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60av8tor 10-14-2013 02:32 PM

A short IFR hop
I recently read through the ?IFR in the flight levels? thread and it made me itch for a good IMC day. I agree with all the posts in that thread about the appropriateness (or lack thereof) of an RV for serious weather flying. BUT? I love flying IFR/IMC and try to jump on good IFR days such as this morning. I had to head back to SC today, so I decided to do it this morning while I had a nice, safe stratus layer my entire route - OVC about 800-1000 my entire route. While I had a pretty good headwind, it was silky smooth and beautiful above the layer.

About to hit the ceiling:

Break out about 2,500 later:

I love it up here!

Time to head back down:

Keeping the skills sharp, plus a free bug wash!

The latest Dynon update added charts ? great addition that gives great SA:

I?m soon coming up on my one year anniversary of owning my RV. A bit over 100 hours in my RV, and I still can?t get over the capability of my plane compared to the planes I had been renting.

N363RV 11-10-2013 08:05 PM

I like your post.
I appreciate the pictures of your skyview. I have been considering buying one. Does it couple the glide slope? In the picture that you posted, I can see the altitude hold on the autopilot set to 2400, but I was trying to figure out if you were using heading or tracking mode for the lateral part of the AP. I usually fly in tracking or heading mode and switch to Nav mode just as I am about to turn inbound.

Thanks for the pictures of your IFR flying. Keep em comming!

Saber25 11-10-2013 08:49 PM

I'm curious, if and when the pretty picture disappears, what are you using for standby instruments to handle an IMC descent? In our neck of the woods,Colorado that is, single engine IFR in or on top of the clouds can create some real tension.



60av8tor 11-11-2013 01:44 PM

Hi John,
Yes, the Skyview AP will couple vertically to a glideslope. The two latest software updates added VNAV AP capability and charts – it really is a great system that continues to get better. In the picture above, I am in GPS steering (GPSS) mode since I’m flying an RNAV approach from my Garmin 430 – you can see the chart in the pic and see that I’m 2.4NM south of the IAF. Also in the pic you can see the flight director bars and the MDA bug (set at 940) at the bottom of the altitude tape (also additions of the recent software update). You really don’t get much more situational awareness for sure! As you said, if I was shooting an ILS, more than likely I’d be on radar vectors. I would be in heading mode and switch to nav when the localizer comes alive.

Hello Hans,
I’ve included a pic of my panel below to go with my explanation. Skyview is primary with backup battery – 30-45 minutes, backup is the D6 (right side) with backup battery – 30-45 minutes. If they all buy the farm, my backups to my back up include – the Garmin 496. Obviously this is all GPS based, but the instrument page contains a compass and turn coordinator type instrument – more than sufficient for me to keep the greasy side down. Also, the 496’s battery lasts a very long time if disconnected from ship’s power. Also, you will see a box/antenna on top of the glare shield. This is the iLevel SW which is primarily used for ADSB in, but also has AHRS (the battery for this lasts hours, but I can plug it into the 12-volt receptacle on the far right if need be). Via Bluetooth, this provides attitude data to my iFly 720 (left side of Skyview) and to Wing X on my iPhone (left side, in front of the eyeball vent). I do not routinely fly with my iPhone on, but keep it mounted in the plane to have it handy. I also carry my iPad with Wing X, but almost never use it in flight (only for preflight or enroute planning at FBOs).

Saber25 11-11-2013 06:13 PM


That looks like you are well covered, the initial pictures did not indicate your backups. I agree, flying on the tops of a layer is magical and back in the old days I'd give my Pax a little something to enjoy when delaying the climb to gain speed in the 727 and then gently continue the climb so they could see our shadow race on that white blanket. Yes, I was hand flying that bird and only gave her over to the auto pilot after leveling off.


Rotorheadrob 11-12-2013 07:05 AM

Great Pics & Thx for sharing.

I too enjoy flying IMC with a good glass panel.

Having an IFR cert is useful. Climbing to VFR On Top in a well equipt RV like yours is a wonderfully challenging & rewarding. Not to mention practical.

Today's electronics (mounted and portable) have made IFR much more user "user friendly" in terms of accuracy, reliability and safety.

Having a backup plan for "what ifs?" is SOP to all pilots-during any type of flying they may be conducting. Glad you monitor your systems and somewhere in the back of the noodle there's "plan B" in your standby mode waiting.

I encourage others to seek out good IFR training and Climb to VFR On Top.

Keep fly'n Smart :cool:

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