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David Z 06-29-2021 06:20 PM

I completely agree. -39c is easier to accomodate than +39c. Just put on a warmer coat, plug in the engines and keep working. Not sure what to do when it's too hot.... 06-30-2021 09:17 AM

I have the solution for the heat. Seems the guy who had my hangar before I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Installed a 5 ton heat pump system.
Yes I have an airconditioned hangar.
I insulated the living bejeebers out of it, sheet rocked, sealed every air leak I could find, and painted and never looked back.
Outside 105 degrees and a nice comfy 75 degrees inside where I'm working.
Reverse in winter. Slab almost guarantees 52 degrees unless I turn on heat.
Suffering for sure??? Ha Ha Ha
How's that for off thread??

David Z 06-30-2021 09:07 PM

What are the min and max operating and storage temperatures for the SDS systems? I often see +60c to -40c on other electronics.

rv6ejguy 07-01-2021 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by David Z (Post 1536825)
What are the min and max operating and storage temperatures for the SDS systems? I often see +60c to -40c on other electronics.

Operating temps for the latest displays is -20C to +70C. The characters become slow to resolve below -20C however in our testing, still reasonably visible down to about -28C.

The ECUs have been run down to -44C and up to +52C ambient. Sun soaked electronics can reach 70C under the higher ambient conditions. We've bench run ECUs to this temperature after baking them for an hour in the toaster oven.

Most sensors and modules are rated to 125C.

Storage temps, well never really tested to extremes but I don't see why they would be damaged by any reasonable temps, say -50C to +80C.

rv6ejguy 07-01-2021 06:56 AM

Closed Today for Canada Day
We're still in the record heat wave here and will be closed today for Canada day. Open again on Friday.

rv6ejguy 07-18-2021 09:54 PM

Our order backlog continues to grow despite our best efforts to keep up. We're now at 8-10 weeks on CPI-2 and EM-5 kits. 1-2 on most CNC'd parts and CPIs.

We'll put your order in sequence and give you a call or email when we are about ready to commence building your kit.

We've experienced a few shortages and backlogs from some suppliers. Have managed to find alternate sources so far and hoarded some of these even if the costs are higher. Unfortunately aluminum prices have climbed 10-25% in the last 6 months of so. That will eventually lead to some slight price increases for some of our bits.

A word of caution to customers: If you disassemble mechanical components for any reason, be sure to note any fasteners or parts which are Locktited and use it again on re-assembly. Some people didn't and have had stuff come loose. If you're not sure what to use, give us a call or email.

We're working on some new parts and improvements to be released soon.

rv6ejguy 07-23-2021 08:26 AM

We won't be at Oshkosh this year but will have some folks there with SDS products.

A just saw Les Kearney take off here with his RV-10 you've seen in several videos. He's happy to show you his EFI installation and talk about it. PM me if you want his number to meet up.

Ray Ward will be at the Team Rocket booth with his F4 and CPI-2. He has a limited supply of SDS swag.

Two time Reno Sport Class winner Andy Findlay may be there from Sunday to Tuesday with his SDS equipped Super Legacy.

Marvin McGraw should be there with his RV-14 as well.

I believe Dave Anders will be doing the Cup Race this year.

To all those going to Osh this year, have a great time! :)

rv6ejguy 07-25-2021 08:24 AM

Marvin's RV-14 is parked in HBC, row 314 for those interested. N829MS.

Les Kearney's RV-10 is in row 345. C-GROK. I have Les' number if you want to meet up.

Kyle Fowler will be performing in his Long-EZ with SDS EFI again. He's also happy to talk about our EFI with you.

TS Flightlines 07-25-2021 01:02 PM

For those with a RV14 that want to see the cabin install parts, come to the AS Flightlines booth 948. Its in the ultralight area. We have our RV14 cabin mockup on display with the SDS pump, Andair Duplex valve, our wing root filters, and the cabin Beringer brake system. Alittle bit of a hike, or a tram ride, but you can get an up close and personal look at how it all installs.

Steve and I will be there all week.

rv6ejguy 07-27-2021 10:15 AM

Cup Race
Dave Anders took top spot in RV Gold at 241.25 mph. :)

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