View Full Version : Gemini Problem

Doug Eves
06-08-2020, 11:51 PM
My Trutrak Gemini screen will randomly turn grey with the AI display completely disappearing. If it was engaged and following a gps route it continues to control my aircraft as per normal. Also will continue controlling the craft if it is in track mode. If I cycle the power to it, it will come back to life. It did not do this trick in the beginning but just started this phenomenon after about 5 or 6 hours of operation. It then stopped doing it for awhile and now has started doing it once again. Anyone else have this issue?

06-09-2020, 03:05 PM
Doug, I had my Gemini ADI fail within the first few hours of operation after my build. I had it installed for about a year before the initial flights. Didn?t get the grey screen but the attitude indication would go to a 90 degree bank and freeze. Airspeed, altitude and heading indications were not affected. Mine is just a standby indicator and I don?t have it connected to the autopilot. Sent it back to TruTrak (well before they sold out to Bendix) and according to them, all it needed was a software update. At this point I had owned it for about two years, past the warranty, but they fixed it up at no charge. Have had zero issues since then, 5 years, and close to 400 hours. I have to admit I did not trust the indicator for a while. Now, even after doing aerobatics, the Gemini has worked perfectly.