View Full Version : RV-10 pilot and wife fly Pilots'n Paws flight!

02-10-2012, 08:55 AM
RV-10 pilot Dick Sipp (rsipp in these forums) and his wife Vicki got some good publicity (http://tinyurl.com/8a4ndc6) for Pilots'n Paws, RV's, EAA and General Aviation when they recently carried a lot of pups on a rescue flight. Look at how big that "pup" is in photograph 2! According to the article, Dick is a former B-52 pilot. (Yes, the journalist said the RV-10 is a "two-seat" airplane, but hey! at least the newspaper gave us some good publicity.) We'll take it. :)

Good job, Dick, and thanks for your service to our country!

02-10-2012, 10:08 AM
Way to go Frogman!


02-10-2012, 09:20 PM
Thanks very much Don and Bob for taking time to post the link. It was quite a group of "puppies" they had'nt missed any meals.

On the trip up and back we went right over Seymour Johnson AFB, NC where I was stationed in the 60's. When I mentioned that to the 20 something girl working approach control, I got a sorta "So" response. Actually they were very cordial. We got 2 hours of IFR in and out of clouds, rain, and turbulence flying along the trough over the coast. The dog handlier/paper work person (wife Vicki) was less than happy, but a real trooper when it comes to the pups.

It was rewarding to help get a new relationship between a shelter and RV pilots going, the instigator was actually Wayne Owens an RV-9 pilot from Eagle Neck airpark where we used to live.

Oh, the handle is "Frogman" not Froggy. Some of us are sensitive. :)