View Full Version : Lightening Holes in Garmin Pitch Servo Bracket

07-08-2017, 10:58 AM
I bought the pitch servo bracket for a Garmin autopilot in my RV-7 build, and it's quite a substantial piece of metal with no lightening holes. It fastens to the fore-aft rib just behind the elevator pushrod bellcrank with two rows of rivets and then the servo bolts on just above that rib. Between the 2 rows of rivets it seems to me that one could save a bit of weight by drilling some lightening holes.

I'm wondering if anyone else has done this, or has any opinions on the subject? It surprises me that Garmin hasn't already done it, especially since the bracket seems much more substantial below the top line of rivets than above it where the servo is actually mounted.

Thanks in advance.