View Full Version : Trio EZ-3 gain/deadband settings

04-29-2009, 06:28 AM
The trip to SNF was the first opportunity to test my Trio EZ-3 altitude hold in various CG configurations. On the way down, we were full fuel, two people and baggage. The altitude hold worked fine with gain settings of 40 and deadband of 6.

On the return trip I was a little more aft and the altitude hold consistently and continually porpoised up and down to the point altitude hold was useless. It was only probably 10-15 feet but it was continuous.

For all you prior beta testers and long time users, am I thinking correctly an increase in the deadband would be the direction to go? I had the manual on board and did see where Trio says they have found a deadband of between 3-6 is usually optimal but if I decreased the deadband, upon activation I got an immediate 10 degree or so nose down pitch.


Garage Guy
04-29-2009, 10:02 AM

Either too low a deadband or too high a gain can cause oscillation. So increasing deadband would be one thing to try. I would probably try lowering the gain first though.

Actually the very first thing I would try is calling Trio 619-448-4619. They should be back from SnF by now I think.