View Full Version : Olympia, WA short term charity storage

09-05-2011, 09:03 PM
Hey everyone,

Been plugging away on my RV8 project for quite some time. My neighbor just bought a RV4 and let me fly it, now I'm motivated again to build!!

Onto the post. My best friend, Robert, from high school (many years ago) is in a pinch. He and his wife run Capital Kids Connection in Olympia, WA which provides toys, clothes etc. for foster children. They are in need of about 1000sq. ft of space to hold all the donations they have. The area they are in now they have to vacate.

See this story on KING 5 news.

I was thinking if anyone had an empty hangar in Olympia that they could donate or rent inexpensively short term until they find a new permanent location that would be great.

Robert and I used to wash airplanes and hang out at Crest Airpark all day long during the summers of high school, good times!

Thanks for considering.


09-06-2011, 02:40 AM
I have a hanger at the Olympia Airport but I am currently in Afghanistan so I cant be of any help, but I do know that there are 2 or three of the "New" hangers down near the approach end of 26 that are for rent. The few that I had seen before I left had flyers posted on the doors. If you have access through the gates you would be able to check them out. Hope this was some help