View Full Version : WAAS GS TT DF-II VSGV

03-16-2008, 08:32 AM
I was flying home from TX last week and dropped into Springdale for a cup of coffee and a visit with Jim Younkin. I had my G-430 upgraded to a "W" last fall and wanted to add the last "V" to my Digiflight II.

I was doing some work behind the panel and stretched a -429 wire so my GPSS steering wasn't working, so I couldn't test it on the way home.

I fixed the wire yesterday and went out and flew a GPS WAAS GS approach. INCREDIBLE..... I have never flown a smoother Glideslope. It is as good as the Garmin -700 in the Cessna Mustang. The GS deflection never moved a needlewidth, and it kept up with flap deflection to full flaps at about 300 ft AGL. Truly incredble.

This was done in an EVO Rocket with my fat a$$ in the backseat. (aft CG, sensitive pitch)

I am impressed!

Doug Rozendaal

PS I also flew the RV-10 with the latest TT EFIS & Autopilot w/Flight Director. See Glass Panels Thread