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06-10-2013, 09:07 AM
It was a pretty nice Sunday afternoon. The Wife decided to fly a PnP mission with me. It would have been a pretty mundane trip except for the weather. We flew three legs. KXSA to KCHO to get the dogs. Another pilot Kay (flying a Columbia 400) brought the dogs to Charlottesville from Logan, WV. We took the dogs from KCHO to KCPK, then made the quick hop home.

There were showers and pop up thunderstorms that got worse as the afternoon wore on. Visibility was good and I made good use of ADS-B to deviate around the cells. We got wet on all three legs but we easily stayed VFR the whole trip. The weather certainly was "interesting" - the two hours of planned flying took 3 hours with the deviations. I can't say I ever got concerned and I'm generally pretty cautious when it comes to weather. Now on the drive home I did get nervous as we watched a tornado form in front of us. I don't care to see that cloud formation again!

Here's the requisite photo of the dogs, the plane, and the wife.


I'm holding Bindy, a Boston Terrier and Mary has Thumper, a maltipoo (Maltese Poodle mix). N257SW provides the background.

More info on the trip here: http://propjock.com/travel-reports/pilot-n-paws-bindy-and-thumper/

06-11-2013, 09:09 AM
Wow, great trip, great rescue, great web site.

Thanks so much, Don, for documenting this trip.

I've often said how amazing RV's are at flying these missions. I'm only partway through building mine and have to fly the dogs with my trusty old 172. As I trudge along at 110 knots, I often think how much better those extra 50 knots would be.

Hope to meet you someday,

Another Don :cool:

06-11-2013, 12:48 PM

I used to do these PnP trips in my Cherokee 140 and I'd flight plan 100 kts and I wouldn't always see it. On the other hand, I did get 18 dogs and kittens in the Cherokee once which I couldn't do in the RV. So far four dogs is the most I've done in the RV and that was a handful, especially when it came time to land. The 40 pound mutt I'd tied to the pax shoulder harness (he was in the baggage compartment with two pups) got nervous when it got bumpy and wanted to sit in my lap. He couldn't do it but I wasn't positive he couldn't. It made for an interesting landing.

FWIW, I may very well be down your way when deer season rolls around. I have a good friend and hunting buddy with property near Alexander City. If you're interested, we can take the 9A for a tour of your fair state. It isn't a 7 but its an RV.<g>

04-15-2014, 12:48 PM
Hey Don, I just saw this. Good for you. I've wanted to do this for years but as you know, I am planeless. Hopefully someday soon!