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Bandera 05-06-2021 05:10 PM

I used to know a guy in Stockton that did good work. I wonder if he is still in business.

wjb 05-13-2021 10:26 PM

T&P - Great shop
I just got my baby back from T&P Aero Refinishers at KSNS. The did an amazing job implementing my paint scheme; the quality of the finish and masking is just fantastic.

They were really careful about not adding too much weight .. They didn't just shoot it white, and then shoot the color; each color was masked off and done separately. The joints between the colors is just sublime - with no wet sanding. Scrubbed, alodined, azko + white sealer primed, color coats, and clear on top. The surface is so smooth, I'm sure I gained a few knots.

Juan was very easy to work with and always enjoyed my showing up to check on progress.

I highly recommend these guys.

agent4573 06-07-2021 12:14 PM

I took a trip down to Artcraft and looked at their work. I would still like to take a look at CCD and T&P before I make a choice. If anyone in the bay area happens to be doing an out and back to Bend, OR anytime soon, I'll pay for gas :)

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