HDX Pilot’s User Guide.
There are two settings that need to be adjusted for your specific aircraft for Glide Ring to be
accurately displayed:

Probably somewhere between 560 and 600 fpm

63kt for best glide.

Usage 7-84 through 7-86

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