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A few builder tips that I've started using in the construction of my RV8A that may be useful to others...

The stubborn forward canopy rollbar; mine was 1/4 of an inch to narrow. I tried a hydraulic jack like other builders recommended but was a little afraid of all the instability of the arrangement I ended up with. I resorted to my trusty ratcheting tie downs and a couple of live oaks on my ranch. It worked perfectly!

In talking to other builders I found that one thing that happened at their first annual inspection was plate nuts breaking off due to them being too tight. They all said to run a tap through them prior to installation. To speed this operation up I built my - plate nut tapping jig. Just a .125 aluminium bar with plat nut holes drilled and held in a vise.

After the fuselage got up on it's gear and the tail went on I spent quite a bit of time wobbling on ladders. I took a hit from the big aircraft manufacturers and made myself a work stand. Now if I could get my cat to sleep somewhere else...

I am installing the rear seat throttle, though I don't want it to be accidentally moved by non-pilot passengers so I wanted to make the arm short and small. But I still wanted it to be comfortable for pilots. I modified the F816 plate to alow better access... it looked so go I did it on both sides. It even makes the rear cabin seem larger.

I added a VOR antenna to the vertical stabilizer by making a 'hat' mount out of .040 aluminum.