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riobison 07-18-2020 02:55 PM

Complete kits of assorted hardware of nuts, bolts, screws etc for our normally used c
Through the years I have been doing ok but Iím trying to improve on my inventory and now Iím going to be a lot further from a local supply.

Iím looking for suggestions on who may carry for sale the most complete kits of assorted hardware of nuts, bolts, screws etc for our normally used consumables?

Flying a RV-4

Any suggestions?



John Owen 07-18-2020 04:19 PM

Me too
I would be interested, as well.


plehrke 07-18-2020 05:57 PM

I have always added a few of this and a few of that on ever order when building and now doing maintenance as well. Shipping cost from Vans and Spruce are very high (spoiled by amazon prime) so adding some hardware seemed like a good idea. I hated waiting a week to get one bolt I was missing. I now have a great collection of most stuff.

Other tips is I bought and planned a big enough hardware container/system early on that allowed me to “fill in” sizes and grips. I did this because I took everything out of the hardware bags when I got my kits and organized them into the little hardware drawers.

I guess this really does not help the OP question but may help others still ordering and building.

9GT 07-18-2020 06:52 PM

I bought 5 of these when I started building and sorted all my rivets, screws, and fasteners in the bins labeled with a label maker. All are placed in order by item type and progressive size. Whenever I run low on an item, I make a running list of what I need to replenish and place an order when I am almost out of an item to save on shipping. If I need washers, I order a bag of 100 for the discount. I generally do not re-use small fasteners and replace with new shiny ones in final assembly. I throw the used ones in a separate bin to sort through in an emergency, or to use for other projects.

Red Mtn flyer 07-19-2020 07:39 AM

50 yrs wrenching, I'm still dealing with this. I currently have every AN fitting there is - EXCEPT the one I need today, and $1ks of hardware inventory. At least once a week, I'm asking around the airport for the one thingie I need, or having somebody come by asking for their absent thingie...
Long way of saying: make up a list of what you use, go to Wicks or Spruce and splurge on yourself.
And make friends....

riobison 07-19-2020 10:33 AM

Hardware and stuff
I still keep a running list, buy more than I need, keep the stuff that I remove if its still in decent shape and put it into an emergency can. Cant help but keep thinking that there must be a better way.

AC Spruce does have some kits listed

but I'm not sure if this is the answer.................


RWoodard 07-20-2020 06:28 AM

I seem to find a use for extra:

AN3A and -4A bolts from about the shortest they make through 1-1/2"
-3 and -4 nylon locknuts
standard size washers (960?) in everything from #6 to -4 in thick and thin
panhead stainless screws in #6 and #8 from short to about 1"
flat (tapered, flush) stainless screws in #6 and #8
Axle cotter pins
Copper spark plug washers
Nylon washers in #6 and #8

Of course as somebody else already said, you can have $1000's in extra hardware neatly organized in bins and still be short the exact 50 cent bolt you desperately need to go flying! Sometimes I think if Spruce shut down for a week, I could fulfill most of their orders for a month!

AV8ER 07-24-2020 06:55 PM

I looked for a commercially available kit but did not find one that met my needs so I just ordered a small quantity of EVERY size nut, washer, cotter pin, adel clamp, and RV size screw. I bought a few (4) packs of Field & Stream 360 Utility Boxes (inexpensive boxes with good closing tabs) to put all my hardware in. Harbor Freight also sells some similar boxes but the closing tabs are of poor design. I load the hardware into the adjustable size slots in the Field Stream boxes, organized by size. When one size runs out I just order them on my next order from Aircraft Spruce. I keep the various hardware in the individual bags ACS sends them in so if the box falls off the bench I have a pile of bags and not assorted hardware intermingled all over the ground. The boxes allow you to bring the parts to the work area so you don't have to run back and forth to the toolbox. I also move them back and forth between the garage and the hangar in a large Dewalt tool bag I had laying around.

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