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Fri Jan 30, 2015.  1249Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


RV Delivery Van (pun intended) ...catmandu trip report

"...My daughter packed her car full last week to return for her spring semester at Salisbury, but neglected a few 'critical' items."  continue


Pink Slip ...Bob Collins(AA) of Mukilteo, WA

Yesterday my RV-7A N927BC (serial 71080) received its Special Certificate of Airworthiness and is ready for Phase One .

Another Pink Slip ...RV7AJeremy of Tucson, AZ

Looks like Bob Collins and I had the same great news on the same day. I also received my AW cert yesterday from the FAA; the Scottsdale FSDO was very easy to work with. RV-7 Serial number 73827: four years, one month and two days of building. A huge public thank you to Paul Merems (DRDT2 guy) for all the help, guidance, and support during my last two years of building!


Journey Begins ...AndyWW of Englefield Green, UK

Hi everyone. I received my empennage kit #74424 yesterday (RV-7).  It's going to be a long journey, and I'm going to need a lot of help from this amazing community of pilots!
Thanks in advance....

Status Report ...Ed Fleming of Harare, Zimbabwe


RV-14 Panel Instrument Progress ...Stein

"I know many of you have been in contact with me/us directly or with Vans regarding panel options for the RV-14. To that end, I though I'd take a quick moment to at least post some progress pictures of what we're doing here. Most are already aware we provide many of the wire harnesses for the rest of your kits, but we've also been working with Vans and Garmin to put together some panel package options that will plug right into the rest of the wiring in your plane and make it both easy on your wallet and easy for installation."  continue


What do you think of this idea?


Another beginning ...Jason Ellis RV-10

Howdy all.

Welp, I pulled the trigger.

I have ordered tools (I'm sure this is an ongoing thing) and the tail kit! I'm very happy and extremely excited.

I was already pretty much sold on the notion but Bill Thomasson flew up from Atlanta in his -10 and let me sit in his baby.. Wow.. It's perfect! This absolutely sold me.

This is exactly the right plane for me and my mission; Plus, I get to build it!


Working on adding an RV-10 section to my website and will be thorough on filming and documenting the process.

Status -8 ...Philip (N546RV)


From the factory...




Thu Jan 29, 2015.  1250Z

From Nelson Mail ...New Zealand newspaper


Status Report ...Tom Martin -14

I finished the tail cone today and clecoed it to the forward fuselage. So far I have been working seven weeks part time, and have built both the fuselage and tail cone in that time. I have done this working alone and so far have needed help for about an hour for some rivets on the fuse floor.

I will need some help with riveting the two halves together, time will tell how much help is needed.

I like to work alone and then there is only one person to blame for mistakes! Two people who know what they are doing could have done this much in less then half the time, this is some special kit!


Alternate assembly idea for your consideration ...Tom Martin -14


Factory First Flight Data Snapshot


Q/A: G3X Nav Databases

Q: I'd like some clarification on which nav database is being used and/or displayed on the G3X when flying an external flight plan from, say, a GTN 650. Does the 650 only supply the "magenta line" which is shown on the G3X, overlaid on the G3X's internal nav database, or does all of the displayed data/moving map come from the 650?

In other words, if the nav data is current in the G3X but expired in the 650, and I use the 650 as the external flight plan source, is the nav data displayed on the G3X current?

A: In fact it's the other way around. The GTN, being the certified navigation source, provides data for both waypoint positions and leg types in the active flight plan. If a particular waypoint is missing in the G3X database, or there is a disagreement about the position of a waypoint between the G3X and GTN, the GTN's version wins.

The above only applies when the G3X system is set to use the external flight plan data from the GTN. Of course the G3X system has its own internal navigation database, which can be used for VFR flying. Many people switch navigation sources based on the type of flying they are doing - G3X for VFR, and GTN data displayed on the G3X for IFR.

Day Job ...Ian Warburton



Wed Jan 28, 2015.  1302Z

From Methow Valley News Online

After two years of not really knowing what his airplane would look like, Peter Dixon’s Van’s RV-7 is finally becoming recognizable. “It’s only looked like an airplane for about the last two months,” he said.  ...



Cap Sighting ...David Maib RV-10

This photo was taken today at Dak To, Vietnam. This is the old airstrip at the Special Forces camp. I last stood on this strip 45 years ago and we had to leave in a hurry when 122mm rockets started hitting the strip. No problem with rockets today! <g>

More on the cap...


If this is in your hangar, does it count as 'living' in your hangar?

I saw this story online and thought it was interesting - the only thing inside is the toilet/sink/shower.  You could put a lot of airplane stuff in those cabinets, and if it was on wheels even better.  Storage, rest, hygiene and food...and nothing attached to anything.  Move around the hangar as required.

Fun to think about...and completely impractical (but still neat).

article: http://www.gizmag.com/cubitat-urban-capital/35763/ 

pictures: Google Images of 'Cubitat'


Welcome Tailwind Aviation Services

"Tailwind Aviation Services is a Canadian avionics shop specializing in custom panels for kit aircraft. Our mission is to be homebuilder friendly offering affordable rates and treating every aircraft as if it were our own.

From the simple to the full IFR, Tailwind Aviation strives to fit your needs and your budget! Owned and operated by a licenced Avionics technician, who’s also an RV builder, Tailwind Aviation always works to the highest industry standards in the hopes of seeing that RV grin. For those who are already built and flying we offer 24 month altimeter & transponder testing.

Visit us today at tailwindaviation.ca !"

Their flyer:



Tue Jan 27, 2015.  1300Z

Time Machine ...boom3

I see RV's being described as "Time Machines" often and I couldn't agree more. The speed and cross country capabilities of these airplanes are amazing.  ...


VAF Ski Trip PIREP ...John Morgan

The second annual VAF ski trip is now history. Snow conditions were great with mild weather and a 7 inch dump of powder mid week. Skiers were Dave Syvertson ( RV 10 builder Houston) Gordon Fowlkes ( RV 10 builder Atlanta) with his Wife Laura and son Jon, John Morgan ( RV 6A driver Atlanta) John's daughter Kimberly and friend Jennifer from Boston. Laura's cousin Deb from North Carolina came along to help with the cooking and all important shopping!

Mike Rettig ( RV 10 builder from Denver ) joined us the first night for dinner and pool then skiing at Breckenridge on Sunday. We also skied at Vail twice, Beaver Creek twice and Copper Mountain.

All said it was a great trip with the rookies skiing the blues with confidence by the end of the trip. More pool shooting and less RV talk this year so we need more RV builders next year. Next years date is the third week of January again so make plans to join us. Nick Ahlen says he is coming back next year, so he says.

John Morgan

PS: I declare myself king of the pool table but I will probably get an argument from Mike and Gordon!

Cap Sighting .....Joe Blank

Got my mug between the Subaru and Twin Keck telescopes while visiting the Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii last week. At 13,677' it would have been nice to have some O2... Outstanding place to visit so go there if you are ever on the 'Big Island'...


First attempts with a GoPro


RV-7A panel upgrade ...vic

I thought I would share a recent panel upgrade I just completed this week end because it has a personal side to it. See, I originally built the RV-7A in 2009.  ...


Wings are Done ...wirejock

Finally. I thought I would never get here. Lucy's wings are done. Plus due to a fudged hole, I completely disassembled the Horizontal Stab and rebuild the skeleton using new forward spars, inboard ribs, reinforcement angles and doubler plates so the service bulletin is also done.  ...

[ed. I sure do like that end-of-wing storage setup!  dr]


Tailwinds: 200kt GS Club


Our kitchen is the latest ...thing out of my shop (post-RV):  Guy Prevost



Mon Jan 26, 2015.  1300Z

Winter Ops Stanley N.S. ...Paul Tuttle


First solo ...Marshall 'RV10Man'

Not RV related exactly, BUT....My daughter soloed the 150 yesterday!!!
Now, to keep it RV. After she gets her PPL, she'll probably get "checked out" to fly the 9A.

Dad's proud, and she's excited!

Day Job ...Myron Nelson (RV-10)

First flight with my son on the "day job".


Next Flying & Camping adventure ...Bill R.


KELLI GIRL -- N260KM Status Check ...scrollF4


What's in your shop when the RV's done?


Status Report ...rightrudder

Panel is finished! Maybe a little sparse for some, but for me it's just right, and consistent with the Van's K.I.S.S. philosophy.


Custom Skateboard Grip tape for Airplane Use ...jgnunn

I am not building an RV, but I come here sometimes for firewall forward ideas for my Skybolt project. So, I thought I would reciprocate a cool idea that materialized while I was web surfing one evening:  ...


iPad use and placement




Fri Jan 23, 2015.  1157Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Status Update ...Karl Bambas -7.

Except for the fiberglass tips, Dolly and I finished the empennage on January 15th. The pieces are wrapped in blankets and ready for transport to Michigan. There were no insurmountable problems in that no replacement parts were needed. However I did become an "expert" at drilling out rivets.


A day trip to Everglades City ...Ted Chang -9A

Last time we had dinner at the Rod and Gun Club at Everglades City we drove with our friends from Marco Island. We always wanted to fly there for airboat ride and for their fresh seafood. I talked to two neighbors, a Diamond Star driver and a Cherokee driver to go with us. Since neither of them are formation pilot we flew with only one of them down and another back in order to take some aerial photos for them.  ...


Commuting to the Hangar Project / Update ...hydroguy2


RV-12 Lifting Device ...cactuspilot

Working on prepping the plane for paint, putting on the pants and the RVBits fairings and someone said you should do this with no load on the wheels, so I took my HF 25% coupon and bought the 1000lb hydraulic lift table - came to around 190 with tax and all....and you have to mod the handle a little....but boy it sure lifts a RV12 sweet and easy.


Last Summer's Trip to Yellowstone...Troy Branch


Courtesy Car Additions...Benson, AZ and Kalispell, MT


From the Factory FB Page...

1000 DAYS!

No, that’s not how long it’ll be before the RV-14 Finish Kit is released… it’s how many consecutive days the crew at Van’s has gone without an on-the -job injury. So, give ‘em a hand! They’ve worked very hard to keep Van’s Aircraft a super safe place to work.

The crew celebrated with a pizza for lunch. Nobody choked on an anchovy so we’re off to a good start on another 1000 safe days!



Thu Jan 22, 2015.  1244Z

Selfie ...Veetail88

Airworthy! ...Tom Powers RV-8

I got my Airworthiness Certificate issued to me today by the FAA. I still have some finish up fiberglass work I want to get done before flying. I figure if I don't get it done before it will be harder to do it later. I'm also moving to a different hanger (same Airport) so I should be in the air next month.  <g>

Unique visitor

Instrument Panel Treatment Similar to the Factory RV-12

Dynon SkyView 12.0 Now Available

Panel Done! ...gtmule

Virginia Joins the Courtesy Car List

Day Job ...Mike Dale -7

I was a cotton/hay farmer for 23 years before my brother in law talked me into the drilling business. I have never been employed or had a salary, always been a contract (daywork) hand. I represent the oil company onsite during the horizontal drilling of oil/gas wells. I work 14 on and 14 off. This works out great for my airplane building. During my 14 days on I live and work out of a mobile home. I am very fortunate as my rig is 40 miles from my home. This is the view from my office window.

Day Job ...Gregg Brightwell

January Issue Online



Wed Jan 21, 2015.  1307Z
  I went to bed Monday night with the always awesome plan of taking the RV-6 up for a short .3hr hop Tuesday morning - we've had an unusually good weather window for a couple days here in DFW.  What greeted me on the phone when the alarm went off at 0530, however, was a text from our daughter asking if I could bring her nebulizer machine down to the college 45 minutes away.  She was needing it along with a $249 per container Advair prescription that our family's $9,204/yr health insurance plan won't cover.  Thanks again [political term goes here]!  OK, calm down Reeves...you're gonna give yourself a headache.  Calming breath.  Happy place.  Flying thoughts...
  Back to our story.  Flight scrubbed.  Tuesday edition pushed out.  Traffic navigated, prescription picked up, and it and nebulizer delivered as she walked out of class.  We grabbed a burger at the original 'Burger House' on Hillcrest, a place I use to eat at in a former life as an I.T. cube worm at a law firm.  Where I worked when I ordered the tail kit in December of 1995.  She's smiling in the picture at right because she can breathe better...and that makes me breathe better.
  At Burger House I told her the story of my first visit there, and about the day she first met Jim.  My second day at the law firm an attorney, Jim, who would become a good friend, asked if I had lunch plans.  Went to Burger House, and there I found out that Elvis' parents attended his dad's church for decades.  As a kid Jim met Elvis a few times at family gatherings.  Jim's dad even officiated over Elvis' funeral.  Every so often Elvis would pay to have the carpet replaced in his parent's house, and they would gift their still-almost-new carpet to their preacher.  Jim (preacher's son) and his wife Annette were in the waiting room along with my parents on the day Audrey was born.  Our RV-6 N-number...June 17th Audrey Reeves.  N617AR.  Audrey and Jim met briefly, but she doesn't remember, being 20 minutes old and all.  Jim, Annette, Mom and Dad all found out at the same time it was a girl, five minutes after Susie and me.  And THAT, your Honor, is how Audrey came to be two degrees separated from The King.  Thankyaverymuch...
  Life with an RV and kids means you drive under blue, VFR skies to take medicine to your walking N-number outside her organic chemistry lab.  Happily.
  The RV waits patiently as the avgas budget rebounds over the short term - Tater gets a cavity filled today for $400+.  Kid maintenance costs, am I right?  (rolls eyes - those with kids nodding head in agreement)
  I'll study IFR stuff instead....very affordable.  Didn't go flying, but I got to hang out with my daughter over lunch in an old haunt...and flying never tops that.  Not even close. 

PS: And I'm behind on emails....but that's another story.  I am trying to catch up.

Inflight Self Portrait ...WingnutWick

John Mastro's RV-8

(Those with plenum)  Cracking baffles? ...DanH reply

Yes.  The -8 with an angle valve is sort of a special case. There is very little clearance between the port cylinders and the upper cowl, in particular above the 1/4-20 threaded mounting ears on the tops of the heads. In order to maximize clearance (and create a flange for plenum lid nutplates), I made very short baffle sidewalls that tipped inward at the ears. Because the I expected a significant load across the span of the intake openings, the front cylinder baffle walls were made from 0.060" 2024T3.  many pictures

Ski Trip Update ...bsmichael post

Posting an update on John Morgan's behalf. Looks like too much fun is being had out in Colorado!

RV-10 Status Report ...James/Zeni McClow

Haven't updated in a while. Waiting on the wings to be shipped. Just finished the elevator pushrod connections and the tailcone is complete. I am planning to work on the fiberglass while waiting for them to arrive. At least it will be done and won't have to do it all at once. Went to the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo this past saturday and had a good time talking at the Advanced booth and to a flying 10 builder. Good times.

Look forward to getting busy on the wings.

Nevada Joins the Courtesy Car List ...Hawthorne airport.

(Submitted by Joel Allen)  "HTH, Hawthorne Nevada has a free car you can use. The airport attendant will bring the car to your plane and tie you down. All for the cost of....free. She would not even take any money for gas."

Paint Progress Shots ...Pittsartist



Tue Jan 20, 2015.  1314Z
  Yesterday was a busy airport day.  It was 69*F with light winds, and many had the day off.  In no particular order I caught glimpses of: Steve (-7), Randy (-6), Jerry (-8), Rob (-7), Scott (-7), Bob (-4), Kay (-8A), Gary (-8) and a 6A I didn't recognize.  So nice, in fact almost spring-like, that I cranked up the shared Cub and took it for a .3hr spin for the first time since Dec 10th.  Scott was fiddling with the slo mo feature of his new iPhone as I passed by on my takeoff.  Video clip here.  No, it's not a 40mph headwind, but it is "so slow it has a calendar for an airspeed indicator".  Jerry said this yesterday at lunch.  Great line...
  Crummy Wx returns here tomorrow, but it was a nice window into spring for the past 48 hrs.  The field was really buzzin....hope you had the same in your neck of the woods. 

TeenFlight Milestone ...next class underway (#4)


Bruce Eicher Armrest O2 Install ...-8 'HulaGirl'

...having access to the bottle and valve is needed as I have found in my portable system.
My mounting solution has worked well, for me...no space lost and as handy as possible. I don't bother removing the cradle when I remove the bottle, then it holds POH or camera or...  more


Still dreaming about the trim, but it can become a nightmare soon ...WVM in Belgium


From Vlad...


A series of radio stack install pics ...crabandy




Mon Jan 19, 2015.  1305Z
  Permit me to brag on my son Tate.  His 8th grade midterms were last week, and he got three A's and two B's (HIGH B's he said).  The Tater is crushing it.  Soon as he told us Friday afternoon, he asked if we could go get some Oreo shakes at Dairy Queen.  His salesmanship skills are sharpening <g>.  I had a banana split. 

U.S.S. Texas Cap Sighting ...A&P,IA Randy Richmond photo (biz card).

related: About the cap / How to order yours

Rescuing 210 dogs from Alabama to Florida - Pilots N Paws

Engine....check! ...dave

'She Got Legs' ...Vansrv7arob in Australia

Beautiful fly-by at the annual Spruce Creek bonfire ...tc1234

Pics and video...

Build Update ...Jeff Rich -10

I guess I'm past due for an update. Today my better half and I finished attaching the outboard leading edge to the right wing. It's now hanging out on a wing stand passed down to me from a friend who's RV-10 is now flying. Hopefully we'll have the left leading edge attached either tomorrow or Tuesday.

The tanks have already been clecoed together and final drilled by my wife and her dad while I've been flying around the country playing Santa's little helper. Can't wait to start playing with the pro-seal.

Courtesy Car List Grew Over the Weekend

Finished RV-8A Pics ...Scott Detton

Late Christmas Present ...DarylT

Great start to a bad morning

Build Project Update ...Bill Bencze

I've been making good progress on my fuselage build and am happy to report a full length fuse in the shop. The firewall is clecoed in place. A pretty cool milestone, and that pile of blue coated aluminum is getting smaller and smaller. I'm very impressed on how well all the prepunched holes line up on this kit. Kudos to Vans for a great design.  ...

Flight in Richmond RAAF base (Sydney Australia)



Fri Jan 16, 2015.  1301Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

'Flash' from above in the Van Cave.

Personal IFR limits?...Pierre starts the discussion

Yesterday, I needed to fly a 24 mile trip for some minor repairs and the destination showed 500' overcast and 6 miles visibility.

Even with my new Vizion/coupled for approaches, I didn't feel comfortable since I've only flown an approach with it once...that and my concern about icing...it was 38° F. A former Georgia governor did the same approach yesterday with his -7A, so I considered it but didn't go.

Where do you instrument-rated guys/gals draw the line?

Status Report ...acam37 RV-4


Status Report ...crabandy (several pics)

Well...trying to measure 3 or 4 times, marking and drill as best I could on the kitchen table left my radio stack slightly wonky.  ...


Q: Any reason to save a cracked canopy?

A: Mini Bio-Dome experiment with the kid's hamsters?

A: helmet impact testing

A: Cut into sections and sell them to us noobies who need plexi drilling practice

From Tina....flash sale.


Two flights in two days...

...I know, crazy, right?!?  A quick hop over to KLUD for the VOR DME 17 practice approach.  Direct to ENTUR on autopilot, then hand-flown approach.  At missed back to 52F for emails and lunch.  Nice, VFR cloudless day in N. Texas for a change.  All CTAF frequencies were clobbered with others with the same plan. 


Fun comes to a hault–Fuel Tank Leak ...Michael Burbidge




Thu Jan 15, 2015.  1253Z

Practicing Automation and Buttonology

No hood time, but yesterday I got 1.0hr off the surface practicing pushing buttons, monitoring automation and work flow during approaches.  Been a month since I've flown an hour in the RV (damn a month goes by fast).  Track below...all three approaches at nearby Decatur, TX - two on autopilot and one hand-flown.  The battery on my iPad antennae died during the flight, so I was down to five screens for situational awareness.  Six counting the watch.  Hardly any panic set in - which is good.

(click to enlarge)

starts w/ 52F direct ZUMKI (far right to top center)

then at missed...

(center left down to bottom/back)

then at missed...

(diagonal line far left)
...then Direct back to 52F.

(click to enlarge)

2000 pixel iPhone pic in the hold

RV-8, N80E ...Jim Dearborn

The beginning is here. . . almost. Construction was to begin with the move to our new home near KRYY. But as with most new homes, ours is late, which delays the RV project. The empennage has arrived and the QB fuselage and wings have been ordered. The goal is to be flying by the end of the year.

Retirement has it's advantages and you gotta have a goal.
Cheers to all,

Status Report: And First Post ...Jules Mominee

Status Report: Many Pictures ...Greg Hughes RV-8

Probably should update on the work that's been done the past couple months. Work and life have been especially busy and I had surgery at the end of the year, but I find time here and there. Thank goodness the hangar has heat, or I'd almost never be in there hah. So, a pretty big update this time around. ...


Crankshaft Seal Blowout In Flight and Emergency Landing - RV7A

related:  Service bulletin on product mentioned

Hypoxia - Good Factual Article




Wed Jan 14, 2015.  1256Z

Quick hop over Big Apple ...Vlad pictures


Feedback RE: Yesterday's 'Eye Datum' Piece (I learned a new phrase)

[ed. The link in one of the replies to a site on 'Cockpit Design and Human Factors' was very interesting!  Thank you AX-O!  dr]


Canopy hitting forward top skin ...rv8gibbo

Hi Guys, I've seen a post similar to this before but I going to double check if It's ok to cut the aft most section of the top skin completely off to stop the canopy frame from hitting the skin? Also what should be the gap between the roll bar and canopy frame when the frame is completely closed?


Tail Wheel Stand ...DanH's take.

Tail Wheel Stand ...kinger's take.

RV-7A Should I sell? ...lost medical (2nd time)

I was in the final wiring & debugging of the panel stage of construction of my RV-7A when I suffered the loss of my medical last year. This is the second loss of my medical for this reason so a reissuance isn’t in the cards. I’m totally unsure of what path I should take at this point. I have about $100,000.00 invested in this project.

If you were me (be grateful that you are not), would you sell the project, finish it and then sell it (possibly paint to order) or finish & keep it in the hope that Congress will someday save the day and let me fly without the medical? I also have a Cessna Cardinal that now sits in the hangar (and the hangar). Currently the RV is safe, warm in my basement shop.



Tue Jan 13, 2015.  1310Z

Thoughts Regarding an On-The-Bench Panel U.I. Project

I'm having initial thoughts of what is 'down the road' regarding panel changes on our family RV-6 (first flight 2002 and on its third panel).  This round I was thinking first of taking measurements of four spots (picture below) using string, or wire, fishing lure hardware or whatever, and converging those lines to a point at the bridge of my nose.

With these measurements I would then construct a wire jig to quickly and accurately recreate the distance-to-eyes and panel angle in my home office using a folding table, a panel blank, and my adjustable office chair.  Four pieces of fishing line tied together to some old glasses frames and some numbered hooks is the investment.

Now the fun begins with paper printouts of avionics on the panel blank.  Where to put the AOA, switches, labels, EFIS screens, backup screens, iPad/Phone and more using MY arms and MY eyes with MY bifocals, etc.  Get the switches and screens exactly where they work for my arm sweep and sight lines (thinking IFR here).  Wedges required to perfectly read an EFIS on the other side of the panel - and how many degrees.  Are MY arms long enough to reach this and that without moving my body/head?  Or switching hands?  Important stuff with the hood on I'm finding out.  With today's remote transponders, comms, autopilots and more, you could end up with a very clean setup.

Build the panel in my home office with sufficiently long service loops, and with the proper power supply on the bench spend all the time necessary to configure a majority of the software.  Drop it in.  If it took a good long while to accomplish, where's the harm?  It would be a lot of fun as well as a new skill set...and it wouldn't require a daily 1-hour round trip to the airport.

Anyone do this already?  Thoughts?

Nerds of the world unite! 


Winter's Eve ...Pete Howell pic

A quick flight after work to blow out the corporate cobwebs netted an interesting image of the island house and tall shadows.

30 min, 2.5 Gals, then on the road home for dinner - sanity restored...


2015 South East Formation Clinic ...tomdubes

Happy New Year!
This is an information / planning post - Details will follow Mid April.

An FFI standard RV Formation Clinic is planned at Stanley County Airport near Charlotte, NC - June 26 - 28, 2015. The formal signup will be via a yahoo group that will open around April 15th.

A block of hotel rooms is available now thru May 26th - hotel details below.

Block of 20 rooms – NC Formation $88.00 per night
Sleep Inn & Suites
621 SR 24-27 Bypass
Albemarle, NC 28001
Block held till June 1, 2015

Block of 20 rooms – NC Formation $ 112.00 per night
Holiday Inn Express and Suites
500 Leonard Avenue
Albemarle, NC 28001
Block held till May 26, 2015

Make plans - book rooms, all questions will be answered with the Yahoo Group opening - Mid April.

Blue Skies!


VAF Doc List Grows:  15% off for Orthodontics

Welcome RV builder and Orthodontist Brian Taylor of Waco, TX.

Status Report ...KHeidorn -14


Panel Planning Mockup ...DHRYCAUK




Mon Jan 12, 2015.  1252Z

Norway- Christmas Star formation 2014, mainly experimentals! ...ao.frog

First Flight RV-8 ...Bill Dicus

N9669D (our Anniversary) finally got its Airworthiness Certificate 11/14/14 after 13 years of sporadic building and a lot of help from this site and other folks. Waited about three weeks for suitable weather with light winds and good ceiling/viz, temp. about 20 degrees. Acceleration on takeoff awesome and lifted off in about 5 seconds after throttle open. Initial climb 2500 fpm and still good rate at 140-150mph ias. Visibility superb and first landing was a greaser. CHT's low on #'s 1 and 2, addressed before 2nd flight with small air dams up front. Now all is good and CHT spread 10-14 degrees. Just need to get the Lycon IO-360 exp M1B (10:1 comp) broken in. Ken at Vans says I'll like the RV-8 even better after a few years, but that's going to be difficult! Garmin 430W, SL30, GMA340 and GTX330,TruTrak Pictorial turn and bank, round Alt, AS, VSI, g-meter, AFS and Dynon AOA's, Whelan strobes and LED leg, taxi lights. Tosten grips with electric elevator and aileron trim (ident, Transmit, freq switch and AP CWS on stick also). Special thanks to Tom Stearman, Steve Raddatz, Randy Carson, Doug Woofter, Russ Kotlarek, Mike Schreiber, Dennis Millsap, Mike Saeger, Jeff Point and especially my wife Jane, who put up with having her car in the driveway for 11 cold and snowy Wisconsin winters. What a ride!

Tip up instrument rain guard- a permanent solution ...trib's mod

The Beauty of Pennsylvania Winter ...Vlad

The importance of testing your panel design

The 'Fly-to-Doc' list gets its first nibble.

Houston area Optometrist.  20% off eye exam and glasses with cash.  Near Ellington Field.  They'll pick you up and you can eat next door!

Weekends aeros with some passengers ...eddieseve

Getting started: What will the tools cost? ...Cleaveland Aircraft Tool blog

Cleaveland Aircraft Tool handles the majority of “Complete Toolkit” purchases over the phone. Why? Everyone is at a different stage with tool acquisition, and so must their tool kit purchases be. Here's a quick guide to help you and your pals get going. Looking forward to the comments on this one!!  read more

Cotter Pins - Am I the only one who didn't know this?

Garmin G3X Touch Install ...R.P. Ping

OT:  At my back porch Friday

I had the long lens camera at the kitchen table when these guys showed up in the back yard - we don't see these often in our neighborhood.  Thought you might enjoy like we did.  Click to enlarge. 

Eastern bluebird (info)

Red-bellied woodpecker (info)



Fri Jan 9, 2015.  1308Z

Attn: Dentists, Doctors, Optometrists, etc.
  (This is initially for my immediate need, but I can immediately expand it to serve the rest of the country/planet if it turns out there is interest.)  I'm looking for a dentist, optometrist and doctor in the N. Texas area (within 35 min. RV flight - red circle at right) who can offer a discount for a fly-in patient paying in cash.  I need a teeth cleaning, blood work up and new bifocal lenses for my sunglasses.  I'll fly to you if you can get me from the nearest runway to your office.  Maybe you're a pilot also and want to each lunch before/after the visit.
  There must be 50+ towns within a short flight of my home field, and the free market is a wonderful thing.  I welcome a new reason to fly.
  Let me help promote your practice to the pilots that read this site.  I'll list you for free.  Forever.  We can knock out two birds with one stone (1. justify a flight for proficiency and 2. get a cash-discounted service).
  What I will do:  I have created a dedicated Googlemap/page similar to the Courtesy Car List on this site for medical professionals looking to get more pilot business.  Phone number, website, whatever you want if I can use my RV to get my teeth cleaned.  Let's see if there is demand for this (hope so).
  Yours in good health, and wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Panel Shot in Flight ...Dbro172

Nose Gear Lessons Learned ...Walt (A&P)

Given the recently reported nose gear leg bolt failure, a few of us “VAFers” have concluded that the time has come to summarize “Nose Gear Lessons Learned” at least from our personal perspectives and in the interest of safety for our fellow VAF RV-A builders and fliers. We are talking about improvement, prevention, and safety; not any inherent flaw in the RV-A nose gear design.  ...

2nd Annual VAF ski trip ...John Morgan

Attn Colorado RV drivers:

2nd annual RV driver ski trip to Beaver Creek is coming soon.
Jan 17 - 24

Still a couple of bedrooms left at $70 per night if any locals want to come ski for a day or two or the whole week. Or come join us for a day.

Call John Morgan @ 770-823-1713 if interested.

Brian Carroll photo from a few years back.

Revisiting a good thread: Small Fiberglass Parts ...DanH

Welcome Softieparachutes.com

"The SOFTIE line of Pilot Emergency Parachutes, manufactured by Para-Phernalia, Inc., is proud to be a new advertiser on VAF.  With 34 saves to our credit we have a product for you, whether your requirements are flight test, Aerobatic, or Formation flight."


January/February 2015

13th Anniversary ...Aircraft Extras

"PLEASE take a fresh look at out Tip-Up/Slider Canopy Modification for the RV-6, 7 & 9. This year marks our 13th year offering this product. We now offer two canopy modifications, our original kit and another gentleman’s laser cut kit. Both kits have their own advantages. We let the builder choose which is best for their needs.

This year also marks our 12th year of doing business! We now offer many new products for the experimental aircraft market. Please check out ALL of our great products at aircraftextras.com."



Thu Jan 8, 2015.  1254Z

From the factory FB page ...Ken

So, here´s the problem.  After fifteen years, the bronze bushing that holds the swivel shaft in the full-swivel mechanism on my RV-6 tailwheel is just...worn out.  It´s visibly oval, and the shaft rattles around in it.  For reasons I don´t know, this bushing is not designed to be replaced in the field so the only recourse is to replace the mechanism. ...

Alternator Failure

Help me understand the advantage of AOA in a 2 seat RV


WD-814 ED issue

(RV-8) ...WD-814 rollbar - fuselage fit. I'm unable to get the correct edge distance for the #12 holes/AN-3 bolts that hold this weldment to the rails/upper longeron...

Workshop Turning Back into a Garage - Reverse! ...Chris Johnson

...progress continues. The garage workshop started looking more like a garage again, so I had to take action...

'Power of Kit Planes' Podcast Archive Available

Paul's interview the other day.  Also available as podcast (link).



Wed Jan 7, 2015.  1230Z

Almost There ...Tom Powers

I finished the canopy and installed it. ...

DIY -12 Fairing ...Dennis in Waalwijk photos

Cap Sighting New Years Day 2015 Machu Picchu ...Jeff Vaughan

Panel Porn ...czechsix

I thought I’d post a picture of my new G3X Touch / GTN650 panel. This is the sixth panel upgrade for my RV-8A in the 9 years I’ve been flying it.


Recently Out The Door ...AFS



Tue Jan 6, 2015.  1253Z

Panel Porn ...MTBengel RV-7


Paralyzed Pilot Flying at 52F Looking for RV Help

"My name is Justin Meaders and I am a paralyzed pilot. I have worked hard to earn my private and instrument ratings and am currently working toward my commercial rating as well. I fly out of Northwest Regional (52F) and I am wanting to start building some tailwheel time. I fly with Marcair aviation and will hopefully be flying the Citabria they have in the very near future, but once I am proficient in that aircraft I would like to get into something with a bit more performance. You see I am building a formula one racer like they race at the Reno air races and I hope to be the first paralyzed pilot to race in Reno with my plane. I would actually like to accomplish a whole list of firsts with my flying, but I will take it one step at a time, or maybe I should say one wheel at a time! :) Anyway long story short I would really like to get some tailwheel time in an RV. If you or someone you know might be interested in letting me build a set of hand controls for an RV and working with me to try them out please let me know. The controls I plan to build will be easily removable and will not permanently alter your plane in anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like more information on what I am doing.

Contact: justonline_99 'at' yahoo 'dot' com 817-229-4634."

Cap Sightings


related: About the cap

Losing power during extreme heat conditions ...Mauritz in S.Africa

Today while I was busy with transition training (40 minutes in the flight) the Rotax engine started losing power at about 100ft AGL in the climb. I fly with 95 Shell Mogas. The engine has run for about 10 hours now, the tank was about half full, however the outside temp was 36.5⁰C or 98⁰F. As a result of the extreme heat in our part of the world I have moved the oil-cooler an inch forward which definitely help with the oil temperatures.

Did anybody experience this in extreme heat conditions? Is there a possibility that the fuel lines became too hot and resulted in the engine losing power? This was now the 2nd occurrence in extreme heat conditions and don’t want to fly any further until I have found the problem and or the solution.

Courtesy Car Additions Overnight In:

Oklahoma, North Dakota, Nebraska and Utah.


First RV-12 Condition Inspection ...Randy Pflanzer

I've nearly completed my first condition inspection and I thought I'd post what I found. I only found three things that required any attention at all, and all were fairly minor.

I added the fuel vent kit to my tank as part of the inspection, and I did find a little residue in the bottom of the tank. Nothing significant, just a little dusty golden-colored residue on the bottom. The gascolator and tank screens were all clear. There's another thread about this. My finding are consistent with what others have found. I have used a combination of 100 LL, ethanol-free 90 octane, and 93 octane Shell with 10% ethanol.

I found a minor fuel leak in the center tunnel where the fuel line goes into the back of the gascolator. I had replaced the red cube earlier and I didn't get that fitting very tight because of the close quarters. I asked my son to climb in there and tighten it up this time. He bends better than I do.

I did the first float check in the carburetors and one of my floats failed. Simple to check and simple to replace. I already had the floats and the gaskets on hand so no biggie.

To close the loop on my original post in this thread, I read the inspection list very carefully. Since the engine just had a 100 hr check completed, I did a 25 hour check. Filled out all the paperwork and filed it in the log book. According to my read, this was the appropriate and legal approach to take.

I'm now ready for another flying season.



Mon Jan 5, 2015.  1253Z

On a cold winter's day ...Pete Howell


2014 Odometer ...Rosie


Saturday morning Aeros and touch and goes ...video


2014 Odometer ...Turbo


RV Grin-Next Generation


Status Update ...KRviator


Courtesy Car List Grows

Hey, FBO owners!  Want to get RV pilots to visit?  Here's a way to promote your business that is FREE.


Flying Grandkids, Kids, and kids-in Law


Eagle's Nest Projects - Matthew Malcomb 1st Solo 16th B/D


Yet Another Figure 8 Dimple


Sam's Jack Stand


Hugh's RV-8




Fri Jan 2, 2015.  0209Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Cold Enough? ...ColoRv's RV-8 in Colorado

Kylee's First Flight - RV-4 ...video

January Wallpaper Calendar Online

'On Final': Ecuvillens, Switzerland ...Michael Wellenzohn

Removing a Pro-Sealed Part and Cleaning Up the Sealant

Can you identify this ski resort?

Don't throw away the wing skin you screwed up 15 years ago...

...you can use a piece for flame protection while soldering in some replacement pipe in your downstairs bathroom the day after Christmas.  Yepper, our downstairs half bath sprung a leak in the wall Christmas day.  All better now, and planning the renovation now (been thinking about it for 8 years).  It currently screams 80's...



Wed Dec 31, 2014.  1309Z
  I'd like to end this year on an upbeat note, celebrating young life.  I say this because 2014 was one of the worst years for me (I lost my Mom).  Because this site is about a LIFE LIVED with a Van's RV thrown in the mix, may I present a year end gift to you from my daughter and son.

Audrey Reeves (L) and her cousin Kate performing
'Edelweiss' for their 90yr old grandmother this past Christmas.


...and Tate's watercolor painting of our family pet 'Moondog' to his parents
(Christmas present from him - click to enlarge)

  Thank you to those who helped keep our small business' lights on for another year.  Our family would like to wish you and yours a happy, safe and loving 2015.
  God Bless You All. 


Some 2014 pics of flying ...moll780

Grand Canyon Adventure

Did I just ruin this?

Here is my Second Airplane. ...Troy Branch

High CHT event on one cylinder

Broken exhaust

Today I went flying and, to make a long story short, part of my exhaust broke off and departed the aircraft.

I bought the RV-6 and have contacted the builder to try to learn the type of exhaust system that is on it.

It is designed that the #2 cylinder crosses over the the #1 cylinder through a heat muff. The heat muff has nipples on each side that connect to the cylinders. The #2 cylinder has a Y where one pipe goes to the muff and the other drops down and exists the center of the cowling. This is the pipe that broke at the Y and is missing.

For anyone questioning my density (Pete Howell)

-3390ft at -16C = A great day to fly........Takeoff was pretty spectacular!




Tue Dec 30, 2014.  1251Z

'On Final' Shots ...Rob Kochman


Nor Cal New Years Day Fly Out ...Dan West

A bunch of us are flying to Willows WLW for lunch New Years Day. If we over fill Nancy's there are a couple of places just over the freeway. Denny's Black Bear Diner and a Chinese place. Lets see how many RV's we can get on the ramp at Willows. We are planning 11.30 hope to see ya there.

Vlad continues 'Museum Month'


Tail Art ...at KDVT


Year #8 Performance Numbers ...Pete Howell

Pretty boring, maybe a touch slower, but it was really cold at -16C. No complaints, still 151KTAS on 6GPH. Running Minnesota winter mogas at $2.37/gallon after road tax rebates and coupon discounts from the local retailer. Works out to be $0.0942/mile. Hello cheapo fun! ...


From the factory...


RV-4 Status Report ...Greg Brightwell

That's NOT a big wing, but they are finished. (mostly)  Well, FINALLY. The wings are finished, save for a couple hours work on the left wingtip. There are still a few clecoes in it. I moved them to the little shop today, and could not help but lay them out (minus the dihedral) and take a picture.


More on the 'Cool Shot' from Yesterday ...note open baggage door on photo ship




Mon  Dec 29, 2014.  1159Z
   Hope you had a Merry Christmas, enjoyed time with family and friends, and got to do something RV-related.  While you ease back into the work week, some are chiming in on 'for Christmas, my RV got' thread.  Finally, two days left in the yearly pledge drive (link).  Thanks and best, 

The 'On Final' Thread Continues to Shine

SoCal Flying, Chino to Catalina Island

RV-7 N6113 Mark Antry (mantry) KBTF ...virtual hangar entry

Dad's First Flight Lesson ...crabandy

'First Flight' Visit ...Kentsrv7A

And Randy Pflanzer's Visit...

RV-12 engine compartment fire ...JRo -12

I was running my engine today prior to flight, waiting for the oil temperature as always. SkyView warned "Shutting down in 30 seconds" and "Aircraft Power Lost". I shut down immediately, smelled smoke, then saw smoke at my feet. Exited the cockpit, peeked through the oil service hatch, saw yellow flames about 3-4" tall burning gently at rear of engine, straight below GPS antennae about 7". Extinguished immediately. Removed top cowl. Disconnected ship's battery. Fire appears electrical, but cause unknown. Pitot tube melted away for about 6" section (that appears to be mostly the combustion). Wire bundle severely compromised. Both throttle cables and both choke cables badly burned where they're bundled together and tie-wrapped to motor mount about 6" forward of firewall.  ...

It looks as though the wire from the starter relay to the cockpit switch panel became compromised.  ...

"Drunk on a Plane" - Flight therapy in the RV-6 ...video

"...High on life... (not alcohol or drugs) .. "

RV-4 Status Report ...NorthernRV4

Tail Art ...MrMoisture

Courtesy Car List...

...begins to show some California entries.

Another cool picture



Dec 24-28, 2014.


Merry Christmas 2014! ...Bill R. starts the thread this year

More 'On Final' Shots ...Gaylon -10


Factory Hours...


Mama Got a Ride ...Dbro172

Almost 3 years since I ordered the tail kit (and when my wife found out she was pregnant with 1 of 2 now) Kim finally got her first ride

Here were some of her remarks during the ride:
"This sure is a lot smother than the 172"
"Do they make one we can bring the kids in?"
"It sure is smooth"
"I wonder what the rich people are doing today?" (over Rancho Sante Fe)
"It's so roomy and i can stretch my legs out"
"Did you ever add up all those receipts"


Courtesy Car List Grows

...listings in the following states over the past few days.


Happy Holidays ...David's card



Tue Dec 23, 2014.  1310Z

Guess who bucked these rivets? ...David Taylor

From the factory....before further flight.

Geoff McHarg on final photo

Oops rivets have nothing on these! ...comedy

Build on or replace?

How 'bout a scratch built -4 retract project ...Smokey Ray

...man I do love this hobby.

Nose wheel bearings pitting

AircraftExtras.com Press Release




Mon Dec 22, 2014.  1255Z

Christmas Cards 2014

First big adventure ...Strike69

Sunday sunrise: Shuttle Landing Strip, Kennedy Space Center, etc. ...Arlen pictures

First flight! ...newt's niece, that is.

Museum Month #3 and #4 ...Vlad the Amazing (-9A)

RV White Pages New Feature

Two embedded maps showing the city (not the actual address) that the RV White Pages entry lives in.  I opted for two maps, one USA and the other everyone else, to get around GoogleMap's 2,000 record limit per map.

I think this newly embedded map will be most helpful in letting you quickly see if someone is building/flying near where you live, or where you'll be on a trip.  You can then dive into the PDF list to get their actual contact information.  Enjoy! 

Almost Done w/Fuselage Halves ...KHeidorn -14

Aileron ding

Your photos on final

Courtesy Cars added to the list over the weekend...

...and embedded the map on the page.  Works with anything you got that accesses the web.

Another new owner :) ...Sumo

Nose Art ...jdhmotor

December is online



Fri Dec 19, 2014.  1220Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

John's -8 at theVanCave.


  Early Christmas Present For You

The VAF Courtesy Car List

It only took a couple of minutes to work out the ins/outs of getting the info into a GoogleMap, and I don't really think the list will be that long in the end.  Maybe a couple thousand records.  So, here ya go.  The map platform may change down the road as new stuff pops up.  Or not...we'll see.

The list/map is usable on anything you got that surfs the web.  I spent fifteen minutes populating the start of the list using info from various state sites and some friends with good memories.

Obviously, you'll want to use whatever method you are comfortable with (Airnav, Pilot, Skyvector, ForeFlight, etc) to contact the airport to make sure the car is *really* there.  Stuff changes ya know...

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas. 


  RV White Pages Updated and Current

...courtesy the lovely and talented Audrey Reeves (home from college for Christmas Break).


  Your RV may be the key to a happy marriage! ...dwmillsap trip report

I've been happily married for close to 30 years. And, to the same woman all that time! Building airplanes is rough on marriages, but Lori has been with me through the gestation of an RV-6A, a slow build RV-10 and more recently an RV-12. So, what's the secret of a happy RV marriage? Well, she indulges my passion, so I indulge hers. People say that I'm plane crazy and I don't deny that. But, my bride is a quilting whackjob, I mean that in the most loving way. She is completely loopy about her hobby; sewing is her life.  continue


  Rivet Gun Repair Info

...courtesy Bob Avery of www.AveryTools.com, "Print this out (4 pages) and follow the instructions on 2nd & 3rd pages, using the blow up drawing as reference to the parts inside.   The gun is probably gummed up inside from sitting so long.   This usually works to disassemble, clean and polish everything inside, oil & reassemble.   It’s worth a try.   Let me know the results."




Thu Dec 18, 2014.  1155Z
More pics that tried for the calendar (I'm glad we get to enjoy them!)


N96KD Update (9A)

It has been a busy year working on my 9A.

And while I'm not done with the year yet, I'm starting to wind down with only a couple weeks left, and one of those on vacation skiing!

Last November we made the decision to move from our house to the other side of town to live on an airstrip. This has turned out to be just a great decision. It is a wonderful neighborhood (07TS), and the knowledge base of all things aviation is incredible. While I lost about 2.5 months building time with the move, the help I've received has made up for it several times over.

I started working on the Fuselage right after new years this year. And as my wife will tell you I have been a bit "focused" on the project.

With the help of a couple friends we got her up on her wheels, and mounted the engine Monday night!

I still have a lot of work left to do, but I can show people pictures and it really looks like an airplane now .

My hope is to get her done and flying sometime next summer. I think that is reasonable, but we will see.

Still trying to decide if I want to paint it myself, or have it painted. Right now I'm leaning towards painting it white myself, then having a wrap applied in a Texas flag motif (wife's idea).

Now, to figure out how to plumb an airplane engine, and how to fit a cowling!


Coneheads Unite!

10 Ways Your iPad Can Cause an Accident or FAA Violation


Jean New Year's Day Flyout 2015


Your photos on final


Help with 1st tire change please

Q: I want to flip my tires because the outsides are treadless at this point. Can I get some instruction on how to go about it?

A: Many replies.

RV-10 Gust Lock- 9GT's Version ...many pics




Wed Dec 17, 2014.  1154Z

RV-10 Status Report ...Bluelabel (many pics)


Advanced RV-7 IFR Quick Panel ...Rob at AFS

Here is a picture of an Advanced Quick Panel for an RV-7 getting ready to ship.  Configured, tested and ready to install with the following equipment: Two AF-5600T Touch Screens, D6 EFIS, Autopilot, AF-Com, GTN-650, Remote Mode S ES Transponder, Multi screen ADS-B Weather-Traffic, 406 ELT, Lighting controller with Wig-Wag, Flap Positioning, Auto Trim, Advanced control module, Remote USB data jacks for easy database and logbook updates


Well worth the wait ...Eric Wiley RV-8

After almost 10 years to the day, and a lot of fun along the way, the -8 flew for the first time in September. It was surreal. Flies like a dream hands off with no tweaking. Definitely a sense of accomplishment. I told myself I would finish some fiberglass work and install the wheelpants while flying of the 40hrs. 50 hrs have gone by and the wheel pants haven't moved and it is still a pink nosed ball of fun.

TXIO-360 M1B from Mattituck with two standard mags
Sensinech CS from van's
7" Skyview with AP and Dynon audio panel
Garmin 396
ICOM A210 radio
Hotel Whiskey ER tanks
Odyssy Battery in the back
Grove gear

Empty weight (no wheel pants or paint) 1083lbs
empty CG 79.70"

Only thing I would change is the battery to the front to allow a bit more passenger weight. This may be due to the Grove gear. I am not sure of the weight of the Mattituck exp engine. (New engine but second owner. Not in the paperwork.) May change someday after painting and if the mood strikes.

Thanks to DR and all those that take the time to post their experiences.

I would post pictures, but looks like any other almost finished -8. Besides, being from a conservative part of the state, I promised her I would not post pictures with her pants off. I will post when she is decent.

Keep working. If anyone needs remotivating, stop on by for a ride. It reminded me why I got my license.


Yazaman Update

Finally made it to Boerne after a challenging time getting around the clouds.  Here is Wayne and Marci (Tyler's Parents) about to get it ready to be Transferred to Lagrange TX (Its final Home)


Weather forecasting and visualization site


From the factory...


Garmin G3X Touch V2.80 ADS-B Settings

G3X Touch V2.80 is now available and contains some changes in support of improving TIS-B performance. This is similar to the changes recently reported for G3X V9.00.

The GDL 39/39R is a dual frequency (978 Mhz, 1090 Mhz) ADS-B receiver that receives ADS-B traffic air-to-air whether the traffic has a UAT and is transmitting on 978 Mhz, or has a mode S 1090ES transponder transmitting on 1090 Mhz. The GDL 39/39R also receives free FIS-B weather on 978 Mhz from ADS-B ground stations.

Additionally, the GDL 39/39R receives notification from ground stations of nearby Mode C aircraft using the TIS-B datalink.  continue



Tue Dec 16, 2014.  1154Z

RV Team Chile first Show!!!

We have been working on formation flying and aerobatics, so last weekend we made our first official presentation like "RV Team Chile", special thank to our families for their support and our instructor Cesar Falistocco.  video


Museum Month Continues ...Vlad the Amazing


Remember that 'Dust Award' Entry?  An update... ...Jstov


Another 8


2014 Spruce Creek Toy Parade ...tc1234c


You Leave Your Wheel Pant On The Kitchen Counter for 2 Minutes ...Pete Howell




Mon Dec 15, 2014.  1145Z
  Family tidbits.....Audrey scored a 91 for the semester in Physics (sophomore at SMU).  Placed out of her Organic Chemistry final exam, if you can wrap your head around that.  Also, Tate performed some Christmas music with three friends at the local Border's book store this past Friday (2nd from left).  The 57sec clip can be viewed HERE if you would like to start your day off with their first song.   So proud of both of them!
  Hope you had a good weekend.


Submitted Calendar Pics Thread Continued



RV-4 Status Update ..Gregg Brightwell

Well, after way too long, I have BOTH tanks finished and they are leak free! At my previous job, I worked with a lot of B1/2 sealant, so I got B4 for my tanks. I wanted plenty of working time here. Here is a pic of the left tank, mounted on the wing, taken while starting to rivet on the outboard skin. The balloon has been inflated for over a week at this time, with pretty steady temps and pressures over that week:  continue


Final Panel Iteration (for now) ...RV8iator

I've had my plane since October of 06 and when I started flying her, the panel was basic day VFR like this...

Over the years I've gone thru several upgrades from better VFR, to Basic IFR with a GRT Sport SX and a Garmin 300XL.

A couple years ago I decided I needed, NEEDED a full up IFR platform so I upgraded the Sport to the HXr, the 300XL was supplemented by an SL30, then both of those were replaced with a Garmin 650.

Audio is now PSEngineering PMA450, second com is a Garmin GTR200, Trig TT31 connected to it is full 2020 compliant for ADSB out. ADSB in is provided by SkyRadar D2.

The HXr had a single ADHRS, and I needed redundancy for that so I added a MiniX. Then I needed a tie breaker if one of those failed, so I added a second MiniX.

I have full standby electrical powering HXr, Mini 1&2, audio panel, GTR200 and A/P is all heck breaks loose.

Here's the final iteration, for now. I couldn't be happier.  continue


Paint booth light REDO ...9erDriver

OK, heeding the sage advice of my fellow VAF'ers and not wanting to foul my lights with paint nor blow myself to smithereens, I built a plastic covered soffit around my new lights. I will then open up the wall behind them allowing them to run in fresh air and effectively isolating them from the paint fumes. Not much of a reduction in light, still substantially more than before the upgrade. Thanks for the advice guys!




Fri Dec 12, 2014.  1145Z
A nice shot from the wingMAN ...Luke in Italy

Q: Is this a problem? (rear spar attach point)

A: Absolutely.  Call the factory at (503) 678-6545.

More Installments ...Vlad's trip to the Air & Space museum

[ed. I like this image because I think Vlad in the background was a nice touch. dr]

Post your Van's Calendar pic submission for 2015 (more pics)

From the factory... RV-7/7A, 8/8A, 14/14A

Garmin Announces New Datalink Weather Receiver

GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM Receivers Bring SiriusXM Datalink Weather and Audio to the Cockpit

Show us your RV-4 entry ...Jerry Isler

Jim Buechler Panel Pic

I don't post very often, (but always contribute to this great website) and have reached a milestone with completion of my panel. Equipment Includes GRT 10.4" HXr and EIS, GTN 650, PMA 450 Audio Panel, AOA pro, Trutrak Vizion A/P, GNC-255A Nav/Com and remote TT22 Transponder. Wiring Architecture includes backup 20A alternator as endurance buss, with Dual P-mags for the IO-360. Many thanks to SteinAir and Mike Gleason for all of their input. They are terrific.

Scheduled Maintenance 12/13 10pm CT - 12/14 6am CT

Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to perform network upgrades.  Intermittent service accessibility during this window.



Thu Dec 11, 2014.  1145Z

Trip to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

...Vlad trip write-up (first and second installments)


Post your Van's Calendar pic submission for 2015 ...AX-O

Like many of you every year I cross my fingers to see if my picture submission to Vans makes it in the Calendar. Being that the calendar is for sale now and I did not get a call, I am sure I did not make it in. So below are 2 pics. Not edited. They were taken by Pat Dulaney during the California Capital Airshown. She does a wonderful job taking pics and takes it very seriously. What did you submit?


From the factory (re: French builders)...


Painted.  Jim Woolf


9A Status ...Scott Balmos

Some of you here who also know me on FB have already seen this. But I'm 4 months into fitting and drilling the center and forward sections of my fuselage. Here's last night's pic, the last view of it before it all gets torn apart for deburring, dimpling, and riveting. After this it's the no-canoe-rolling-here non-party (the word "party" is there, so a few bottles of beer is still legal for the event, right? ).  continue


Turtle Update ...AndyRV7

Cape Cod Sea Turtle Rescue update Wednesday December 10, 2014

The majority of the sea turtles rescued are Kemps Ridley. All sea turtles are critically endangered, with the Kemp’s Ridley being the most endangered. We have successfully transported over 500 sea turtles thanks to all of you.

Sadly, we are still working on transporting stranded sea turtles out of Cape Cod. Yesterday alone, there were another 40 rescued and brought in for treatment at the Boston Aquarium. Once stabilized these turtles will be on the list to be transported. Currently, I have 85 turtles to be transported to the Gulf States for rehab and release. This flight needs to be flown asap, in order to guarantee the survival of the turtles. A PC12 type ac with seats removed would accommodate the 85 turtles listed below. I can also split the load up with 2 smaller ac. A generous donor without an ac would like to help by paying for the fuel for this mission, if that would be helpful to an owner pilot.  continue


Pahan from AvionicsInstallations.com Sent Me This Pic

(click to enlarge)


You Might Be An RV Builder If....




Wed Dec 10, 2014.  1210Z

Milestone: 700 Hours ...John Bender

"I post every 100 hours to encourage those building to keep it up. I am the Flyout Coordinator for our EAA chapter, so fly all year long."


O320-E2A converted to C/S = Problems?
  I'm looking at an RV-4 (to buy) which sports an O-320 E2A. The owner says the engine was converted, by a previous owner, to a Constant Speed prop engine by, he believes, replacing the crank with a "hollow crank".
  Also the 7:1 compression ratio was boosted to 8.5 via higher compression pistons.
  Does anyone know of serious problems that occur when one converts an E2A in this way?

Some replies:
O-320-E2A at 160HP and those pistons is really an O-320-D2A. The regular O-320-E2A crankshaft and front bearing setup is constant speed capable. So all he really did was add a prop gov drive, CS prop mounting dowels and CS prop plumbing to a O-320-D2A. Which is not going to present any problem as far as the engine or its operation is concerned

The O-320-A series is cs capable as far as the nose bearing and crankshaft go. Make sure there is a pad to mount the gov drive too, on the back of the engine and you also might have to change prop mounting lugs in the flange to fit a Cs prop and you will have plug the back of the nose bore in the shaft if it has been being used for FP. Other than that you should be all set.


New Video:  AF-5000 Getting Ready for a Flight ...Advanced Flight Systems


Nose rib fluting

I am running into this while trying to flute the nose ribs. The first two pictures show what the rib looks like after fluting without an pressure. You can see there is a pressure forming a twist in the rib.  continue




Tue Dec 9, 2014.  1155Z
APRS Geometry ...Vlad


Q: Inop Flaps any ideas?

A: Common problem. Your flap motor probably needs to be cleaned out

A: ...first check for voltage at on the wire connections at the motor.


Another Newbie out of the Shadows


Welcome Matt Horstman....VAF Forums 20,000th registered user.


Not such a mystery photo ...from Turbo's RV


Paint Update...Pittsartist in the UK


Selfie ...ColoRv




Mon Dec 8, 2014.  1257Z
Ted and Arlen Watching Orion launch from the air ...two separate RVs.


RV-4 Dust Award Nominee ...Jstov

I just purchased my first rv-4. It has been sitting in a hangar for ten years.  more


Tony_T's RV-12 False Spar (for transport)


First Real Oil Change ...Strike69


POH Kneeboard v2.0 ...humptybump

I've updated my POH Kneeboard to address two issues - making it safer and making it even more useful.

This version used a plyable polyethylene cover which can be written on with a grease pencil (and easily wiped clean).  continue


This week the forums should pass its 20,000th registered user.  Thanks for helping it become what it has. 



Fri Dec 5, 2014.  1222Z
Thanksgiving trip out West ...blahphish

New George Ford video

In-flight Self Portrait ...Bruce Hill and daughter

The coolest Pitot Cover ...scrollF4

Milestone: Engine Hung ...Guilhermepilot

Buy Chuck's Book

Welcome Grove

fmi: http://groveaircraft.com/rvmain.html 




Thu Dec 4, 2014.  1218Z

Spruce fly-in's Whiskey flight off to breakfast this morning. Lead Mike Kelly RV-8, 2 Bob Kurrle Rv-7, 3. Gene Ledda Rv-7A, 4. John Fleurent RV-8, 5. Bill Merkin RV-6, 6. Paul Van Sickle RV7A.    Mike Kelly emailed me this.


$3.80 confirmed yesterday.....KSWI (Sherman, TX)

Yesterday I flew Flash over to KSWI for $3.80 avgas (90 cents cheaper than my field).  First flight over .1hr in two weeks.  I feel better having a learning component to the mission if I'm spending money getting off the surface, so I used the time to practice intercepting radials off various things in the 430W database.  Spots on the web talk about, during the IFR checkride, having an "intercept the XXXº radial of XXX VOR" thrown in there to see if you know how to muscle the GPS/NAV/COMM around, so on the way back I worked out the how-to-do-thats.  Buttonology practice.

1. On the 430W select DIRECT TO the FUZ VOR (but don't activate yet)
2. Scroll to the CRS window and enter 190 (my guess).  Now activate.
3. Press OBS on the 430W and then the OBS CRS soft key on the G3X
4. Rotate the knob on the G3X, while watching the magenta radial line pivot around the FUZ VOR on the MFD, until it crosses over where I think my house is.  It happened to be the 203º radial, and I now think the 'North Up' view would be best for this type stuff (for me).
5. Intercept that radial via meat servo (then see if the autopilot will do it....  it did).
6. Take a picture with phone while George is driving....

Click to enlarge.
Joining the 203º FUZ radial (note magenta pathways in the PFD)

7. Monitor on the iPad running Garmin Pilot for additional SA.
8. Land.  Eat lunch.  Kids meal at Whataburger.  $3.45 out the door...includes cookie and refill.  Read interesting tidbits about octopuses on the bag.  Skip the puzzle.
9. Go home and write about the flight.  .8hr logged.  Stuff learned, and saved over $6 in gas while learning it (over buying at my field).  Good times. 

PS:  I found a YouTube clip explaining some of this on the 430

FreeFlight ADS-B Special Deal thru the end of the year for VAF members

FreeFlight is offering the FDL-978-XVR UAT (Universal Access Tranceiver, ADS-B In/Out, built in certified GPS) for $3995 (retail $5490) thru the end of the year (expires Dec 31, 2014).

I am offering these units for $3250 (plus shipping) thru the end of the year to VAF members

As an authorized dealer I committed to purchase a large quanity of these units for a special price and am passing the savings onto VAF members.
This special price is for installation in experimental aircraft only (certified aircraft require dealer installation).

Units come with everything you need except wiring harness (connectors are included with the kit or I can build a harness for you for a nominal extra charge or you can build your own).  continue


Need Hangar Space ...Pearland, TX


$50 Off...




Wed Dec 3, 2014.  1235Z

Museum Month ...Vlad trip


Another Condition Inspection Logged ...Glen

Another condition inspection has been logged. This one was delayed by some family commitments and "a few changes" I wanted to make including changing the AP (this changing servos and wiring) and a new heated pitot tube.

Last year's assistant became this year's A&P. The "kid" did a great job and we found a few things.

Most of the above posts give the general experience.

I have not been happy with the location of my aux battery so I moved it to the space forward of the left gear tower. It's a LiFePO4 and only weighs 2.2 lbs so I'm not concerned with any significant CG effect.

Compression was up a bit and considering the test was done cold I'm happy with the 75 78 76 74. Timing was still right on the money.

This was the year for the new 380x150 tires / tyres. I spent about two hours adjusting the wheel pants. Thankfully the work was limited to increasing the bottom opening "incrementally"

With so little 100LL consumed and mostly ZeroE burned, the plugs looked great. There are times when I'm happy to fly behind a low-compression O320

The A&P did an accelerated swing test on the ELT. I'd never "tested" the ELT. we discovered it had been install backwards all this time. It took a bit of work to get the antenna coax and control cable long enough to reach the ELT with it facing the correct way. (There's nothing quite like yoga in the tail come of an RV-8 to test your flexibility.)

The rest of the condition inspection turned up a few worn and brittle cable ties; a rubber pad that had shifted and was about to stop providing its protection to the hot air belt tube, and a nut plate that needed to be re-riveted.


Welcome Dennis from Waalwijk, Netherlands

...many pictures.


Final Report Issued

...Victor shares the findings of his 2/23/14 accident (Probable Cause published)


From Garmin...



Orion Test Flight This Thursday ...watch live on NASA TV



Tue Dec 2, 2014.  1151Z

Sid 'scrollF4' Mayeux - Wings ON (7A).


  Guaymas Mexico Trip Update ...Brian Unrein RV-10

We made it back from our trip to Guaymas Mexico without much incident. The only exciting thing that happened during the flight, which happened to us last time we went to Mexico as well, was that we had a hard time reaching ATC/FSS while trying to re-enter the US. We climbed up from 9,500 to 11,500 feet and finally reached FSS to relay for us and get us a squawk when we were about 2 miles from the boarder near KPRS. It really surprises me they dont have a radio tower closer to the boarder. The closest one was 40 miles from the boarder so trying to hail someone at a reasonable distance out was no joy.

Our experience at the Guaymas airport was much better this time since we knew what to expect. Plus the agents there spoke a little English this time which helped a lot. I made 3 copies of all paper work - aircraft registration, airworthiness, pilots license, etc and stuck them in a folder. The Customs process in Guaymas seems a little unorganized as you bounce from area to area and paying fees and doing paper work. Overall, it was a good experience.

We paid approximately the following costs:
$130 for a multi entry permit (good for the airplane for 1 calendar year I think?)
$30 for 4 days of parking
$7 for landing fee
$24 per person (not pilot/crew) entry visas
$5 per person exit visa (non pilot/crew)
$4.82/gal fuel
+tip for the nice guys who helped with baggage.


  Rookie problem Pneumatic Squeezer mushing rivets


  From Grady at GLO...


  Plz inspect prop build-up pics


  Pickup Fuse Kit from Shipping Terminal ...K. Sizemore


  My Buddy Jim Bradley

I've known the cat for 20+ years or so.  He's looking for a Pharmaceutical Sales Manger position in the Dallas area.  I'd like to help my friend by posting his quals below.  Don't let the fact that he knows me blemish his chances.  In fact, he knows me from the 'I'm thinking about building an airplane' days.

Oh, and he grew up down the street from Elvis, who was years older....he has some stories. 



Mon Dec 1, 2014.  1154Z
RV-6 Bush Plane

From the mothership

Another Way to Hold Your Pants

RV-6A Victoria, TX 219PB ...welcome

RV-7A Aerobatics Lesson with Air Show Pilot Adam Baker - Part 2

Status Report ...K. Sizemore -14

Deposit on top of cylinder

Calendar Wallpaper for December Online

First Engine Start - RV-7 - N77PB

My RV-9A Rotisserie

200kt GS Club ...Mike Messer entry

Avery Tool Press Release