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Stick.rudder 10-12-2021 12:13 PM

GSA 28 roll servo install question
Iím installing a GSA 28 servo on the R wing of my 7A using the RV-7/8/10 install kit. The stop bracket that comes with the servo overlaps with the mounting bracket, so that if the stop bracket is attached to the servo first, the servo will not lie flush with the mounting bracket. If the servo is attached to the mounting bracket first, the stop bracket will not lie flush to the servo. Should I trim away the overlapping portion of the mounting bracket, or shim the servo to the mounting bracket to account for the thickness of the stop bracket? Or am I missing something all together?

Gregg Larson
7A slider 74401

mfleming 10-12-2021 12:30 PM

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Thats addressed in the Garmin install manual and the unevenness is just how it is

g zero 10-12-2021 03:28 PM

Roll Servo
I cut the bracket into two separate pieces, trimmed so it all sat flush

PilotjohnS 10-12-2021 03:53 PM

I would trim the mounting bracket to not interfere with the over center stops. Do not discard the over center stops, you need them and your life could depend on them.

mfleming 10-12-2021 09:56 PM

I wouldn't do anything but install it according to the manual :confused:

Walt 10-13-2021 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by mfleming (Post 1561606)
I wouldn't do anything but install it according to the manual :confused:

Good advice!

rsultzbach 10-13-2021 09:13 AM

I recently installed one of these in my 8 wing. No trimming was necessary and I would be hesitant to trim anything without Garmin’s approval.

Stick.rudder 10-13-2021 09:32 AM

Iím hoping to hear from Garmin soon. Thanks for the reference to the drawing. That provides a sanctioned plan going forward.

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