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02-16-2006, 04:59 AM
G'day All,

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me from experience if it is worthwhile purchasing the GPSS option from Trutrak?

Specifically I am interested if it is worthwhile when used for a GPS approach with a Garmin GX60 or GNS 430. I'm aware that the GNS 480 has a few more capabilities in this regard, like flying holds and the like that would make the GPSS worthwhile. As far as I can work out the entry level Garmin units do not, so the question really is if the standard unit without GPSS performs sufficently well during an IFR approach.

I can live with the unit teardropping over waypoints etc.

Also, I am wondering in the case of a GX60 / GX50 if one needs to have an external CDI indicator to conduct the approach?

Do you need the external Annunciator panel as well? I know you don't with the GNS 430.

Sorry for all the questions... I'm looking for a cheap IFR platform (and yes I did read the recent thread). Over here in Australia we are still wondering when ADF's will be phased out, VOR's are few and ILS is not generally available in airports used by GA aircraft.


02-16-2006, 06:20 AM
Hi Richard,

Can't help you with the GPSS question, but I do have some experience with the GX50 - we had one in a Piper Archer. It's a great unit.

The GX-50 is designed to use an external CDI for IFR GPS navigation; we used a Bendix/King KI-209 because it has internal switching between GPS and VOR/LOC, no external relays required. You'll also need an external annunciator/switch box since there is no internal annunciation as in the GNS-430.

Garmin has the manual online at...


Hope this helps...


02-16-2006, 04:29 PM
Thanks Dave,

The KI-209A looks like a good unit to do what I need to do.


03-07-2006, 12:04 PM
I have the Digiflight IIVSG connected to my Garmin 430. I upgraded it from the IIVS (without GPSS) a few weeks ago. The upgrade was about $350 US.

Is GPSS needed for IFR approaches? No.

Is it very cool to have it gracefully turn on the waypoints? yes

I recommend it just because the cost is pretty reasonable. BTW, make sure your unit has the latest software (v2.18 as of March 06).

I also upgraded to the terrain feature on the Garmin. Not a good value overall ($500 + regular updates). Perhaps if I lived in an area that had mountains it would be a better value, but I live on a coastal plain that has nothing.