View Full Version : TRUTrack / 530 Intercept limits

Mark Castle-Smith
11-07-2008, 03:30 PM

I have a Garmin 530, AFS 3500 with ARINC interface and TruTrack VSGV setup. All works fantastically.

I am exploring the limits of this setup and have found that when flying parallel to a track on the Garmin and engaging the autopilot that the 530/autopilot turns and intercepts the track at about 45 degress and then follows the track very accurately. Wonderful.

I tried flying around 3 miles from the Garmin track and at 90 degrees directly away from the track and then engaged GPSS mode on the autopilot. The system then tried to bank towards the track but banked at around 60 degress , the nose dropped too fast and I recovered manually. I thought that this would be too much of a test, but am trying to explore the limits so I know what the system can do.

Does anyone with more experience of flying this system know what sort of limits I can reasonable expect. ie how far away from the Garmin track can I fly and at what maximum angle is it reasonable for this setup to then intercept the required track.

Thanks for any feedback.


11-22-2008, 04:10 PM
Try setting your bank angle to LOW and maybe fiddle with your GPSS GAIN so it doesnt react so hard. Make sure your torque is high and your activity is only as high as you need it. Those things are super nice but if you mess up the settings it won't work as well.