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Easter Sunday, 2013

Sat Mar 30, 2013 SPECIAL
Kit price increase reprieve ....through SnF.

Fri Mar 29, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

First flight ...Burt Jacobs RV-7 (Spokane, WA)

How did your new RV fair the first year?
  Well today is the day 1 year latter from the first flight for the "School Bus".  It now has over 290 hrs on it.
  Man it seems like yesterday that I was privileged with riding into the air for the first time after 22 months of hard work.

I weighed my -8 today, it seems a little heavy to me
   ... 1,121 lbs.

Lot of stuff going on here

Welcome: www.wildblueinnovations.com
 ...home of the Aero Gust Buster
  The "Gust Buster" is an engineered "gust control system" for light aircraft. It is not a "gust lock" but rather a gust control system that absorbs the energy of high wind events protecting the control surfaces from . It is used in the cockpit making it safer for the pilot, passengers, paint and structure. Unlike external devices, the Gust Buster is safer for the pilot and passengers because forgetting to remove this device before flight is highly unlikely.

First Flight for Niece

What's in your hanger?

I don't have the Sky Radar...
   ...but for the iFly mounting, I initially used RAM mount on side rail...

   "At least now I know, sooner or later I will have to make something fit,,,,,but I'll give it an hour or thirty six before I drill."

World Sunlight Map...with clouds.
Watch the sun rise and set all over the world on this real-time, computer-generated illustration of the earth's patterns of sunlight and darkness. The clouds are updated every 3 hours with current weather satellite imagery.
  I set the link as a bookmark on my iPhone home page. 

Fair Warning!...April 1st
2013 Kit Price Adjustments are coming!!!!


Thu Mar 28, 2013

2013 Mexico Don & John trip

Sky-Tec NL starter casting failure and improvements

Airshow in Argentina RV-7 + Pitts + L-29

On a lighter side
  Anybody need a F1089 elevator pushrod that is precisely one inch too short?

Time to cut the canopy ...Scott Card -8

Safety Airworthiness Information Bulletin
  ...W31 series switch style circuit breakers manufactured by Tyco or Potter Brumfield.

Out and about
  B-24J seen while driving on Hwy 377 east of 52F.  iPhone pic with the window down.


Wed Mar 27, 2013

N73HR (120332) First flight 25 March 2013
  Rob and Haruko Reese's RV-12, N73HR, S/N 120332, had its first flight yesterday, March 25th, 2013 out of the Georgetown, Texas airport (KGTU) . My favorite wife Haruko's favorite official transition training pilot, John Albury (JetGuy) did first flight honors, with his co-conspirator Colin Richardson (RDOG) in the chase plane, N1212K, with Haruko riding shotgun. It was flying so nicely that John's 30-minute first flight extended to about two hours. A delightful 3 years, 1 month build time (mostly Saturdays--I'm still gainfully over-employed), with advice and consent from EAA Chapter 187 Tech Counselors Deene Ogden and Seth Hancock.
  This was the 232nd RV-12 reported to Van's to be flying.
Rob Reese.  RV-12 #332.  Austin, TX

RV-4 #2973

Baggage light for RV-8 front compartment
...seen at Randy Richmond's hangar during an annual.  ON/OFF switch below LED light.

Fuel Leak found, missing plug!

$10 to the Ronald McDonald House
  ...and the world's first black VansAirForce.net cap w/white lettering.

RVs and the ME262 replica
  Yesterday there was a big capital 'H' parked over N.Texas, not a cloud in the state and deep, cool blue from horizon to horizon.  Taxied out to let my oil warm up and saw (3) other RVs on the field with the same idea.
  After takeoff a few of us switched over to 122.75 to talk.  It was made aware to us that the Collings Foundation had some hardware at nearby Denton, TX (9nm flight - 4min).  Spotting deer can wait....let's go look at the planes.  We landed, taxied right up to 'em and shut down.
  iPhone camera out.  Pretty cool stuff.  You'd think seeing a 262 replica was the highlight, but it wasn't.  When I was cleared for takeoff for the return trip, they told me about the Huey on the east side of the runway paralleling me at about 100' agl.  I took off, then leveled off, and for the briefest of moments flew alongside a Vietnam era Huey.  Doors open and all.
  Total engine run time....24mins (most of that on the ground warming up and waiting to takeoff).  The history of this B-24J was really interesting.  Built down the road in Ft.Worth - returning to the exact same airspace 69 years later.
  The pictures I took.  Enjoy. 
[ed. Used the 99˘ app 'Picashare' to upload the pics directly to my Picasa site from the iPhone.  From the hangar....dr]
fmi: ME262  - B-17G - P-51  - B-24J

tkatc's -8 Update ...lotsa photos


Tue Mar 26, 2013

First Flight: David Oakes
I now have the RV Grinn!!!!!
At 1:40 P.M. on March 22, 2013. First flight went well. The very next day flew 2 hrs. Now only 38hr more to take Donna. Thanks to her and others that made it all possible.

Elevator Damage Mystery
  Hi, all... while preflighting my RV-10 yesterday, I noticed this.

Off to the paint-shop! ...Alf Olav Frog

Google & Garmin news over 12 hours
  I goggled 'Garmin G3X' at 8pm my time last night, around 12 hours after the latest Garmin announcements.  I got the following screen capture below. Google says VAF's discussion of the new news got a higher relevance than on the following sites: EAA, AOPA, Avweb, and even Garmin.com.  85,523 page views in the VAF forums yesterday, says GoogleAnalytics.
  Go RV community! 

Honestly, What would you do?

I am starting to run out of parts
  ...AX-O RV-4 fastback


Mon Mar 25, 2013

  A Saturday morning RV-8 hop ...Trento, Northern Italy

Garmin Introduces New Avionics for Experimental Aircraft. 
  Announces Lower G3X System Price,
  Plus New Autopilot, AOA Options
   ...3 pg press release below w/pics.

   fmi: VAF Forums thread

Family flight for supper ...video

Engine Maintenance Safety Concern
  ...leaving the lower cowl on during oil change.

One Year Down, Man What a Ride!

Yesterday we brought the plane back to the airport from the paint shop

RV 12 saw horse collapse
  Since most everyone has had to park their 12 on sawhorses for the gear SB, this should provide some caution. I almost did the same, using old plastic sawhorses, at the last minute I bought some 1000 lb capacity steel ones. This is a friends build, it crashed when he was not even around it so he was not injured. No big damage to the airframe was reported either.

Wind damaged rudder....advice

Quick trip, quality time! ...Mt. Saint Helens

Portland to SunRiver for breakfast

Off-field RV-6A Landing
...follow-up in words and images from the keyboard of the guy doing the flying.

Left Logan at 4:10 ish KLGU- for a company meeting in SLC U42. No problems during the flight. Unfortunately They route you pretty low right over the middle of salt lake as you're passing by the tower- so I was at 5500 ft as I squawked vfr and set up for a right base for the field. So problem one- already lower than I like- field elevation is 4600. make my turn to final- pull the power back a bit more to get under 100 mph for flaps-- put the first notch of flaps in, and run through landing check again- somewhere amidst this I go to add power because my glide path is a little low- This is the tricky part. I still don't know exactly how long my engine was out before i figured it out. You have to understand- smooth airplane (I've had compliments on the smoothness and quietness from other rv owners) power is supposed to be at idle anyway- and the prop didn't stop, its windmilling. Lightspeed Zulu? not much to hear. Anyway, so eventually pumping the throttle i realize that i am engineless. This is how high? maybe 750 ft high? at that point my glide dropped far below the runway and i am suddenly super concerned that i am right on the edge of making the soccer field. I put my flaps back up as this glide thing is going through my mind. I have maybe 10 more seconds to try anything to get the motor going- put the mixture richer, confirm carb heat, boost pump, fuel selector- pump pump pump throttle. Nothing. No time. No more time. Fly the airplane. (south valley traffic 00Z going down in a park just south of the runway) I am not going to make the field. i do an intermediate level off to clear the building south of the park, but only enough to clear (actually split the buildings that's how close it was) and then pitch back down to try to maintain the rest of my airspeed as possible for the flare. Flare- happened so fast, obviously didn't have much airspeed left because i went full rear stick fast- was hard but good enough- next problem. Trees. had one or two seconds- hard rudder input, whack, (split trees but hit park sign) and go up a hill to a level off where i jamb the breaks and keep elevator back of course. wow i stopped fast. I stop just before the second sidewalk and a second set of trees. I am alive! I am ridiculously lucky i made that field. I didn't flip! I hit my wing.... I am ALIVE! GET OUT! gas is coming out of my right wing- flip everything off and jump out. (continue)

RV-12 Service Bulletin 13-3-21


Fri Mar 22, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

iPad photo from the couch at theVanCave
Just after washing - click for larger image.  dr

Welcome Adaptive Interfaces
  "Adaptive Interfaces is a new company, based in Colorado, offering a line of 2-1/4 inch digital instruments for home built and experimental airplanes.  We currently have 5 products:  an Altimeter / Encoder, a Mode C Decoder, an Electrical Monitor, an Oil Temperature / Pressure gauge and an Engine Temperature Monitor.  Adaptive Interfaces wants to support the RV community in any way it can.  Please feel free to contact us at our web site, www.adaptint.com , with questions or issues you  have with our products as they relate to RV aircraft or any other technical questions.  We want to be involved and to help."

GLO Custom Paint Slot Openings
   (from Grady) We wanted to let the RV builders know that GLO CUSTOM has openings for the months May and June for anyone who is ready for paint give us a call at 817-430-2078.
fmi: www.glocustom.com

RV-12 500 hours 3-21-2013
  ...John Bender

Off-field landing on soccer field
...all OK.  Nice airmanship!


11,000' / 185kts ...be prepared.

Traffic jam on Foxtrot


Thu Mar 21, 2013

Meet 'Gator' ...Mike Elliot

First Conditional Inspection ...Weasel -10

Exhaust blow-by ...RV-12
I'm in the process of performing my second condition inspection. I found that there has been some significant leakage of exhaust gases from the right rear exhaust pipe muffler joint. See photo. I will have to remove the muffler and investigate of course, but wondering if anyone else has seen this?

$4.00 Back Riveting Bucking Bar

N73HR Airworthiness inspection

Tony's Phili to SXSW Story Contines...

- Now for my cousin's favorite
- I'm a HUGE Bacardi fan but my
- No bumper stickers but I saw
- The next morning we got a
- My house was 6+ hours away by
- I couldn't thank this good

AguaDulce Airport SoCal RV Fly-In After-Action Report and Photos ...dabney

Semi off topic
   ....watching my son fly r/c in the backyard yesterday evening.  This is the first time he went out by himself - no help.  I shot this image through the window.

 RV Photo Story by my Daughter, the Journalism Major


Wed Mar 20, 2013

Philadelphia to Austin's SXSW music festival ...Tony

Regret and the 'no go' decision
...Bob Collins
  Sometimes, I think I'm too risk-averse to be a pilot.
  For the past six weeks, I've been planning a trip to Arizona with my youngest (25) son. We're both big Cleveland Indians fans and wanted to spend a couple of days watching the Tribe. My friend, Darwin Barrie, offered to put the RV-7A up at his airpark and give us his truck for the week to use.
  And so began weeks of planning for the trip, which -- for me -- consists of six weeks of worrying, playing "what if?". I pored over the charts and established the best route. I consulted with Darwin on the best approach into Phoenix' airspace. I'd go to sleep at night thinking of the approach and memorizing every mile of the route, the fuel stops, and the time.  (continue)

Making progess!

They play well together

Where it all began. Van's farm on Google street view

Update to the hangar lift idea:  Magenta line is a steel channel that runs back to the tailwheel, bolted to the car lift.  Gray square is a concrete counterweight that can be moved fore/aft and bolted into place.  2-post 9,000 pound car lift is $1,300-$1,600 and has all the modern locking safety features.  Channel removable w/a wheel on the 'concrete end' for rolling around the hangar (for when you need to lift a car for maintenance.  Move the weight to the 'RV position' in the summer and 'Cub position' in the winter.  Thoughts?

related: Original idea

Safety Wednesday
Safety Discussion #2- Low Altitude Flight

Jerry Turner: Pink Slip 9A
  Today after 7yrs we have an airplane, thanks to so many for the help.  I now have to get myself tuned-up before I begin the flying adventures of the new GreenPlane.

First Engine Start video - 704CH

How efficiently can you fly?

Great news! Bruce flew his
  ...RV-4 post-birdstrike.


Tue Mar 19, 2013
   Sorry for the 3 hour delay on the front page today.  Verizon's fiber optic threw up on itself (again) and I couldn't connect to the interweb from the house for a bit.  dr

Cap update...fingertip strong left.

An idea for a hangar lift
  ...and then Gary Palinkas showed me an easier solution that will cost about $20.

Princeton Convention

Aileron trim helper
  "...,only a sailor would do something that looks like that..."

Pre-buy madness
  ...'YIKES!' stories.

Vibrations and time....
 ....the 'proof of RVs having fun' thread continues.

Panel Update: cropdusterdave


Mon Mar 18, 2013

385 photos, but only 10 in this post ...Larry Pardue (RV-6)

55 planes attending a Fly-In and Sunday Mass on a frozen lake in Norway

Hello ...Prince Edward Island, Canada
  Just wanted to say hello to all the users of this forum. I've been lurking for a while but recently took the plunge and joined the ranks of home builders. I purchased a -4 empennage and wing kit from the fine folks of Chapter 105. I now have the kits in hand and I'm getting organized to start building. I'm sure this will be the first post of many in the years to come. I may be naive but I hope to have this project completed in 5 years with a test flight on my 40th birthday. I currently live on Prince Edward Island, a small island in Atlantic Canada north of Maine but I grew up in Alberta. I earned my Private license last summer in a Piper Cherokee PA28-140. Previous to that I made it to OSH '11 with a friend who acted as PIC. Looking forward to starting this amazing journey.

Leak Check Underway

Moving to the Airport ...Mark RV-10

RV-6A Exhaust rubbing engine

Agua Dulce 1st Annual RV Fly-in

Aero Friedrichshafen...factory FB page.
  Attention European customers! Van´s Aircraft is sending their two most senior employees this year to Germany's Aero Friedrichshafen, April 24-27. Dick VanGrunsven (aka "Van" himself), along with Daryl Sahnow will be manning the booth, assisted by local builders Stefan Schroter and Klaus-Peter Morhard. If you're interested in RVs and in the neighborhood, this is a great chance to talk with people who know the airplanes as well as any can. Feel free to stop by and visit, maybe get your picture taken with Van, and talk to Daryl about kits, ordering, and get your questions answered...
  You will find us in booth space B4-219

Wing Jig done, thanks Rudi!

RV-8 stick force gradient when landing
  In a recent thread on landing the RV-8, Ironflight observed that "it has been shown that with the CG well after, the stick force gradient goes negative as you slow down below about 65 knots (+/-). A pilot needs to be ready and aware of this or they can over-flare with a passenger." I have noticed the same in my RV-8, but I am at a loss to explain aerodynamically why this occurs. This seems only to occur when near the aft CG. Trimmed for landing with a little forward pressure on the stick, as you slow and approach flare the stick pressure goes to neutral and I find at touchdown I am actually pushing forward to maintain the appropriate angle of attack. Any thoughts about why are appreciated.

Hangar Progress!

Engine is hung - getting closer!!
 ...Greg Niehues RV-9A


Fri Mar 15, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

RV-12 In-flight photos...(Ian Brook photo)

Upgraded RV-8 Panel ...N208ET
  I flew behind steam gauges for 300 hours and just finished my upgrade. There is going to be a learning curve but I have a couple hours flying behind this and am really liking it.

Factory Hobbs Meter
   As of March 12, 2013 8,068 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

The National Transportation Safety Board adopted a set of five “safety alerts” for GA pilots, focusing on common causes that all have aeronautical decision-making at their roots.

fmi: source

First Flight: RV-6A.  17yrs building.
  ...jpowell13 (Baton Rouge, LA)

Nice Wheel Pant Patch ...Aryana
I've set less than 50 rivets my whole life, and I had a flush patch I needed to get done on the wheel pant for my Cessna 170B.
  Luckily, I have my buddy next door who built a beautiful -10 and he was kind enough to bring his tools over and took the time to get me up to speed with using the hand and pneumatic squeezer. Countersinking, dimpling...I didn't want the fun to stop! Anyways, my wheel pant is all fixed up and I am REALLY dying to get my hands on an emp kit for a -8 now .
  I left the patch in primer because I didn't want to hide it. I'm actually proud of my work and wish it was on the outboard side where it would be more visible .


Thu Mar 14, 2013
  If you'll this permit this proud papa....
Yesterday afternoon our daughter's high school varsity treble choir performed at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in downtown Dallas.  This beautiful, talented child.  This gift from God.  The 'AR' in my N-number.  The figure in the front row, right side, in the pic upper right is my angel singing a solo on the stage of the hot dang Meyerson.  Son and wife in the row in front of me.  You can imagine the size of our smiles.
  We walked out afterwards to the ringing bells next door at Cathedral Guadalupe - news of the new Pope had reached us.  A wonderful day.
  An hour later Audrey called and said the bus got back to the high school, and that just as she was about to start her car, the truck next to her pulled out...turned a little sharp....and tore off her front bumper.  One of her choir mates driving the truck.  I'll take that call any day with a smile.  Off to the Honda dealership tomorrow with no worries.  Time to shine, State Farm Auto.  Audrey's in the 'ol Ford Ranger for a week or so, driving back to the high school now as I type this - another performance today at the AT&T Performing Arts Center (Winspear).  She can fly our RV pretty good, too.
Thanks for letting me brag about my soon-to-have-a-fresh-bumper, amazing daughter.  She raises my game, and makes me a better person.
  OK, back to RVs, and have a nice Thursday.

A notable day in the history of Van’s Aircraft....by Van's Aircraft Inc.
  Tuesday, March 12, 2013 may prove to be a notable day in the history of Van’s Aircraft, Inc.  An e-mail with a description, ordering directions and an order form went out to all those who had expressed interest in acquiring an S-LSA RV-12.  About 10 minutes later the fax machine whirred quietly and dispensed the first-ever order for a fly-away-from-the-factory RV.  We don’t know if Boeing or Cessna are aware of the threat yet...(continue)

RV-12 In-flight Photos

Aft fuse access plate over or under

Status Update on the Logo Caps
...on not having to pay a setup fee.

Sebring Mar 13, 2013 Part 1 ...GLPalinkas
  24 RVs and lots of pictures...

Kids and RVs ...continued.

Great Flying Day in Iowa...John Bender
  4000'. Heading north. When you can see the horizon in Iowa, it is a good day. About 30 degrees F. on surface.

Show Your Nasty VansAirForce.net Cap Picture Thread ...John Halcrow's idea.

March EAA Experimenter Online

...Smokey's 'RV-X' got a nice writeup in this issue (pg 26).


Wed Mar 13, 2013

Yes, in the kitchen.

Photo Request ...Flying Magazine

EAA Ch. 722 Argentina Airshow

First flights after import from US to Europe
...Heinz in Muenster, Germany (RV-3)
Today I have got the RV-3A home from Hamm (EDLH) to it´s homebase Muenster-Telgte (EDLT); a 7 mins cummute. Conditions were all right just before more snow will kick in: wind 5-10 kts from the left and -2°C / 28°F (yes, the white stuff in the video is snow indeed). Did 3 flights (with the ´must have´ low pass - at ca. 50 ft though).

Safety Discussion #1: Stall/Spin at Low Altitude ...67 replies in 24 hours.

Tank / leading edge joint and nose denting

Status Update on the Logo Caps
...on not having to pay a setup fee.


EdAndColleen.com's latest video ...RV-10 firewall.


Tue Mar 12, 2013

Photoshopping continues...

Still need work, will relocate
   ...our friend Jim Pappas
I would like something in the South. 
Prefer the Carolinas, Charleston SC area is my first choice, but keeping my options open.  Any help would be greatly appreciated..."

Welcome Mike Sweeney ...'Harvey Seven'

Please Help! (MGL/RDAC Grounding)

Avery Tools St. Paddy Tool Sale

New GRT website and forum:

Mike S's Pics from the Ice Cream Social


John Halcrow's Pics....

Inboard Z bracket bolt head clearance


Mon Mar 11, 2013
Paul Gray 7A...fresh from paint shop
Here's a picture of my freshly painted airplane. I can now truly say it's completely finished! It was painted By Rodney Clay at select aircraft painting in Gulf Shores Alabama. Rodney's expertise and craftsmanship is outstanding! I like it even better than I thought I would. I hope this picture motivates others to keep on pressing those rivets because in the end, It's truly worth it.

Checking on the hike in skiing for this spring

Some days we're spoiled

Brantel's new panel fliesl ...video

Ice Cream Social PIREP ...AX-O

Tip- How to build a little critter guard

GRT, flow matching nozzles, and the power of integrated vendors

17,000 Registered VAF Forum Accounts Milestone Passed
 ...thank you for participating in the site that promotes the greatest hobby on Earth.

New Stripes ...Chris Smith -4



Fri Mar 8, 2013
  It's going to be wet around DFW this weekend - hoping better weather where you are.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

The Power of the VAF Community . . . or how VAF works for you!
  ...F. Campoamor finds his RV.

RV-3 Status: Imported and ready to fly

Powerpoint 'dimensionally accurate' water slide decals ...for panel labeling.

Controls Free & Clear
  "...When I pulled it back up, IT STUCK!"

Years of RV Enjoyment (Proof in Pictures)
  Over the years it seems that more and more photos of RVs in a pristine state are appearing online. I thought I would take a stab at spotlighting, with the help of others, images that convey years and years of RV enjoyment. The more worn the better.
  Add your 'beat up 'ol truck' RV photo...a new sticky thread. dr

LED Cowl Lights...

Melted Control Cables

Eagle's Nest - Visit us at Sun n Fun

RV Photoshopping continued...


Thu Mar 7, 2013

Years of RV Enjoyment (Proof in Pictures)
  Over the years it seems that more and more photos of RVs in a pristine state are appearing online. I thought I would take a stab at spotlighting, with the help of others, images that convey years and years of RV enjoyment. The more worn the better. dr

Add your 'beat up 'ol truck' RV photo...a new sticky thread.

Panel decals - typeface, capitalization, hyphenation
  Arial Rounded MT Bold in Autocad. Used 0.125 height for all major notations like titles and 0.100 for minor notations (like off/on).  Sent files to Stein and purchased 2 sheets of waterslide decals

Engine mount to terminal clearance
It's not what I envisioned when I put the anl/shunt on the firewall, but before I make anymore wires I wanted to check with VAF. The anl/ shunt is on the right (copilot) side of the firewall about halfway top to bottom. The top nut of the shunt is 1/8 inch from the engine mount tube. The wires and terminals 1/4 inch away.

Why wait til' spring- We're building a plane here ...Paul Tuttle
  We transported my fuselage to the airport last September 16th and I was hoping to make some progress before Our Canadian winter set in. I ended up working nearly every day off through the winter ( I only work 8 days a month ) taking a break at Christmas and for a few other obligations. There were days when it was -20 C inside the less then airtight hangar. We have a little building that we could warm up in and grab a coffee, but I ain't gonna lie to ya, it was cold. A lot of people told me I was nuts, but I already knew that.
  As I step back and look at what was accomplished over the winter months, I'm glad I kept at it. There's not a lot left to do and it's nearly ready for the MDRA inspection. Had I waited until spring, I sure it would be mid summer before it was ready to go. I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

Atlanta Airspace Change ...Kyle B.
   Effective today, the airspace around Atanta has changed significantly. Several layers of the Class B have been lowered, widened, or otherwise changed. If you are used to working around the edges of the old airspace, odds are, those routes will be through the new airspace.


Wed Mar 6, 2013
  I'm going to try to make Wednesday 'safety day' here, with a big chunk of the news focused on just that.  V/r, dr

Old School RV-6 Floorboard.  Randy Richmond Aircraft.

Picking a Probable Cause at Random
# WPR09LA218 (RV-6)
  The pilot reported that the airplane's canopy opened on the takeoff roll prior to liftoff. Noting that there was not enough remaining runway to land safely, he continued the climb to 1,000 feet where he attempted to close the canopy. He was able to partially lock the canopy, and returned to the pattern to make a precautionary landing. The pilot reported that while in the landing flare the canopy opened again, obscuring his forward view. A witness reported that the airplane bounced on touchdown, became airborne, and then touched down again on the runway. After touching down, the right wing dropped and the airplane veered to the right. The airplane then made a rapid 90-degree left turn and went up on its nose, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot reported that the accident could have been prevented had he used his pre-takeoff checklist and ensured that the canopy had been completely closed prior to takeoff. Both the pilot and a witness reported a quartering headwind with about a 15-knot crosswind.
  The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:  The pilot's failure to follow the pre-takeoff checklist that resulted in the canopy opening during takeoff, which created a distraction, and his failure to maintain aircraft control during landing.

Related: My pre-takeoff verbal checklist.  I spell the words 'Gift STP' out loud while touching each item, then say "canopy canopy, belt, belt, controls, fire extinguisher."  My transition trainer, Alex DeDominics taught me this ten years ago, and it has saved me from taking off with no seat belt on and with the canopy open.

Gas (selector on fullest tank)
  (baro set, ammeter showing voltage,
  oil pressure)
Flaps for takeoff
Trim for takeoff

Strobes ON
Transponder ON
Pump ON (fuel)

Canopy Canopy
  (tapping both handles with finger)
Belt Belt (tapping both clasps with finger)
Controls (free and correct)
Fire Extinguisher
  (secured / gauge in green)

Took my first RV ride
  Hi all, well I finally got to take a ride in an RV courtesy of that legendary Russian Vlad and I had a blast!  Gotta say I was impressed that a guy my size could ride in a 9.  Now I am hitting the books for real (I bought the Jeppesen private pilot course)

Safety Mindset:
  You don't have to wait for the latest accident to give it some thought.  Here is a PDF document with (524) RV Probable Causes going back to 1978, all waiting for you to reflect upon, discuss online and learn from.
  Don't think it can happen to you?  Getting complacent?  How's a one in sixteen chance you'll end up in an RV NTSB report grab ya?  524 listings divided by 8,050 completed RVs is roughly 1 in 16.
  Print this (6) page PDF file and copy/paste any accident # into this site if you would like more detailed info.
  Greatest hobby in the world, but don't think for a second it won't kill you if you fail to give it the respect it deserves.

related: my thoughts on safety

Logo on any item you want
  Here it is on a mesh cap for hot months - in a brown/tan configuration.  Click to enlarge.

fmi: here's the logo


Tue Mar 5, 2013

Air to air photos...Robin Marks 8A

Fair Warning: 2013 Kit Price Adjustments are Coming! ...from the factory site.

Application period will close today
   ...West Coast Formation Clinic

Tip- How to fix leaking tank...Vlad


Tip: An easier way to install the control sticks in a RV-7

I think I'll pass on any flying this morning
   ...DFW area (dr).  3K' winds.

How many RV-12 kits can you fit in an RV-10?

Electrical issue=> I have symptoms but can't find the disease


Dynon Display Service Bulletin - Rev B

Test yee circuitry skills!


Mon Mar 4, 2013
  Good morning!  Hope you had a nice weekend.  This might already be out there, but if not, I have a need for an app.  I like to count deer, and turkeys, and coyotes and such while I fly.  Where they are, when, how many.  I could really use a dirt simple way to track where I've flown, while notating with a single letter on my track line what it was (mock up at right of proposed interface).  D for deer, T for turkey, C for Coyote and so on.  An app I can use as a reference later when I have access to larger maps/computers.
  Here's a typical RV/Cub flight for me (below):  20 minutes, 5 deer spread out in 4 locations, 16 turkeys same, 10 buzzards waiting for thermals, a partially submerged rowboat in the creek, 2 beavers, 1 dead cow that might need to be reported to a rancher, a stretch
of curvy road that might be fun in the car, and so on.  Last summer I counted 32 deer in 34 minutes - that would have been a cool map!  I enjoy recording the number of animals seen in my logbook and keep a mental image of where to look during certain times of the year.  Tough for me to keep track of when following the curves of a creek for any length of time.  In a turn about 95% of the time, hard to use a pencil.
  Take a moment to click on the image at left if you feel like it.  It's yesterday morning's 20min flight - three partial screen captures joined in Photoshop later.  I'm using a free app here called RunKeeper (exercise app) that does a good job of using the phone's GPS to show where I've flown.  The North Face makes a tracking app that is similar (and free).  If I could tap a big letter once and have it put that letter on the track line (like I've Photoshopped in above), I'd be able to get an better count of what got my attention during a particular flight (or car ride, or jog, or trip down a river, etc.).
  A user could use whatever letter they wanted - whatever would remind them later:
G=Geologic feature you want to look up on a map later,
     V=Vehicle (abandoned),
     A=Airport not on sectional,
     F=Fishing spot you want to try (possible),
     X=Something you would like to research later (like a possible home location).  After you've landed you can pull up the map with its track line, notated with letters.
  Anywho, if there was some $0.99 app that did this, I'd buy it.  I'd pay double.  iPhone strapped to thigh - would use it on pretty much every flight.
  I'd write it myself but, you know, I'm kinda dumb.  I could contract a developer to do it, but life is complicated enough.  You write it, you ought to get 100% of the profit.
  Code like the wind...or not.  Either way, have a nice Monday. ;^) 

First Flight! ...Rob Holmes RV-3

Feb progress ...Strike69

In the spirit of lessons
  There has been some interesting discussions on accidents, accident prevention and safety in general. So in the spirit of “I learned from that”…
  snip....My story – My daughter and son-in-law live in San Antonio and we live in the Atlanta area. (continue)

Tsam Paint Job ...George West and Larry Pardue photos.

Brake grease? ...Bob Collins
  Q: In his excellent EAA homebuilder video on brake pads (I'm replacing mine), Dick Kohler said the two studs on which the lining plate moves should be lightly greased with a "high temperature silicon grease." I'm unfamiliar with this. Does anyone have a particular recommendation?
  Also, it seems like greasing these is inviting contamination and crud to get up in there and mess up the works.

- I used Never-Seeze on mine.
- Clean the bores and the pins with a good solvent, polish out any rust or roughness, lube lightly, and you'll be fine till next annual.
- I use Permatex® Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube
- I use a dry moly spray, greases tend to collect dirt and brake dust.

Breakfast, lakes, dikes, caves, mountains and faults ...Larry Pardue (RV-6)

ForeFlight Mobile Updated: Track Up, Obstacles, 'Classic' Mode

Sometimes you
   ...catch the light just right.

March/April Issue Online

RV-12 Dead Stick Landing Video ...Geico266

I would like present a video I made in my RV-12 to show the glide characteristics in an actual engine out situation.

I started out at 6,300' MSL about 5 miles SW of my 1,500'MSL airport. Winds were 120 degrees @ 15 gusts to 23 mph, Runway 17. I weight about 210 and half 1/2 fuel, no baggage, no passenger.

Moderate traffic dictated that I maintained a "normal" pattern rather than a straight in approach for 35 without declairing an actual emergency. Touch down point was the middle of the runway and I came in short around the numbers after slipping hard with full flaps.

My hope in presenting this video is that others may see how much time you have before touch down to look for an airport, road, open field, ect. IMHO it is panic and inattention to airspeed that is your enemy, not the loss of the engine. If you need to panic do it in a bar with a stiff drink a couple hours after landing.

A -12 has a glide ratio of about 13-1 which gives good glide range, and the low stall speed gives good survivability.

Enjoy! About 8 minutes long



Fri Mar 1, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

Grapevine, Arizona backcountry airstrip campout ...trip report.

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RV-12 N417E Build Milestones

Background is necessary ...Larry Pardue

Photoshop'd RVs Continue ...and this is the winner, BTW.  Nobody will top this one. ;^)

Issue with Left Air Inlet Ramp

Youth build project in Hong Kong
   ...company FB page.

(525) Probable Causes Sorted by Phase
  I went to the NTSB site and asked it to show me accidents that had been investigated (probable cause document published).  These are listings with 'RV' in the model field.  Just playing with pie chart (right), confirming for myself what I've already been told, that the two most dangerous portions are takeoff and landing.
  You can look at the same data I can by doing a search and clicking on the 'Download XML' button at the bottom.  Most spreadsheet programs read that format.
  Note:  My search criteria on the NTSB site are noted in yellow in this screen grab: