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05-02-2018, 08:23 AM
RV-10 with G-900X panel and Sorcerer AP. The AP will arm and couple with an ILS approach and fly the Glide Slope right to the runway. However, when I try to use it on a GPS approach it will arm but never couple. It flys the lateral part of the approach but I always have to initialize the decent with the down arrow to follow the magenta caret.

When Lucas was with TT he said that I needed an updated AP but when I called TT last week they said it should already have the ability to fly the whole approach. Anyone have experience with this?


vic syracuse
05-02-2018, 07:06 PM
Make sure the GPS approach has vertical guidance. Not all of them do.
NMeeds LPV.


05-02-2018, 07:39 PM
If it says GS Arm, then it should be seeing a glideslope. I don?t know why it would not automatically couple, but you may try to find someone close to you that has a Sorcerer that they would let you slide into your tray. The ILS glideslope uses analog inputs to the auto pilot. The GPS glideslope uses ARINC 429 inputs, the same signal that the lateral GPSS uses.

05-02-2018, 10:59 PM
The Sorcerer can be finicky on RNAV approaches. If flying in GPSS mode hit the GPSS button again after the last level-off and a couple of miles outside the FAF. Use the GPSS button like an Approach button. Like Jesse stated, it will report ?glide slope armed? if activated.

Works for me, most of the time. I like the Sorcerer, but have a few complaints with the functionality.

George Meketa, RV8

05-03-2018, 06:51 AM
When I had a DigiFlight II, I found that if I started the approach high (i.e. above the IAF and FAF altitude) that about 10% of the time, it wouldn't lock on the glideslope.

The suggestion that I got was to make sure I hit my altitudes spot on. I also step down the vertical altitude setting along the approach until it intercepts and locks onto the glideslope.

If follow that procedure, it locks on 100% of the time. Now that I have a Vizion, I haven't had an issue, but then again, I follow the same procedure.

I have no experience with the Sorcerer, but I suspect it may act in a similar fashion, since they are all Trutrak products.