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02-06-2010, 03:13 PM
I sent a message to Debi, one of the PNP co-founders, alerting her to the fact that her Pilots N Paws group had been "discovered" and was likely to be invaded by Vans Air Force.

Recieved these two nice return messages.

Dick Sipp
RV-10 N110DV temporarily based KSSI
permanent KIKW

************************************************** **********On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 3:15 PM, Dick & Vicki Sipp <rsipp@earthlink.net> wrote:

Debi & Jon,

I may have mentioned earlier that the Van's Aircraft pilot community is really getting involved with Pilots N Paws. These are pilots who have built or purchased and fly one of the Vans models of experimental aircraft. This is by far the most popular line of homebuilt aircraft with well over 6000 flying.

With so much Pilots N Paws activity, the group's popular blog has now consolidated the related message traffic into a single topic at

The RV pilot community is a tightly knit group of pilots devoted to flying the many models of Van's aircraft; they are known throughout the Experimental Amateur Built community for the extensive and varied operation of their aircraft. When a trend starts in the community it can travel fast.

WARNING: Van's Air Force has discovered Pilots N Paws be prepared for the invasion!

Dick Sipp
Van's RV-10 N110DV
temporarily based at St. Simons Island, GA
3 flights and 39 dogs flown in Jan.

************************************************** ********
And we love you for it Dick!! I stumpled upon your site when I was doing a google search a couple weeks ago for Pilots N Paws. I like to do that, just to see where we are out there! Your forum came up and I was in my office, stunned at the way you all are working together, just the best!!

Please remember to send me photos and stories of all your flights.......We are planning on partnering with the SC Breakfast Club at Triple Tree outside of Greenville, SC, for a flyin on June 20th. Just came about this week but wanted to let you know and all your friends. We are going to encourage any PNP pilots to come and perhaps bring a rescue person with you who you have worked with. It would even be great to arrange to fly some pups out when you leave the rally. We will have a booth there and hopefully spread the word to the Breakfast club group and whoever else shows up! Here is the link to the facility, it is really nice and has accomodations for overnight, etc.

Thanks for all you are doing and it appears to me that you have the very first Pilots N Paws "Chapter" in the country!


Debi Boies
Co-Founder, Pilots N Paws
Landrum, S.C.
Dick, would you share this with your group please.....I think you may recognize some of the photos.......this will be up on our homepage soon......a gifted songwriter, Joy Gora, contacte us last January offering a song she had written for our use. It has taken some time to put it all together but it surely speaks loudly about what all of us in rescue work do every single day. Please encourage your Van's Aircraft pilot community to send me all their transport pics and stories, you all are so passionate and we thank you for that!