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Build9A 11-29-2005 08:12 PM

New Paint Job

RV9798 12-29-2005 02:40 PM

That's a beaute...

I will join the 9a fleet in April or May 2006.



Originally Posted by vlittle

RV-9A 90577, stationed at CZBB (Boundary Bay BC)
Vern Little

vlittle 01-24-2006 10:05 PM

First flight, RV-9A 90577 C-FVRL
Van's RV-9A, Canadian registry C-FVRL completed it's first flight, today January 24th, 2006. With Safety Pilot Mike Langford and Pilot/Builder Vernon Little on board, it departed Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB) in an awful hurry after a long gestation period of 3-1/2 years and 3,396.6 shop hours. As predicted for more than three years, it flew on 'Tuesday'.

Mike Langford, a very experienced pilot/instructor was very impressed with the handling of the -9A. Mike owns a Harvard, a T-28 and an R-22, however, we think Van's can expect a new customer in the near future...

Fuselage is a Quickbuild, everything else was a (relatively) slow build. Paint is by Arrow Tech Graphics in Langley, B.C.. Interior is by Flightline Interiors. Avionics and wiring was by the builder (me).

Empty weight is 1085 lbs. Engine is an Aerosport O-320-A1AC2 Roller Lifter engine, and the prop is the standard Sensenich metal fixed pitch. Mags are conventional. The panel is night VFR/VFR OTT with Dynon EFIS, Trutrak Autopilot and Turn and Bank, Garmin GPSMap 296, Rocky Mountain Engine Monitor, Garmin SL-40 Comm and GTX-327 Transponder. Traffic Monitor is a Monroy ATD-300 "Don't leave home without it". Engine monitor interface and audio mixer are from Vx Aviation.

After one hour of flight time, C-FVRL touched down delicately and taxied into to an adoring throng of two or three people. The RV grins were infectious.

Thanks to all my friends in local chapter of the RAA (Recreational Aircraft ***'n), and fellow RV builders from around the world with whom I've developed on-line friendships. I hope I've given back as much as I've gotten in support from the community.

It's a strange feeling 'flying' rather than 'building'.

Note on Photo: Picture taken as we were taxiing in after first flight. Note the RV Grins and the jaunty hanging of the elbow out the side. We knew our picture was to be taken, of course!

Final note: Having a safety pilot in the right seat is an excellent way of lowering the stress level and workload of a first flight. Highly recommended.

Vernon Little
January 24th, 2006. "Tuesday"

mike 02-12-2006 11:53 AM

N63MS Flying
Here is the current state of my RV-9A. I don't yet have the fairings installed because I'm having too much fun flying it.

Mike Schipper

godspeed 02-12-2006 12:18 PM

Propeller ?
Mike what prop you turning there ?

Captain_John 02-12-2006 01:10 PM

It's a Catto.

:) CJ

N523RV 02-13-2006 10:20 AM


First Flight: February 1, 2006

Animated images of first flight

AirWolf 04-05-2006 08:32 PM

N379RV Painted!
Here is a picture of N379RV fully painted!

I used Concept DCC Paint, and Vinyl graphics from Aerographics. Service was great, and I am very happy with the way the plane turned out!


jcmm 04-30-2006 04:29 PM

PU-JCI, Aracaju - Brasil
I?ve finished this marvelous airplane in August, 5th. Firts fly date. Wonderfull. Docile, speed, confort, emotions.
Working on this kit was so simple and very funny. A lot of new friends to help me on this job.
Thanks everyone,
JC - Aracaju - Brasil

rv9flyer 05-01-2006 05:51 AM

Over 300 hours and still "Some Kind of Wonderful"

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