View Full Version : G3X/GSA 28/Ray Allen trim motor.

F1 Rocket
07-21-2019, 09:20 AM
My wiring diagram (provided by Steinair) shows the Ray Allen trim motor wires as 2 conductor shielded connecting to pins 13-14 on the GSA 28 servo. Do these have to be shielded? This is a retrofit and the existing trim motor wires are in an unshielded 5 conductor cable that was supplied with the Ray Allen system. Same question regarding the position sensor wires that get connected to the GEA 24. These are also part of the original Ray Allen unshielded 5 conductor cable but are shown as shielded 3 conductor cable on my wiring diagram.

07-21-2019, 09:26 AM
If installing new I would follow the guidance.

That being said, my plane was retrofitted a few times and none of my trim servo or position sensor wires are shielded and I have had zero issues.