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April 29, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,106.
   It's the end of the month again so it's time for me to, as unobtrusively as I can, gently remind regular readers that honor system donations are a huge part of what keeps the lights on here.  Donation totals updated 4/27/16 19:12:21 CDT.  The year is 1/3rd over, and clicking on the chart at right will show you where our family small business stands with donations.  (691) unique 2016 donors to date totaling about $13K after taxes.
  If you're of the belief that I'm giving 'ol Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money with all this, let me just put that rumor to bed.  Kidding aside since this is my full time job, PLEASE support this website if you use it regularly - all we've ever asked.  All we ever will.  Life is complicated enough, and I like to keep it low key here.
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Grass Strip Stop in Pictures ...Vlad 9A (1E8 in Degrasse, NY)


RV-10 First Flight ...Rick Lark

Finally, after 6+ years and 5000 man hours, RV10 #40956 (C-GDMH) flew it's first flight today.
Many people to thank for all the help and guidance. Bill Peyton, Ray Doerr, Ivan Kristensen, Art Penner just to name a few. Many other non fliers also to be thanked. And last but certainly not the least, my spouse Sandra.

Flew about 45 minutes with only one squawk (RPM's were higher than 2700 on take off) out of CYHS (Hanover, Ont).

Looking forward to many more flights.

Rick  #40956  Southampton, Ont


PIREP in Pictures ...AX-O

Folks have been asking how it is going lately.

I took my wife (and the plane) on the first trip outside our area. My wife absolutely loves the plane and told me she is attached to it already. She is really happy with the additional room that the rocket canopy/fastback offers.

A few people got to see Dilemma for the first time at the formation clinic. All the comments/feedback were positive. I learned that I don't like the pitot tube location because it complicates tie down. My other plane had the aluminum pitot line and had more clearance.  continue


Calendar Wallpaper for May Online

Joe and Sterling depart 52F in the -14A demonstrator.


24 hours straight with two strippers ...DaleB RV-12

Since we've had a very entertaining thread about Hookers (harnesses), I thought I'd post my experience with a couple of strippers too.  So I have an airplane with lots of paint that will need to be removed before it can be re-painted. When I say "lots", I am not kidding. There appears to have been no real surface preparation or priming done, just some paint sprayed on rather thickly. It seems to be an automotive base/clear of some sort. The builder apparently had someone do it who is perhaps not the best painter in the country.

Since I'd like to minimize the mess and toxicity, I decided to try a couple of non methylene chloride strippers. I've had excellent success with Citristrip on many surfaces with stain, varnish, spray paint, etc. And Spruce sells some stuff called PTS-202 that claims to remove epoxy and urethane paint effortlessly. I even found a Youtube video of it being used to strip a Caravan or something. Pretty impressive, that one was.

So I brought the spinner home and brushed one side heavily with Citristrip and one with PTS-202. A couple of hours later there was no indication of any change in the condition of the paint. Since it's pretty heavy paint, I gave it another heavy brush coat of each. That was around 11 PM last night.  continue


SuperTracks!! ...installed.  Anthony Greco RV-6


How Vlad Does That APRS Art Stuff ...Vlad RV-9A

Step 1. Study your airspace. Stay out of arrivals/departures you have more room to the east to play then I have here. Be ready to talk to ATC at any point of your flight.
Step 2. Take a tablet/phablet/smartphone with any nav app and draw a circle or any geometric figure on it. If unable to draw choose anything on the map i.e. VOR circle, lat/long square etc. Choose an entry point.
Step 3. Have an APRS tracker or any kind of tracker with on/off switch.
Step 4. Switch the tracker on over entry point.
Step 5. Switch off when done. Enjoy your track on Google Maps.

I am using Foreflight and having a stylus it's relatively easy to dot a figure looking at 2D silhouette. I also can print on transparency and dot it over iPad Pro. Takes a bit of time but you have some fun hand flying precisely. It's very easy to botch a sky drawing especially complex ones. Couple seconds missed on 140 degree turn and your line is crooked. I completed about 20% of what I drew because of traffic, weather, birds, winds, late/early turns, iPad puked etc <g>.


flightradar24 app ....$3.99 well spent (I think)

I finally broke down and went from the free app to the 'upgrade'.  I like to sit in a chair in the front yard around sundown and hang out with the dog, watching the jets go over.  We live halfway between the LEGRE and YOHAN intersections on the ILS/LOC RWY 18R at KDFW.  Now I know what jet it is, where it has been and when it will fly over my house.  I really like watching the Airbus 380's fly over, and we get two a day here in DFW.  A few times a week it flies 2000' over my house dirty with the power up.  I can now schedule the dog's bathroom breaks with this...

Screen grab below filtering everything out except Airbus 388 traffic.  I pointed the camera at a contrail yesterday over N.TX (the little binoculars in the upper right corner of the app) and it turned out to be an Airbus 380 at 40,000' on its way to Houston.  I'm starting to get the hang of identifying jets by their engine noise sitting in a lazy boy watching TV in the evenings.  'That's a two engine Airbus'....then I look down at the iPad to see if I was right.  Cheap fun.

I miss that old DC-3 cargo plane that used to fly over at 10pm each night...those radials sounded wonderful.

(click to enlarge)

Our house on the 18R inbound course KDFW. 
Our spare upstairs bedroom My office looks out at this...dr


Are you inadvertently voiding your insurance policy?

...Shanna at Gallagher Aviation (VAF advertiser)

"Did you know most Pleasure and Business policies do not cover instruction in your Vans Aircraft if the person receiving instruction is not a "Named Pilot"? This is typically true even if the CFI is a Named Pilot. Always be sure to double check with your broker prior to allowing your friends and loved ones to get instruction in your aircraft."

(later reply)
"During a BFR the CFI does not necessarily have to be a “named pilot” as long as you are current and remain PIC. The only time I can think of offhand where there would be a gray area is if; Let say you became incapacitated for some reason and the CFI had to become PIC during the flight (and he did not meet your “Open Pilot Warranty.”). But this would be a rare and unlikely instance.

In most cases getting a BFR in your aircraft without the CFI being named is perfectly fine."


Proof of RV Enjoyment ...Vlad -9A

[ed. How long do you think it will be before 'VAF' stands for 'Vlad's Air Force'?  Let's just call it that as an a.k.a. <g>.  Vlad, thank you again for all the motivation you provide!!!  dr]



April 28, 2016.  00:09 UTC.   Issue No. 4,105. 

First Flight ...David Hill RV-12

After 33 months, I was able to take 1st flight of s/n #0760. I had a perfect day in central Ohio, winds 5 knots, CAVU without a cloud in the sky! Even better than the day was the way the plane flew. Not even a heavy wing!

Thanks for everyone's advice, support and inspiration.


Now that I'm in the Club ...Scott Martin RV-10

Hello all- now that I am officially in the club with N430WP (RV-10), I can't help but ask the first rookie questions.

N430WP is 260 HP, 9.5:1 cylinders with plenum. One Mag. One Lightspeed. Otherwise, a standard build.  continue


One tank down, one to go!! ...dwranda

Pressure tested my first tank and it passed on the first try. Took me a couple tries to get the balloon to not leak though. Buttoned up the other tank today and will try that one in a few days. I'm seeing the light at the end of the pro seal tunnel!!!!


Eastern Canada Gathering of RV's May 22

I just read on the Monthly news letter from Bush Pilot Association of Quebec (APBQ.com) there will be a gathering of Van's Aircraft RV at St-Georges-de-Beauce (CYSG) this coming May 22. See link here (Sorry, in French only)

I was wondering if Eastern Canada RVer monitoring this frequency have any details about this Fly in ? Since I am building my RV-8 at this time, I'd like to join in and get to know other RVers in my area

I would assume all the Northeastern US RVer are also welcome, as this is somewhat close to the Border

Thanks for sharing info if you have any.


Glide Ratio Weirdness ...SMO

I have never satisfactorily determined the "Best Glide" speed for my F1 EVO Rocket. I have now done a few flights trying to pinpoint this, and while I think I need to change my process a bit in order to get more accurate, I have discovered a weird anomaly and I wonder if others have seen something similar. The following graph shows the data points I have determined in 3 different flights on different days. The thing I think is weird is that every flight shows that at 105 knots the glide ratio is worse than the preceding or subsequent speed.

Anybody have an explanation for such a result?

The method I have been using: Determine the number of seconds it takes to glide from 3500' to 3000' at a constant IAS (+-1 knot). I get this from the data log of my G3X. I then convert the speed to "feet/minute forward" (knots * 101.269) and descent to "feet/minute vertical" (60/(seconds * 2) * 1000). Dividing feet/minute forward by feet/minute vertical provides the glide ratio. The speed with the best glide ratio is the best glide speed.

The problem I have with this method is that I need a more granular measure of time, or I need to increase the glide distance to 1500 or 2000 feet. However I don't believe making these changes will impact the seemingly repeatable event that shows 105 knots having a poor glide ratio.

I also understand that flying on different days with different weights, temperatures and air densities will also give differing results, so I am not unduly concerned that each days flight has some differences.


IFR Legalities

I need some input on the placement of my future GTN 625. In the picture I have it placed in the far right panel as it will really only be feeding the G3X panel for coupled approaches. I don't plan on installing it right away but have provisioned for it behind the panel. Rumor has it that it must be located a certain distance from the pilot to be considered IFR legal. Has anyone heard of this?


Mothership FB Story



April 27, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,104. 

APRS Art ...Vlad RV-9A


Effect of Ignition Timing on TAS/EGT/CHT when WOT & LOP ...nigelspeedy

I am trying to set the record for the most TLA in a thread title.

I have dual PMags and an EI Commander. Today I did a cheap and cheerful test to look at the effect of ignition timing in the cruise. All testing was done at 10,000' PA, 5 deg C OAT, WOT, Prop 2500 RPM and leaned to 25F LOP. After this the only thing I changed was the maximum allowed advance.  continue


Fun...ny flight with girlfriend ...Paul 5r4 vid


Aircraft Specialty FWF Hoses ...TimO RV-14 pics

Wrapping up my Firewall Forward, one of the things I needed to get done was install all of the hoses. I had used Aircraft Specialty for all the brake and fuel hoses inside the fuselage, so I wanted the same known quality on the FWF. Additionally, I really like the idea of having firesleeve on EVERY hose, not just some of them. Steve at Aircraft Specialty feels the same way, so it was a good match to have him make my hoses.  continue


Instrument panel critique ...Leo RV-10

The photo shows the IP layout so far. Since I haven't purchased the instruments or cut holes, I thought this might be a good time to post and let others tell me what they think. I recognize everyone has their own favorite layout, so in the spirit of learning, I appreciate all feed back. It is intended to be IFR capable.

By way of explanation, I have chosen to go with Garmin G3X and all Garmin supporting cast. Instead of a GTN650 or 750 I plan on a remote mounted GPS20A (ADSB WAAS certified position source) feed to ADSB out, both MFDs with seperate GNC255a nav/com and GTR200 com radios. The cost is about $4K less total and I don't need another screen. I also wanted to leave space in the lower center stack to mount an ipad (removable and exchangeable as technology changes).


Chase those blues away ...Wayne Kerr RV-4


N313GT Phase 1 Update ...Chris Johnson RV-9A

I have enjoyed and found other threads on Phase 1 experiences useful, and thought I would add my own. Right now I am at slightly over 10 hours, and have mainly been running high power settings to break in my new ECI cylinders. Have not yet experimented with higher altitudes or a great deal of slow flight.

-I have a small oil leak from somewhere on the front portion of the engine. The oil lands on the lower cowl right above and forward of the air intake. I slightly snugged up on case bolt there, but have not been able to stop or track down the source yet. Maybe 4-5 drops per flight.

-As noted in another thread, my electric Facet boost pump had stopped pumping, although fuel flowed through it fine. Removing from airplane and shaking it seemed to fix it. I think a spec of dirt got in it, and have ordered an inline filter to install before it and the Flo-Scan.

-Right side CHT's were slightly high. I have since moved the upper inlet ramp forward a few inches and re-glassed. This brought #1 way down. #3 is still slightly hotter, and hovers around 406* at 75% power at 70* OAT. I have done a lot of work baffle sealing, so will probably not stress over it too much until the cylinders have had time to break in. I know some people have had to re-jet, but this carb has been flying fine for 760 hours, and all my other temps are okay (well under 400). I am pretty sure further break-in will help even more, as well gear leg fairings and wheel pants.

-My oil temp is on the low side, and I have taped over the upper portion of the oil cooler inlet, which has helped.

-Oil consumption is reasonable considering break in, I think. I have added 1 qt in 10 hours.  continue


RV-6 in Friendswood, TX ...titanhank



April 26, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,103. 
  Tommy Williams flies his RV-8 out of the same field as me.  He also flies the occasional P-51 and F-86 at airshows.  He flew at the show here in the DFW area this past weekend, and needed to reposition the P-51 back to his home field in south Texas, flying his RV-8 back.  (Randy) "You wanna go drive Tommy to Alliance airport and eat lunch nearby after he leaves?"  Yes.
  Tommy was kind enough to give us three a private tour of the a/c, pointing out some of the unusual features - even let me climb in for a couple minutes.  I asked where the switch was to engage the supercharger's high-blower setting, and about some of the technique adjustments flying this vs. his RV-8.  Hopefully these were a little different than the hundreds of questions I'm sure he got at the airshow.  Click on the pics for larger versions.  Nice cutaway drawing of the two-stage supercharger HERE.
  Standing 20' to the side as he started was an unexpected and much appreciated lunchtime treat.  Rocking the wings on his 'see ya later' pass after take off was icing.
  Building an RV led to me getting to sit in a P-51 for the first time.  Thank you Tommy!!! 


Master Left ON - Question about Charging

Ok, I flew out of town to visit family. When I returned to the plane 2 days later, battery completely dead. So, I decided to prop start the plane. Wasn't even sure if I could because my plane uses slick start system and I have never tried to prop start it. Anyway, it fired right up. However, never made any electricity. I then put a battery charger on it for a while and it started and alternator made electricity. My thought was that since the battery was completely dead, the p-lead never had any power to it to turn the alternator on. The pilot that was there with me said that shouldn't matter. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. Any thoughts??


CS Propeller Agony ...Bert 9A

My RV9A "Pearl" now has 13.9 flight hours in Phase I.  From the very first lift off, the prop has surged and was still doing it yesterday when we flew.  continue

related: Propeller Oil Control Leak Test Procedure


Mothership Totals...


So what is it?

Taken a week or so ago west of Denton, TX.



April 25, 2016.  00:09 UTC.   Issue No. 4,102. 

Ottawa - Toronto - Good day for goofing off ...Lycosaurus RV-9A

Start of the week and things are getting slow at work for both Shirley and I. How about a mini holiday? A day off work on Tuesday it is...  continue


Dawn Patrol ...Doug Kott RV-9A

Had a great flight this morning. Made the 1-hour drive to the airport in 45 minutes (the benefit of a 6 a.m. start to beat the bulk of commuters), scarfed down McDonald's finest Sausage McMuffin combo and was airborne over the Inland Empire by about 7:45. This was my third flight after finishing Phase 1, and I picked a great day...velvet smooth air, high cirrus clouds and only a hint of L.A. haze.

It's always fun the first time you fly over (or at least near) your house! I never knew that Laguna Hills High School had two big baseball diamonds, but there they are.  continue


A visit to Boyceville ...Bob Collins RV-7A

I think more than anything else, the best part about flying is picking out a rural airport on the sectional map, and then flying there just to see who's there. So this evening I flew to Boyceville, WI., (3T3) about 45 air miles from South St. Paul. It was a beautiful evening for a flight, and I picked up Mpls Approach on the way to help navigate around parachutists in Baldwin.  continue


FS- IFR RV-6A Glass 2014

[ed. If John's RV is anything like the IFR checkride he gave me (story), the airplane will be detail oriented, by the book, thorough and worth every penny! ]

Video tour of aircraft

IFR checkride day!  John's RV-6A in background...


Motivation ...Stoney RV-14

For those of you looking for a little push, a little motivation, N214SW has 10 hours on her. Today an RV-6 pilot with thousands of hours went up with me and he is an experienced aerobatics pilot. We did a full loop and a couple of rolls, then brought him back to the airport to get his plane and do some aerial photography. It is really slow without the wheel pants and we decided no more aero until those get put on, which should be within the week, hopefully. Here is a pic from today.


RV-10 pink slip ...stamper

I finally got it! Now I have to leave to Alaska for 6 months before I get to fly it.



April 22, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,101.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

$2.98 for Visual Egress Aids

...at Lowes / Home Depot where the mailbox stuff is.  Peel off and stick - trim with razor blade.  Sid Mayeux brought this stuff to my attention.  I have about 20" of the 24" left <g>.

Upper canopy latch (tip up)

Side canopy latch:
I'm going to adhere some behind the red ball tomorrow.


April 21 Update RV-12 ADS-B (Mothership)


RV-10 Panel Status ...stamper


Safety:  Beware of Static Electricity Generated by Flowing Liquids  

...article courtesy shimadzu.com


A Milestone and a Right of Passage ...Ebeswick 9A



April 21, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,100.

Oregon Coast, Dogs and Wild Cats ....BruceEicher


Milestone: Rudder Finished ...AdamB RV-10

Tonight I finished up my rudder.   I've already made some progress on the HS, but now 100% of my effort will be onto that.

related: The RV-10 Forum


Dave Leonard RV-10 POH ...nice template for you RV-10 folks

related: The RV-10 Forum


Free Burritos and Discounted Fuel!  ....Bridgeport,TX Apt Re-opens

"This Saturday April 23rd Bridgeport is hosting our brand new 5000' runway Open House from 8am till 10am.  Please stop in for a free burrito n coffee and discounted fuel.  Any question feel free to call or text 9402557795."


Tip Up Canopy Woes ...Sean Blair RV-7

It was another night of trimming plexi in the garage. I'm still having great difficulty with the plexi making contact to the aluminum just aft of the ears. I must put a fair amount of pressure (guessing 10 + lbs.) on the plexi in this area to make contact. The left is worse than the right, but both are too resistant. Under advice of Van's and in reading other posts from builders struggling with this dilemma, I have trimmed the front curve more and more for a possible resolution. The plexi is now slightly aft of the forward mark on the aluminum skin, and the aft of the plexi is within 1/16" of the center-line of the rollbar. I can't take anymore material off and maintain the overall fore and aft prescribed dimensions. I still have the issue of outward tension in that area of the plexi. I will use Sika to bond and this seems to have stopped all progress. Very frustrated and not sure what to do next. Take a chance and heat that area while it's clamped with the side skirts? Put extra Sika thickness in the area with slight clamping pressure, then try to fair it in with fiberglass later? Start again from scratch? Ughhhh!!!! Anyone have an idea for resolution? Thanks!



April 20, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,099.

Sun n Fun 2016 RV style ...DCalland trip write-up


Passed IPC ...Bob Marshall

After about 200 hours flying my RV-6A VFR, I decided that I was ready to get back into instrument flying. I checked my logbook--my last instrument approach (a GCA in the clouds into Marble Mountain MAF, RVN) was on Aug 2, 1970 four days before I was shot down flying an H46D. So, its been a long time.

My two Skyview touch screens with the Garmin GTN 650 and autopilot made the flying part doable. It did take my old brain about 15 hours of CFII time and lots of on-line training to get it up to speed. Flying approaches with the RV and autopilot are a snap--very, very amazing rock solid glide paths and glide slopes.

I think back on all the work, all the years and all the rivets! The current instrument ticket is major frosting on the cake.


Engine Case Half Pitting? ...Steven Hild

Q: Anyone seen anything like this before? Right side O-360 engine case half pitting where the cylinder base interfaces with the flange on the engine case.

A: That looks more like casting porosity to me. Has that surface been machined beyond factory original?  Typically, this is considered as part of the material strengths for a cast part so it should not add any concern about material fatigue strength. A more specific answer would be in order from an expert that will be standing behind their work

A: That's not wear or fretting and machine marks are still present, so those imperfections were there last time it was machined, I think your fine.  I'd guess those were inclusions or gas bubbles in the casting

A: +3 on hydrogen gas porosity generated during casting. I would talk to the vendor about it.

A: (engineering at ECI/Continental) “Porosity in casting. Cosmetic, should not affect torque or hold down.”


Van's Calendar Time!!!!

Dear RVators,

We need calendar pics!

Send your images to webmaster@vansaircraft.com (attn AdamB) and we'll do our very best to get them into the calendar this year!

Even images not selected for a monthly showcase may appear in smaller form, so start sending in your amazing pictures! Even if we don't use them this year, there's always the chance your photographic brilliance may appear in subsequent years!

Thanks in advance!



Luca in Italy ...POH doc added

related: Converting PDF to MS Word


Garmin Pilot Enhanced For Europe


FOR SALE: 1948 INDIAN CHIEF ...favor for my RV buddy.

(Rob 'Smokey' Ray)  "This is my Dad"s 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle he restored over a 20 year period. It's all original, used original Indian parts and runs great. He's selling as he's 85 and can't ride bikes any more.  Asking $21.5 or a potential trade?"  smokyray 'at' rocketmail 'dot' com



April 19, 2016.  00:06 UTC.   Issue No. 4,098.
  A short hop between rain bands Monday shows the damp Wx TX is getting right now - thought I was in Oregon there for a little bit <g>.  Certainly don't need to water the yard for a week or so.  Click to enlarge... 


First Flight N77PB ...Paul Winkels RV-7

After 10 years of building, my RV-7 flew for the first time on Saturday, April 16th!  more/videos


RV/Rocket Gathering and More ...Mike B. Pics


First Cross Country Trip! ...Bevan 7A

Well I just have to tell the world that I am so excited to have completed my first cross country trip in an airplane I built myself in a renovated cow barn! It was a challenging flight as it was almost entirely in busy ATC controlled airspace including about 10 frequency changes for the 23 minute flight, over water for 1/2 the flight, and through international airspace.  more


Closing the chapter on SnF 2016 ...R. E. 'Ernie' Butcher

Many of the student-builders, mentors, and members of our community support team asked that I share their appreciation for your kind words and support. "From all of us...Thank You!"

Before closing the chapter on SnF 2016, I would like to personally recognize some of the individuals and groups that went that extra mile in support of our program. Deserving the highest praise of course are the the build-students who built the aircraft, kept them spotless during the show, maintained the grounds, were always available for meet and greet with visitors, handled 'on-air' time at SnF radio, and were superstars in a one hour Eagle's Nest presentation at the museum. And in no particular order, MillionAir-Sanford for providing overnight hangar space for six aircraft and full use of their fabulous FBO facility; SnF volunteers and in particular the marshaling crew and HB parking - they knew we were coming, coordinated our arrival, and parked all aircraft together in a visible area; Austin Malcomb, a student-builder on Eagle's Nest One, private pilot, and student at Purdue - he flew Eagle's Nest One from Indiana to Florida, missed the show because he had to be back at school on Monday, then returned on Saturday to fly EN-1 back to Indiana with his dad; Scott Malcomb, JetBlue instructor and Aviation Director/Mentor on two builds at Circle Christian School - Scott is one of those individuals that just makes things happen. It would take ten pages to list what he (and his beautiful wife Sara) did to make this an outstanding show for us; and last but certainly not least, the team of pilots and co-pilots that brought 7-aircraft into SnF and returned them back to their nests without incident!

Chapter closed- preparing for Oshkosh


Mothership FB News...



April 18, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,097.

Inaugural flight ...Stoney Ware RV-14


Venice - Italy Pics ...Luca


GMA 245/245R Demo Videos Now Online ...g3xpert


N265WD is an Airplane!! ...John Walker RV-10


Possible Prop Failure Mode

Sensenich says this is what they think happened. There's a "plug" at the hub end of our hollow blades. They think it came loose and was thrown outboard inside the hollow blade causing it to "bulge". So one blade was not only about a half-inch thicker just inboard of the tip, but it was also statically and dynamically unbalanced. They are sending new blades! I'll pull the cowl and check engine mounts, etc, VERY carefully.


DIY RV-10 Upholstery Pics ...Cbull


OK18 Memorial Day Fly-In Discussion ...Clayton starts it

Looks like this might be the right part of the forum to post discussions about the 2016 OK18 Fly In. Still have a few weeks to go but I thought I would start a thread to judge interest and to also answer any questions that our RV friends might have.

The dates, and some basic information, can be found on the VAF calendar.

OK18 is a 2200' grass strip located in North East Oklahoma on Lake Hudson. The place is located on a peninsula, with a little more than half a mile of shore line. Lots of places to tie down and camp.

The strip is oriented 17/35, with preferred landings to the North and take offs down hill and to the South.

Since weather is such a major factor in a weekend fly in like this, we will not be firming up plans until we get a lot closer to the actual event. In the mean time, I am happy to answer questions or otherwise provide information about the place and what we have in mind for the weekend.

Please let me know, by reply to this post, if you think you are interested in joining us or if you have any questions that I might be able to answer.


SNF Outstanding Homebuilt Award 2016 ...Bob Lund


Rosie's Update on 30 Years of RV-6/6A at OSH  ...Rosie

"...I've been working with Charlie Becker at EAA and with his help, have come up with some GREAT RV events that I'm sure you will enjoy. There will be RV 30 year apparel (hat/shirt) available for purchase, and you may even see an RV-6 on the "I flew my homebuilt to Oshkosh" Patch I still need to confirm the days with Charlie but here we go for the week:

MONDAY: BBQ somewhere on the grounds
WEDNESDAY: Corn-Cobb Roast in Homebuilt Camping Area
THURSDAY: Homebuilder's Banquet

In addition, there will be TWO (2), yes... count 'em, TWO 30-ship RV formation flyovers during the week along with an 8-ship RV Formation Performance during the Airshow by the West Coast Raven's Formation Team!!! The days for the RV Formation performances are still TBD.

If you have not already, please sign up HERE on the EAA website if you are planning on flying ANY RV into the show!!!

At last count, we had over 240 sign-ups of which 140+ were RV-6/6A!!!!

I'll update this information as it becomes available to me."  more


Squatters! They are fowl and in the cowl



April  15, 2016.  0008 UTC.   Issue No. 4,096.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

A thank you to my wife ...AX-O

How do you say thank you to someone that has supported your childhood dream to build an aircraft? To someone so special that gave up so much for 10 years just so I could go pound rivets, grow fiberglass parts, complain when things would not go my way, not once ask how much that box that UPS delivered cost and so on??? To someone that said "stay out of my kitchen, that is my garage". I don't touch your tools, you don't touch mine. I will keep you feed and hydrated, just go build".  continue


Galveston Picture Story ...Weasel RV-10


Run to Fun ...Vlad pictures


Mr. Darryl Usher:  Rest in Peace

(Van)  "Many of you who are building or have built RVs may have heard of Usher Enterprises, a company that manufactures several components that are standard parts in Van’s kits. The man behind this company was Darryl Usher, its founder, who departed this earth on Feb. 12, 2016 at the age of 80. I had known Darryl for over 50 years, having first met him through the Portland OR EAA Chapter 105 immediately after my return to Oregon following completion of my USAF active duty tour in late 1964. Darryl had begun construction of a Bushby Midget Mustang. Though it was his first attempt at homebuilding, he was making steady progress even though he was including several modifications. These included retractable landing gear, removable leading edge wing fuel tanks, and a raised profile sliding bubble canopy. At the time, this was perhaps the only all metal homebuilt under construction in the area, so he had little opportunity to network, and it was being scratch built as there were no kits available at that time."  continue


Eagle's Nest Projects - SnF 2016 ...Ernie


30 Years of the RV-6/6A Design: Airventure 2016 Celebration! ...Rosie

Hi All, it’s true…I’m your leader for AirVenture's 2016 30th Anniversary Celebration of Van designing the RV-6/6A***... way back in 1986….I was introduced to the RV-6A at Sun ‘n Fun 1995 and started building in the summer, same year. Five (5) years later and about ~3000 hours of labor, on July 4, 2000, Tuppergal and I started flying our Custom-Built RV. Here we are 15 years and 4000+ hours later

And we now have 1000’s of friends we’d of never known (and now vacation with year after year) had it not been for the RV…....Condor, Jimmyb, Vicky, Seismo, Red, Kahuna, Scotty, Deb, Jailbird, Redtail, AC, Turbo, Moody Blue, Bun, Keys, Scoot, Cookie, Taco, Belle, BeeGee, Nordo, Shifty, Goose, Cougar, Schoolmom, Sharpie, Dula, KB, Tailwind, Sharkbait, Nasty, Sunblock, Wingnut, Fast Eddy, Nordo, Hog, Speedy, Krash, Shiner, Indy, Falcon, Jarhead, Shadey, Lucky, Ironflight, Moose, Don, Daryl and many, MANY more!!! We consider you all our RV family of friends!!!!!

I was contacted by Ken Scott (Van’s Aircraft) and Charlie Becker (EAA) early this year asking if I might be interested in ‘running-this-to-ground’…..uuuhhhhh….YEAH!!!!!!! But you can't say anything until after AirVenture 2015....Now here we are…only one (1) year to go!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo…..if you know me personally, save me the trouble of TELLING you that you are flying your RV-6/6A to AirVenture 2016. If you don’t know me, please consider flying your RV-6/6A to AirVenture 2016. If you are building an RV-6/6A, it’s time to finish up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s plan on setting the record for the most RV-6/6As ever in attendance! Heck, let’s make it a record for ALL RVs!!!!! There will be some special to-be-named ‘goodies’ given to you for flying your RV-6/6A to AirVenture 2016 in addition to some EAA to-be-named sponsored events honoring Van and the 30th Anniversary of designing the most-built-and-flying model RV!

If you have any ideas of how we can honor Van, Charlie Becker and I would love to hear them!!!!! I’d appreciate all the support I can get to make 2016 the BEST AIRVENTURE EVER for RVers!!!!!!!!! So the planning begins…….

Keep poundin’ them rivets because IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!!!! Paul “Rosie” Rosales

***The -6A is being included in this -6 celebration per Ken & Van :-)


Day Trip to Clayton's in RV-8A and RV-8

Four pics some friends from my home field sent me Thursday.  This is what retired guys do <g>.  Extra points for Gary's 'Van's Naval Air Force' shirt - he had that made locally (ex-Navy pilot).  Clayton is having a Memorial Day Fly-in here (more info).  OK18 in northeast OK.

They asked me to go today....and in hindsight I should have <g>. 

Maybe let's fish!

So much for fish...


Milestone: PPL ...Garet Hess RV-7A

"I can't believe you started building your plane before even getting a pilot's license. No half way for you!" Said a friend to my when I explained my hobby. I had to take a moment...You know, I didn't really think twice about starting my build with no pilot's license. In one sense I can imagine that to one it may seem crazy, but is it? I think for me it all represented an adventure. Everyone's build is a story, and everyone's story is different. There was no question for me which came first. I wanted a project, I wanted to build something very cool. I wanted something challenging. And I think I got exactly what I was searching for. But...I knew that it was only time before I need to get on the license...

Well on holidays, I took my first official flying lesson . This guy is hooked!!! (Although....Was there any doubt??)



April  14, 2016.  0010 UTC.   Issue No. 4,095.
  Fixed the garage door opener by replacing its worn helical gear.  $5.99.  Why does fixing something like this give me so much pleasure?  It must be related to the 'cheap pilot' stereotype that I embrace wholeheartedly. ;^)

My new hangar floor paint -) ...Manny Oro


Status Report & Pics ...crabandy

Whew, real life got in the way the past couple weeks and it took an hour to find my bookmark. My last couple build sessions have been filled streaming Merle Haggard, good stuff! Plenum filled and sanded, just awaiting the pinhole process.

I used the router to make some plywood disk to hold the front of the intake boot plug concentric with the inlets, the jigsaw cut some angle chunks of foam.


Get in shape flying! ...Wayne

We all know that we can get some good cardiovascular exercise while flying (when we scare ourselves) but i have discovered that we can get good solid documentable exercise while flying.

I had the pleasure of flying my RV10 - 31 hours round trip to SNF. On the way back over the southern states we were getting bounced vigorously around by 40+ knot crosswinds. That evening in the hotel room i just happened to look at my iPhone Health app. It showed that we had walked/ran 4.5 kms and climbed 10 floors !
So there you go, dont go for a boring treadmill session - go flying!



I stopped by another hangar this morning and got into a lengthy discussion about all the airplane/hangar fires we have seen and heard about.

I wanted to start this thread so newbies in particular won't repeat these dangerous situations:

  • My friends told of plane after plane they had known of or witnessed where a fire destroyed or damaged someone's dreams.
  • They told of a twin which had a visible fuel leak on a turbo charged (hot) engine that the pilot insisted on flying.
  • A 700k plane burned up when the dehumidifier in the T hangar caught fire.  continue


SNF Best Auto Engine Homebuilt 2016

Congratulation to Sam and Rose Hodges from Dawson Springs, KY.  SNF Best Auto Engine Homebuilt 2016.  First time attending SnF.  It is a 05' Mazda 13b Renesis Rotary Engine - Very good looking FWF install.


Can't seem to run LOP after a long climbout ...Mike B.

Q: I've noticed an issue recently where I cannot seem to run LOP smoothly after a long climbout. Going down to SNF I was flying relatively low - 4500' to avoid the headwinds. My CHT's on climbout only got up to about 300 degrees. I had no issues with the engine running smoothly LOP, burning 7.8-8.2 GPH, and leaned out to roughly 20-40 degrees LOP.

Coming back I climbed up to 9,500'. On climbout the CHT's reached 370 degrees. When I tried to lean, the engine would surge and stumble any any mixture setting leaner than peak. I pulled back the throttle to cool the engine down. Once the CHT's went down to the low 300's, I could easily lean the engine LOP.

This is not the first time this has occurred, and it always is correlated to highest CHT's. I am running a Superior IO-360 with a vertical sump, Precision Fuel Injection with the Sam James short cowl and plenum. Oil temps are always around 180 degrees. OAT doesn't seem to matter. It happens with the OAT across the board (except when it is too cold for the CHT's to get above 300).

My thought it is has to be related to the fuel system getting hot - either the fuel divider, fuel pump or the lines going from the divider to the injectors. Before I invest in some thermocouplers to take temperature readings on my fuel system, I thought I'd see if anyone else has had this issue and can offer some advice.

Thanks and I appreciate any assistance!

A: I discovered a similar issue early in Phase I on my 9A, I wrapped a second layer of firesleeve around the fuel lines from the firewall penetration all the way to the servo, and from the servo to the baffle penetration going upward toward the spider. This seemed to solve the issue, and now I'm testing 91 premium auto fuel alongside 100LL with this setup


Loose RV7a Elevator Counterweight


Hangar For Rent North Dallas (My Home Field 52F)...

"Shared hangar space for rent at Northwest Regional Airport (52F).  $425 per month includes 50’ x 60’ hangar with power and plenty of outlets, LED lighting, bathroom, sink, air compressor, work benches, and refrigerator.  Insulated and protected with radiant barrier.  Contact Mitch at (817) 226-5938 for more details."


If your campground is a long walk from the runway

A friend told me about this monowalker thingy...



April  13, 2016.  0017 UTC.   Issue No. 4,094.

IFR to Aurora ...boom3

[ed. This in the 'Congrats Kurt!!!' IFR rating thread.  br,dr]
Great Job Kurt!!  Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it and then a day like Sunday comes along. Planned to fly to Aurora Airport (home of Van's) for some time in the FAA's hypoxia chamber. Stable air mass, overcast at 1200ft with tops between 4 and 5K and freezing level around 8K. VFR I wouldn't have gone, IFR no problem!!!  more pics


From Cynthia at Van's.

"...Just a heads up to the builders out in Van’s Land that I will be out of the office during the month of May, so if they need any paperwork done, ie bill of sales for the FAA, or changes of ownership, the requests will need to be made before April 30th."

Cynthia A. Schrantz
Administrative Assistant
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
14401 Keil Road N.E.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-6545 x 301


Are the buttons I'm pushing making the airplane do what I think it is?

As it turned out.....yes. 

Two practice approaches and a gas run Tuesday for proficiency purposes (long lunch).  RNAV (GPS) RWY 35 KLUD and RNAV (GPS) RWY 17 (Circling) KGLE to minimums.  On autopilot.  Gas at KGLE and RTB.  Logged .9hrs.  Quick lunch with (3) other RVators from the field (all flew their RVs earlier) and then back home to the computer.  Was talking with Kay about how, now that I'm not cramming for an IFR checkride, it seems the work flow is easier to stay on top of.  Bandwidth freed up, I guess.  Felt like I was three miles ahead of the plane the whole time.  Lately I've become fond of leaving the G3X MFD in 'Flightplan' mode, it displays nicely distance and time to EACH waypoint in the approach.  I'll get a picture next time...

Wx is kinda hit and miss in our area for the next five days or so, so I'm glad I got some productive time off the surface.  Mental gyros recalibrated...  dr

(click to enlarge)


Rudder lock that works for my RV9A ...MrNomad

It’s been two months since I built my rudder lock and it’s held up under the most extraordinary winds so I thought I would post it.   Here are some photos of the completed unit.

As you can see, I used the best “aviation grade” schedule 40 pvc pipe with a generous dose of flat black paint.
It’s actually a 2 piece design so I can disassemble it and stuff it in the back when I travel.

What makes it work is the down force exhibited by one bungee cord and the rearward force applied by a second bungee cord.   The downward force causes the unit to flex and extend placing pressure on the pedals.


Saturday Joy Ride ...Jeff Kersey

Loving being able to fly so much more cost effectively and the performance awesome. This elevator is going up!


Status ...The Swede

Wings are home. 


My journey into fuel tank assembly ...Jeff Warren


A Rodeo Drive week ...togaflyer RV-10

So I spent a week at Sun and Fun. In that week was the engine I bought, the Garmin avionics Im ordering, the prop, well, we all know what Im talking about. Serious money out. I thought, am I crazy to spend this kind of money on an experimental airplane. During the show I stopped and looked at the Cirrus G3. 315 HP twin turbo, 3600 lbs max gross ramp weight. Very nice. It had a 1000 pound useful load, humm, the RV-10 has more useful. The salesman was telling me he was doing 172 kts at 16 thousand feet, only burning 17 gph, and at 83 percent. Hummm the -10 is in the 160s at 65 percent burning 11.5 or so. The Cirrus, according to the salesman, operating cost are around 185 dollars a hour. The -10, maybe half that. The Cirrus did have the ballistic parachute for that one in a million mayday moment, but that equipment requires service every ten years at 17 thousand dollars. Oh, and the price tag, 880 thousand dollars. And we are not talking Canadian dollars. The Cessna version was a little less at 780 thousand. So after years of blood, sweat, and agrivation, and maybe a total investment of around 150-180 thousand, you have a plane that closely meets the performance specs of those planes, which cost over four times that of a Vans RV10, and cost twice as much to operate. So I guess Im not crazy after all!



April  12, 2016.  0005 UTC.   Issue No. 4,093.

Sun 'n Fun 2016 Trip Write-up  ...Mike Bullock RV-7

"My buddy Peter and I have talked about going to Sun 'n Fun for the last few months. Originally our plan was to go down on Thursday and come back on Sunday. The weather didn't work out for that plan, so we needed to take off a day early. Oh darn...another day in FL! To make it down to SNF before the airshow started at 2:30pm, we needed to take off at Dark-o-thirty. On this particular day it was downright cold outside - my car registered 25 degrees on the drive to the airport. I made sure to get to the airport early to turn on the hangar heater before Peter showed up. I didn't want a moody passenger from he get-go of the day!"  continue

[ed. You couldn't ask for a more motivational trip write-up!  Mike, thank you!  Simply outstanding!  v/r,dr]


Just gotta brag a little ...Kurt W.

On Friday morning last week I passed the instrument checkride in my RV9A. Not usually one to toot my own horn but this was sort of a big one. Took a long time and a lot of work to get ready. Thanks to a great instructor/buddy, it turns out I was well prepared.

Anyway, get back to building, everyone. <g>


SNF Outstanding Homebuilt 2016 ...Bruce Sacks post

Congratulations to Tim Goddard for winning the outstanding homebuilt award at this year's Sun N Fun!

Tim taught me how to fly and convinced me that building a tail dragger RV was gonna be more fun than an A model RV. He has been building that "quick build" RV8 since he was my CFI in 2003. Its first flight was earlier this year. Running a flight training and maintenance shop probably took much of his time. He runs Aeroflight Training at the Perry, GA airport KPXE. I don't have any interior pics but there is some beautiful wood armrests and accents.


RV-8 Status Report Pictures ...Martin Leroux (Canada)

Last March was a very active month at Martin's Aircraft Factory....With at least 75% of all my fuselage parts now primed or painted, and the possibility of starting a new job soon, I launched myself into an assembly blitz. Over a period of about 10 days strait, I was installing rivets after rivets. I couldn't believe how fast I could put together this aircraft after working on it so much in the last few months.

Initially, I feared installing rivets on my RV. I didn't want to fail. I had prepared a number of practice parts with scrap aluminum while my parts where at the paint shop. It turned out, I didn't use any of those practice parts at all. The riveting skills I learned many years ago from aircraft manufacturing school came back very quickly. I was up and running with riveting !

Here are a few pics from last March....

The first and most important picture....The first rivet installed by myself on my RV-8 fuselage.  <g>.  ...


Safety Mindset:
X-31: Breaking the Chain: Lessons Learned ...38min video

[ed. Pitot tube icing in the desert?  Complacency after hundreds of flights?  It happens to the best of the best.  dr]

By any measure, the X-31 was a highly successful flight research program at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, now the Armstrong Flight Research Center. It regularly flew several flights a day, accumulating over 550 flights during the course of the program, with a superlative safety record. And yet, on Jan. 19, 1995, on the very last scheduled flight of the X-31 ship No. 1, disaster struck.

Each mishap has it's own set of circumstances and it's own sequence of events. But those who study mishaps find similar issues: communications, complacency, unwarranted assumptions, human frailties….just like a chain. You make a chain -- a chain of events -- when you have any of these accidents. Any link of the chain, if broken, would prevent an accident.

The X-31 flight test team was the "A" team -- the best people, from every discipline -- from every organization. But they lost an airplane. If it can happen to the best team, it can happen to any team.

Created: 2005 Run time: 38 minutes 45 seconds



April  11, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,092.

SnF Pics ...turbo and copilot


Status Report ...Blain Stumpf

Completing baffles seems to be one of those hurdles that reinforce "I'm getting close".


About Some of the Chemicals We Use Building These Planes

...Dave Brunberg (chemical engineer building an RV-10)

"MEK, along with many of the other industrial chemicals we use in this hobby, is classified as a hazardous substance, both for health and flammability reasons. This includes solvents, paints and primers, etchants, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, fuels, etc. As a chemical engineer, I have spent my career working with these types of materials and can tell you that the health implications are no joke. Please read the SDS provided with any chemical you find yourself using, and follow the PPE recommendations.

Not everyone's body reacts the same way with acute noticable symptoms, so even if you do not experience them, you could be setting yourself up for serious chronic effects later in life if you don't take appropriate precautions.

If you haven't received an SDS with the chemical, please take the time to look it up on the internet.

Here is a representative Safety Data Sheet for MEK."


Sun 'n Fun show case fly-by by Spruce Creek Gaggle Flight ...two vids


Welcome PS-Engineering.com ...ad lives on the front page.

related: PSE announces lower cost for Exp Market PDA360EX Audio Panel


New Paint Job! ...Chuck Gant


Garmin Pilot v8.2 is out

...adds Flight Profile View on the iPhone


Skagit Valley Tulip Festival ...from the RV


Status ...bret

I had my son over for a BBQ and to help me rivet the steps on last night, only a year or two more to go!


Thought it might be a crack in the landing gear strut (Wasn't)


Roger and his new best friend ...SnF PIREP

Well, Myra and I drove home after an exciting week spent with the 99's and three incredible women from the WASP (Women's Air Service Pilots). These girls, all in their 90s, gave interviews, spoke in the Air museum and signed autographs from sunup till sundown for 5 days this year. Look them up on the internet for more incredible information. I made it a point to hook up with Mitch Locke every day when the opportunity arose as we met last year at Osh and found we had a lot in common with Van's Aircraft and our RV14 builds. I really want to extend my thanks to him and all of Van's staff for the great job they were doing. I think they will all need throat lozenges from talking non stop all day. SnF was a great success due to the incredible weather and great turnout.


Audrey Reeves PIREP

The 'AR' in N617AR.  Our daughter is involved in WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) at SMU.  That's her on the left Saturday morning - two papers due and a P-Chem test next week.  She came home for dinner, but went back after a couple hours to study.  While she was home we had the Masters on, and when amateur Bryson DeChambeau was playing I mentioned he was at SMU as recently as last year as a Physics major.  "Oh, we were in the same building then."  She didn't know SMU had a golf team.  She comes by it honest - I went to one football game while at Baylor...and left early.  I didn't really enjoy it until about three decades later.  There's hope <g>.

Attn Golfers:  About Bryson DeChambeau's swing
"...DeChambeau, a physics major at SMU, built his unique swing after reading the book The Golfing Machine, which offers some alternative swing insight.

To make it work, DeChambeau has the most anomalous set of irons in golf. They are all the same length -- roughly the same as a 7-iron -- with the same weight, shaft and lie angle. That allows DeChambeau to execute the same single-plane swing...." (article)



April  8, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,091.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

N313GT First Flight ...Chris Johnson 9A

Well some nasty weather rolled through early this AM, hopefully going easy on Lakeland, but by 8:30 the skies were clear and wind was calm, and I got to fly N313GT for the first time - it was pleasantly uneventful. She flew hands-off and as expected the only hard part was slowing her down.

Take-off roll was extremely short - I had a friend setup at the first taxiway to shoot pictures but was off well before I got there. Climbed out at 100 knots and was at 3000' before I knew it. I have 4 new ECI cylinders so I watched the CHT's - #3 topped out at about 406 for about 20 minutes and then I noticed a distinct drop. The others were in the 365-395 range. I kept power at about 70-75% for 35 minutes and then did a brief slow-flight test, with a full flap stall right at 40 knots. Came back into the pattern and flew final at 65 and then 60 knots. Just like Jan Bussell said it would, the plane landed itself and made me look good.

Thank you to everybody here for answering what started as dumb questions and hopefully at least became slightly less so over 3.5 years. I have learned immensely. Thanks to Jan for excellent transition training, and to Vic Syracuse for a thorough inspection and the confidence-inspiring kind words. And it doesn't hurt to have an amazingly supportive wife.

As they say, it's all worth it. And now, the grin....


KELLI GIRL joins the 200 Kt Club ...Sid Mayeux

I flew KELLI GIRL down south to Austin Exec to pick up Kelli and bring her home.  On the solo leg to Austin, I had a huge tailwind, rolling my ground speed over the 200 knot mark. BooYah!!  ...


'Quirkies' ...Vlad

That's all the State of New Jersey. All within 20-30 RV minutes. <g>


Welcome www.FlyLEDs.com

...DIY Strobe Kits.  Ad will live in 'Previous Day's News'.



April  7, 2016.  0004 UTC.   Issue No. 4,090.

Pink Slip ...Chris Johnson RV-9A

Okay it's not really finished - too poor for paint and too impatient for wheel pants just yet, but N313GT received it's pink slip today thanks to Vic Syracuse who was kind enough to stop by on his way to SNF. 3 1/2 year slow build, couldn't have done it without VAF.

Hoping for a first flight Thursday early AM at KZPH before the SNF crowd starts launching.


Monkey'n Around (90 second video) ...Bruce Eicher

A gold chain vender sent us a monkey and like the VAF hat, asked us to post where we would take it...dressing it in a gold chain was easy, finding the right headset for Miti the monkey, not as easy.


Problem Rivet

The problem rivet connects the E-901 skin, E-913 Counterweight Skin, E-902 Spar, and E-903 Rib together. After drilling out my first unsatisfactory rivet (which I now realize I should have left in place), the dimple on the inside E-903 rib was distorted. I then decided to drill a size up (#30) to insert an AN426AD-4 rivet in hopes of removing part of the damaged dimple. I then riveted the AN426AD-4 rivet in place, and the above picture is what I found.

There is a relatively sizable crack extending from the top of the dimple outward (can be seen in the mirror). My question is what should I do next? Unfortunately there isn't space to add another hole in this location. I'm afraid an order of replacement parts may be in my near future.

Thanks for your help.


Dynon's EFIS-D10A now STC APPROVED for Type Certificated Aircraft



April  6, 2016.  0002 UTC.   Issue No. 4,089.

Signed Off! ...Robert Van Duyn RV-14A

Just signed off what I believe to be the first customer built RV-14A at Hidden Valley Airport (5TX0).  Pictures below: First picture is left to right; Robert D Van Duyn (builder), Tony Baumgard (my FAA supervisor), and of course my distinguished self in the cockpit.

Airworthiness Certificate dated 05 APR 2016.  Robert did an exceptional job on the aircraft. He has previously built an RV-7A and an RV-10.



LtCol. Pete Krok passing

I am Stephen Krok, son of Peter. It is with great sorrow that I write to you today. My father passed away 4/1/2016 due to complications from cancer. He has touched so many people’s lives and has been a great role model and beacon for me and many others. Thank you for being a part of his life.

Built and flew RV-7 in retirement and setup the Subenews group to help fellow builders sort out issues. Just learned of this today from his son

Hand Salute to you Col. blue sky's and tailwinds,


Sun N Fun PIREPs ...VAF folks chime in

What a great night to show up. Unfettered access to the entire flight line by bicycle. Everybody's still setting up and you can go wherever and whenever you want. That won't be true starting tomorrow morning!

Looking like great weather too.  Sun N Fun


From CleavelandTool.com


After a lengthy time finding a new source for the metal spun flange for the firewall pass thru kits, we are happy to announce the kits are back in production and available for sale. These pass thru kits have all the necessary parts to make a safe, strong, and secure firewall penetration for your cables and wiring. The .050” thick stainless steel metal spun flange is far stronger than other flanges made from spot welded .020” thick stainless steel flat sheet.

PART # SA-05 RETAIL PRICE: $ 65.00 (Bob Avery / Avery Tools & Fabrication, LLC)


Milestone: Jay Pratt....5,000 Hours


First Starts - Crankcase condensation-a data point ...Bill Lane RV-7

FYI - There are dehydrator threads, and water collection in the oil separator threads and winter flying threads. All relate to water/moisture in the crankcase and corrosion issues.

As a datapoint, yesterday I helped (watched) a 10 friend with his first engine start. We checked for leaks then cowled and he did some taxi runs to break-in the brakes. All went well. With 2100 rpm mag checks and such - I guess it was 45 min of running. Very little at idle and it was preheated to 145F with a Reiff preheater system overnight. OAT was 40F with wind. Oil temp at end of testing was 165F

I have been looking at dehydrators and cobbled one together for experimentation. I thought it would be good to use on a first start because, it is cold, short run, rich and expected some blowby.

Post run, we hooked the dehydrator, powered with a little aquarium pump, the dry air into the breather pipe and moist air out the oil fill tube (540).

About an hour later, there was water collecting in the exit hose. The warm, moist air was condensing water in the hose! - He estimated 1.5 tablespoons!

We were both shocked to see that much water. The desiccant was not weighted or measured, but surely there was more water coming out via adsorption.

Now you know, definitively, how much water you could leave in the crankcase for a short engine run. Decisions about dehydrators, water returning to crankcase via oil separators and such are left to other treads, but everyone about to expose your expensive new engine to a joyful first start should take note of this situation.


Bruce's Aircraft Covers SnF Special

This month receive 10% off your Bruce's Custom Covers order in honor of The Sun 'n Fun Aviation Trade Show. Use discount code SNF2016 when you check out or click this link:https://www.aircraftcovers.com/coupon/snf2016.


Mothership SnF Engine Special


Jessica Koss Talking about the new G5



April  5, 2016.  0003 UTC.   Issue No. 4,088.

Nice day in the Anchorage Area ...video

New High School RV-12 build project! ...Bob Kelly

A little catching up is in order. I have been devoting most of my time to getting things organized, and it appears to be working! This is to announce a new AviationNation project at Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute, Texas, beginning this fall. GPCI is a charter school, only three years old, but really working to bring quality education to their students. It must be succeeding! They just competed in the Texas-wide SkillsUSA competition, and won several Gold Medals. Several teams and individuals are moving on to Nationals In Louisville.

About two weeks ago, the Principal and a teacher came and visited our project at Jennings County High School, North Vernon, Indiana (that is the school where I began the first Eagle's Nest Project) and watched the kids work. They decided our approach was what they were looking for, and we are partnering with them, starting this fall.  ...

Panel Status Update ...Karl Bambas

My goal for the winter in Florida was to do as much as possible on the panel for the Dream Weaver.
Our Build Log with thirty more photos is just a click away.

Poppies ...erich weaver (CA)

There has been an amazing bloom of poppies in the San Rafael Mountains north of the Santa Ynez airport in California that is attracting a lot of attention. Here are a few cell phone shots. Sorry they are not as sharp as I would have liked.

Mothership SnF Info...

Where's Wally... or at least F-643 and F-644 ...tgmillso (Australia) RV-7

So this may turn out to be one of those embarrassing questions, however I have been unable to locate F-643 and F-644 Forward Fuselage Channels as I work my way through the edge finishing and priming of the fuselage components. I've checked the inventory list and have been unable to find it, searching manually and using the search function in the version I converted to a readable text PDF file.
These two parts are located in the Parts Index at the front of the manual, but they are listed as "manufactured" indicating that they should already be bent and shaped to a certain extent rather than being created from scratch using sheet material.
Thus, I was wondering where these components are. Any ideas?

Clayton's OK18 Memorial Day Fly-In ...NE of Tulsa, OK

My good friend Clayton is having a Memorial Day Weekend fly-in.  RVs are most welcome. 

Night Transport ...Carl in Sweden

"...Fuselage is now in airport club workshop. Wings, empenage, rudders and fairings at painter."

VAF Courtesy Car List Updated

Simple list. Easy peazy...



April  4, 2016.  0022 UTC.   Issue No. 4,087.
  Today marks nine years of this site being my full time job.  As a reference, I started the 'North Texas Wing' of VAF on 12/6/1998....17.3 years ago.  It took 8.3 years to cut the corporate cord <g>.  Where does the time go?  Thanks for not rolling your eyes too often as I continue to learn the ropes of a life in small business.
  And good morning!  


Mt. St. Helens Pictures from the RV ...Carl N. RV-8


First to Fly N144VA

The past couple of days I have been getting some training in N144VA with Mike Seager in Oregon. I understand I am the first to fly it, outside of Van's personnel. It was quite a treat. It jumps off the runway with the IO-360. It's a really stable plane with very tame stall characteristics. A couple of times we did a go around and I think that plane will fly from a dead stop, it never floated back to the runway, full power and we were off and going. If anyone is considering going out there to fly with Mike, I highly recommend it. He won't beat you up too bad for mistakes, but sometimes I heard, "I have to say, that was really a bad landing". I went for the 5 hours since I have about 300 in a RV-7, but it has been 8 years and I should have gone for the 10 hours. I surely would have come away a much better pilot. Thanks Mike.


Dynon Introduces SkyView SE

related: blog


Introducing the Advanced AF-5700 12.1" Display

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Phase 1 Update ...rightrudder

Almost there! Another 3.1-hour flight this morning, with four landings at Apple Valley. Met a super nice guy there named Joe, who came over to pay me a compliment on my RV. As I was taxiing toward the restrooms, I saw his plane, a really pristine Cessna 180, as he was taking it out of the hangar. It is so nice to have people recognize the sweat and blood we put into our aircraft. Sometimes, now that I'm flying my RV, I'll look back at it when it's parked and think to myself, "Did I really build that?" Even though it's only been a few months, the days of riveting, sanding and deburring seem like they were years ago. A rip in the space/time continuum?  ...


SHOP ART ...Jeff Vaughan


Brake questions from my hangar

I am making a second attempt to rebuild the Matco master cylinders on my RV-7. They were slowly dripping from one cylinder when I bought the plane but all four cylinders were weaping. I had an A&P help me rebuild the cylinders once and a couple hours later they were the same. This time it was a different cylinder that was dripping but all were weaping again. Everyone found this odd.  ...


Taking a VAF member for a fly in Sydney Australia

A few weeks ago VAF member Randy Garrett posted that he was travelling to Sydney and was wondering if anyone would be willing to take him for a fly in an RV in Australia.  ...


Fix it or Build On?


Progress Report ...N311CJ RV-10



April  1, 2016.  0005 UTC.   Issue No. 4,086.
  I'm about a week into consuming much less sugar, and I'm feeling like a hammered turd.  Smart people say it gets better, but right now what I want is a Dr. Pepper the size of my house.  Why saying all this?  Because if you say 'Hi' to me and I take a swing at you it's most likely the sugar withdrawal.  Don't take it personally.  This gut will go away.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  


My Builder Buddy ...Blain


Full circle and a compliment (I think)

The other weekend a gave a married couple a ride in the -7A (no, not at the same time). With the pre-flight completed, I asked them my usual questions which includes 1) how do you feel about roller coasters 2) have you ever flown in a small airplane 3) is there anything in particular around the Austin area you'd like to see, 4) any questions or concerns, etc.

The husband responded that it had been many years since he'd been in a small plane and he went on to explain that he was a kid at the time. I asked if he remembered it being "Young Eagles" related but he couldn't specifically remember. Hmmm, full circle? I thought it was kinda cool nonetheless Anyway, he really dug the flight and tight turns about a point - he was like a kid in a candy store. Hopefully a future (RV) builder.

The wife had never been in a small plane so the usual "how do you feel about roller coaster" questions followed so that I could get a general idea on her reservations/fears/inhibitions/concerns before we departed terra firma. All was good in that department so off we went. As we're making our way around the local lakes, I find out she's a professional singer. Now, I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, I've got a famous singer with me. That's a new one. I wonder just how famous she is?" Come to find out, she sings in a local Austin band. I told her that she could have said her name was "Beyonce" and I would have bought it hook, line, and sinker. I would have then gone back to my buddies and said, "Dude! You wouldn't believe who I took for a ride the other day!". Glad we got that straightened out. Anyway, the rest of the flight was great and I headed back to home base. As we made our way back, I explained what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. Now on final, followed by runway made, followed by flare, followed by touchdown, she shouts out "Better than Southwest!". I know she meant well and a good laugh was had and that's what counted.

What compliments have you gotten that were well intended?


Quirkies Seen From the RV ...Vlad

A Siddha Yoga Center in Upstate NY.


Garmin Team X introduces G5 electronic flight instrument for experimental aircraft

All-glass back-up or primary flight instrument with optional autopilot capability.  [ed. I was emailed the 'journalist packet' about this 16 hours before the public release, so for a little more than a half day I had a slightly higher security clearance.  Felt like James Bond. ;^)   I like when fly-in season starts and the new products start to come online.  Exciting times!  dr]

fmi: garmin.com/newsroom.


Garmin Team X introduces new, full featured GMA 245/245R audio panels

Combines Bluetooth wireless music, phone, 3D Audio and more... 

fmi: garmin.com/newsroom.


Status Update ...The Swede

Paint, seats and hangar...  Visited painter today, only some small anomalies to be corrected on fuse before transport to hangar. I think it turned out quite well regarding paint scheme and colours.


A Note From Your Host...

Donations updated as of 3/31/16 12:05:50 CDT: March reminder.
The year is 25% over.  My gut feel is that last year I didn't do a very good job of conveying how unbelievably crucial the yearly honor system donations are at keeping this 1-family small business afloat.  So this year I'm reminding readers on the last Friday of each month.  Updated chart below.  (596) unique donors to date
(some people auto-paid a smaller amt monthly, so their data is reflected multiple times in the chart).

Thank you to those who support this site!

Donations by year compared to registered forum users


New RV8 with Garmin Touch ...Walt's work


Advertiser Milestone:



March 31, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,085.
  A couple SnF product announcements will be 'released from embargo' Thursday morning early.  I'll update the page here again around 7am Dallas time(ish).  There is a webinar at 10am related to this announcement (join).  I like when fly-in season spools up...all the cool new stuff starts getting promoted.
  BTW, milestone.....ticked over the 22,000 mark on registered forum users today.  RVation seems to be alive and well online!
  Look for the update here in around 12 hours...   


Found During Condition Inspection

Pics/text courtesy Randy 'Monkey' Richmond of Richmond Aircraft Service

"Found on an RV that was 5 years old with 300 hours - on its 3rd owner.  Right aileron push-pull tube not riveted. Had someone hold the aileron while I put about 5lbs force on the stick.  Pulled right out.  Pushed stick hard right and locked up due to fitting jamming in yoke."


Solution Now Available for SkyView 14.0 Technical Service Bulletin

We are excited to report that SkyView v14.1 is now available for download. It contains the fix for the issue that was the cause of the Technical Service Bulletin earlier this month. It also has a few other small fixes and feature improvements that we found since then.  ...


Frightening ...Weasel

Found this during an inspection. No names!

This is the same wing bay


From Rich Meske...

Please take a fresh look at out Tip-Up/Slider Canopy Modification for the RV-6, 7 & 9. This year marks our 15th year offering this product. We now offer two canopy modifications, our original kit and another gentleman’s laser cut kit. Both kits have their own advantages. We let the builder choose which is best for their needs.

This year also marks our 16th year of doing business! We now offer many new products for the experimental aircraft market. Please check out ALL of our great products at aircraftextras.com.


RV TEAM CHILE display on FIDAE 2016 ...video


New Lower Cost Database Options for Garmin aera 795/796

We recently announced our new aera 660 portable navigator, and with that we announced the availability of the new Garmin Navigation Database (for U.S. and Canada) and introduced a family of new lower priced database bundles.

We are pleased to announce that similar bundles are now available for aera 795/796 customers through the normal www.flygarmin.com channel. 


Bob Kuykendall's RV-15 Idea

Resurrecting this thread with an idea I posted elsewhere. Yes, it's RV-related.

I propose that the next RV kit should move into the market space being developed by the Icon A5 amphibian guys. Vans business model has always been to either offer something for which there is no equivalent production aircraft (most RVs) or for which a kitplane can undercut production aircraft by ~50% (RV-10). I think that an A5 competitor would fit perfectly with this model.

My proposal is that they start with the basic RV-12 design and go from there. Ditch the fuselage and replace it with a combination of aluminum panels and carbon fiber hull moldings that looks enough unlike the A5 to get them around the bizarre patent laws that protect boat hulls. Plug the RV-12 wings into the top, hang the RV-12 motor onto the back, plop the RV-12 stabilator onto the carbon fiber fin, add retractable gear and there you are. The big plastic parts and the retractable gear have bumped the price by about 35%, and it is not going to have that lovely supercar interior, but you've achieved 90% of the A5's performance and functionality for less than 50% the price.

Flame suit on!

Thanks, Bob K.



March 30, 2016.  0002 UTC.   Issue No. 4,084.

April Calendar Wallpaper Online

Sid Mayeux departing my home airfield in his RV-7A.  Burst mode, 200mm lens, f/7.1, 1/640s, auto-focus.  Shoot was pre-briefed and done with a text from Sid letting me know when he was two minutes from takeoff.  I shot this from the ramp in front of my hangar - easier to do than you might think.

If you're ever departing my home field to the south and would like me to get a pic, just get in touch.  How's free sound? 

dr photo


Rogers RV14A Build - 140204 ...Roger Kieffer II RV-14A

Hello Everyone,

Got the tools, kit, shop, and build log website setup and Im ready to get going on my Vans RV14A in SE Wisconsin.  This is my first build so please provide any guidance, advice, etc as I go through this process.



Introducing Supertracks ...Vince Frazier

Blake and I have come up with a totally new product to make life easier for pilots with RV-6, 6A, 7, 7A, 9, and 9A SLIDING canopies. Our new Supertracks allow you to easily roll your canopy back an additional 9" (or more) to make accessing your baggage compartment a snap. And there's nothing to disconnect, or futz with, just the normal fore and aft canopy motion that you're accustomed to already.  ...


Ongoing (Alternator) Maintenance ...PaigeHoffart

After 550 hours I just broke the middle wire in the connector housing. Of course it would have to happen in IMC. I ordered a new crimpable connector from these guys.


RV-8 s/n83124 ...Dominique in France


RE: ACS and Credit Card Fraud ...Jim Irwin

"We noticed today's posting from Carl about the credit card fraud he recently experienced, and I want to respond regarding Aircraft Spruce's credit card security procedures. We follow industry standard procedures for credit card security and have been PCI certified for many years by our credit card processing center. This means that we have all of the available measures in place to prevent credit card fraud. All of our customers' credit card information is encrypted and only a select few managers have access to this information. Our IT manager checks credit card logs regularly to insure that there is no indication that any of our credit card records have been compromised.

Credit card security is a big concern these days and Aircraft Spruce deals with it on a daily basis, as do all suppliers, with persons trying to place orders with stolen credit cards. We screen all orders carefully and are able to identify and cancel these fraudulent orders. This is not an easy task, as credit card thieves and hackers are getting more sophisticated all the time in their efforts to defeat credit card security.

We encourage any customer any customer who feels that a breach of their credit card may be related to a transaction with Aircraft Spruce to contact us immediately with all the details they can provide so we can investigate immediately. We were unable to identify Carl on the VAF posting but I hope that he will email me directly with whatever information he can provide, including the details on who paid their property taxes using his credit card."

Jim Irwin
Aircraft Spruce



March 29, 2016.  0005 UTC.   Issue No. 4,083.

Missing Man Formation Marana, AZ ...Gash

I had the privilege of flying in a 6-ship missing man formation yesterday at the opening ceremony for the new Veteran's Memorial Cemetery in Marana, Arizona. Flight members from the Arizona Scorpions were: Gary Goebel (on loan from the Blackjacks), Jim Graham, Mel Jordan, Karl Gashler, Cathy Page (with Carl Brownd riding shotgun) and Bill Grischo. Tito Sanchez was our ground coordinator. It's always an honor to fly with such an excellent group of aviators and friends. We all had a great time!

Here's a photo from the Arizona Daily Star. You can see Mel pulling up and away, and it's nice how the photographer got the flag in the frame too.


She Flies! ...Rob 'KRviator' 9A in Sydney, Australia

After 4 years, 9 months and 19 days building, Aurora Australis was awarded her registration, but I then had to wait several more weeks for a combination of good weather and kids-in-daycare to be able to perform the first flight.

Other than a few EMS alarms (high current, EGT and Fuel Flow) the flight went beautifully. These alarms will be reset to more appropriate values before the next flight. The high-current was due to me setting the redline at the 30-amp rating of the PP alternator, that I now understand will output slightly more than 30 amps at times. EGT was due to the #2 cylinder being much higher than the others, even during idle, so I'm going to swap the probe to #4 to see what happens, and FF was higher than expected for the O-340, and I didn't have enough margin in the setting there.  ...


Aileron bracket.. Whoops

Just when you think... That won't happen to me! I countersunk the wrong side of the bracket. It looks thick enough to handle a 'double countersink' so I did the other side as well and built on...

What do you think? Airworthy or rebuild?


Engine stumble

0320/E2G with 30 hrs SMOH. almost every flight it will momentarily stumble for a split second. It can best be described as a (bump). After that it runs fine the rest of the flight. It will only do it once. We changed both mags, wires, and plugs and it still does it. I cant figure out what could be causing this? The plane is going to Sun-N-fun which is 1000 miles one way. I would like to find out if this is a major issue or just an annoyance?


Side pocket

Anything inherently wrong with this idea? Fits my IPad in a Otter case?


C Frame Dimpler Table ...Bruce Windowm's take (foamboard and liquid nails)

You might consider what I did. It's a heckuva lot easier to move on/off your work table, and can be more easiler store in an overhead rafter area, if you have one of those.


3rd & 4th Inboard Wing Rib - Hole miss-match? ...Steve Murray

Started assembling the Wing rear spar to the back of the wing ribs (1/8") rivets. On the 3rd and 4th rib from the inboard side. I am seeing a mis-match between the pre-punched holes in the ribs and the rear spar.

Note the two holes that have not been deburred, these holes are matched drilled from the doubler "W-1007B Rear Spar Doubler" on the rear spar.



March 28, 2016.  0008 UTC.   Issue No. 4,082.
  I hope you had a nice Easter weekend and that you got to have a huge meal with family, bragging about your RV plane/project.  I was out at the airport Saturday morning, fiddling with this and that, and saw my neighbor Scott getting into his RV-8A.  "Where you headed, Scott?"  "Off to see Mom.  Easter."  Had a suit folded neatly in the passenger seat.
  These planes, and what they allow us to do, are amazing.


9DB---BOGIE AT 8 O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!! ...Dave B. 9A

Never mind---it is a friendly.

Actually, there were nine friendlies!!! You see, at KPRC we have a rather large contingent of pilots on our "Fly to Breakfast/Lunch" mailing list. This past Sunday we had a total of nine planes/14 people whose "mission" that day was to patrol the Chino Wash and then to rendezvous for breakfast and de-brief in Seligman, AZ at West Side LiLo's--wheels down at 0900. West Side LiLo's is one of those historical 1950's-1960's diners located right on old Rte 66 in northern AZ. However, if you go there beware---they serve "cowboy sized" meals!  ...


New to us RV8 ...Rob Traynham Simpsonville, SC

Well, my son and I jumped out and bought a beautiful RV8 in Canada. As of yesterday, we now have U.S. registered airplane AND a fresh Airworthiness Certificate. We recently trained with Kent Gorton at Mallard's landing and had a great experience. Just waiting on the rain to stop now so we can fly it!


Scenes from Newcastle ...haydnc


It's the one you don't see

I had an interesting experience with ADSB. The RV is ADSB out and I was using a Stratus II / iPad (Foreflight) for ADSB in. The traffic displays were very good and all looked well.

Later, I had the chance to compare that to an ATC radar plot - there was traffic that had not showed on the ADSB. The traffic was putting out mode C only but there was some problem with the altitude data so it was defaulting to "000" for altitude on the radar display; essentially, sea level. ATC was not talking to him.

I'm at 3700 - so it's outside the puck even though ground elevation was about 1000 MSL (that's the prevailing conjecture as to why it didn't display). So, the traffic really could have been at my altitude, but in this situation, it wasn't going to display for me.

As helpful as the traffic info is, I think there might still be something to be said for looking out the window since this high-priced video game is not picking everything up.


Bulldog Flight Formation Video


The Eagle (EMS) Flys ...Dane Patterson RV-8 w/FADEC

After a six month hiatus, to change over from an Aerosance FADEC to a Precision Airmotive EMS, my aircraft is once again flying. The Aerosance FADEC (now a Continental Motors product) was becoming a liability. Periodically it would skip a beat, for no apparent reason, or give strange readings, that could not be explained. After years of frustration I decided it was time to make a change.  ...


Grass Runway Season Open! ...Vlad pics


Tale of a sticky valve


Block Island PIREP ...Mike/John

Fun trip in the RV up and back to Block Island today! We managed to fit a Maryland/Mass beer exchange into the activities!

Albit - Next time! I plan to be up in New England a lot this year!


She's Got Legs! ...with a nod to ZZ Top


FS Airpark Home ...Lake City, FL


Andy Blanchard's New Panel ...Bold!!!!



March 25, 2016.  0005 UTC.   Issue No. 4,081.
  Was over at Jay Pratt's place visiting Thursday morning, and saw an RV-14 fuse (taildragger) on the gear with the tail on (no wings).  Was really impressed with how much larger it seemed than my RV-6 fuse/tail.  Looked like a RV-10 as a taildragger, actually.  I can see why there is a step-up option.  Impressive!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled Easter weekend. 



Pilot Joe Blank 'communicating' with his reflection during an RV-12 SLSA delivery flight.  From the factory FB page


JB MDL ...Vlad

An email was channeled to me via secure network. It stated if I don't forward all my credentials within two days to a certain address I would never had a chance to touch down on a military concrete. And so I did in a big hurry not telling anyone. In a couple weeks I was clear to visit McGuire AFB with 36 other local bug smashers. The military conducted a Midair Collision Avoidance seminar and the brass approved a flyin.

Arriving aircrafts were split in 4 groups and each group received a time slot. I departed earlier and planned to intercept somebody by NYC.  ...


Video Related To Above ...Brent Connelly


Status Report ...rightrudder

Getting there.... 27.4 on the Hobbs now. Today's flight was the longest yet at 2.9 hrs.

I redid the right inlet ramp to reduce CHTs for Nos. 1 & 3, shortening it by about 1.5 in. I cut it where it mates to the intake with a Dremel cut-off wheel, sanded down the dry micro with a mini die-grinder sander, then used the remaining shelf to anchor the shortened ramp.

Aft end was secured with a thick bead of flox, then a couple layers of 9 oz. cloth. I sanded down the remnants of the original attachment flush with the die grinder.

The temp variance wasn't all that bad to begin with, but the change seemed to help...all cylinders are now with 10 degrees or so in cruise. But No. 1 still gets the hottest in climb, so I'll have to either remove its air dam altogether, or cut it down by half again.

I'm getting lots of practice with leaning, as I buzz the practice area in one direction, pull a U-eee, richen, climb 1000 ft, lean, buzz the other direction, descend 1000 ft, richen, and so forth.

Did a couple of landings at Apple Valley, and the aircraft is really starting to fit like a glove. After running 'er hard, it's kinda peaceful to throttle way back and just putt-putt around the pattern.

One last thought....it's the little things that make it more fun to work on our planes. A long, skinny funnel I bought from HF slips right down the dipstick tube and stays put. Best $3.99 I've spent lately. <g>  pictures


The cat's meow for touch up

When you buff the paint off a rivet...



March 24, 2016.  0002 UTC.   Issue No. 4,080.
  It was too windy to haul gravel Wednesday in DFW (badump).  Settled for the treadmill and computers...no RV anything.  Storms forecast overnight, so maybe Thursday on the back side it will be calm enough for some time off the surface. 

First formation video of my RV7 ...Shawn Li

Flew with a friend with a Glasair to Independence, OR last weekend. My wife was riding in the Glasair, and had a chance to shoot a video of our flying RV7 for the first time. It's also her first time to check out our RV7 in the air .

Thought to share the video with the group.


RV Snowbird Acro PIREP ...Bill M.

Thanks for the congratulations, but many have helped to develop the competitive edge. Two weeks before the Snowbird contest, Ron and others gathered in Vidalia, GA on a weekend for an aerobatic workshop with coaching from Eric Sandifer (Advanced 1st place in the Northeast 2015) and Tony Zorn (Advanced). This is where you refine the maneuvers and improve your scores. Eric also helped me design my free style and signed off on it as a judge. At a contest, it really doesn't matter what you fly. It just a big happy family whether it's a MX, Extra, Edge, Pitts, Decathlon, YAK, or our nimble little RVs. It is also very addictive too. Hope to see more RVs at other contests.


Status Reports ...Bill Boyd

The shop ambient noise level measures 30-33dB on my iPhone app when the people upstairs are not walking overhead - quiet as a library.  ...


Moving to Houston, TX ...from Italy

Hi all,
After long thinking with my family we decided to give a substantial change to our lives. We'll move to Houston from Italy this summer!

Unfortunately this means I have to sell my RV-7 project [ed. We'll see about that <g>. dr] (by the way, it has been on hold for the last couple of years due family/job/money difficulties) but I hope I can continue to be a member of the RV community (who knows.. maybe in the future I'll start over again!)

Any advice for a new Houston resident?.


Last Summer ...Karl Bambas

People keep asking Dolly and I if we've been hiding, that they haven't seen us for a while. Well we've been building.


Follow Up From Joe


Just to clarify from my E-mail answer yesterday...

That would probably work OK, but you’d have to use a reduced head screw (AN525 series would work) so as not to interfere with the roll bar when closed. Also ensure good Edge Distance on the roller weldment here as there is a significant 'lifting component' to the forces applied to the canopy during flight.

Option #2 is to TIG weld the holes closed on the parts and re-drill with the correct ED.

Option #3 is to replace the parts with new. Your choice."


Check one off the bucket list

Yesterday I was finally able to do something I've been wanting to do my whole life. Flew my -12 to visit my father for the first time, a 2 hour flight and my first ever overnight stay (with the plane) away from the home 'drome. My dad is 87 now and is still in good shape. He had a serious health issue at Thanksgiving and has made a good recovery. One of the reasons I built the -12 was to be able to fly with him and the speed of the assembly was a primary factor. I was able to complete my plane in about 700 hours, Van's was spot on. Dad was a Navy fighter pilot. He has over 2000 hours in F-8 Crusaders and did 3 combat tours in Viet Nam. One tour as executive officer of VF-211, one as commanding officer VF-211, and the last as CAG-5 on the USS Midway. Naturally I wanted to be a fighter pilot like him. However, when I was 12, during a routine vision screening at school, I found out I would need glasses. Knowing that the Navy does not accept pilot candidates with anything less than perfect vision my dreams were crushed. So now my -12 is my jet fighter and I have flown my father in it. The only other time I flew with Dad was a family trip from Jacksonville, Fla to Lower Alabama when I was 5. Dad also was a flight instructor at Pensacola in the late 50's. After we landed yesterday he scored the "check ride" as an "UP". So I guess that I have now passed primary flight training and will now move to jet transition training. I hope to enjoy many more flights with my father in the days to come. For all you guy's still building your fighter jets,,,,, keep pulling and pounding those rivets so that you can have a day like I did yesterday.


Mothership Stats


Ordered -8 QB Fuse!! ...Jeff Munzell (VA)

I am very excited.... This is one of those so far...slooooooow builds. Ordered tail kit late 1999, ordered slow build wings in late 2000. Between job and raising kids and trying to stay ahead of household maintenance 3 1/2 acres, it's taken me this long to get to this point.. I've been using "...8 wings still" for way too many years...but not for much longer!

Fuse should show up around the August/September timeframe.. very excited! WooooHoooo!!!


Factory Represented at AERO Friedrichschafen

...April 20-23, 2016 (Southern Germany)



March 23, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,079. 
  Tater Salad was down for maintenance Tuesday with a migraine, so I was on go get him from school and chicken nugget duty.  That and making sure the house was rigged for quiet.  On the back side of it now and doing much better at publish time.
  No RV related activities today other than normal computer work, and that's just fine.  Family is priority 1-10...aviation 11.  It was gusting here nearly to 40mph today, anyway.  Too much for my tastes...  ;^) 

Status Report: Wings Away! ...David Paule RV-3B

Wirejock came down from his mountain to help me more the wings to the hangar. It went smoothly enough. After taping moving blankets to the wings beforehand, I put one thin piece of plywood in the pickup truck, then the right wing, blanket side down, then another thin (and therefore light) piece of plywood, and and finally the left wing. Tied them down and off we went, driving carefully.

Of course something had to cause some concern. In this case it was a pine tree in the backyard that had grown up into some power lines. While we were tying the wings in, a neighbor dropped by to tell us that the tree was sparking with the wire. After a brief visit from a fire truck and a call to the power company, we were on the road.

Unloading went smoothly enough. Larry took a photo of me holding a wing in the hangar.  ...


Re-drilling canopy roller?

I screwed up one of my canopy rollers when I mis-measured, resulting in insufficient edge distance.  Based on the fact that these parts are steel, and that, when closed, there won't be much force applied to this connection, I'm thinking of re-drilling in the fore-aft direction ( 90 degrees to this mis-drilled holes) a litter lower.
Insane? or OK?


Govenor Cable Help

I have a Hartzell govenor on my 200hp which is mounted so the actuator moves fwd and aft versus left/righ. I am having problems trying to find a cable bracket and proper function on the cable. Anyone out there that had this problem and has a fix? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.


Silver Hawk fuel injection servo "gotcha"

My RV-7 has been a great machine over the last 4 years. 99.9% of the 450 hours thus logged have been pretty much trouble free. But here’s a short story of a “gotcha” that popped up recently. It was not a real big deal and probably not a major safety of flight item, but I’ll pass this along anyway.

I have an Aerosport IO-375 installed with a standard Precision Silver Hawk fuel injection system. On a recent run-up prior to takeoff, the vernier mixture control seemed to have a “sticky” spot as I pushed the mixture to full rich. I experimented a little and it seemed like the vernier control was hanging up about an inch out from full rich. So like a dummy, I took off anyway assuming that I might have to look into it later.  ...


Mixture Arm Interference with Starter

I have installed Van's mixture bellcrank and bracket for an IO-360A1B Horizontal Induction. When I connect to the mixture arm I am unable to get full throw due to interference with starter (see pic). This engine installed in another aircraft was configured with the arm in the down position where there would be no interference. Van's said I either need a shorter starter or modify the arm to avoid the contact. Even if I use the lower hole and cut off the top portion it does not look like I will still get full throw.


Engine Mount Beef-up ...David Paule RV-3B

KatieB sent me a photo of a cracked weld in an RV-3B engine mount at a lower corner where the landing gear socket is welded adjacent to a mount bolt. The crack was visible with dye penetrate.  ...



March 22, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,078. 

RVs RULE Snowbird! ...f14av8

"...Bill McLean WON the Sportsman Category competition at the Snowbird Classic. He did that in a RV-4, competing against a field of purpose-built aerobats, including an EXTRA (really two EXTRAS as it was being flown by two pilots). So, Bill went out and showed what an RV, flown by a well trained and well prepared pilot can do. There's just nothing like an inverted spin in a RV-4 to impress the judges! Congratulations Bill."  continue


Another RV

On the day of my 60th birthday N321BV, RV-7 S/N 74171 received its Special Airworthiness Certificate!! The maiden flight will take place soon when schedules and weather are coordinated.

Here are the basics:

RV-7 Standard build
3 years 1 month elapsed construction time
2070 hours logged construction time
Superior IO-360-B1LD2 engine (horizontal induction)
Whirlwind 200RV prop
Christen inverted oil system
Dynon Skyview EFIS, EMS, COM & I/C, ADAHRS, XPDER, ADSB, 2 axis autopilot
1086 lbs. empty weight
Bill Vinson
RV-7 Standard Build


Welcome Bruce's Custom Covers

They cover pretty much anything you need covered.


Cremated Remains Dispenser


Polish burns ...Bob C.

It was opening day this weekend for the Spring Polishing Season. Fortunately, I've compound polished the plane enough in the last few years that -- unless there's a specific scratch -- I don't bother doing much compounding.

Lately, I've been using California Custom Purple (always with the de-oxydizer) and then using the Cyclo with Nuvite F7 and then Grade S with a fleece cloth.

Anyway, I had used some painters tape to protect the stripes when I encountered a piece that was hard to get off . I'd neglected it before starting with the cyclo but there I was in the middle of cyclo'ing and I was picking at this tape.

While I was doing that, I lost focus on my cyclo work and while picking at the tape with one finger, I was holding the cyclo in place with the other.

So, of course, the aluminum got warm and burned.

I was subsequently able to get the "burn" out but here's my question: What's burning? The aluminum or the polish on the aluminum?


Status ...trackdom

"Never give up."


Milestone: The Big Cut ...Raymo

Spent a couple hours staring at it, reading and re-reading the instructions and drawings. Seems to be a little extra plexi between where the slider forward end stops and the windshield begins, which makes it less critical to get the cut exactly right the first time. I used my Dremel on high speed with a diamond blade. The first cut was just to remove the excess from the sides, From there, take an 1 to 1.5 inches at a time so you can keep the rather small cutting disk perpendicular to the Plexiglas. Uses sponges or similar to support the glass while cutting so there is no stress on the cut line.  continue



From the RV-6.  Counted (14) on a short .3hr flight Monday, (12) in the two pics below.  Excuse the blurry one, but it shows a nice buck.  The 200mm lens is big enough that they usually don't even look up.


Cleaning the Oceans and Flying on Waste



March 21, 2016.  0005 UTC.   Issue No. 4,077. 

John Goodloe RV-8.  dr photo.

(32) Additions/Updates to the RV White Pages ...courtesy Mr. Tate Reeves

Renegade 5 RV4 at Alamosa (two vids)

Formation Swag

Near miss - Bird Strike

Using Paint Masks (lots of photos) ...Dan L.

Mice Damage

Crabandy Status Report

RV Acro

Fireblock failure...Don't do what I did

Classified Spotlight ...9A w/many pictures

Pazmanyflyer Status Report

DAR added to the list (Massachusetts)

Status Report ...longranger -7



March 18, 2016.  0028 UTC.   Issue No. 4,076. 
Pushed out the updated VAF Courtesy Car list yesterday, then rec'd (4) more updates today.  So, I added those (updates are usually pushed out the day I get an email).  It's crazy simple to maintain.  The RV White Pages should be updated over the weekend, courtesy young Mr. Reeves.  I pay him per record edited/added, so of course he is a fan of lots of people updating their info.  He suggested a few thousand people add a period to part of their listing.  I told him if that happened we'd probably need to rethink our payment model <g>.
  Formula 1 racing starts back up this weekend.  First race Australia - the long drought is over.  Go fast time is back and the DVR is cocked.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

She Flys! ...Lorne

Yippee!, Yeehah!, Wow!, She Flys!

A couple of days after getting the pink slip, the latest RV-6 leapt into the sky. All I can say is keep on building.....the grin is worth it!


Not your typical fuel tank woe ...Ryan -12

After agonizing over to wet rivet or not, sealant dispensing methods, and everyone opinions, I completed my fuel tanks back in November and the initial leak test with soapy water and balloon passed with flying colors. About a week or so ago I ran across a thread from a builder who was having issues with producing acceptable tubing flares. It was then I learned that I used the wrong flare set (automotive) when making the vent lines in for the tanks. That's when I went down another path of endless thread scouring about potential vent blockages/leakages etc. I was worried that although leak free, I may leak fuel through the improper vent fitting once the vent fitting was submerged in fuel. My curiosity couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to do another leak test with Avgas. Long story short, no leaks from the inboard rib vent fitting when submerged in fuel. Which brings me to...   continue


RV-7A Dream Panel ...Walt/Rick Aronow

Our latest project from EXP Aircraft Services, the RV7 dream panel!

This is my brother's RV7A so it was a team effort, I let him do all the hard work (installing it in the airplane) while I did the easy stuff like basic system architecture, building custom interconnect harness, panel wiring etc..

I'd also like to give credit to the Stein Team (Christer especially) for a superb job helping getting it all to fit and then cutting the panel.  And thanks to Brandon at GloCustom Paint for the custom flat black epoxy finish.

Garmin: G3X 10" Touch, GTN750, GTR20 (com 2), GMA240 (audio panel), GTX23ES (remote mode S xpdr), GDL39R (ADS-B in), Full A/P w/GMC307 control panel, GI260 AOA indicator with heated pitot.
(Airspeed indicator is a place holder for future back-up.)

795 was left over from old panel, probably not going to be needed much now!


Eagle's Nest Projects - AOPA features Florida student-builder Abbey Carlson

...FIRST SOLO!!!  RV-12.


A leaf in the wind ...Jeff Kersey

Sometimes I feel a little like a leave in the wind in this little plane. It keeps it from getting boring. I enjoy the challenge. My wife, not so much... I still have not had her on a smooth flight in the new RV yet. She thinks it is always bumpy and it is because the pane is so light. I have to remind her we get bounced around in big jets too. I look forward to a fun trip with her that is like glass... Oh well. Gusting to 20kts, 90 degrees to the runway. My little plane handled it just fine. I love this thing! <g>


Condition Inspection Continued ...Vlad


Status Report Pictures ...Ed Flemin -7 Zimbabwe

Moving on to the flap braces, these were a bit trickier than I thought. The problem is the flange which rivets to the rear spar is straight, but the section which attaches where the rear spar is doubled should be higher. hopefully you can see what I mean from the pictures. When you first cleco it in place this puts quite a kink in the lower flange where it rivets to the bottom skin. This required quite a bit of adjusting to get things straight. I got it to a point where it was straight with the skin clecoed on, but I found out later I needed to get it straight without the skin to help. Thats because when you drill the hinge you can't use clecos. 


Sports in the Yard

...photographed from the RV-6 Thursday morning after the hail and thunderstorms passed.  Baseball, golf and basketball just outside the front door.  Not my neighborhood if you were wondering <g>.  Not buzzing the houses either (Canon EOS-1 D w/ EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS lens).

Texas, ladies and gentlemen. 



March 17, 2016.  0012 UTC.   Issue No. 4,075. 

Springtime in Texas.  dr

Baffling ...skylor

I've seen a lot of builders extend their inlet ramps out beyond the side baffles, but per my RV-8 FWF plans circa 2006, my interpretation was that the upper cowl ramps are inside of the baffles (for both the parallel valve and angle valve engines). I built mine with the fiberglass ramps completely inside of the baffles and the baffles seals lay against the cowl and not the ramps. My ramps are open on both ends. I have excellent engine cooling with this arrangement.


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated

A simple list on one page - all it needs to be.


Status Report (Many Pictures) ...craband

If I had it to do over again I probably would move each inlet about 3/8" inch inboard for more outside curve, but I'm moving on with the existing inlets. I carved out a spot to nestle in the forward section of the new hinge, it helped with the angle for inserting the hinge from the front. I followed the Van's instructions on drilling extra holes and aggressively sanding the hinge flange and epoxying it to the cowl, the old hinges were not letting go virtually welded to the cowl. I used the hinge pin and an extra piece of hinge to position the new hinge with the existing hinge. After the epoxy dried I riveted the new sections.


From MGL...



March 16, 2016.  0001 UTC.   Issue No. 4,074. 

Status Report ...Chattin35 in Boise


How Vlad Reads VAF <g>


Finally Some RV Time Off the Surface

Got in a .2hr RV flight Tuesday morning after a couple computer hours - first flight in (11) days.  Guessing $8 in avgas.  Checked the creek for deer (none) and a pass down a friend's grass runway to say good morning (they waved from the porch).  VOR check back at the field (131°/312° radial TTT over 52F) and the overhead break for 17 - the break occurs when the needle centers.  Felt good to get off the surface, if only for a bit.  Treadmill, some weights and lunch, then back on the keyboard mentally recalibrated (the watch seems to think flying didn't burn calories ;^)).  RVs are pretty awesome when you can occasionally work them into your schedule!   Spring is here in DFW....temp was 81°F.  Lots of pollen, though.


Classified Spotlight: 9A For Sale: $65K ...or trade


Quirkies From the Air



March 15, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,073. 

Axel's Birthday Ice Cream Party PIREP

Well the 8th annual ice cream social is a wrap. Even though we had about 50% cancellation due to bad WX and winds we still ended up with 30 airplanes. Thank you to those of you that came. It made the event very special this time around. Special (I put on a tux) because my grandparents, parents and sister traveled to join us. They had a blast.

My wife busted her behind more than usual this time around. If you flew/drove in you know what I mean. Despite hiring someone to work the event, I was still not able to spend enough time with everyone. My apologies, that really bugs me. The games we introduced were a hit. Many folks ended up with “pie” to the face. Also the bean bag game was great even though I saw my sister take a bean bag to the head at one point.  continue


A New 6! ...Lorne Montgomery

After almost 5 years and a lots of great adventures, another RV6 gets a Special Airworthiness Certificate. My wife Aimee proudly holds it. This photo absolutely would not have happened if it weren't for her, Charlie, Scott, VAF, and DAR Phil Devlin.

First flight soon!


Formation w/a P-51 ...jdhmotor

I probably got to do something today that I thought would never happen and will only get to do once. That was to fly formation in my RV-8 with a P-51 Mustang. What fun. I have attached the link to the video. It was bumpy so had youtube try to smooth it out. Not sure if I like the way the screen jumps around but a better quality picture of the Mustang.  video


AircraftStickers.com News

(Mark P.)  "I have a bunch of new "Series" top view stickers available on the AircraftStickers.com website. I have fighter jets, airliners, and of more interest to your readers, the new "RV Series".  The series stickers are smaller less detailed and less expensive (only $4.99/ea) top view stickers perfect for tool boxes, air compressors, or car windows.  I've attached a pic of all the stickers, and a photo of the RV-4 on my car."



March 14, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,072. 
IFR Wx, POTUS TFRs (Sat) and 90° crosswinds gusting 25kts (Sun) kept me from doing anything RV this weekend.  Plan B was fixing a broken toilet, working, watching basketball, mowing the yard and washing a car.  Wasn't as fun, though.
  Audrey flew out to San Diego Saturday to attend the American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition (undergrad program).  SMU's chemistry department picked five students to go, and Ace was one.  How awesome is that?!?  Very proud of this young lady!  Her first 'career trip' - the hard work is starting to pay dividends.
  Hope it was dry, TFR free and VFR in your town this weekend, and that you got to RVate!

Happy Birthday Drawing ...Rick's 15yr old daughter


Control Stick Pivot Bushing Mod ...Jim Stricker


Milestone: Avionics Arrive!  ...Rob Reece RV-8 via Stein


RV-8 Flight on a Perfect Colorado Day ...Joe Z.


From the Mothership


8th Annual Ice Cream Social Pictures ...Bruce Hill


DIY Seat Status ...KHeidorn


RV10 takeoff pics at Alfonsinas Mexico


Pics of Ron Schreck in His RV-8


Airborne! ...Manfred in Austria


Vlad's Condition Inspection (installment 2)

Installment 3


Posting for a Buddy at my Airport...ask for Steve if you call.

Something to fly in N.TX for $12K while you build your RV.



March 11, 2016.  0049Z.   Issue No. 4,071. 
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Russians in Canada (Русские в Канаде) ...Vlad RV-9A

My airplane is due for quarterly condition inspection. I am parked outside and any kind of heavy maintenance presents a challenge. It's still winter, it's windy and cold, there is no electricity and I can't leave cowl off for more then couple hours not even talking overnight. Hey, said Julian, the owner of two beautiful Canadian RVs, hop over the border I have a heated hangar by Montreal, all tools and an apartment built into the hangar. We can even balance your prop...

What could be better?! VAF camaraderie at work! At the end of the day I am heading north for the weekend.  continue


Eagle's Nest Projects - Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston was host to the 2016 CCISD middle school science fair attended by more than 3,000 students and parents. Eagle's Nest Projects was humbled and honored by CCISD's request to keystone the event with an aircraft built by Clear Springs High School PLTW Aerospace Engineering students (2nd of 3 completed). Eagle's Nest Projects - STEM education at the highest level; building student, school, and community pride!.


How to R&R old wood and glass gear leg fairimg

OK, so the brake line started leaking. And it's an older -6A with permanently installed fairing. (wood and fiberglass at the leading edge. Flox or micro balloons in trailing edge.)  Managed to get it off without damage to the leg, but splintered a good bit of wood. I cut the trailing edge AND through the wood to get it off.

What now? Brake line is easy to replace, but I doubt there is any reasonable way to put the old fairing back on.
Can I just replace one side with a new fairing from Vans? Or have to replace both?  Can the plane fly with one main fairing, or would it pull to the side too much?  Any helpful advice appreciated.


RV-7A rebirthing

So I started the long process of unbending my -7A...(background)  Going to be a long road, but worth the effort.

She went down in Nevada, moved to CA, now based in Portland OR.  Not much straight on her but she is resting comfortably... 

Started the removal process and it is not bad, at least the easy to reach rivets aren't.   Will keep you posted on what I uncover deeper into her innards



TAS/IAS Verification w/GPS Followup ...Greg Niehues

To close the loop on this - after fixing the line that had come off one of my static ports, my Dynon-calculated TAS agrees with the 3-leg GPS calculated TAS within 1.4 knots at cruise speed and better than that at slow flight, close enough for the girls I go out with...

I'm showing 143 knots TAS at 67% power and 7500' now, without wheel pants and gear fairings.

I'm also showing 140 knots TAS at 46% power and 17,500' burning 6gph - love this 9A wing!!


Spotlight on 'The Lists'

The site is chocked full of 'em.


Scheduled Site Maintenance 3/12/16 10pm CT - 3/13/16 6am CT

The regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep the data safe and improve the reliability of the hosted environment. Readers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.



March 10, 2016.  0018Z.   Issue No. 4,070. 

Ski's fit AND new snow ...Cathy Page

So, I got my ski's to fit in the 6 (without hard points and a hollowed out sidewinder under the wing).

With this new discovery and new snow at Big Bear, does anyone here have experience with getting transportation between L35 and the mountain?
Oh and speaking of mountain, I see there are actually 2 ski areas. Is one preferred over the other?

I'm going up Thurs early and if my legs survive the first day I'll be looking for lodging and ski Firday also.


Q: When can a ELT be tested after installation?

Off hand does anyone know where I can find in the FAA rules on when I can test a ELT ( Emergency Locate transmitter). Panel getting its final checks. Thanks.

A: I happen to be studying for my FAA written...

(a) Analog 121.5/243 MHz ELTs should only be tested during the first five minutes after any hour. If operational tests must be made outside of this period, they should be coordinated with the nearest FAA Control Tower or Flight Ser-vice Station. Tests should be no longer than three audible weeps. If the antenna is removable, a dummy load should be substituted during test procedures.

(b) (b) Digital 406 MHz ELTs should only be tested in accordance with the unit’s manufacturer’s instructions.

(c) (c) Airborne tests are not authorized.

I believe this to be accurate

A: For those Canadians reading this thread, the answer is simple. Testing may be done in the first 5 minutes of the UTC hour. This applies to both 121.5 and 406MHz units.

Note that most 406 units come with instructions that are very clear about not leaving the unit it test mode for an extended period. The way 406 signaling is designed, the ELT sends an 'invalid/test' signal if it broadcasts within the first 50 seconds following activation. After 50 seconds, you're broadcasting a valid distress signal that WILL cause the alarm bells to go off. Please be very careful about keeping 406 ELT tests short, in accordance with manufacturer's instructions


Dynon in New Zealand


Status Report Pictures ...Carl RV-4 in Sweden

Proceeding with spinner installation as I'm waiting for the painter. The WW prop hub gives this 1990:s RV4 kit (12" spinner) a challenge due to it's thickness. Had to modify the front plate quite a bit but I think it will be stable enough. Previous lathe spinner centering method worked out fine.  continue


Phase 1 PIREP ...Doug 9A

"...At this point, yes, I'm flying the whole pattern with full flaps and keeping the speed down. It just helps to reduce the workload, to get the aircraft stabilized at 70-75 KIAS maybe a mile or so out (and slowed down somewhat at 4-5 miles out). The key thing is to do some stalls at altitude on maybe your second flight to see what YOUR airspeed indicator reads. For me, a power-of stall with flaps extended was 39 KIAS at solo weight, which gave me full confidence to slow it down to 60 on final. Controls do get quite light at 60....and the difference in feel from, say, 80 to 60 is noticeably more pronounced in a -9A than in a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee, for instance. So do those stalls and lots of slow flight at altitude early on, and build that confidence.

Maybe later when I have more experience, I can approach the pattern with a little more speed and slow it down mid-pattern, but for now I'm very content to trudge along!

In a 172 or Cherokee, they're draggy enough that when you reduce power approaching the pattern, you're almost automatically in Vfe range, so a quick glance at the ASI and you can start feeding them in. in the -9 or -7, you've just got to be more deliberate, stay ahead of the plane, and go back and forth with power reduction and nose-up trim to bleed off the speed and maintain altitude. No biggie, just a little more planning involved.

One more observation that's old news to RV gurus but new to me: There's so very little adverse yaw with the ailerons that I hardly use the rudder at all when at altitude to keep the ball centered. P-factor on takeoff requires higher rudder control effort than my rental planes, but less throw because of the RV rudder's generous size. I've yet to deal with any significant crosswind, but in coming weeks I'll do some crosswind landings on purpose up in the high desert."


Inboard tank rib tooling holes ...Garet Hess 7A

Ok...Silly question here. I've been researching as much as I can but cannot find the answer. Do I need to worry about edge distance to the tooling holes when attaching the T-407 ring and the T-405 angle to the tank rib? Almost all of the build logs show the one rivet for the stiffener ring nutplate awfully close to that tooling hole. Don't know if I should rotate the ring slightly, but that affects the anti-hangup guide a bit.

Do I need to be concerned with the flop tube hole. My gut says I might be ok there.  continue



March 9, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,069. 

'Deerspotting' in the RV-6.  Pic from a few weeks back.  dr


Tough Set of Rivets on Tail Cone Under J Stiffeners ...RV-10

Hello, I am riveting the tail cone skins to the bulkeads and came upon a few rivets that I cannot figure out how to set. These are several rivets that join the bulkhead to the skins but fall under a J-stiffener. How do you get to these? Blinf rivet?

In this picture, it is very hard to truly see the rivet is completely under the J-Stiffener. Others were close and I able to use the edge of my back rivet set.  On another note, I clekoed the skins from the inside and back riveted almost 100% of the rivets except the very back of the tail-cone. It came out very nice.

Any help or advice would be appreciated

related: From the RV-10 Forum

A: I have a bucking bar that has a little foot that sticks nicely under the J-Channel. Something like the top bar in this pic should work although my bucking bar is a lot shorter.  I backriveted most of it as well. Amazing how well the rivets set. I reaaaallly wish I would have figured the back-rivet method out before I assembled my rudder. That piece would have been done in a heartbeat with a better outcome and no ruined skin. (I ended up replacing one of the skins when I backriveted off the edge of the bar after reading countless warning about not doing exactly that!)


Milestone: The Big Cut! ...Dave Cobb RV-7

I used a Dremel Multi Max as my poor old compressor could not keep up with the air required.

I would caution anyone using this tool though to advance about four inches at a time and shallow then go back deeper then go back to cut through the plexi. This keep the plexi cooler and worked well.

Really cool to be this far!

My windscreen portion does not meet the tab of the side rail, in fact the lower edge of my canopy extends beyond the forward tab of the side rail about four inches where it curves up and around the front.

Does anyone see any problem with this?


FlightBox ADS-B - Update - New Web Store ...VAF advertiser

A quick update on FlightBox ADS-B, the $200/$250 quick-build kit for the Stratux system. The Kickstarter campaign ended about two weeks ago with 344 backers and $77k in funding. We've ordered and received some of the parts already. We should receive the money from Kickstarter this week, which will allow us to order the rest. We're expecting to be able to deliver all of the Kickstarter pre-orders in March.

I've had several people ask if we're still taking orders for FlightBox - YES! We opened a web store which you can get to here: http://store.openflightsolutions.com/

Orders placed today will go out in late March or very early April. We have enough of the long lead-time parts (the cases and GPS modules) that we should be able to get caught up by the end of March, after which we will have FlightBox units in stock. We're also offering just the case and fan for the DIYers.

Thanks to everyone from Vansairforce who ordered during the Kickstarter and helped make FlightBox a success. I really appreciate the vote of confidence and look forward to getting your receiver to you as soon as possible.


What stage of build is best to sell a partial built (-7) kit? ...Bob in Boise

A medical condition may prevent me from keeping my 3rd class medical. Therefore I could be moving to light sport.

My questions is (and I know you are lucky to recover funds spent); is it better to sell a partial built kit than finished plane?

Current build; -7, slider. Empennage, wing and fuselage are built. I was ready to order the finishing kit. Wings have been mated, all flying surfaces rigged, fuel lines and brakes completed.

Do I sell now, or complete the plane and sell then?

My original bucket list goal was always to build an airplane, so selling this and building a light sport still meets my goal.



Mothership Stats


Passenger liability coverage ...Leah Ringeisen

[ed. Leah works for Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Mgmt. Srvs.  They advertise on the front page.  v/r,dr]

"We often get questions as to why an aircraft owner would need passenger liability coverage on their policy when they ONLY fly with a spouse. Some pilots would even like to exclude the passenger coverage all together. There are several reasons to avoid doing this, but the most important one is to protect your family.

Let’s say you are flying with your spouse and you are involved in an accident. If your spouse is seriously injured, the passenger liability coverage is available to help pay for the medical bills. You want to take your children up for a spin instead of your spouse? Great! Know that you have coverage in case something were to happen. What about a friend or another family member? Passenger liability coverage is the way to go. But remember, after the per passenger limit is exhausted, a pilot’s estate or personal assets may be at risk. Based on your level of flying experience, higher limits of liability coverage may be offered and we always recommend you take the highest liability limit available to you. Just a reminder that ANY coverage is dependent on meeting the terms and conditions of the policy! That is why we ask you to read your policy.

If you are interested in increasing your passenger liability limit, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a quote. Remember, our goal is to assist you with obtaining insurance coverage that meets your needs and provide you with service second to none.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!"



March 8, 2016.  0031Z.   Issue No. 4,068. 

(360° Video) Van's RV-6 Cockpit View Sunset at Half Moon Bay (KHAF)


Panel Shot ...Brian Robinson 6A

Pahan Ranasingha and his team at Avionics Installations, Inc., Spruce Creek, Florida did the installation. G3X Touch, GTN 625, GTX 23, GTR 200. More capable than anything I've ever flown. I am a very happy customer. The flight home to Colorado was a pleasure. Now I need to update the interior.


For Those Thinking Selling the RV Will Be Easy ...Bruce

"I sold my RV-4 and I think I'm coming down with something it is very serious...

Serial builders disease.

I told myself NO WAY NO NO NO WAY was I _EVER_ going to build another airplane ever again. But I really miss my RV-4 fastback and every other plane I look at isn't as good.

So I'm on the first step... admitting I have a problem. What do I do?

I sold it for my first to go to college. I'm thinking I may do a very long build of another RV-4. 70's style, from raw stock mostly. Air Parts, Inc is on my way home from work... stop in every few months and get another sheet of .032 or some angle stock."


New York New York ...Vlad pics


Tip - Brake Lines ...Tom Argentieri

I recently completed running the aluminum brake lines on my 9A. I sought a lot of advice from fellow builders here and this is what I came up with. I think it worked pretty well. I wish I had taken photos during the install, but I think you'll be able to follow.

First, measure the length of the run (right and left are different), then cut the tubing to length, plus a couple of inches. leave a shallow bend in the tube; DO NOT flare either end. Feel the tube thru the little bulkhead starting by the fuel valve.  continue


G3X Touch Videos

New G3X Touch video tutorials are available on our website here. They include some basics like how to tune the radio/transponder, using the autopilot, AOA system operation, and engine monitoring.

More coming soon! I'll update this thread when the new ones go live.




March 7, 2016.  0012Z.   Issue No. 4,067. 
  Windy enough here on Sunday to make it no fun, so the flying plans got changed (updated a database and wiped things down Saturday).  Spent most of Sunday doing accounting instead.  Even as dry as that task can be, sometimes the 'memo' line on a donation check can trigger a memory and bring a smile.  David J. wrote 'Texas A&M Fund for Tate' on his.  He hasn't expressed an interest yet, David, but I'll show him that <g>.  Aggie grads do love their school and are supremely confident in both it and themselves.   My data point: Billy T. Lifelong friend and Aggie.  During a nickel beer induced bar fight in the 80's I happened to be a witness to, Billy, while curled in a ball on the floor receiving kicks famously said, "YOU. CAN'T. HURT. ME."  Said between kicks.  Like I was saying...supremely confident!  The fight stopped because basically everyone involved was laughing too hard to continue.  Hadn't thought about that in a good long while, David.  Thanks for toggling that memory.  Gig 'em!  Billy has flown in our RV-6 a couple of times scouting out deer leases he was looking at.  Probably a good thing there are no more nickel beer specials.
  Spring Break this week for the kids, and Tate is in wants-to-earn-money mode, so the plan is for him to drive a paint brush out at the hangar for a chunk of the week.
  Hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday goes swell. 

David Calland 7A patrolling around Findlay, OH.


Cutest Little Co-Pilot ...Levi Self

My daughter having fun in the right seat. Gotta start them young! I have been trying different headsets and the Zulu 2 seems to work the best so far. I might need to find a kids headset though.

Even in her car seat she can just barely see over the siderail... more


GTN V6.11 Upgrade for EAB Customers ...Garmin

We take customer feedback very seriously and certainly understand and empathize with those of you that have asked us over the years if you could install your own GTN 6XX/7XX software upgrades instead of needing to work with a Garmin dealer who may be a great distance from your location.

We are pleased to announce that GTN V6.11, which includes features such as G3X Touch integrated radio tuning and user defined holding patterns, is now available as a software download to EAB customers with non-certified aircraft.  continue


Out of the paint shop ...Chris Sells


I never thought I would get here!

...Chris Lindauer RV-12 Status Report

Well, I finally reached a milestone. Empennage, wings, and fuselage are done. I started late in 2012 with the idea that maybe someday I would complete an RV-12. With the help of my dad, son, and cousin, we have progressed to this point (see below). It has been a fun process. Now I really have to unload some cash to get this thing finished.

related: RV-12 Forum Area


RVs to dominate aerobatic contest! ...Ron Schreck

Five RV pilots will compete at the 2016 Snowbird Classic Aerobatic Contest at Dunnellon, Florida (X35) Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20 2016. Two will compete in the Primary category and three of us in Sportsman. This is the largest turnout of RVs ever at a regular IAC aerobatic contest. Several years ago there was a contest in Texas that devised an aerobatic program just for RVs but we have since proven that RVs can compete and win at regular sanctioned IAC events.

Competition flights at Donnellon will be held on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a rain day. Come out and root for your fellow RV pilots and learn how you can become a part of this challenging and fun sport.


9A Time Lapse Videos: Jan/Feb ...gfb



RV-8 Flight in Colorado ...colojo video



March 4, 2016.  0112Z.   Issue No. 4,066.
  I went out to the airport for a bit Thursday to maybe fly, but it was too windy for my tastes.  I grabbed a paint brush and worked on some parts of the hangar in need of some love.  Tate has Spring Break next week and I'm 'hiring' him to do some painting.  I wanted to make sure I had the supplies...then ended up starting.  No flying, but I did pat the RV on the cowl and said hello.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, calm-winded RV weekend.


Charity Hat Sighting: Virgin Gorda, BVI ...Turbo (RV-6A)

related: About the charity cap/logo


Note to quick build wing...builders

To the builders out there that are utilizing quick build wings, let me offer you some advice. Prior to installing the access cover and sealing up the wing, take a second and check the vent line fitting inside the wing near the root rib. You can reach your hand in the access cover opening and put a wrench on the fitting and just check to make sure those quick build friends tightened it up.

It sure is easy to do prior to prosealing that cover on, and mounting the wing on your bird.

Don’t ask me why I post this. But I can tell you how to know if your vent line is loose inside the tank.

Just saying...


RV-14/14A Drop Test Video ...7min 13sec mothership video


Bits of Miami ...Vlad (RV-9A)

When it's below freezing in the Northeast you can hop into your RV and fly around Miami on a weekend. It's like New York but less busy and much warmer...   many, many pics


Cowl Status Pics ...crabandy (RV-7)

The ol' yard stick straight line sawing jig and flush trim saw did another decent job making the split.  continue


Seen on the floor at Monkey's hangar

Repainted RV-10 cowl and pants.  Lookin' nice...



March 3, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,065.

Night Lights ...DCalland


Making a Little Bit of Metal ...Matt Martin

So over the past two years, the iron in my oil samples has been slowly creeping up. But the filter was always clean so I just kept an eye on it.   On my last oil change however, I was able to tease a little bit of ferrous particles out of the filter with a magnet.  The engine is a Lycoming O-360-A1D with Bendix mags, about 600 hours since factory re-man.  continue

Later reply
Turns out in my case, since Aluminum is not elevated and the particles in the filter are few in number and smaller that 1/16", Both Mike and Lycoming recommend putting the plane back in service and checking again at the next regular oil change. So that's what I'll do.


Wife funny face ...Guilhermepilot (Brazil)

This always happens when she was not given a left seat


Crabandy Status Report

I couldn't believe how stiff/strong the soric sandwiched between 2 layers of glass was, not sure how to quantify it.

My first full half day I've had to work on the airplane in over 3 months summed up in 1 photo. The existing cowl/honeycomb was cut/sanded at an angle, a fiberglass soric sandwich was placed in the newly shaped areas with an epoxy/flox butter evening out the seams and an extra layer of glass over the seams topped with peel ply.


David Paule RV-3B Status Update

The bottom wing skins have all the solid rivets installed that they'll be getting. David Dalton, a local RV-7A builder, came over and helped on the right inboard skin. Then I did the other three skins myself.

The procedure that worked best, working by myself, was to go from inboard to outboard, one rib bay at a time. I riveted the main spar holes to the next unriveted rib and then worked from the main spar towards the rear spar. Since the leading edge was up in the jig, that meant that I was standing, working downward. I couldn't do the final five rivets close to the aft spar because my arms weren't long enough and although I could reach them, they were too awkward to do reliably. So I left the rear spar rivets and the aft-most five rib holes to be filled with blind rivets.

After I'd completed these, I realized that I could have riveted the rear spar as I did the main spar, doing a couple rivets in each spar and then moving back to the other spar. And I probably could have gotten those five rivets the same way, by sitting on the floor and reaching into the wing. But I didn't think that through until the skins were riveted. Now there's not enough access for that.

Blind rivets it'll be.

While waiting for the blind rivets to arrive, I riveted the -4 rivets that go into the main spar web at the inboard stub end. These five rivets and the adjacent F-303H block are left to the builder. Big hint: do these BEFORE you assemble the spar to the wing frame and it'll be a bit easier. And it won't affect a thing. It'll just be easier.


(20) New Probable Cause Documents Issued Since Last Update

...shaded in green at the top of the 'Probable Cause List'. 

NOTE: Page is 7.6MB in size - WiFi recommended.

Please visit this page to see (593) probable causes issued in the last (25) years.  And remember, there is a whole section of the forums where I'm literally begging you to discuss these for the sake of education and safer flying. 

Spotlight on CEN14LA148:
The fatal accident probable cause below was issued 2/3/2016.  Accident occurred 2/22/2014.

(click to enlarge)



March 2, 2016.  0002Z.   Issue No. 4,064.

One of the Best 'For Sale' Listings I've Ever Seen ...Elkhart, IN

[ed. Of course it sold immediately....  Just posting the picture as an example of how a little presentation can go a long way.  Don, it made ME want to buy it....and I already have a tool set. ;^)  ]

related: How to use the VAF classifieds


Phase 1 update...N427DK (9A)

I'm almost a third of the way through!

Here's a recap of flights thus far:

1) First flight, 0.7 hours. Cruised around within gliding distance of the airport at 5300', higher than Ontario's airspace ceiling just in case I drifted over. Kept close tabs on CHTs and oil pressure. Slowed down at altitude to 65 KIAS to get a feel for handling in the pattern. Landing was longer than I would have liked!

2) Second flight, 2.4 hours. Everything looked good under the cowling, so buoyed by the success of the first flight, I headed to the practice area...which involves a climb to at least 5500' to follow the Cajon Pass up to SoCal's high desert. Odd to do a bit of mountain flying so early in the process, but once up there it's a big playground. I basically spent the flight at about 2400 rpm learning the visual landmarks on the perimeter of the practice area. Before heading back I did some stalls...Vs was 47 KIAS, and Vso was 39 KIAS.

3) Third flight, 2.8 hours. Calibrated the ASI at three different speeds (80, 100 and 120 KIAS) and used my GPS for heading direction and ground speed. At all speeds, the ASI was reading 2-3 percent lower than actual airspeed. Not too bad, and error in that direction keeps me further away from a stall. Did a couple landings at Apple Valley, and worked on getting the speed down and stabilized in the pattern.

4) Fourth flight, 2.6 hours. Just a joyride to break in the engine, running between 2500 and 2550 rpm. I did this fairly early in the morning to avoid bumpy air in the desert. Mild Santa Ana offshore winds, so coming down the pass got my attention...I went down to maneuvering speed to deal with the turbulence. I made the mistake of descending too early into more turbulent air. Extra altitude next time.

5) Fifth flight, 2.5 hours. More landing practice, engine break-in and some 45-degree banked turns. Ventured up to Barstow-Daggett, then over to Highway 395, the western boundary of my practice area. Practiced leaning technique.

6) Today's flight, 1.9 hours. I cut it short because of bumpy air...not so much in the pass but over the desert floor. This was the first flight with the wheel pants on, and it really gets up to 130 KIAS quick!! During a smoother part of the flight, I wicked it up to about 2750 rpm and saw a TAS of 164 knots (188 mph) and still accelerating (this assumes a 3-percent low ASI reading, consistent with the lower speed calibrations I did). I would've pushed it a little harder, but at this point there was a hint of turbulence so I erred on the side of caution and throttled down. To me, top speed is just a footnote/bragging point; I'm super content just having a 145 KTAS performance cruise.

For the next series of flights, I'll start ballasting the right seat in 80-lb. increments, up to 240 lb. (I've got some big friends!). Also, I need to make a "reset" page for my checklist, for when you land and taxi back for another take-off. Today, I forgot to reset the elevator trim and it felt a little spooky there for a few seconds at rotation.

Looking forward to having the simulated passenger weight and seeing how that affects sink rate on final, stall speeds, etc.


March/April 2016 FAA Safety Briefing

...36 pages of PDF safety.


First flight since (yet another spinal) surgery ...Ed Wischmeyer

Yesterday morning I went up in the RV-9A with an instructor buddy, first flight since spinal surgery 10 weeks ago. The flight went well but I don't think that I'm recovered enough to fly solo yet.

Because I'd not flown since the surgery, and not yet having completed the advertised 12 week recovery, I took things slow and used the checklist carefully. Things came back quickly, but they had to come back -- my skills and knowledge of the relatively complex G3X Touch / GTN650 instrument panel were not at my fingertips, as they mostly were before surgery.

Winds were out of the west at 7 knots, but at 3,000 feet, they were forecast out of the west at 29 knots, and surface winds were forecast to pick up substantially shortly after our landing. We took off on runway 19 with a not bad at all crosswind, and I had no trouble flying the plane nicely on the assigned heading and desired altitude. However, as I was fussing with the avionics, I was not paying attention to where we were, a minor loss of situational awareness.

With that strong wind coming from across all of Georgia, my allergies were probably acting up. My standard allergy symptoms are that I get slightly woozy and sometimes a little queasy, as if coming down with the flu. (That afternoon, the last symptom finally showed up, a runny nose). I couldn't tell whether the general malaise was allergies or a lingering surgical hangover.

At altitude, the air was smooth and I did a steep 360 degree turn (45 degrees of bank) and then a stall. No problems, although I felt slightly dizzy after the turn. Then it was back to Savannah, and I had the autopilot fly the LPV approach to Runway 28. I got anxious when it seemed the autopilot wasn't going to capture the glideslope but eventually it did. However, when we got into the chop at about 500 feet, the autopilot was rocking the control stick fore and aft and I took over manually. While I kept the plane on centerline, marveling at the avionics (too many distracting cues on the screen and I didn't remember how to get rid of them), but I did a lousy job of tracking the glideslope. We had a lot of wind, 17 knots at 500 feet, and that made it seem like the speed was okay, even though I was a little fast. At 100 feet, the wind was down to 10 knots, and the touchdown with flaps 20 was gentle, on the centerline, but long.

On the next landing, tower asked us to land on the crosswind runway. Knowing that the winds right above the ground were only 10 knots, I accepted but also asked for a long landing. That was approved, and I had a good workout with winds changing with altitude, crosswinds, gusts, speed control, a no-flap landing because of the crosswind and all that. The landing was just fine, although I didn't keep the plane exactly on the centerline after touchdown because of the crosswind.

The original plan had been to make three landings, but whether due to allergies, surgery, or stress, two was enough. I was tired. After lunch with a buddy on the way home, I took a nap, out like a light.

All told? Not bad, considering. However, my performance standards don't make allowances for surgeries and allergies... and three spinal surgeries in the last 3 1/2 years is a pretty good excuse. I think I should give up spinal surgeries for Lent. Maybe for good.



March 1, 2016.  0013Z.   Issue No. 4,063.

Another milestone ...Lucio in Milano, Italy

"...yess .... we have the back skin on .  was funny time with my daughter Camy, she's slim enough to accommodate in the aft fuselage cone, here some nice and happy moments."


WW2 aviator gets an RV ride ...Tommy Lewis RV-10

Last Friday, Bonnie and I had the pleasure of flying a WWII Naval Aviator and his daughter to lunch at Cedar Mills.  Bill Amundson, Lois Larson, Tom and Bonnie on the ramp at Cedar Mills.  Bill got his wings at Pensacola in 1943 and flew PBY, C47 and C54s in the South Pacific during the war. He is 92 and absolutely loved flying an RV. It was a real treat to share an RV flight with them. His daughter Lois also enjoyed her first flight in a small plane.


Start of an adventure ...Chris Hill RV-10

Well I did it! After years of scratching my head, collecting tools and convincing the wife, I sent in my order for the empennage kit today. I have chatted with some of you, met some of you and even flown with some of you but now I can officially say I am part of the 'brotherhood'. I will have many questions in the future and just want to say thank you in advance for the help; the help I have already received is what convinced me I could do this in the first place. Here we go!


DIY Painting ...many Steve Melton pics

"...finally ready for some glam. it took awhile to get everything back together, do a condition inspection and clean up some wires of things I have added over past couple of years. now I have music working too. the airplane has been down for four months. I think she is ready to go and is feeling proud because she came to life on the second blade. thanks to the guys at HAO for helping along the way and just stopping by to check on the progress. overall it was a very nice experience but it was labor intensive and I spent about $2.5K on materials alone. the stripes on the tail are not there yet (because I was tired of painting) and I may add some color to the wheel pants in the Summer. So for now I'm the guy with the plain tail.... and the paint on the rudder is light."


ZU-JRV ...Janekom in S.Africa

So on Friday 26 February 2016 I have put another RV7A in the air. It is a QB that someone no longer with us started (RIP) and I have finished it in 14 months.  many pics


New Garmin aera 660 Portable GPS


Attn: Any Apple Watch Design Team Member Reading VAF

Could you please pass on this idea of mine....a 'heading bug' type object (or any shape) on a few of the circular faces that you can drag around with your fingertip.  Double tap on it to return to 12 o'clock position. 

Prototype below I threw together in Photoshop...

I'm a fan of rotating bezels, using the TDC indicator several times a day to remind me of when things are occurring in the future (when the kid gets out of after school athletics, when the wifey gets home from teaching her class, when I need to change tanks, etc).  Acts as an addition timer also. 


Wallpaper Calendar for March