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  7/31  0121 UTC
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

How do YOU shop at Costco? ...Norcalrv7

Here in Crescent City, CA we have no Costco. Luckily, one is located 60 miles away in Eureka, CA. Good enough reason for an RV mission with the girlfriend!


Travel Update ...tommylewis

On the Thursday after the 4th, we took off out of Johnson Creek, made fuel stop at a West Yellowstone, and then landed at Rapid City, SD. After landing, refueling, and moving to a hangar, we discovered oil dripping out of the bottom of the cowling. The next morning we had it in a shop to remove the cowling and determined that the rough engine start we had in West Yellowstone 6 hours previously was likely a stuck exhaust valve on #4 cylinder. The push rod had bent and damaged the lifter body. Since to replace a lifter body requires splitting the case, the engine was removed and sent off to an engine shop. So after 40 years of flying around the country and never having a mechanical maintenance issue stop us, we were stopped. Fortunately, we were meeting friends for a week and had time to sort out our options.  ...


Incident at OSH
...[ed. THANK YOU to Rob for the debrief!!!  Glad to hear you're OK.  dr]



7/30  0026 UTC
  A quick moment today to remind those who post in the VAF Forums that it is not a place to hash out a country's politics or how their alphabet GA organizations are run.  It's not a 'rally the troops' location for contacting senators, etc.  You can familiarize yourself with the posting rules HERE.  There are a multitude of sites and organizations specifically targeting those type things (for the USA audience you can find AOPA's here and EAA's here).
  You know I'm a lover not a fighter, but abuse of this rule will get your account locked down in a manner similar to that big foot at the beginning of the old Monty Python shows (video).  I don't like doing it, but I will.
  Now back to promoting the Van's Aircraft product line, and the fine folks who build and fly them.  Thank you. 


RV Pilots - Welcome to Oshkosh

Eleven days in OSH with a lot of volunteer work adds up to 110% FUN! I wanted to photograph as many RV pilots as possible, but dispatching Welcome Wagons and driving all over resulted in missing hundreds. Still, I got 82 pilots, one with a Rocket. Our phones went down on Tues/Wed - sorry for not being able to answer calls.

The photo below is of Pete McCoy and his RV9A.


Panel Pic ...f14av8r 'Randy'

This the result of a complete rewiring of the airplane. The owner / builder used the Dynon Skyview system and the VP-X Sport system. I installed the D2 Pocket Panel as a backup attitude source. I also added the Skyview Knob Panel above the display. Those dedicated knobs are very useful. I'd seriously consider the autopilot panel too, especially if doing and significant IFR work - which I'm not.


GMA 240 Died ...Doug Weiler

I see this is an "old" thread but I just went through a similar situation with my GMA 240. It is 4 years old with 395 trouble free hours. For no apparent reason today it quit (been using Bose X headsets all this time). I did have my iPhone audio output plugged into an external music jack (all of this wired by SteinAir). Since my box is out of warranty, Chris at Stein suggested looking at this thread. I removed the cover and yes, the internal fuse was blown. You can see I wired in an in-line 1 amp fuse as in previous posts and it seems to work fine. I had the 240 protected by a 5 amp external fuse. I may switch this to a 1 amp. Regardless if this blows again, I may have other issues somewhere.


Pictures of RV-10 N104AZ 'Liberty'


Vertical Power VP-50, VP-100, VP-200 owners, please read

News from Astronics Ballard Technology regarding VP-50, VP-100, and VP-200 systems only-

Product obsolescence usually brings angst with both customers and their supplier. We at Astronics Ballard Technology had an unusual situation with the acquisition of the Vertical Power products. As many of you may know, we acquired only the VP-X Sport and the VP-X Pro products, plus bins and boxes of all kinds of parts. As a service to the community, we continued to provide repair support for already obsolete products such as the VP-50/VP-100/VP-200 whenever possible. However, we are now out of most the useable parts and many are no longer attainable. Therefore, we are discontinuing factory service support for these already obsoleted units. If you have one of these units and would like to upgrade to a VP-Pro, please contact Chad Jensen to discuss options.

Rest assured, we enjoy being part of the community and will continue to offer the highly successful VP-X Pro and Sport through our dealer network. Also, keep following us. I think you will be pleased with the Primary Power System (PPS) which will be released shortly after operational qualifications are complete.

Please contact Chad for further assistance.

Best regards,

Bill Schuh
Vice President of Sales
Astronics-Ballard Technology


Gary Sobek's Sunday OSH Photos



7/29  0141 UTC

Whit (RV-4) arrives in DFW airspace with the sun.

30 Years of the RV-6/6A Design- Airventure 2016 Celebration!


Summer 2015 Travels ...tommylewis

Tom & Bonnie are traveling again this summer in our RVs. We left TX the weekend before July 4th and flew our RV10 to West Yellowstone. Left TX at sunrise, which is a stretch for us, and after two 3 hour flights landed in West Yellowstone.  ...


1,000 Builder Hours Milestone ...BLittleton

I don't know how much of a milestone it really is other than a nice round number. I crossed the thousand-hours build mark. I thought I'd post a pic of my build log for proof. I've even tracked the help from my wife and 2 daughters. I'm supposedly half-way through the build...but looking at all the work still to do, seems like I just got started.  ...


Status Report ...Z-EDD

...last tank day.



7/28  0128 UTC

Monkey's Old School RV-6.


Tank Offer


The best sentence of the article

"The 40th anniversary of the RV-6 design, the most successful kit design ever, led by 4,000-hour RV-6A pilot Paul Rosales."


Bob Collins OSH Departure Video


Cougar Phase 1 Update


Prop Strike at OSH Update ...crabandy

Catto reviewed my photos and wanted a tap test of the nickel leading edge to check for any de-lamination, If no de-lamination is found there is no need to send the prop in.

Walt gave my prop a thorough tap test before I left OshKosh and no signs of de-lamination were found. I also checked the prop tracking prior to leaving OshKosh and found everything straight. This morning I checked the prop bolts for torque and did another tap test on the prop blades. So far everything looks good.



7/27  0125 UTC

From the mothership FB page...
"The Van's Aircraft crew winds down another
Oshkosh experience. Thanks for coming
and we'll see you next year!"

The long ride home!


An RV inspired family announcement

My impressions of OSH 2015

11-17 July Trip to Yellowstone and Rapid City

Got our Doris flying

Home from OSH ...Tom Schad

Home from OSH Friday afternoon.  Son, Paul, flew our six up Monday, and Brian Hagen and I went up in the eight last Friday.  We returned Friday morning and arrived back home after one quick fuel stop and 4.5 hours in the air.  Best Oshkosh in a long time...  Tom Schad. Gainesville.

My OshKosh Prop Strike

Traffic Alert

Kate's first trip report- daddy daughter breakfast (documented through selfies)

2015 AirVenture Builder Awards

Picked up an earthX LiFePo4 battery at Oshkosh

Cancer Update

Look around, including up!

What's your KOSH highlight

....so many good comments.



7/24  0123 UTC
  Well, if you were wondering why not much is moving around my neck of the woods, this is why.  We're deep in the heat, blankets are covering the curtains shading the windows, and trips out the front door are made QUICK so we don't let out much 'bought air'.  It's really dang hot.  A little fiddling with the RV in the mornings before going indoors in the afternoons.
  Hope it's cooler where you live, and wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

A freshly-cleaned floor calls for a photo.
John Goodloe RV-8 at 'theVanCave'.  dr

Need help with damage at Osh ...9A

Well it happened again. We were damaged at the 2011 Sun n Fun tornado. Now we have damage at Osh. It is not as bad as the Avenger but we had a tail dragger run into the back of our rudder. It is destroyed. Is there anyone around Osh that may have a finished rudder I may be able to use to get home on. If anyone can help please call my cell. My cell is (for-zero-5 / ate 2 two / zero 6 two one)

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: I want to thank everyone for your offers to help. This truly is a great community. So Butch is driving to Osh tonight and bringing a rudder for me to bolt on. Butch you are a lifesaver. In addition, after the incident I went down to the Vans tent and talk to Van himself about it. Van has a retired RV 9 in their shop. They are pulling the rudder off and overnighting it to the show. I now have a Plan A and a Plan B. If something happens with Butch's trip, I will have Van's rudder sometime tomorrow. If Butch's rudder works Van tells me they will be able to put it on their truck and take it back when they go home. Things are looking good for now. Thank you Butch and Van and everyone on this forum.

Live Long and Prosper!


Home from Airventure 2015

"3hr 50min to the house. had to navigate a few storms."

"6.3 to Manassas VA including an Ohio fuel stop"

"Good times! Can't wait for next year. Hopefully with a little less drama. Off to the shop to shoot a batch of primer before bed"

"The weather turned a 5 1/2 trip into 6 1/2 hours. One stop at Lafayette, TN (3M7) for a 20 minute fuel stop"

"Launched at 0710 local OSH time (seems I got out just in time), and 14 hours later was landing in the Seattle area with 12.2 engine hours"


What's your KOSH highlight

"A gentlemen and his 29 year old son came up to me and told me that I took him for a ride in my RV-4 in 1985 and between that ride and my story in Sport Aviation it inspired him to build his own RV. I know he and his son came up in it and I think his son is even learning to fly or already has.

I have to tell you that of all of the great things that have happened to me at this OSH, including the honor of speaking at the Van's banquet, this was my highlight!"


Big Rivet mistake

So dumb me was working on riveting the elevator ribs to the skin on my RV-10 the past few days. And lucky me misread the rivet callout to use AN326AD3-3 and i used 3-3.5. I can't talk to build support right now because they are at EAA. Does anyone have any advice if thats going to majorly affect the structural strength of the elevator?


Panel Status Report ...Blain

Seems quiet in the -8 forum. Everyone must be planning to build a -14. Panel is beginning to resemble something useable.


From my ISP (maintenance window this weekend)...dr

7/25 10pm CT - 7/26 6am CT


Pax Loading and Tail Strike ...Auburntsts RV-10

So this has been discussed plenty before, but wanted to foot stomp it for the new builders as I did it yesterday departing OSH. Here's the scenario: We had packed (baggage compartment maxed out in both weight and volume) and pulled the plane out of our camp spot in HBC for engine start but we had a 3-hr delay waiting for the airport to open after the Meridian crash. In the meantime my wife and son took off for a walk while we waited. When the airport opened, it was a mad dash to get fired up and in line for departure. I texted my wife to beat feet back and found out they had gone as far as Boeing Plaza. Mistake #1: we were in a mad rush when they finally got back to get everyone in and the engine. Mistake # 2: After the kids where strapped in, in our haste both my wife and I broke the cardinal RV-10 loading rule and stepped up onto the wing simultaneously resulting our plane tipping back onto it's tail. I jumped off as soon as I realized what was happening, but it was too late. I immediately picked the tail up and the good news was I was super lucky in that there was no damage (other than my pride ). This was due to the ground was very spongy with the grass/weeds and the tip back was gentle. Had it been on the concrete I'm not sure I would have escaped without at least having my tail strobe and bottom rudder fairing broken.

So the moral of the story is take your time when loading -- don't be rushed and don't let 2 adults step up onto the wing at the same time especially if you have a full load in back.


From the mothership...



7/23  0104 UTC

Both RV-14 Prototypes in Flight

Not sure if anyone else has seen the mention of the 14 on Kitplanes website, but they had several in flight pics of the taildragger and say it will be in an upcoming issue. Link to the article....   ...


Canopy Skirts!

"...These are aluminum and not exactly perfect, but they look pretty darn good to me!"


Banquet Pics ...courtesy Joe Blank


Katie and Ben got married at AirVenture!

With so much news coming out of Oshkosh, it is easy to miss some important events and we haven't yet recognized a big one for two of our community members!  ...


RV-4 Landing Video

First time flying into OSH. It was far from uneventful!  I'm thinking the plane that I was following was fixated on flying the Notam to the point of cutting me off to do so. For the record, this was my second landing attempt. First time ended in a go around as I was never given a dot assignment or clearance to land. After voluntarily talking to the tower controllers today, that's not a huge deal and I could've just landed. I can't say I recommend flying to OSH for beginners. I've been flying this 4 for two years and can see how the situation could escalate very quickly. We landed Sat afternoon after holding for 45min for the mass Cessna arrival btw.



7/22  0223 UTC

RV-3 Builders Meet Today (Wed 22nd 10am)...North end of Row 316.

Day One Photos ...Mike Bullock

Day Two  ...Mike Bullock

Day Two Continued  ...Mike Bullock

Phase 2 begins -- Kelli's First Ride in our RV-7A "Kelli Girl"...Sid 'scrollF4' Mayeaux

We finished our -7A's Phase 1 last week. I had long promised my bride Kelli that she gets the first-ever Phase 2 ride as copilot. While the rest of the RV world are clustered at Oshkosh for the big show, I introduced Kelli and N260KM to each other via a 45 minute XC to Stephenville Tx (KSEP) for their fly-in and car show.  ...

Houston's first ride in our -7A...same guy.

After taking my wife Kelli up for our first-ever Phase 2 ride, next in line was my son Houston who had been my chief build 'partner' through our 4.5 year build. Houston only does well with the smoothest air, but he did alright on today's ride.  ...

48 Hours to Kill ...Vlad

Oshkosh RV aerobatics forum

"In the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) forum the following presentation should be interesting for any RVers doing rolls and loops.

23 July, Thursday, 1:00 - 2:15pm Steve Johnson - RVs and Aerobatics

In the presentation you'll see an RV doing three turn spins beyond what we do in competition which is only 1 1/2 turns. By the way Steve Johnson is a great RV advocate and has been on the US World Aerobatic Team."

Status Report ...AX-O

The best laid plans of mice and... Pilots? ...by Scott Balmos

The cousin and I always fly to OSH in his 182. This year, he came down from Akron to pick me up at HAO.  We were going to go to KMGC to get gas before heading over the lake to KUNU and the approach. Reality had other ideas. We had trouble starting at HAO (very hot and humid day today), and once we were in the air we went direct Ft. Wayne to cut the edge of an incoming storm cell. Good thing we did. About 20 miles out, we lost all electrical power. My cousin kept flying while I called Ft. Wayne Tower on my phone. Landed without issue, and had a laugh with the emergency guys (they were bored, we're sure). The FBO called the mechanic for us, and after 4 hours of battery recharging and testing, we figured it out. The 60A main breaker had tripped. Why? The alternator tripped itself internally. Why? The alternator field wire had gotten loose inside the ring terminal crimp. Re crimp that, finish recharging the battery, and the rest of the flight in was fine.

Just keep flying the plane, and let other capable souls deal with ATC if necessary.

Scott Balmos photo



7/21  0025 UTC
  As folks get their photo albums loaded online, I'd ask they please consider either adding the URL to the OSH '15 Photo Album URLs thread, or shooting me an email (vansairforce 'at' gmail) with the URL so I can spotlight it here on the front page.
  We're looking forward to the pictures and PIREPs!


Start of the Monday RV Social....Scott Balmos pic around 5pm

From the factory FB page...

Cowl Damaged by Alternator

Elevator E-905 Rib not aligning ...RV-10

Lycoming Factory New Experimental Engines ...mothership



7/20  1855 UTC  SPECIAL

2015 Oshkosh RV Social ....today after airshow.

Photo URLs coming online....


RV-10 Social 2015 at Oshkosh ...pics from yesterday

Heads-Up Display announced by GRT Avionics

AFS Oshkosh 2015- SV-GPS-2020 and much more!

From ACS....


From Dynon....link


From AFS....link

We left Friday morning at about 9 am in the RV-10 for Oshkosh, 13 days after starting the panel upgrade. The new panel worked awesome without any problems. Our first stop was KDIJ Driggs Idaho, really nice stop with a great restaurant in the FBO. After eating lunch and getting fuel it was off to KRAP Rapid City South Dakota for the night.
The next morning we flew nonstop to Oshkosh. On downwind to runway 27 they told us to follow the Oracle One red biplane and land on the green dot behind him, it was easy to spot as it had the smoke on.  ...


From MGL Avionics....



7/20    0103 UTC
  And OSH'15 begins...   Good morning!  As folks get their photo albums loaded online, I'd ask they please consider either adding the URL to the OSH '15 Photo Album URLs thread, or shooting me an email (vansairforce 'at' gmail) with the URL so I can spotlight it here on the front page.
  We're looking forward to the pictures and PIREPs!

Tom Schad downwind OSH Friday afternoon.

RV Friends & VAF ...Jim Lewellyn

My flying mission changed about a year ago, and I recently purchased a spam can. It’s a 4-door model with a bench seat, and a hatch back for hauling groceries, lumber, etc. At least that is what it seems like compared to the 6. I sold the 6, and I will be delivering it to the new proud owner this weekend. I have owned my RV-6 for about 8 years. In that time, I have made many new RV friends.  ...

Do Not Stray far in PHASE I

On my back for Oshkosh ...Bob Collins

Just in case anyone is inclined to get down in the grass, crawl under my plane, and see if I go to the trouble of polishing the underside, let me save you the trouble.

Not on the ground while N789KD flies

After making minor adjustments from Jesse's flight yesterday 789KD was ready to take an additional exit from those surly bonds of the earth. This time it was Jesse and I lifting off this am.

Florida's summer weather hasn't been the normal sun in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Got to X35 about 9:00 driving thru showers. Kathy and I cleaned up the hanger a bit and looked west to see if the storm would arrive and then clear up. it never came, but after an hour things looked good. Went up to Jesse's hanger and pulled him away from a 10 that was being prepped for Osh. Off the two of us went with Kathy the film crew.  ...

First Flight ...paul330

So after 8 1/2 years, it finally happened on Thursday.

Oshkosh is here! ...Scott Card

Woohoo!! The time is finally upon us again.
It has been a crazy last couple of weeks and it has kinda' snuck up on us.

A week and a half ago we put a contract on a house at the airpark where our airplane lives. A couple of years ago we got the opportunity to move 22C to the airpark that was only a 9min. drive. Wow, that was a major improvement over the 35+min drive to the airplane. Now I awake to being informed that Tanya has "slipped out the back jack", to go do dawn patrol by the unmistakable sound of a -9 whistling by on climb out. The trick is to roll out of bed just in time to see her in the overhead upon return from the back porch with a cup of coffee. So 22C has been living the life for the last couple of years while we tried to secure another house. I'm done with the shoulder to shoulder neighbors. So a house opportunity popped and we made a mad dash to raid the piggy bank that we had been reserving just for such an opportunity. Then the slew of high speed inspections and paperwork can take your breath away. I'm still in shock that I'm going to have to walk away from my perfect shop space, but I keep telling myself that there will be opportunities on the other side to recreate it. Ouch, I can't believe I'm walking away from my shop space! Of course now we have to prep to list the current house. Oh boy. There is an upstairs bedroom packed with shelves of aircraft parts, completed airplane wings in another upstairs space, and 2500 pound machinery to move...   ...

FS- RV-8 "Smokey" ...VAF classifieds used beautifully

Brief O-320 roughness on ground leaves me unsettled

Landed for refueling after a half-hour flight in 90deg weather. Fueling took about 20 minutes and the plane was pointed away from the wind. Sumped tanks, no contamination. Shortly after restart, the engine ran slightly rough and the only instrument indication was flickering of the RPM gauge (GRT EFIS). The engine smoothed out after about 15 seconds, and run-up was normal, so I flew home (30 mins) uneventfully.

What would cause this, and is it something to worry about?



7/17  0001Z 
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Workmanship. Being your own worst critic a few years after the fact ...Paul Tuttle

My -8 has been flying for a few years now. It flies nice, works good and looks decent from a few feet away. However, when I see an RV at an event somewhere, or a picture of one where the workmanship is flawless and the paint is perfect. I start to beat myself up a bit and wish I could turn the clock back and redo some things. Kinda like un-cooking an egg though.  ...


Eagle's Nest Projects - Oshkosh 2015

Eagle’s Nest Projects will be displaying 5 completed aircraft. You are cordially invited to stop by, see our aircraft, and visit with our student-builders representing campuses from Florida, Indiana, Texas, N. Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Also displaying will be aircraft and student-builders from TeenFlight, Aviation by Design, and AviationNation. Representatives from the Youth Aviation Programs Association (YAPA) will be on hand to register new youth build programs. If you have an interest in youth aviation/education or you just need an inspiring moment in your busy day, the Homebuilders Hangar is the place to be.  ...


N789KD flies

Today my RV9A made it's first flight. Jesse Saint at the controls. We fit the flight in ahead of approaching rain (see photo). 1/2 hour flight looked wonderful from the ground. Jesse reported no big problems. A very very slight heavy wing and a small right rudder input required. All temps and pressures were good with #1 cyl. hotter than the others. 5 1/2 years building and it FLIES!!!!!!.  ...


Panel Change Status ...Rob Hickman

I managed to make four flights with the new panel yesterday and it is all working great. I flew two different GPS approaches with both the IFD540 and the GTN650.  ...


KSEP Fly-in, 18 July, Show of Hands ...N.TX

OK, show of hands: Who all is going to the Stephenville Tx flyin-slash-car show this weekend? I know Oshkosh is happening, but for those of us not going to the big show, who all are going to Stephenville?

Kelli and I will be there in our -7A fresh out of Phase 1.

Garmin® Team X Introduces Three New Products and Adds New Capabilities

We are pleased to announce three new products to compliment our existing G3X lineup! These products will be on display at Oshkosh so please come by our booth and check out the latest and greatest! All new products and features are anticipated to become available Q3 2015.  ...


From TruTrak...

fmi: trutrakap.com



7/16  0023Z 

My First Flight RV-7A ...Mercedes Eulitt

Time lapse of right wing construction

I have many to thank for my RV-8 Grin ...Saville

I've been wearing my RV grin for about a week. I don't think it's going away.

But this grin would not have been possible if it weren't for the selfless, generous nature of many people. I take this opportunity to thank them.  ...

Panel Change Update: Day 9 ...Rob Hickman

OSH 2015 ...SteinAir

I meant to get this out there sooner, but this week is always crazy busy getting ready for OSH! Anyway, we will be at our same booths in Hgr C (3033/3034), but with a few neat changes this year.  OSH 2015

DAR Visit Scheduled for Friday ...Frank Dombroski

And this is why Frank has a new RV-10

....written by the pilot, Mr. Frank Dombroski.

Accident Report RV-10 N10FD
February 21, 2013
Lake Placid NY

It has been just over 2 years since this crash. On several occasions I have started to do a write-up on the incident. Each time I have tried I get tangled up in my own brutal self judgment, my heart sinks each time I open this document. I take great pride in aviation, and my flying capabilities. I am known as a very competent and conscientious pilot. 2,100 hours flying since 1986, instrument rated since 1989. At the time of the accident I was very IFR current, in a very capable aircraft, yet I allowed myself to follow a series of small events into a classic accident scenario. While I have flown about 125 hours since the crash, I still have a difficult time reconciling it in my mind. I have played this tape a million times in my head. Hindsight is 20/20, and I know there are several points that I should have changed my plan. Incremental rationalization is a powerful force on decision making. Had the runway lights illuminated this flight would have been a non-issue. I allowed myself to waste my safety margin, one small piece at a time. In retrospect I have become much more aware of the tendency toward Cognitive Biases and the power of the subconscious mind on decision making.

Report Accuracy:
Contrary to the NTSB report, there was no snow at the time of the accident, there was a light dusting for the following 10 hours that we spent on the mountain following the crash. The pictures the SAR team took when they reached us confirms this fact. The visibility was over 10 miles. The radar image on the FlightAware ( http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N10FD ) snapshot depicts the precipitation at Burlington VT, which is where I believe the NTSB quotes the weather. NTSB states that the approach is not approved for night, with official sunset at 5:34, FAA definition of night was 6:34. We began the approach as approved by Boston center at 5:53, and impacted the trees at 6:07. Not that this was my best choice, but it was within FAA regs. The NTSB reports that we were never established on the approach, which we were not. We were descending VFR between a broken layer with line of sight to the town and airport. We were in a position to land straight in to runway 32, about 4 miles out. Due to the runway light failure, I flew a left downwind for runway 6 while attempting to get the lights on. We were told by one of the fire/rescue squad that there was a similar light issue with a helicopter landing at KLKP several weeks before my accident.

Sequence of events:
Received flight briefing on ForeFlight. Filed IFR flight plan on ForeFlight.

Checked AOPA weather and printed approach plate GPS A, map and wx image for Lake Placid.

Downloaded current approach plates, maps and EFIS data from Advanced Flight Systems (loaded into MFD upon arrival at airport).

Called Lake Placid airport, inquired about pilot reports from take-off and landing aircraft related to ceiling, tops and potential icing. Spoke to FBO and pilot. Ceiling reported at 2000 agl, no traffic to report conditions.

Called Flight Service on our way to the airport to inquire about PIREPS, briefer reported several aircraft in and out of Saranac airport, two thousand foot layer, light rhyme icing possible.

Departed KSMQ VFR with 54 gallons of fuel, picked up VFR flight following at 9500 ft enroute, 30 minutes out of SMQ. Smooth VFR at 9500 with scattered clouds for the majority of the flight. Uneventful flight with scattered clouds well below 9500 ft. Winds 47kts on the nose, much higher than forecast. TAS 164 to 170 kts, producing lower ground speed than planned. Had a nice conversation about Vans RV-10 aircraft with commercial A320 and Boston center controller.

Approaching Lake Placid, descending through 7500 the scattered layer below us began to fill in to broken. The sun was starting to set and light was dimming, so after taking a look at a breaks in the clouds and not being comfortable with the picture, I decided to request the GPS A approach to KLKP. Made a right turn and climbed 200 ft back to 7500 to intercept the HEDUX the IAF. Just before reaching HEDUX, we could see a clear VFR path into Lake Placid. At about the same time the controller radioed to say that he was awaiting a cancellation from another approach, and we should expect a hold. I indicated that we had VMC to Lake Placid, and would continue visually. I disconnected the auto pilot and was hand flying the plane from this point on. We turned in prior to reaching the IAF, and were descending parallel to the approach course. The controller came back on to tell me he had received the other cancellation and that we were cleared for the GPS A. I acknowledged and continued the approach in VMC, and flew roughly paralleled the approach course. The controller approved frequency change, and asked me to cancel with him, or on the ground. I replied that we were VFR and I would cancel at that time. I did not hear his reply, and was unsure if we were below radio reception.

We had the town in sight, and I estimate there was a 2000 ft agl ceiling. It was significantly darker below the cloud layer. I switched to Unicom frequency 122.8 on Com2 (Icom A210), and keyed the mike 5 times to activate the PCL runway lights. The lights did not turn on. I verified the frequency and tried 5 more clicks, no lights appeared. I tuned com 1 (Garmin 430) to 122.8, switched back to com 1. I keyed 5 times again, no lights appeared. By this time I was abeam the airport, with the airport on our left. I was now trying to dim the screens on my EFIS, as the white approach plate was creating a significant glare in my windshield (I was very proficient with the AFS system, the dimmer was not working on the approach plate). I was also deciding if I should climb out into the overcast, or try to circle the airport and try the lights more. I was maintaining my last heading, which I thought would bring us through the lower terrain. I had drifted right of the intended course when I offset for the left downwind, to keep the airport in sight out of the pilot window. It seems like I was about 30 seconds in assessing these factors, and setting up to divert to Saranac and climb out of the area when one of my passengers said they saw trees ahead.

I saw the tree tops and pulled up at the last moment. I believe we hit a tree top with the right gear or wing tip. The plane spun flat in a clockwise direction. I felt several small impacts, I can recall the plane and windows intact. Then we had a massive impact just in front of me on the left side of the fuse. I hit the left side of the plane and remember seeing the windscreen blown out. From that point I have vague recall of heading down through the trees, and coming to rest nose down with surprisingly little impact.

I asked everyone if they were OK, they said yes. There was a strong smell of fuel in the air (we had about 32 gallons in the wing tanks at impact and both tanks were ruptured by the impact with trees on the way down) so we exited the aircraft hastily though my side door, as there was a tree limb blocking the right door. I instructed the rear seat passenger to grab any bags in reach on his way out of the plane and toss them to me.

Once we were out of the plane we called 911 to report the accident and request assistance. The snow was waist deep and very light. We provided them with our Lat-Long co-ordinance, as displayed on a Garmin hand held GPS. Co-ordinance were given several times to the 911 operator, and read back exactly as displayed on the screen. We were contacted back by the search and rescue shortly thereafter. They indicated that they had a team mobilized, and knew where we were located. They estimated 2 hours to reach us, and instructed us to stay with the plane. We felt this was the prudent thing to do.

We were in regular contact with the SAR coordinator. Several hours later I received a text from a friend asking if we were OK, and indicating that he was following the event in the media. We were surprised, so searched on my phone and found a WSJ article. The short story said that the searchers were looking 5 miles southeast of Lake Placid. We knew that we were northwest. This prompted us to call the SAR team, to ask where they were searching, and to tell them they were in the wrong spot. We also spoke to the friend we were flying in to visit, who contacted a local fire fighter friend, he was able to help sort out the confusion and get the SAR team to re-deploy to the correct location.

It turns out that the dispatch, either 911 or DEC, eliminated the decimal in the minutes of the latitude and longitude coordinates we gave them. They said this was due to a format difference between cell phone and GPS devices. By the time the search team reached us, we had been on the mountain for 9 hours. We were outfitted with snow shoes, and we walked down the mountain with the search team.

The Plane:
The majority of the force was absorbed by the first side load impact. That impact contacted the fuselage on the pilot side at the junction of the leading edge wing root and the fuse at the instrument panel station. The entire panel and front of the fuse were displaced about 1 foot to the right. I suffered the most impact injury, with lacerations and bruising to my left side; face, hand, hip, thy and ankle. None of which required medical attention, other than cleaning up some dried blood. I was also exposed to the cold the most severely as I was gathering everything from the plane to provide as much survival supply as possible. My friends were both on the right side of the plane, and sustained no injury.
The lower portion of the fuselage separated from the fiberglass upper structure in that area. The remainder of the fiberglass top remained intact. The shoulder harness attach points showed no sign of stress or compromise. There was no impact bruising from the harness on any of the occupants. Due to the initial side impact, and subsequent wing leading edge impact with multiple pine trees as we descended the final 100 feet, there was minimal frontal impact when we came to rest nose down on the mountain.

The RV-10 withstood a tremendous amount of impact damage, and the cabin remained a safe haven. I am almost done building a new RV-10 to replace N10FD.

Post Analysis:
I have beaten myself up over this flight since the accident. I began the flight with the feeling that I did not want to fly into Lake Placid after dark. I think I became fixated on the runway lights for far too long. I was also more concerned with potential icing than terrain at the time. There are 5 distinct points that I could have taken different actions than I did.

1 When the stronger headwinds put us at the verge of sunset and darkness I should have abandoned KLKP and diverted to Saranac. KSLK is located 15 miles away in much flatter topography with better precision approaches.

2 When the scatter cloud layer began filling in to a broken layer I should have changed the plan and diverted to Saranac.

3 Because I had canceled IFR and was flying the approach visually, I was not in a missed approach frame of mind. When I could not get the runway lights on I should have diverted to KSLK much sooner. I spent precious time and safety margin trying to get the lights on.

4 When my approach plate would not dim I should have switched the EFIS back to the synthetic vision page, and focused on the flight path and altitude.

5 When I decided to divert I should have focused on flight path and altitude prior to punching in the alternate airport flight plan.

After we contacted 911 and subsequently the SAR coordinator we did not start a fire. We believed that 2 hours would not be overly difficult in the single digit weather conditions. By the time we realized the coordinate error, and related delay, we were hunkered down and very cold. The fuel had all evaporated at that point, and a fire would have been very difficult to get going. If I am ever in a similar circumstance, I will start the fire as soon as contact and rescue has been established.

We were lucky to walk away from a night CFIT accident in mountainous terrain. The two friends that were onboard with me are outstanding characters. Their positive attitudes have been a tremendous help to me deal in with the accident, both during and afterward. Both have flown with me since the accident flight, and are very confident in doing so. (Their wives either trust me implicitly, or don’t like them :-})

The FAA investigation did not find any violations, so I was cleared without any action. I was required to take a 709 instrument proficiency check ride with an FAA examiner. Once I completed the 709 ride I was fully cleared by the FAA. I must say that the FAA and the examiner, while very thorough, were focused on a positive outcome. They were not punitive in any way. I am thankful for their fairness.

I hope this recap helps others recognize these mistakes before they experience this anguish, or worse.

Fly Safe!
Frank Dombroski



7/15  0000Z 

Kaleb's first ride ...Norcalrv7

Flew into Sacramento over the weekend to give my buddy Keith's son his first ride in an RV. They are in the process of building their tail!  I think its safe to say we both had a great time!


Gadabout Gaddis The Flying Fisherman ...Vlad

A year or so ago I met Chip, an owner of a beautiful RV he purchased. He also told me he owns a house in remote Maine close to a private grass strip and he would love to have an RV fly-in there. I forgot about that until recently.

You are the man Chip! Big Thank You for doing this! A great time was had at your spot and we will be back in September.  ...


A new RV-8 flies ...Nigel Speedy

Well after 5 1/2 short years of construction and just a whisker over the advertised quick build construction time I have my RV-8 flying. Has about 10 hours on it now and so far is meeting all expectations. A few little tweaks required here and there but nothing significant. What a great machine, if you are still building keep at it.  ...


N8782D Finished (for now) ...schmitty340 'Dave'

I have been having so much fun flying my new plane, I'm now just finally getting around to posting some pics. After 4 years of construction on this standard build RV8, and after roping my neighbor into the build, I am happy to report that it exceeds all my expectations. So far, we have flown it 150hrs with relatively few problems.  ...


Johnson Creek To McCall in 4 Minutes ...Troy Branch video

We took a family camping trip down to Johnson Creek on July 3rd, even our Golden Doodle came along for the trip. We got lots of video of the trip there and back but have not had the time to edit it yet. We had 3- RV 10 there. Tom and Bonnie, Sean Strasburg and us. It was great seeing everyone and all the Texas Crew. Only 3 Canadian beer was allowed to be brought as the 3rd beer took us to gross.  ...



7/14  0023Z 

First Rockies Trip ...NM Doug write-up


Emergency landing! Stuck in Columbia, SC ...stevengrasley

Today was a real Monday. Headed out to a biz trip from FD22 to KCLT for the week. Just decending out of 13k for 11k and felt like "you forgot to richen dummy" but pushed in rich and no change. Running but really rough. All good on the instruments except #4 had no EGT and CHT dropping. Clear that #4 was dead. I was IFR and told JAX center I needed to land at KCAE due to engine problem. ATC switched me to Columbia Approachand said they had declared an emergency. Really? I've been reading this was coming. Landed a little hot but no other problems except real rough running on taxi. Parked. Thought about changing my underwear but that was good. Pulled upper cowl. Bent push tube on #4 exhaust valve. Yup...stuck valve. Investigations so far seem that no other damage than bent push tube, shroud, etc.

Stuck here needing parts and help with no local knowledge. Anybody around that might be able to help out a fellow RV'er?


West Coast Ravens at the Tacoma WA Freedom Fair Airshow ...video


SUPPORT A NEW GENERATION OF AVIATORS! ...from the mothership FB page

And get a brand new airplane while you do it…

Project Teenflight’s newest RV-12 is for sale to the highest bidder.

N113TF was built in Hillsboro, Oregon by young men and women enrolled in Project Teenflight. Construction was overseen by experienced mentors (including Van himself) during the 2014 and 2015 school years. It is being offered for sale by auction to raise funding for a new RV-12 kit to be constructed by another group of eager teens.

N113TF is licensed E-LSA. It will have about 50 hours total time on both the airframe and the engine, which includes a round trip from Oregon to Oshkosh. It’s equipped with the optional RV-12 instrument package containing a Garmin G3X EFIS, Garmin GTR-200 radio GDL-39R ADS-B IN and a GTX-23S transponder. Installed extras include LED landing, strobe, and position lights, two-axis autopilot, Koger canopy shade and a very attractive interior.

The photos show some details of N113TF. The aircraft may be seen at the Starks Twin Oaks, Oregon airport. It will also be on display at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, WI from July 20-27. Call Van at 503-370-7550 to arrange a time and location for viewing. Bids must be submitted by e-mail to the address below. Minimum bid is $75,000. If a bid for the “buy-it-now” price of $105,000 is received, the auction will close.

Bidders’ names will be kept confidential. The highest bid will be posted at daily at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time on Van’s website. Bidding closes promptly at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time on September 1, 2015.

On Sept. 1, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Pacific time, active bidders will be notified immediately of the current bidding level and any bid raises — they will have every opportunity to beat the “closing bell.”

Here’s your chance to fly away in a very special RV-12, and help support the exciting and rewarding Project Teenflight.

Send your confidential bid, including name, email address and phone number, to:

Aron Faegre, Vice President,
Airways Science for Kids (a 501c3 non-profit)
Www.airwayscience.org 503-880-1469


RV-10 Dinner Update


From Rich Meske...



7/13  0001Z 
  We're in the dog days of summer here in DFW.  A great big capital letter H has taken up residence over the state of Texas for the next several days.  100*F+ this week they say, so the RV is only getting some love in the early, early mornings....if at all.  I've been spending more time working on family cars than the RV, doing fluid changes, tire rotations and brake jobs.  A big fan right next to me 'turned to 11'.  I saw Sid Mayeaux out on Saturday doing some laps in his 7A, and I'm guessing he needed a spatula to get out afterwards.
  Next, if the gentleman who works at www.montezumamfg.com still reads this site, could you please get in touch with me?  I need to talk options for replacing this - something with a nice big flat work surface on top.  Over the past two years I've had 'tool creep'.
  Finally, my email correspondence is pretty clogged up.  I'm slowly working through the pile, so don't give up on me just yet!  Do they make email Ex-Lax? ;^)
  I hope you had a nice weekend and are close to the air conditioner. 


'Smokey Ray, you're suppose to scrub the hangar floor....not the road.'
----- seen this weekend.  dr


Achilles torn - rats ...Chris Hepburn

Just trolling for sympathy here.....

I had the good fortune to attend my daughter's wedding in Peru at the end of June! What a great country to visit.... One of the traditions on the 24th of June is for the whole family to get together and play soccer. I'm in!! Playing with my three kids and my new -about-to-be son in law's family.
There I go, thinking I am 25 again chasing my son down with the ball ...then --rrip-- and I'm down. My heel went into a hole at full tilt, and my Achilles didn't appreciate that too much. I hope I didn't break anything, I have to walk my daughter down the aisle on Saturday !!

Long story short, I was helped off the field, and I iced my leg. I knew I tore something at the back, but, I could still hobble..so all was good (for now)
Wedding went off without a hitch, walked my beaming daughter down the aisle, and managed to dance as well. Life is good.

Back home to Canada, my wife insisting (and others as well) that I go to the hospital to get things checked out. I ended up with a cast, and today I had a follow up with the ortho surgeon. I did manage to tear my upper Achilles about 50 %... so I am now pilot-on-ground for the near future with an aircast. That part isn't so great.

I guess there's no flying to Osh for me this year... oh well.

You people have fun this year, and fly (and drive) safe.

See you all next year.


Bonehead Oops ...ShortSnorter


Status Update ...David Paule -3

I decided that the left aileron really wasn't very well built, and am building a replacement. The original will go into the Attic of Embarrassment along with the other parts that I've replaced.

This time, I'm installing the stiffeners before bending the trailing edge. Although the factory bend is tighter than I'd remembered, it's going smoothly so far.

Here, I've got the matched-hole tool inside the skin drilling the holes for the stiffener rivets. I used the same tool to drill the holes in the stiffener, and gotta say, thanks, gasman (see post #144) for the suggestion. The stiffeners fit better this time around.


The personality of the "beast" in your RV-When things change ...Paul Merems

After we complete our RV’s and have the inaugural first flight we become very familiar with all the sounds our RV’s make. Even through with the wonderful technology of ANR headsets we can still hear the “personality” of our RV’s. One of the most important sounds is the engine.

One becomes accustom and intimately familiar to the variety of sounds that emanate from the beast in the front of your RV. When the beast’s personality changes you take notice real fast. Occasionally I experience a change and I hope there is someone with a similar experience and an explanation.

I have an RV-7A with an IO-360 with a Hartzell CS prop. I have 280 hours on my bird and am intimately familiar with the engine behavior and sounds. The other day I was flying along at 5.5K at approximately 125 KIAS at 2450 rpm with a 21 kt head wind. It was a site seeing flight around some local mountains. It was a little turbulent most likely do to wind shear it was too early for thermals (6:30). I started noticing a slight change in the tone of the engine. One might call it a frequency change. It grabbed my attention, I checked the engine instruments (EFIS/EMS) all good and I reduced power a bit to see if that would change the tone. It did but I still was a bit uneasy with the initial change. I continued on with my flight and changed directions and increased power. The rest of the flight was uneventful.

I am trying to figure out why the change in tone of the engine. I am wondering if the headwind could have been varying in direction and causing the tone change. Occasionally I have experienced a tone change when performing a run up with varying wind. Could this change in the tone while airborne be caused by the 21 kt headwind changing direction?

Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful.


First 'Full Grown' Passenger ...Mike Hillger

I will be flying with my first (full grown) passenger today. 8 more hours of Phase 1 testing!



7/10  0027Z 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Dad's Tools ...continued.

Three generations (and counting) looking through the same plastic.

click to enlarge

As you might already be aware of, my 14yr old son Tate and I are slowly tearing down and restoring a 1981 Honda Passport C70 scooter in parallel with various airplane-related projects.  It will end up being his....and red instead of the original yellow per his choice.  While removing gunk from all the various metal bits with a wire brush wheel on the bench grinder (another installment down the road), we're getting the chance to use my Dad's old safety glasses.  Twenty six years as a machinist at the Owens-Illinois glass plant in Waco, keeping the machines running that kept America in beer and soda bottles.  I'm guessing he used them thousands of times.  Both his son and grandson are carrying on the tradition of safe shop practices.

click to enlarge

I'm as impressed with the case as much as the glasses.  Semi-faded, much used green felt interior, a sturdy metal hinge, industrial stamping and a patina displaying years, if not decades, of use.

click to enlarge

Will I have a grandkid someday?  Will they use these glasses to protect their beautiful eyes, grinding away on some airplane, lawnmower or scooter part? 

I must admit the thought does bring a smile.


You find shade where you can.

...from the factory FB page.  "It's airshow time in Arlington WA where future Teen Flight students try out the shade from the RV-12!"


Check those ELT's ...Vic Syracuse

In the last week I have seen 2 RV's with inoperative ELT's. In one case the ELT had never even been connected (the flat cable was actually rolled up and secured underneath the instrument panel and I discovered it by accident while troubleshooting another problem), and in the the other case the panel mount control head was there but the ELT was not installed in the aircraft (yes, gross misrepresentation).

I know we really only need to check the ELT once per year, but for those of you who are purchasing aircraft, or have purchased one in the last year, you may want to check that it does in fact work.

You can test them during the first 5 minutes after the hour, and only do it very quickly. For those of you with the 406 MHZ ELT's, if not done very quickly you will get a phone call from the SAR center. That system really does work.  <g>.


RV-10 Panel Upgrade ...end of day 3.  12 hours work.  Rob Hickman

It's been 3 days since I started the panel upgrade in the RV-10 and it's proving to be far easier than I even imagined. This is the 4th instrument panel upgrade that I've done in the RV-10 and the Advanced Control Module (ACM) and pre-manufactured harnesses have made this installation so easy.

Last night, in a few hours of work, I managed to install the ACM module, wire power and ground to it and bolt the new instrument panel in for the final time. The new Aerosport instrument panel fit perfectly and all the holes lined up just right.  continue


RV-8 Gathering at OSH 2015   ...planning begins.  Kevin Horton.

I've lost count of how many RV-8/8A builder/flyer/wannabee gatherings we've done at the Theatre in the Woods. Well, its that time again.

I've been so crazy busy the last few weeks that I haven't had time to study the OSH schedule to see if there are good times. It would be good to do something on Monday or Tuesday to catch the early crowd, and another one on the final weekend for the late bunch.

I'm hoping that there is someone out there who has a better handle on the schedule than I do, and can propose two meeting times. Any takers?

I've traditionally brought name tags and markers, but I have no idea right now whether I'll make OSH or not. Any volunteers to bring name tags and markers?

Hopefully we'll have light winds in Salina, KS next week, so the flight testing goes quickly, and I get home by the weekend.



7/9  0040Z 

Dynon SkyView Autopilot Knobs and AP panels

...Dave Gamble install documented

I recently installed the two additional SkyView autopilot panels and have found them to be a very useful upgrade to the standard autopilot. They offer much easier access to the Complex menu, and the autotrim alone is such an extremely helpful feature that I probably would have installed the panels just for that.  ...


Skunks Alive!! ...David Domeier

Opened the hangar door today and was greeted by momma skunk and 4 or 5 off spring. WOW!

First thing was to beat a cautious retreat, the mother was nervous and getting into position to let go with a salvo. But she held off, thank goodness. I haven't been sprayed by a skunk since a kid in Minnesota a long time ago and did not want to experience that again.

I walked to a friend's hangar for a consultation. After considering a call to critter control, it was decided the best option for now was to close the door and do nothing. I am leaving for 10 days tomorrow and with very warm temps due in a few days, they may move out for the cool outdoors, the hangar goes to 100F easy on most warm days. For sure they will be out at night looking for food as there is none in the hangar.

The rental hangar is old with a poor fitting rubber seal, that's how they got in. And the reason they did that is all the rain lately. The critters probably were flooded out of a culvert or where ever they were living and decided to try a hangar since it was easy to get in.

If they are still in residence when I return the plan is to open the doors at dusk and wait for them to leave and then close the doors and seal the spot where they found their way in.

We were discussing whether an airplane would be condemned after a shot from a skunk and wondered if insurance would pay. :^)


New Relay Boards/Product Enhancement ...Pat Hatch

I was getting some requests for separate inputs on our Ultimate TRB so that you could use a speed controller on the elevator trim. So I went ahead and modified our top of the line TRB so that you could have discrete voltage inputs for each function on the board. In keeping with the KISS principle, we had originally designed it for a single voltage input.  ...


New Aircraft Battery Models Are Here ...EarthX Lithium Update

"As promised to the Van's forum readers, you are the first to know that the new aircraft lithium batteries are now available for pre-order on the website and they are scheduled to ship at the end of July 17th week.

All of our batteries meet the criteria set forth by Rotax to be an approved lithium battery, (and we are the only lithium battery on the market to have this approval), but what these 3 new models bring (ETX680, ETX900, ETX1200) in addition to what the other models have is:

1. Redundant electronics for the BMS board
2. LED battery fault light indicator that can also be plugged into your control panel.
3. A higher cranking, more capacity models (ETX900, ETX1200) if you need or want more.

These new models will fit into any preexisting PC680 battery box hardware and we are also going to have an aluminum battery box for sale as well on the site that is rated for 30 G Force, and 7 ounces of weight. That isn't on the site yet, but by end of tomorrow it should be there. Check it out at www.earthxmotorsport.com."


Mothership Arlington Presence ...from their FB page



7/8  0030Z 

Rob Reece Status Report

My friend and hangar mate Rob Reece planted the cleco farm below this past weekend.  Sure made me smile to see progress on Rob's -8.  Good guy, that Rob. 


Flying RV-12 to OSH and want it Judged? ...Randy Phlanzer

If so, I thought I'd share with you what I learned this week. If not, or you are not interested in being judged, then you can skip this thread. Before I start, I want to cut off any criticism that this thread might spur. I AM NOT pointing a finger any of the judges or judging standards in any way. I agree with all the rules and I am fine with them. I personally know any number of the kit built judges and I like, admire, and respect them all. They do a great job.

I checked into the judging standards this week because I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to go through the trouble of having my airplane judged again. I have to take a lot more stuff with me, plan on staying with the airplane, clean it all the time, take the cowl off, etc. Since I won a workmanship award last year, I decided that was good enough for me. However, I learned some important things that I didn't know before.

Be careful about what category you have your E-LSA judged in. If you build an E-AB RV-12, its a no-brainer. You are in the kit built category. However, you have options if you are an E-LSA RV-12. You can still be judged in the kit built category, but I wouldn't recommend it. Think about it, you are competing with all the other outstanding kit built airplanes where the builders are free to modify and customize their entry to the nines. As you already know, you have to follow the plans so your mods are essentially limited to cosmetic enhancements, unless you went wild after your certification hours were flown off. So it's really not an "apples-to-apples" competition. I don't know if it's possible to win a Lindy with an E-LSA, but I bet it's highly unlikely. If you've seen past Lindy winners, you know what I mean. Also, once you are judged in a category and you win an award, you are not allowed to be judged in any other category and you are only eligible for a higher award in your original category. Since I can only win a Lindy, there's no reason for me to be judged again and I'm okay with that.

So what is the other option? You can (and probably should) be judged in the LSA category. I had to dig a little to find the LSA category stuff since it is included in the Ultralight section of the judging guidelines. This is the category meant for E-LSA aircraft. However, it comes with a big catch. To be judged in the LSA category, you have to park your airplane down by in the LSA/Ultralight section of the airfield. I'm not that familiar with the South end of the field so I'm not sure if they have a very specific section laid out for LSAs but I'm pretty sure you CAN NOT park with the other RVs in HBP or HBC and still be judged in the LSA category. This explained a lot to me when I inquired last year in the Homebuilt registration tent about being judged in the LSA category and all they could offer me was Kit Built. I didn't know at the time that I could have been judged in this category had I moved my airplane. Now, I'm not sure I would have done so, but I didn't know it was an option.

Now the reasons for this rule is pretty understandable. The judges need to have all the airplanes in a certain category parked in reasonable proximity to one another, otherwise they'd be running all over the field. I get it and fully agree with it.

So use this info any way you want. The guidelines are on the Airventure web site and you can read up on them if you want. Here's the link.


Day Two: Instrument Panel Change ...Rob Hickman 6.0hrs in.

1. Removed the VPX and Dynon SV Network hub from the sub panel, both of these items are in the Advanced Control Module.

2. Removed all of the wiring from the EFIS screens, GTN-650, VPX, SL30 and ARINC converter. All of this wiring gets replaced with the Advanced plug and play harness assemblies.

3. Installed the Aerosport metal sub panel

4. Test fit the new Aerosport carbon fiber panel and center console.


No rpm drop on left mag - the first time

Q: What would cause the left mag rpm not to drop from the "Both" rpm until switching back to "Both" and then to the left mag again? With the second selection, the rpm drop for the left mag is back to normal. Is this an indication of a failing switch?

A: The switch or the wiring connected to it would be the first place I'd look. Durring the "no mag drop" opperation, reach behind the panel and tug/shake the wires connected to the ignition switch. If you suddenly get your drop, then you probably have a loose connection.

A: If the engine quits when you move the switch to 'off' then the right mag is not working at all. If the engine continues to run (in the 'off' posn) then the right mag p-lead connections are suspect. (Do this test at idle rpm - and remember if you have a hot mag this will be dangerous for anyone touching the prop on the ground.)

A: I just worked on an RV-4 that had NEVER had the magneto switch wired to ground. The P-Lead from the mag was wired to the switch and from there to the tach input, so flipping the switch to the OFF position gave an iindication of Zero on the tach and a false sense of a smooth running engine. I shuddered to think of how many people were very lucky over the years.

Yes, a grounding check would have confirmed

A: What Doug said - consider that if you turn the switch to OFF and the engine dies, let it stop. (The temptation is to turn the switch back on and that can cause some problems.) Just be aware that you'll have some magneto grounding issues together with fuel/air mix in the cylinders. So I'd probably restart and then a normal shutdown with mixture


  Eyes Checked.  I still have two of them.  $109 Cash Price.

This year I'm spending a sizable amount of our family's discretionary income on scheduled mid-century milestone medical tests.  Grandfather on mother's side died of colon cancer and Mom got a brain tumor.  Grandmother on Dad's side...cancer of lymphatic system.  Dad passed at 69 of heart disease.  So, I'm spending some money now just to make sure I'm OK. 

Yesterday was eyes.  Upcoming are teeth, colonoscopy, blood workup and possible brain or body MRI if I can find a cash price that is cheap enough (supporting documentation).  SWA flies everywhere pretty cheap, so I'm open to ideas on that if anyone is 'in the biz'.

So no need to ask if I'm going to OSH.  I'm getting my colon and brain photographed....and that will hurt in the neighborhood of a few grand I'm guessing.  Note: If you're a dentist in the DFW area, like airplanes and could offer a cash discount, I'd be very pleased to hear back from you.  My dentist retired, and the lady that bought his practice wants $100 for a 'new patient visit'.  "Um, you have 25 years of my dental records in that box right over there.  You're joking, right?"    I'm looking for a new dentist.

Below is a picture of my eyes from yesterday.  Intraocular pressure good.  No cataracts.  Optic nerves look healthy.  Vessel size appropriate.  Prescription not changed enough to warrant new set of glasses (I like that).  Last visit in 2012.

(click to enlarge)

Our family insurance is of the 'catastrophic kind', and still costs more per month than our house payment (rolling eyes).  I'd need a heart transplant for it to actually kick in, in other words.  All this 'preventative' medicine is out of pocket, so I would like to again shout out a huge THANK YOU!!! to the site advertisers and readers who donate yearly.  I'm spending a big chunk of it now and in the future to hopefully minimize the chance of a medical issue keeping me from doing this site for the next quarter century or so.

If you think your donation doesn't go towards crap....well, it kinda does from this point forward (colon exams).  I don't think I'll show those pics (you're welcome).

Forty-five minutes daily of cardio/weights - six days a week.  The goal is to fly the RV well into my 80's.  Fingers crossed!  dr



7/7  0016Z 

Belgium Experimental Days 2015 Pictures


Advanced Quick Panel Upgrade before OSH

We get a lot of calls and emails from people that want to upgrade the panel in their RV. The big questions are, "how long does it really take and how hard is it?" It's been a few years since I changed the panel in my RV-10 and we now have 10 days until it leaves for Oshkosh.

After flying the new Avidyne IFD540 in Van's new RV-14 and in a Glasair Sportsman, I really need one in my RV-10. AeroSport Products has a new carbon fiber RV-10 instrument panel that has room for three AF-5600T 10.4" EFIS screens and the new big-screen IFD540. Installing our new Advanced Control Module will make the wiring easy; at least that's what we tell people.  ...

Day One...


Q: (OSH)  Anybody know if there will be (as in the past) a "walk in" gate on the West side of HBC for those of us parking in the Orange/Green Lots?

A: Yes


Safeair Pitot Mast Failure

  • SB Issued (12/9/11)
  • Replacement sent.

On takeoff in the RV-10 the other day, I had a very fast airspeed fluctuation on rotation. It only did it once and only for a moment. IIRC, the AS indication went down then back up and stabilized. After the flight, I decided to wash the plane. When I grabbed the pitot mast to wash it, it fell from the bottom of the wing hanging by the wires and pitot/AOA tubing.  ...


Vans RVs shown today during ESPN Sportscenter segment on flyovers at sporting events

(Jim Hall 7/3 email to me.  dr)  "FYI - I was watching ESPN's "Sportscenter" while eating lunch today and they did a segment on military flyovers at major sporting events. I was able to take a picture of the segment on my TV when they showed what appeared to be a bunch of those RV's that did the flyover at the KC Chiefs game (I think it was a KC Chiefs game)."



7/6  0138Z 

Black Hills! ...Pete Howell

They rolled the trucks today ...Pmerems


This morning I was planning on flying to meet up with another RVer who was in Phoenix for the weekend to pick up his RV. He is currently in KC-135 aircraft commander training and out of the state for a while. This was probably the last time I would get a chance to see him until his return in September. I helped him finish building his RV and we have become very good friends.  ...

Fun video clip of rvs in action

Aft CG..live and learn ...Pierre Smith RV-10

My stepson and his girlfriend wanted to see the local area yesterday, so I obliged, since she's a new girlfriend

She climbed in the rear and I leaned the seat back so Aaron could get in but he said, "Pierre I'm sitting in the back so we can take pictures of ourselves."

I told him that I'm afraid we may well have a too far aft CG, then I realized I had about 50 gallons of fuel that's mostly forward of the CG, so we went. Later calculations showed us as 2" forward of the aft limit...good to know but it might have been dicey if we'd flown long enough to burn most of the fuel...I'll calculate that situation as well. With 1 hour of fuel remaining (15 gals.), we still would be within CG by 1 inch, no baggage.

Bear in mind that Aaron is 6'4" and their combined weight around 370#.

With some extra down trim added for good measure, we took off and the airplane flew remarkably solid, no oscillations and was rather fast. Amazing airplane.

Live and learn.

Santa Fe and Monument Valley ...bruceh

We are now the envy of the Airport!

Finally - I didn't make a mess ...Steve Melton

RV-12 Key Chain



7/3 - 7/5 
  Wishing you and yours a safe, happy and RV-filled 4th of July weekend.  I'll see you back here Monday. 

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only. 
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. 
He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: 
For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. 
He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands. 
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

[ed. May GOD BLESS America, and those who defend her.  dr]



7/2  0148Z

Petit Jean 2015... the RV Gathering is ON again --)

So, we're getting excited because it's the flying season,... there are more RVs than ever,... we live in a great country,... and we're all a very blessed group. Having said that.....I'm really excited because my favorite three fly-in's are almost on us! Oshkosh is coming up, Triple Tree is on the way, and it's time to block out time for the 2015 Petit Jean RV Gathering....The dates are locked, the lodge poles set, the firewood is getting cut,... it's all coming together for October 16, 17, and 18. It's going to be a great weekend on the mountain.  ...


Alabama BBQ Run ...bsacks05

Yes, I live in Georgia where there is great BBQ but several things came together this past Monday (29th) which resulted in a quick flight to AL for some of the tasty meat delicacies.

1) I had the day off work
2) The weather was good
3) Son Bruce is home from GSU for the summer
4) The -9 hadn't been flown all week
5) It was my 50th birthday! ...


Dave and Jeffs RV-10 ...welcome

Hello all....starting this project with a partner. Just ordered the QB tail kit last Friday.......just though I'd say hello.....Ben wanting to do this for years and have a good friend who finished an 8 a couple years ago to lean on......

Here we go.....can't wait


Upcoming EAA


RV-3 Gathering Update

I talked to Chuck, the owner/builder of the "host" airplane, 87CT, and he & I will be there on Wednesday at 10 AM for a "Meet & Greet" for any interested builders.

Once his location is established I will try to get that info to this thread - don't know how much luck I'll have as I only have access to our host homeowner's laptop, and I am not very computer literate.

Wednesday @ 10 AM and looking forward to it. I'm sure Chuck (Brietigam) will be around his plane at other times - so catch him then too!

David Howe.



7/1  0047Z

July Wallpaper Calendar

...photo by Luca Granzini above Trento, Italy (LIDT).  RV pilots Luke and Franz.


Two Days...Two Major Parts ...goatflieg

Surprised myself by reaching my second milestone in as many days: the vertical stabilizer is complete. An easy piece, as it were... but I did have to replace a couple sloppy AN470AD4 rivets. A little tricky, but caused no damage and the replacements set well. I deserve a break tomorrow. I'll probably feel a bit broken... but it's a good kind of pain.


Colorado Summer ...mchargmg

Hi all,

Just went flying around this last weekend. We have had a ton of rain in May, resulting in these tremendous fields of yellow flowers. Since it matched the cowl, I figured it might make a good photo. Enjoy!


July/August FAA Safety Briefing ...36 page PDF document


Mothership Hobbs Meter



6/30  0108Z

Status Report ...goatflieg

The first of many milestones: My horizontal stabilizer is essentially completed. The vertical stabilizer will be assembled in a few days. My thanks to Dan Jones for my first Tech Counselor visit that preceded the closing of this sub-assembly. ...


Mystery Island.....Where is it? ...Vladster


RV-4 Status Report ...acam37

We are in the process of dry fitting all the control surfaces to make sure everything fits and functions perfectly, then we will tear it all back down and send it off to the painter.


Painted ...Rob Erdos (Ottawa, Canada)

Our RV-6 came home today from the paint shop, just in time for Oshkosh.


OSH HBC Parking Update ...Jeff Point

This thread details a new procedure for parking in the Homebuilt Camping area at Oshkosh. We started this last year (2014) and it was a pretty big success, so we plan to do it again in 2015. If you are not familiar or did not fly in last year, go back to the beginning of this thread and read it. Go ahead, we'll wait for you here.

While we plan to do this again, 2015 will be slightly different. EAA has decided to move the HBC facilities (shower, coffee building and tent) to a different location at the west end of the HBC area. The below picture explains it.  ...


VAF Advertiser www.FlyboyAccessories.com Inventory Grows

...give it a look


Bob Irwin, Co-Founder of ACS Passes Away



6/29  0052Z

Go west ...Jon 7A (multiple parts and pictures)

With 6 months to go until retiring from the military, I’ve been attempting to get my ducks in a row for the civilian Pt. II of my life – on the list has been getting my ATP-H prior to dishing out resumes. Off to a military friendly 141 operation in Denton, Tx.

I waffled between driving and flying (largely due to the summer convective activity over pretty much my entire flight path. Watching the long-range closely, it was looking promising for flying – 6 hours vs. 2 days… The point of no return – 2 days before my start date – the forecast looked good. Sunday AM, the morning of departure, was a slightly different story. Beautiful at home base, but shortly west – around Montgomery – fairly socked in. My VFR fuel stop in Louisiana was looking good for my ETA. I decided to file an IFR leg from Montgomery forward to an IFR gas stop as back up if needed.  ...


Utah College Tour Flight ...bruceh

I took Thursday and Friday off from work to fly my youngest daughter out to Logan, UT to visit Utah State, and then down to Salt Lake to visit Univ. of Utah for tours of potential Grad schools. She wants to pursue a Doctorate of Audiology, and there are only a few schools out west that offer this program.

We flew out non-stop from Ramona to Logan. It was exactly 4 hours and I landed with 1.5 hours of fuel left. Burning 6.5 gallons per hour at LOP and getting around 147-150 Kts TAS. We had a good tailwind most of the way.  ...


Charity Cap Sighting ...Steve Eberhard

My grin after a 45 minute ride with Blue Angel #7 was at least as big as the one I had back in 2009 when I first flew my RV-7a "Sky Terrier." An awesome ride and we hit a maximum just over 8G.

For some awesome pictures check out the Blue Angels Facebook page. Our airshow this weekend has The Blues, the Snowbirds and the Viper East F-16 Demo Team. I am the POC for the Snowbirds this weekend - totally awesome.

I know I have used the word Awesome a lot but I did I say it is an awesome weekend.


Status Report ...KHeidorn RV-14

Permanently attached all of the tail section.  Spent about 6 hours grinding and filing to get the elevator travel as directed in section 36. I wasn't working very fast, kinda hot here.


Avery Tools Press Release


To all our RV Friends and loyal customers. Judy and I will not be exhibiting at Oshkosh / AirVenture this year due to family obligations at home. This will be the first time we’ve missed the show in 30 years of exhibiting and supporting EAA and the RV community. We will miss visiting with those who come by the booth each year. We hope everyone has a safe and memorable time at the show this year. We will have an Oshkosh / AirVenture Tool Sale on the website during the show, so visit our website closer to the show starting date (July 20th).

Regards; Bob & Judy and the Avery Family



6/26  0013Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Status Report ...jmcanty3

"Here's my "new to me" RV-7 QB kit! Arrived yesterday all the way from CA. Prior owner never got to the project but careful stored everything. I can't believe the quality of the workmanship. Really something.....

Now I just have to figure out where to start!??"


Badlands Fly-in ...Larry Vetterman

"The 7th annual Badlands flyin is scheduled for September 11-13, which is the weekend after Labor Day. There will be some changes this year regarding the extra activities. For those that would like to come a day early and do a ground tour up to Mt. Rushmore, we have a 20 seat bus with plush seats donated for that.

We will do the typical aerial tour of the Black Hills and will land at Custer State Park airport and take a jeep ride up to the Game Lodge for lunch. We have not worked out the details of the Saturday evening meal but it may be at the Allen Ranch again, or at a new resturant-Chops & Hops.

There will be more details after OSH so Mark your calendars to come out to the beautiful Black Hills in September.

Larry Vetterman/Clint Busenitz"


Circumnavigating Lake Erie ...Vladinator

Suddenly some free time popped up from nowhere. I gauged some great info from Canadian aviators and baked a plan to zoom around another Great Lake. Two years ago I did the perimeter of Lake Michigan it was a success. I told myself I have to circle all of them Great Lakes eventually. ...


Bob Devore Retires ...from the factory FB page

We haven´t had a lot of retirements at Van's, so a retirement party is something of a novelty. But we had one Monday, when Bob Devore retired after more than 30 years of service. Bob came on board in 1985, reporting to work in the "factory" in North Plains - essentially a big garage out in back of Van´s house. He stayed with us during several expansions in North Plains and our big move to Aurora. Along the way he worked in several production and shipping capacities.

Eventually, as we entered the world of modern business, he developed his interest in computers and became Van´s "EyeTee" guy. He was responsible for maintaining our web presence, in-house computer systems and phone network. He helped develop these systems from scratch... After all, he´d been at Van´s two years before Van bought the first (and for quite while) only computer for the company (a Texas Instruments TI Pro for you historians out there.) There´s a LOT of work between that lonely desktop machine and the systems we use today!

Besides a handshake and an envelope from Van, employees presented Bob with his very own signed flap and then pigged out on a cake that commemorated his dedication to kayaking and the Oregon outdoors.

We wish him powder snow, clean rivers and many years of health and fun!

[ed. Bob, I'll miss our occasional emails to/from each other.  Be well and enjoy a much-deserved retirement!  dr]


Tail Wheel Miss-adventure ...David Domeier

Tail wheel operations definitely is not like riding a bicycle.

The weather this summer has been unsettled; lots of cloudy, windy, rainy days, not conducive to routine local flight at all.

I did get off yesterday after a 12 day hiatus and returned with a firm determination to do it again ASAP. A self critique revealed landings were not good and even one take off was below par. So what's going on? Two weeks ago I was flying 3 and 4 days in a row, just short fights, and felt quite comfortable. Not yesterday.

Lack of TW experience is a factor but so is lack of attention to detail, especially addressing known bad habits. The worst is flaring too high and searching for the runway. On one take off, the airplane self launched crossing a hump at an intersection with another runway. That was exciting for a few moments as the airplane was hung on the prop at about 55 knots. I should have slow taxied across that hump or crossed it with forward stick, which can be dicey at low speed.

The only good news is there were no bounces. I've learned to forward stick it even after the worst search for the runway landing. That saved it but is totally unacceptable.

Practice, practice as Van advised flying the RV years ago. It is so true.

There is a pilot skill range in this business and it behooves each of us to determine where we fit and deal with it. Even the best of the best, like Sean Tucker, practice, practice what they do. It is a part of what we do.

Most experienced TW guys do not have to practice landings, but I do. The flying part is fun, the landing part is a constant challenge.


Status Report ...Pete Miller in Plano, TX

"Rolled the canoe and down low to the floor for access."




6/25  0115Z

RV-10s to the Bahamas ...Brandi Unrein post/video

We made it to the Bahamas for a second time in April, as a flight of 3 RV-10s. For the first half of the trip, we stayed at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club in The Exumas. We'd been there before but we had to go back because it's amazing! However, the runway there was temporarily closed for repairs so we landed in Black Point and took a 10 minute boat ride back to the other island. We chose a new location for the second half, Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island. Both places were wonderful and so was the flying!

Here's a video of our trip ...


RV parking at Oshkosh 2015

Q:  How are we handling parking in the RV area this year? Are we going to have signs like last year to indicate whether we want to be in the front, middle or back of the area?

A:  Short answer typed from my iPhone- yes. We will do similar to last year but with some important changes. Details were just finalized last night. Will post longer explanation tonight.


Tail Art ...Mike Watson RV-7


'RV Hotel' List Updated

...added Sedona, AZ and more....

[ed. A favorite picture of mine on a trip years ago
on the way to Van's Homecoming. 
Sedona for lunch.  What a treat! 


Introducing Sky Polaris ...planned RV-8 flight


From the mothership....




6/24  0005Z
  I took my wife flying yesterday, and that doesn't happen very often.  Glancing through logbook #4, knowing it wouldn't take long to research, I see I took her flying on 12/18/12, 10/22/13, 4/15/15, 5/28/15 and yesterday.  I put a little 'S' in the margin with a circle around it ('T' for Tate and 'A' for Audrey).  Five wife flights in the last 917 days, but three in the same year!  In her defense, she isn't into planes much.  I've gone to fewer yoga classes than she's gone up flying with me.  It's worked for 25+ years.
  I practiced 'buttonology' on the RNAV 35 approach at nearby KLUD (no hood) while she helped me scan for traffic.  Logged a whopping .4hr.  We're pacing ourselves... 


RV White Pages Updated

...courtesy Susie Reeves.  3,317 listings.  42 pages of RV people and their phone numbers.  Hopefully helping you meet RVators around you.


MJ's new pants

Today we got to inventory our two new [RV-14] kits (Fuselage and Finishing). FYI-I now know why the finish kit is more expensive than previous ones. The parts included are of much upgraded quality. One for example, is an Andair fuel selector is included as standard. The fibreglas is much improved in fit and finish. This is going to be a hoot!


Exhaust Pipe Discoloration

Do you think this is normal? The two exhaust pipes got very different discoloration in my RV 7 (Lycoming IO-360-M1B). One "looked" much hotter than the other. This unevenness is only at the outlet end of the pipes. Inside the cowl, the colors of the two pipes look similar. the "hotter" (darker) pipe actually looks more burned at the outlet end than inside the cowl. This puzzled me. the outlet end should be much cooler than inside the cowl due to cold air stream. The engine is running normal and smooth. EGT spread is about 60F max between cylinders. The soot inside the two pipes looks the same in terms of color and quantity. Don't know when and how this is developed, the engine got about 106 hrs since new. Is this this something I should be concerned with as long as engine parameters are within spec? What could have caused this. Looking for some ideas.


My NEW (to me) RV-4 N212CS

My new best friend, Vic Syracuse, delivered my newly acquired RV-4 to Plant City, Florida this morning. Vic's the good looking one in the photos. This is a beautiful airplane build in 2000 by Clayton Smith. He recently repainted and installed a beautiful new panel. Vic picked up the airplane and brought it "up to specs" for me before delivering it today. Thanks Clay for a great plane! Thanks Vic for making it perfect! Now, a little transition training and a tailwheel endorsement and I can fly it!!!!!!

I really wanted to build one of these babies but there just wasn't enough bandwidth in my life at this point. So, I decided to buy now, build later!

I'm super happy to join the Van's RV crowd!


Spence Dance Status Update

Sport efis, eis, flyefii ecu, wideband air/fuel gauge, trutrack vision, icom 210, val nav2000, garmin 320.  The white labels under switches are temporary only.



6/23  0049Z

RV-8 A2A Photo Shoot ...Luca post


FWF Wiring Complete ...Matt Burch blog entry

With the firewall-forward wiring finally complete, I spent the better part of a day bundling wires, attaching adel clamps, and replacing all the temporary tie-wraps with the high-temp variety. Now the FWF wiring is all safely secured, and looks pretty good too if I do say so myself. Here's a collection of photos showing the end result. I lost track of the number of adel clamps I installed today and I'm too tired to describe every one!


From the mothership FB page...


iOS 8.3

  • I updated my iPad to iOS8.3
  • My Garmin GLO stopped working (using it with Garmin Pilot)
  • I downloaded the new firmware for it
  • Told iPad to forget it, then re-paired device.
  • It works again.
  • Happy again.  Screengrab from the car on the way to Lowe's


Funky Tuesday

'Cut the Cake' from Scotland's Average White Band.  Two performances, one in the mid 1970's and again not that long ago.  I recommend watching both, and turning up the bass.

I do like that 70's funk. 


https://youtu.be/bSq93Hsn0Bg (1975)

https://youtu.be/OFzNXUUSFF0 (2006)

And if you didn't get enough,
https://youtu.be/gvmpfTQTbZY (vinyl audio)



6/22  0037Z

Vlad is Good with Shapes


N789KD Is an official airplane

Today my RV-9A became air worthy! It was inspected by Vic Syracuse, and I am very happy to report that Vic only found three or four items that needed my attention. I would like to thank Vic for his thorough inspection and operating limitations that work very well with my plans for phase I flights. I also would like to thank Jesse Saint for his assistance in my preparations for the inspection. His support was a large contributor to my success. One other note of thanks is to my wife, Kathy. She has been a great help in the construction of N789KD and put up with my slacking off on home maintenance activities the last few weeks.


Recent Hat Donations ....Thank You!!!  dr


Dat Golden Hour ...Pete Howell photos

Pretty nice sunset up Minne way this evening. Got the hangar pass from the family, and went flyin'! Piped some Dropkick Murphys into the headset, got out the camera and started shooting while wandering around north of town over the lakes. It was magic...


From old yellow UHMW tape to beautiful "like new" flaps


Has anyone seen this tool?


Avery Tools Press Release


To all our RV Friends and loyal customers. Judy and I will not be exhibiting at Oshkosh / AirVenture this year due to family obligations at home. This will be the first time we’ve missed the show in 30 years of exhibiting and supporting EAA and the RV community. We will miss visiting with those who come by the booth each year. We hope everyone has a safe and memorable time at the show this year. We will have an Oshkosh / AirVenture Tool Sale on the website during the show, so visit our website closer to the show starting date (July 20th).

Regards; Bob & Judy and the Avery Family



6/19  0050Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Brian Eisner photo over Cape Split Nova Scotia (video)


Welcome Ronald Banks of Nampa, ID

Building an RV-7, planning on using IO360 200hp cs prop. Tilt up canopy. Full build, no qb kits.

First step, ramp up on tooling.

Ordered empennage on June 11, 2015.


Rust on my gear

I visited my plane in storage today. When I was looking at my parts I noticed this rust on the gear leg. I feel like a dummy;I should have put a skin of grease on it before storing these steel parts. Is this anything to worry about? I'm thinking some light steel wool will take this off pretty readily.


Cleaning/maintaining temporarily unpainted RV

I've just finished with phase one and was wondering how others have kept their planes clean and corrosion free until being painted?

I've notice these little spots on leading edges of the wings. I can't feel them so I don't think they are a huge cause for concern but I would like to get rid of them and prevent them from reoccurring. Any ideas are welcomed. Thanks


Precision Injector Servo Wrong Throttle Direction!! ...Manfred in Austria

Hello RV Builders,

i had fallowing trouble today.. i had a first Engine Start Today, and i checked during the first seconds my Throttle Direction (Open-Close) is in the Wrong Direction!!!  When I open the Throttle in the Cockpit the Lever on the Injector Servo goes in the Idle Position, and when i close the Trottle in the Panel the Servo (Lever) goes to full open (high RPM) !!

That was not really funny during the first time running!!!

Question: Is it possible to Change one my current Injector Servo the Lever or other things so i can become the correct wa from the Lever, or is a Injector Servo avialable with an "reverse" Open/Close Lever ??

I had not the exact Part Number from my current FI in Hand, but its an Precision RSA 5.... Injector Servo on a IO320 Lyc.

Thanks for Help



VAF Courtesy Car List Updated

Free to list.  Free to view.  Works on anything that can see the web.


Job Opening - Propulsion Engineer

We're looking for two engineers at my Lockheed Martin site here in San Luis Obispo (KSBP). For both positions, we're looking for expertise in small engines specifically for use in Unmanned Aircraft. For what it's worth, LM is a pretty decent place to work, and the job will probably support your RV habit. ......

If you're qualified and apply online, please also contact me, and I'll do what I can to make sure your resume makes it through the gates to the hiring manager.  see requisitions


Thank you again to those who use their RV and hat for charity

I am both honored and humbled to be associated with such fine individuals.  God bless you all.  Some listings in the 'Charity' section below. 

related: About the charity hat



6/18  0057Z

Years of RV Enjoyment Addition ...tail wheel area

Note:  If you're wondering how I comfortably work on the tailwheel, it's with a Ridgid Flip Top Stand (bottom left at the link) that a friend who was moving left at the hangar one day.  Finders keepers.  That with a kneepad from a local shrub place.  Works perfect.

(click to enlarge)


RV Bar is Open  ...jroser

Left over parts and to much time on my hands what better to do than build an RV6A Bar. Margarita Time!


Postflight Inspection ...n38139


Seen on the bench this week at SteinAir.com


Mothership stats...



6/17  0035Z
Believe it or not, my baby girl turns 20 years old today.  Where did the time go?  Below is her in December of 1996 with our RV-6 tail kit, followed by a recent image.  We're celebrating her birthday early due to a 'chemistry meeting conflict'.

I'm the luckiest Dad in the world.  Happy Birthday Audrey!!! 


2015 in the lab at SMU.


The RV-14 Flies!

It’s a beautiful morning in western Oregon. The burning heat has finally broken, and the hot dusty wind that’s been bending the fir trees on the other side of the runway has died down. There’s a broken layer of shallow cloud at about 5000’…all in all it’s a great day to take a new RV-14 taildragger out and fly it.

So we did.  continue

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Building an RV-12- The Movie ...Dgamble 30min movie

Kyle Lewis and I were asked to do a little presentation at the local EAA chapter on the subject of building an RV-12. Rather than shuffle around hemming and hawing my way through it while standing in front of a crowd, I decided to make a slideshow based on the pictures I gathered during the build.

An EAA chapter isn't exactly a hostile audience, but public speaking is not something I relish. In fact, it's so bad that my wedding went something like this:

"Do you take this woman etc. etc. etc.?"
"Uh, I, uh.... what was the question again?"

So, here's my effort at compressing a three year project into 30 minutes. Rest assured, I am laboring under no delusions that I will soon be asked to deliver a presentation on the subject of making good home movies. Hopefully it's at least adequate.


From the factory....


Carburetor Adjustments Story

As I've been teaching myself to fly my new (to me) RV-9A, I've noticed a few peculiarities, like, with full flaps (32 degrees) and idle power, the airplane only descends at 500 feet per minute. Sure, it's clean and has a big wing, but... And when I land on a long runway in the touchdown zone and let it roll out, 5,000 feet later the plane has only slowed to 38 knots. Takes lots of braking to slow her down.

Yup, it's the idle speed. Or was. Cold, the engine idled at 700 RPM, but warmed up, the idle was more like 950. The idle mixture was too lean because there was no RPM gain pulling the mixture back to cutoff. And there was a jam nut missing on the idle adjustment clevis at the carb.

A friend fixed all those for me yesterday, and the RV-9A now should fly a whole lot more like an airplane. The idle speed (warm) is now 550 RPM with a 40 RPM increase when the mixture is pulled back to idle cutoff. Need to get over the last symptoms of this stupid bronchitis before I go try it, though.

The RV-8 has the same out of adjustment symptoms, but with the short wing and constant speed prop, it has no problems descending like a brick when I ask it to.

With a new (to you) homebuilt, you always need to be careful about everything, and I've found some electrical quirks in the new bird -- but I wasn't expecting to find anything as generic as the carb being misadjusted. Or maladjusted, perhaps...


New Garmin Watch ...video

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Probable Cause Published ...TKATC 7A

NTSB Identification: ERA13FA424

On September 20, 2013, about 1651 eastern daylight time, an experimental amateur built Vans RV-7A, N174BK, was destroyed during an inflight breakup and impact with terrain after a rapid loss of altitude and increase in airspeed near the Township of Hamilton, New Jersey. The private pilot was fatally injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local personal flight conducted under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91, which departed Cross Keys Airport (17N), Cross Keys, New Jersey about 1640.

According to radar data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the airplane departed 17N at approximately 1640. Turn to an approximate magnetic heading of 120 degrees and climb to an altitude of 6,500 feet above mean sea level (msl). Approximately 13 minutes later, the airplane turned right to a southeasterly heading. It then rapidly lost altitude while reversing direction before descending through 300 feet msl where it was lost from radar as it descended below the floor of radar coverage.

According to witnesses, moments later the airplane was observed traveling in a northwesterly direction at low altitude, almost completely upside down at one point, and "pieces" of the airplane were observed falling to the ground. It then impacted in a wooded area and a fire ensued


According to NTSB records, the pilot had been involved in a previous accident in the Township of Hamilton, New Jersey (NYC08CA042) on November 21, 2007, while flying a Cessna 172N, N172MG when the engine sputtered while in cruise flight and stopped producing power. The pilot then performed a forced landing to trees, resulting in substantial damage. Neither he nor his two passengers were injured. Examination of the fuel tanks by a FAA inspector revealed they were intact, and no evidence of fuel, fuel spillage, or fuel odor was identified at the scene. The pilot stated that he departed his home airport with full tanks earlier in the day and recorded 3.2 hours on the Hobbs meter. Several stops were made during the day, which involved six takeoffs and climbs to altitude. The Safety Board determined that the probable cause of that accident was the pilot's inadequate fuel consumption calculations which resulted in fuel exhaustion.

According to FAA records, the pilot held a private pilot certificate with ratings for airplane single-engine land. His most recent FAA second-class medical certificate was issued on July 11, 2013. He reported that he had accrued approximately 400 hours of total flight experience on that date, 85 hours of which was in the previous six months.


The accident aircraft was a tricycle landing gear equipped, two seat, low wing airplane of conventional metal construction. It was equipped with a Superior Air Parts IO-360-B1AA3, horizontally opposed, 4-cylinder, air cooled engine which produced 180 horsepower, and a MTV-A5-B, three bladed constant speed MT-Propeller.

The airplane had not been built by the pilot but had been built by a previous owner.

At an aerobatic gross weight of 1,600 pounds, the airplane complied with the +6/-3G standards of the FAA's aerobatic category. It had a maximum maneuvering speed of 142 mph (124 knots), and a never exceed speed of 230 mph (200 knots).

The maximum maneuvering speed of 142 mph (124 knots) was the maximum permissible speed at which full and abrupt control inputs could be applied. Any speed in excess of the maximum maneuvering speed with full control application could result in G-loads in excess of design limits.

The never exceed speed of 230 mph (200 knots) was the maximum permissible speed under any condition. Any speed in excess of this could result in structural damage. Full control application at the never exceed speed would produce a load of approximately +15.0 G.

According to FAA and maintenance records, the airplane had received its special airworthiness certificate on June 6, 2006. The airplane was purchased by the pilot on March 27, 2011.

The airplane's most recent conditional inspection was completed on March 15, 2013. Shortly afterwards, the rudder on the airplane was damaged while the airplane was tied down on a parking ramp when the rudder came into contact with a rudder stop which punctured the right lower, side of the rudder. The damaged rudder was removed by the owner and reskinned in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-1B and Van's Aircraft design drawings, and was returned to service on April 18, 2013.

At the time of the accident, the airplane had accrued approximately 461 total hours of operation.


The recorded weather at Atlantic City International Airport (ACY), Atlantic City, New Jersey, located approximately 6 nautical miles southeast of the accident site, at 1654, included: winds 200 degrees at 9 knots, visibility 10 miles; clear skies, temperature 22 degrees C, dew point 14 degrees C, and an altimeter setting of 30.05 inches of mercury.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed along the route of flight and atmospheric data for use in determining the upper air profile in the area of the accident site was gathered on behalf of the NTSB by the United States Army Aberdeen Test Center from a high resolution weather forecast model (4DWx), developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) that the Army Test and Evaluation Center (ATEC) Meteorology Teams use on a daily basis.

The model continuously merges data gathered from the Army's ranges as well as from sources such as FAA aircraft reports, air traffic control radar, satellites, National Weather Service weather radar, and upper-air and surface observations. Since data continues to be assimilated, when a new forecast is being developed, 4DWx "compares" its previous forecast with the observations and adjusts or "nudges" its forecast towards the observations. So, although the data provided by the program was model data, it included observations to produce and interpolate the upper air profile over a given point.

This data was generated from an altitude of 10,504 feet msl down to 66 feet msl at a point above the geographic location of the accident site. This data along with recorded radar data, and airplane characteristics, was later used to develop an airplane performance history for the accident and indicated that at 1700, at the airplanes initial maneuvering altitude of 6,500 feet, the weather conditions included: winds 125 degrees at 3 knots, temperature 10 degrees C, and a barometric pressure of 23.64 inches of mercury.


Examination of the wreckage path revealed that it was approximately 1/2 mile long and contained three distinct areas of debris.

The first area contained the lower half of the rudder.

The second area contained numerous pieces all of which were separated from their mounting locations. This included the vertical stabilizer (which was found in the top of a tree), the rudder balance weight, the left horizontal stabilizer, the left elevator, the left wingtip, the left elevator balance weight, and the cockpit canopy.

The third area contained the main wreckage (the fuselage, engine, and wings), which had remained attached to each other until striking the top of a tree, falling to the forest floor and coming to rest inverted, where they were further damaged by exposure to a postcrash fire.

Examination of the debris fields and main wreckage revealed no evidence of an inflight fire, explosion, or bird strike, and all of the major components of the airplane were recovered.

After collection and examination of the flight control system components, control continuity was established from the flight controls in the cockpit to the breaks in the system which displayed evidence of tensile overload and from the breaks in the system to the flight control surfaces.

Examination of the cockpit revealed that both magneto switches were in the on position, the alternator/battery master switch was on, the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Switch was on, the throttle was full forward, the propeller control was in the fine pitch/high rpm position, the mixture was full rich, and the wing flaps were in the up (zero degree) position.

Examination of the engine did not reveal any evidence of any preimpact malfunction or failure. The propeller hub had separated from the crankshaft during the impact sequence and the face of the fracture on the crankshaft flange displayed a 45-degree cupped shear lip and evidence of torsional rotation.

One propeller blade had remained attached to the hub, and the other had separated from its mounting location. Both propeller blades displayed leading edge gouging and chordwise scratching, and the separated blade also displayed S-bending. The propeller governor was impact damaged but remained attached to the engine.

Drive train continuity was established from the back of the engine to the front of the engine, and all of the valves were observed to be functional.

Oil was present in the rocker boxes and in the galleries of the engine. The oil pump displayed impact damage but could be operated by hand. Examination of the inside of the oil filter revealed no evidence of debris.

The engine driven fuel pump was functional and the fuel manifold valve contained trace amounts of fuel. The throttle body injector was intact, its throat was unobstructed, and the diaphragm assembly was undamaged.

The electronic magnetos were still attached to the engine however they were fire damaged and were unable to be operated. The electrodes on all of the spark plugs were intact, and appeared normal and gray in color with the exception of the No. 4 cylinder's top spark plug which was oil fouled and the No. 4 cylinder's bottom sparkplug which was fire damaged.

The fractured pieces of the empennage and aft fuselage were examined on scene without any evidence of prebreakup or preexisting damage being discovered. They were later reexamined as part of a structures study.


An autopsy was performed on the pilot by the State of New Jersey, Office of the State Medical Examiner. Cause of death was multiple blunt injuries.

Toxicological testing of the pilot was conducted at the FAA Bioaeronautical Sciences Research Laboratory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The specimens were negative for carbon monoxide, cyanide, basic, acidic, and neutral drugs.


Radar Performance Study

A radar performance study utilizing the radar data provided by the FAA revealed that, just before the accident occurred, the airplane flew generally to the southeast for 20 nautical miles before entering a steeply descending, accelerating left turn where portions of the empennage separated from the airplane. The airplane continued on a descending, turning flight path until it crashed about 20 seconds later.

An airplane performance history was developed using the recorded radar data, airplane characteristics, and atmospheric data. The performance history indicated that the airplane had been flying in a generally southerly direction about 6,500 feet altitude and 130 knots indicated airspeed (KCAS) when it entered a nearly inverted attitude, lost about 3500 feet in altitude, accelerated to about 220 KCAS (253 mph), and reversed direction in 10 seconds.

Examination of primary radar returns indicated that pieces of the airplane first began to separate from the airplane at approximately 1651:17 and had separated by 1651:20. Radar data indicated that the airplane however continued to "fly" to the northwest while descending and decelerating and turning south to the accident site.

Examination of data revealed that the most efficient way to achieve the maneuver was to roll nearly inverted and pull 2.5 Gs.

Trajectory Study

A trajectory study also was performed. In the study, two potential breakup scenarios were evaluated.

The first set of conditions was established at the point just before the airplane started into a rapid descent at 1651:08. The airplane was flying level at 6,500 feet msl, tracking about 180 degrees true, and 140 KCAS.

The second set of conditions was generally established at a point in the Radar Performance Study where the airplane would break up and the pieces would fall in the debris field. At that point in the flight path, airplane was descending at a 48-degree flight path angle, through about 4,500 feet msl, 220 KCAS, and tracking 040 degrees true.

The best fit of trajectory data however, was obtained using 220 KCAS and tracking 000 degrees true. This was not surprising, as a radar performance study "flies" an airplane simulator model through the radar data points and it is recognized that significant maneuvering may occur between the radar points. Thus, a rapid change in flight path before and after the breakup is not an unusual event. The airplane continued to maneuver until it impacted terrain about 1651:40.

The ballistic trajectories of the parts from the second set of conditions were better grouped at the initiation point, thus indicating that the breakup occurred at the lower altitude and higher speed.

The trajectory study also showed that the airplane likely broke up at the lower altitude during a rapid descent and high airspeed, about 220 KCAS. The flight conditions at the breakup were consistent with the Radar Performance Study. The positions of the calculated initiation points were tightly grouped; the range of calculated initiation points was less than 0.2 nm (except for one part). The range of calculated initiation points for the high, cruise type of breakup was about 0.6 nm.

Structures Study

Most of the airplane was found at the main crash site. Major portions of the empennage, including the left horizontal stabilizer, left elevator and tab, vertical stabilizer, rudder, and counter balances were found in a small grouping about 0.6 nautical miles from the main crash site. The left wing tip and canopy were also found in the separate grouping of parts.

The performance and trajectory studies indicated that the airplane broke up at a high speed and low altitude near the grouping of empennage parts that were found separate from the fuselage.

All fractures exhibited characteristics consistent with static overload. No evidence of multiple dynamic loading fractures was found, nor evidence of fatigue characteristics or other preexisting damage.

The damage to the left horizontal stabilizer was also consistent with downloading. The damage to the vertical stabilizer and rudder was consistent with loading to the left (when looking forward).

Service Bulletin (SB) 14-01-31 and SB 14-02-05

Vans Aircraft had issued SB 14-01-31 to address fatigue cracks that had been found in the horizontal stabilizer forward spar area on some airplanes. The cracks were in the radius where the spar web transitions into a flange.

Van's Aircraft had also issued SB 14-02-05 to address cracking near the rivets attaching the nut plates that hold the elevator rod ends to the E-702 Spar and E-610PP or E-611PP Spar Reinforcement Plates.

As part of the investigation, both areas specified in the service bulletins were examined for any preexisting damage.

Examination of the radius where the spare web transitions into a flange did not reveal any evidence of fatigue cracking. The right radius was free of any cracking, either from static overload or fatigue, and the left flange was partially separated from the web with one end of the fracture at the junction of the web and radius. The fracture surface was granular and at 45-degrees to the surface of the web.

Examination of the elevator spar web near the elevator attach points also did not reveal the presence of any cracks near the rivets which attach the nut plates that hold the elevator rod ends.


An interview with a friend of the pilot revealed that the pilot had been up in a Pitts Special with someone a couple of times who had shown him some basic aerobatics. The friend stated that he and the pilot would fly over Atlantic City, in formation and when the pilot would want to do an aerobatic maneuver that he would pull away from him and then do the maneuver.

The friend also stated that he had seen the pilot recover after falling out of a maneuver at low altitude before, and that it was not uncommon for the pilot to sometimes fall out of a maneuver (loop and/or roll). He further added, that knowing the pilot, that there was a possibility that he may have fallen out of an aerobatic maneuver on the accident flight.

Review of a video that was taken during a previous flight from another airplane by his friend revealed that during that flight, a left roll was performed by the pilot. During the maneuver, it was observed that the pilot allowed the nose to drop and that the airplane lost approximately 1,000 feet of altitude.

- discuss
- docket items



6/16  0041Z

RV-3B G-HILI Flies

After a year... MANY PICTURES!


Kings Bay Sub Base

Rough day working with pulled rivets

We got to visit the factory!!

Blown Away!

Aileron Fitting

Video: Stationary Supercell June 1, 2015 ...near Rapid City, SD

Sage advice ....Am I normal?

Earth X Press Release

fmi: http://earthxmotorsports.com/product-category/experimental-aircraft/



6/15  0031Z

Migration Debrief From The Weekend Move

My ISP moved 85% of their servers two blocks to their new data center over the weekend, which of course meant downtime and hiccups.  Sorry for that....and don't be surprised if more downtime occurs - unintended consequences and all that (stuff happens even when you've 'planned for everything').  My ISP's 'status blog' is HERE FWIW.

Hope you had a nice weekend and that you got to do something RV. 


Video: RV-14 TAILDRAGGER First Engine Run     

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Update on J. Fischer Selling his RV-1 ...it's for sale.

OK folks, all kidding aside. I need to sell this great little plane.  The condition inspection for 6/2015 is complete.  I replaced both main tires & tubes with Air Hawk 6 ply tires.  compressions: 78,70,79,78.read cold. No squawks found.


Another hatchling ...Dgamble post


Ground Loop, from "Will" to "Have" in 3 seconds  SMO

You know what they say about taildragger pilots, there are those that have ground looped and those that will. I was in the "will" category, and while I would never have said "it couldn't happen to me" I sure didn't think it would happen on take off!

Here is the story. It was 99* F in Kelowna on Monday afternoon when I was leaving for the short (.3) flight home to Salmon Arm. I ignored the checklist item that says “Canopy Latched” and kept the canopy cracked open to get some air (tipover canopy). Was cleared for takeoff and FORGOT the canopy was still cracked open about a half inch. Full throttle and a bootful of right rudder to keep straight, About a second later as the speed was coming up so did the canopy. Took me by surprise and I instinctively looked at it and reached for it with my throttle hand. During that half second distraction I obviously reduced right rudder pressure and around we went. Fastest 90 degree corner I ever made. By the time I pulled the throttle back to idle it was way too late. Scraped the wingtip as we went around and as I exited the side of the runway the tail came up (don’t know exactly why) and buried the spinner about 6” into the ground just off the pavement. I thought for a millisecond I was going over but fortunately the action stopped there with the tail in the air. I was probably less than 100' down the runway from where I started my takeoff run. You can see the taxiway that provided access to the runway in the picture below. No injuries other than a very bruised ego!  continue


Stuff Happens - Past and Today ...David-aviator


A Deal I couldn't Pass Up ...Vlad

I wasn't planning Sun-n-Fun this year. A boot camp I got myself into was mentally exhausting. Hitting rules books hard in a third language at advanced age wasn't a walk in the park. Flying was put at the backburner...

One morning a snail email comes. From my good buddies of volunteers days - hey you, you are guaranteed free food, lodging, and booze of your choice! Come for the week, or for a few days. We would love to have you! If there is any way you can make it, please let us know...   continue


Four Years of Ops - Building Lesson Learned

I've been chasing a static leak in my -8A. Finally admitted defeat and called the SoCal Pitot Static Guys company for assistance. Randy did a great job - and had all the equipment to do it right. Lessons learned:  continue


Ok what did I do wrong?


New Profile Picture...tying in the family tree.

Upload this weekend.  It's the headstock of the custom guitar my Dad took overseas in '51-52 while in the Army.  I need to do some more research, but I *think* the guitar was built in 1950.  Here's a full pic of the guitar.



6/12  0046Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present G-RVVY. .....paul330

Aerosport IO-540, Garmin stack and Dynon Skyview EFIS/EMS. Upholstery by Flightline Interiors.  Engine runs and taxi tests complete with only minor snags apart from the right brake which pretty much disintegrated...... Left is fine so suspect either jammed on, contamination of the pads or a manufacturing fault. Investigation on-going.  Just completing the paperwork and hope to have Permit to Test next month.


Intervention needed- Might sell RV-8

So I have a rare opportunity to own a 1942 PT-26 WWII Trainer. Always wanted a PT-19 and having a 26 with a canopy, while less sexy, would be more useful in our PA winters. BUT...it would require me to sell my RV-8. Here is where I would post a photo of my RV-8 but for some reason the site is not giving me posting options. You have all seen it. It's the RV-8 painted like a 357 FG, 362nd SQ bird with G4-P on the side.  ...


The Whole Story ...factory FB story

The calls just kept coming…for weeks and weeks.

The RV-12 builder had bought a complete kit from a private party. The airframe construction had gone ok, but he just couldn’t get the avionics to function properly. The Skyview unit wouldn’t recognize the EMS, or the autopilot or the radio. There were all kinds of error messages and odd problems.

He’d tried everything he could think of. The Skyview unit had been back to Dynon – twice – and pronounced fully functional. He’d tested all the wires on the wiring harnesses pin by pin and assured us that every one checked out.  ...


Tip- Leading Edge rolling tool ...ERushing

After a less than ideal experience rolling the leading edge of my rudder, I decided to try a different method for my elevators. I think I’ve come up with a new tool that makes this task quick and easy with minimal risk of damaging skins, etc.

Start with a 1.25” closet rod from the Ace Hardware aviation aisle. A 7/8” socket fits nicely within that rod so pick up two of those. A couple 3/8” to 1/2” adapters, a couple 3/8” ratchets and some JB weld and you’re ready to go! Assuming you have the 3/8" ratchets in your tools box, materials are under $20.  ...



6/11  0021Z

First flight N121TK ...tomkk

06/10/2015. Launched early, the weather was perfect. Flew an hour, no gripes at all. Lots excitement & lots of fun. This is a great little airplane.


Looking for an RV beta tester....in Huntsville, AL


Q: Is this a Landol Ring?

A: Yes and no.


Fifth Point Install ...Bayou Bert

'Lil help please....


Real-time US Lightning Map


The use of lithium-ion batteries in combination w/Rotax 912

Alert Service Bulletin



6/10  0059Z

Randall Henderson RV-6


Ray Stitts passing

"From EAA Ch 1:
It is with a very sad heart that I need to report the news of Ray Stitts passing. I have no details at this time

As more information becomes available, I'll keep you posted.

Please pass this news on to everyone who should know. Ray was an aviation pioneer, as well as a good father and successful businessman. His generosity has been felt across the country, as well as in his own backyard, Flabob Airport.

He will be sorely missed."


Dave Cicciari's RV-8


FFI Change in Leadership ...Stu McCurdy

"Be it known to all formation pilots that as of 1 Jul 15, I will be stepping down as FFI Administrator and handing the reins to Bob Mills (Nasty). I am following Gen MacArthur policy and will just fade away as Nasty takes FFI to new heights in precision formation flying and continued discipline. FFI has a reputation for excellence in training and evaluation, producing outstanding formation pilots to fly in airshows around the country. Nasty will continue that mark.

Nasty will do some restructuring to make the organization better and include FFI members from around the country in leadership roles. Stay tuned to announcements from him. He will also announce where new evaluations and Activity Reports sound be sent to maintain currency. Also, stay tuned for a development of a better website.

It has been my honor to lead FFI for the past 15 years from its inception in 1999, but time has come for new blood to lead."


Status Report ...Andy Hill RV-3

"If all goes well, flying within a week or 2?"


From the Factory FB Page....

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Ken Owen's RV-10



6/9  0049Z

(click to enlarge)

The VAF 'Remote Office'.  This time of year the breeze is out here,
wrapping around the corner.  Not too bad until the mid-90*F's. 


New build #41642 ...Shawn Corwin

I received the emp kit 3/10/15 and am just finished clecoing (is that a real verb?) the skins on the tailbone.

I have the fuse kit arriving the end of this month, with a QB wings due in Aug/Sept. The wings will be stored until needed. I've searched for these questions but either found old threads or no real good answers

1) Do I need to plan for anything with the tail before I finish it up? Conduit for antennas or lighting? ELT? When does that really start to become a thought process? Right now, I'm simply going from step 1-2-3.

2) What should I plan on doing for the fuse in the near future? Really, what I'm asking is, I can go from step 1-2-3, but when do you start to plan out the static system, planning the interior... Or is it simply step 1-2-3 until I hit the firewall?

3) I'm working out of a single car garage and it's working out nicely so far. The rudder, Vert/Hori stab and the tailcone will be placed into a nearby storage facility while I'm working on the fuse. How much of the instructions should I complete before storing those parts? I think the rudder and horizontal stab can be removed, but can the vertical stab be removed easily also?

4) I live in the DFW area. Anyone know of another RV-10 builder in the area? I tried searching and going through EAA but haven't had any luck....


Gary Chatelain's RV-8


From Our Friend Rosie


My first flight in an RV (6) - initial thoughts and thanks Nigel! ...Daniel S.

Like I assume many other members on this forum, I am hugely interested and want to own my own RV one day but have to make do with living vicariously through all the other builders and fliers on the board as (young) family life dictates most of my schedule and budget. I have been a member here since 2008, have only posted maybe a dozen times and the "flavor" of RV I prize has changed time and again. I read Dan C's build log start to finish back in the day and spend countless hours reading all manner of threads here.

Yesterday was the first time I have seen an RV up close, sat in one and went for a flight.

I got my PPL in 2001, have less than 75 hours TT and have not flown in over 10 years. However, my love of flying hasn't abated and I always look up to the sky when I hear an engine above. Aside from an hour in a Lancair Legacy with its builder in 2007, I hadn't even got into a GA aircraft until 2 weeks ago. That was a stunning Cirrus SR22TN which its owner kindly took me for a round trip 200-mile flight on.

The Cirrus was magnificent. The all-glass cockpit, rich leather interior with custom stitching, roominess and sense of "technology" was amazing. It felt like climbing into a luxury sports car with every tiny detail attended to. The Entegra R9 system, even to the uninitiated like me, made the complexity of flying so logical and ordered. Vivid colors, flashing screens, audible warnings of traffic and altitude immersed me. And of course, it flies beautifully - fast, stable and predictable.

As memorable an experience as it was, it left several lasting impressions on me. Should the owner offer me another flight, I will leap at it. But I know I will never want to own one (assuming of course I could even afford it) and this certainty was due to the hour I spent with Nigel in his 6.

Why? Leaving cost of acquisition and maintenance aside, the experience of flight in both aircraft was so wildly different. For me, the RV captures the "magic of flying", a sense of engagement and harmony with the aircraft, a canopy that offers all-round visibility and proximity to the sky. You are nestled in next to your co-pilot, wedged between the engine and the baggage compartment. There is no roominess or true sense of luxury, no overwhelming allure of technology that draws your attention inside instead of outside. I know there is no definition of my "mission" here and that in all honesty, the Cirrus isn't likely to fit mine.

Again, these are only my initial impressions after an extremely short time in each and I acknowledge my inexperience as a pilot. What I saw and felt is going to be different to the next person. But in this short time, I left certain that my path in aircraft ownership and flight would be along RV lines. Now the decision will be whether I feel I am able to accomplish the 200-odd smaller tasks required to build my own airplane, or whether I buy one built by one of you fine people! But I do know that I really liked the situational awareness and warnings offered by some of the glass technology that it would need to be part of my RV, as well as an autopilot . . .

And if you read this Nigel, thank you once again for creating a memory and for inspiring me to keep this dream alive no matter how long it takes.


Voices of Valor: Noah McCullough ...with an RV-4 twist

[ed. From my hometown newspaper.  ]

Mary Drennon photo.



6/8  0001Z

Don Stiver

Another one for William McLean

Congrats to William "Wild eye ball" Mc Lean for another great job competing in aerobatics using an RV4. This time competing againt other 13 competitors in the Spoertman Category during the IAC East Coast Championship held ar Rome GA! Bill came from 9th place to 2nd overall. This mean if he had not screwed his first flight he would have won. bill competed against 2 super D,s, one Extra 300, one Giles 202, one RV8, one Yak 52, one Pitts S2b and the rest Pitts S1 of all different variations! Congrats Bill. 75 years old and Kicking B......!

Look ma, no hands!

RV-12 with Dynon Skyview glass panel wireless enabled and iPad Mini running ForeFlight.

The Commute ...Smokey Ray

Had an interesting commute to work this week...  Since moving to TX I have wanted to "fly to work" since my company's HQ is at an Airport, KDAL.

So...I jumped in the X, took off into a gorgeous sunrise, leaped over the bumper to bumper freeway traffic below me and at a blistering Two and a half miles a minute, raced towards the grind. As I passed by a large lake and associated Dam I noticed a twin approaching on a pretty much collision course, or CATA (collision antenna train angle) as I used to say in another life. The Baron as it turned out hadn't seen me and when he checked in on approach control they immediately gave him a vector around me. As he received "punishment vectors" I was awarded a direct to destination.  more

Paint Done ...Guilhermepilot

All Dressed, ready to fly but I have to WORK! ...olyolson

Supplimental videos posted

"Van's posted some videos showing how to do some of the fiberglass work on the canopy. I think that is Scott in the video, and if so public thanks to him for all the great advice here as well as elsewhere."

From Factory FB Page

Something for the weekend... The RV-14 sprouts its wings!

Very SAD Day N622DR - V7A1467 ...Reiley

Well here we go... FYI please be advised, 40"'s of water, silt, sand, fertilizer, brush, etc. took her out! RV-7A, Serial # V7A1467 was totaled and destroyed by flood on 05/25/2015 Memorial Day in Taylor Texas. AIG has TOTALED THIS AIRCRAFT! Be advised, the builder, manufacture has looked over the aircraft and states it is no longer airworthy and has been totaled by AIG insurance company. As the Manufacture due to damage assessment voids all Aircraft Operating LIMITATIONS in place. BUYERS BEWARE! AIG will have this plane, don't do it!

On the Ramp With Big Brother

May Issue Online ...last issue (future content incorporated into Sport Aviation)

Painted ...RVRC



6/5  0008Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

2015 Photo of RV 969WF Alan Judy RV-6


More airflow to the RV-12 Voltage Regulator - Proven!

I just finished my "hood scoop" mod to substantially increase airflow to the RV12 voltage regulator and NOT moving it inside the cabin. The concern is that overheating of the VR is most likely to be occurring during ground operations, when the engine rpm is low, airflow to the VR is low, and VR output may be high.  continue


Status Report ...sbalmos '9A

As usual, neglecting my own build log thread. I've pretty much hit that point in the fuselage build where the manual gets really vague on what to do when. I could start stringing pitot/static lines, start some wiring, take my pick. Choices, choices...

The fuselage is basically done, the landing gear mounts are in, and I'm starting to design my center console, which will probably pretty much replace the forward center cover, fuel selector box, possibly the firewall cabin heat baffle, etc. I'm talking with Tom at TS Flightlines about my fuel lines, Stein and Christer on avionics, the bank about paying for the avionics (always fun), Nicole and Craig for the Catto prop, Robert for the EFII system, Luke and Jeremiah at Classic Aero about the Interior... did I miss anyone?   more


Status Report ...Boomer506 -8

Thought I would post an update. Wings and tail are done and in storage. Fuselage forward section is going together. Getting ready to debur and wash prime aft fuselage skins and frames. Starting to look like an airplane!

-3B Status Report ...David Paule

'Targa Strip' departure ...flion

Last winter I was descending into Lake Havasu from the East. Normally I would do a circle to the North to get around to the West side and enter the pattern. In the process, I would reduce throttle and descend leisurely to pattern altitude. This time I was a bit behind the breakfast gang and wanted to give my passenger a bit of excitement, so I pushed the nose down as we crossed the ridge and did a cruise-power descent to the airport.

We got more excitement than we expected. At about 150 KIAS (closing on VNE at that altitude), there was a loud BANG! Did we hit a bird? Engine is still running, controls are working, breath resumed after a few seconds but it may be a while before my butt stops clenching the seat. Nothing really to do but land the plane, so I do and tie down but don't notice anything out of place. It's after breakfast when I am doing my pre-flight that I notice that the 'targa strip' is gone from the canopy.

I've got a tip-up, Sika bonded, and the canopy joint is(was) covered with a fiberglass layup bonded to the front canopy. When I had done the layup, I thought I had roughened the surface well enough and, to be fair, it has stayed on since the first flight in 2008. But then, I normally don't cruise faster than 135 KIAS, even for descents. But it had departed cleanly, fortunately without damaging the aircraft (I looked carefully for where it must have hit the plane, causing that BANG! but found no marks or dents).

Well, the canopy was secure so I could fly it home though there were gaps in the left and right lower rear corners where the plexi and side strips don't quite meet the rear canopy, so it was a bit cold and loud. That turned me into a fair-weather pilot and there hasn't been much fair weather here since then (nice days but colder than I wanted to deal with). It finally got warm enough to do some glass work, so I masked off the layup area.

This time I used a carbide tip in a drill to rough up the bonding area (last time it was 80 grit in a detail sander). For good measure, I used a 3/32" drill to put some holes in the bonding area (and to stop-drill the one crack caused by the departing strip) which I made sure got plenty of attention when I wetted the bonding area. I used three layers of 2" glass tape staggered at 1/2" intervals aft to front to lay up the new strip and it came out beautifully. I'm going to add another strip to the back (butted to the front/top strip and trimmed to match the current back) to give the aft lip some extra stiffness, plus a little reinforcement at the left/right bottom of the strip.

I don't expect to have a problem again but I am making this cautionary tale to emphasize two points. First, you can be more aggressive than you think in preparing a surface for glass. I knew this but at that point in the project I think I was hurrying (it was the last thing to do before the inspection) and when it held through the first 100 hours, I quit worrying about it. That is the second thing - I should have paid more attention to it and looked for separations. It was probably only a little bit near one end of the strip but it would have been enough for the airstream to get under and peel the entire strip off. And so, first sentence of this paragraph notwithstanding, I will be checking this regularly in my pre-flight from now on.

Sold but not forgotten...


Welcome Industrial Supply Wholesale ...hangar suppllies

The first choice of advertising my new business was here on VAF. Like many of you this is my favorite place to navigate to multiple times a day since I too am an RV addict, builder and flyer. Industrial Supply Wholesale is a web based distributor for primarily safety PPE (personal protection equipment) and janitorial supplies along with other lines including some office and break room items. Under the "Industry Guides" link you will find the next link that says "Kit Builders". I've assembled a nice selection of essential items for both builders and flyers. Here in one place you will find a selection of all important Sharpies, PPE safety items for the shop, tools to keep your hangar clean, microfiber to keep your plane clean, shop supplies including a huge selection of wipers, and even a label maker that prints on heat shrink and the heat shrink that goes into it. Take some time to further search the site as there is a much greater selection of each of these categories.

As an introductory offer I am offering a 5% discount to the RV community. Use the discount code VAF1939 in the shopping cart and it will calculate in the discount. Feel free to pass out this discount code to anyone.  If you have questions on products, need advice, or looking for something special please shoot me a message to Mike@isupplyw.com 

If you are starting to set up your shop for a build this is a must shop site. It will save you countless hours hunting for the simple essentials you don't think about until you need them.

Please visit us online at WWW.ISUPPLYW.COM

[ed. Ad lives in the Previous Day's News section.  dr]

Real Pilot Story- From Miscue to Rescue

"Watch as a series of delays, poor decisions, and lack of preparation turns a four hour cross-country flight into a 30-hour survival crisis for a pilot and his family in the unforgiving Idaho backcountry."



6/4  0023Z

First Flight RV-7A N655RB

Flew my RV-7A today after nearly 4 years of construction. Based at Hicks Field (T67), north of Ft. Worth, TX.  Flew straight, no heavy wing noticed and ball was centered. No wheel pants or fairings for first few flights during engine break-in.  Wore my lucky hat - old beat up RV-4 hat that Bob Avery gave me 20 years ago from my previous build first flight.


DIY iPhone Adapter for Ram Mount

My A&P/IA buddy Randy Richmond (card) made this for his old school RV-6 for about ten cents.  He already had the Ram base, but adapted it for his iPhone 5.  You know, I'm starting to think about swapping out my iPad for my iPhone 6 Plus.  It could easily ride a little higher and closer, more in the sweet spot for my bifocals.  I'm running Garmin Pilot on it, and since it has 128GB of space it's a tap of one button to download all the charts and approaches for the whole country.  I find I use the 6 Plus more than the iPad these days.  They call it a 'phablet', right? 

And one less thing to carry...

Click to enlarge pics.  BTW, Randy thinks he has about $30K-$32K in the plane.  It can be done. 


Whit Nanna LED Strip Mod

"Just wanted to drop a line and show you the LED strip mod my friend Roger (rv4) builder in Lubbock helped me out with."


Baffle tension rods


RV7 panel upgrade with Jesse...pnassar

Starting thinking about upgrading my panel last year. Worked fine with the steam gauges but as always, I wanted more! Requirements included IFR redundancy, ADS-B in and out, and a real deal autopilot.

Met Jesse Saint on VAF and traveled over to his shop outside Ocala. Sat in numerous RVs and compared AF vs Dynon. Ended up going with Dynon after much discussion with Jesse - but was impressed with both.  continue




6/3  0127Z

Full Circle ...Pete Howell

Five years ago, I loaded a little high school senior-to-be in the RV and we took his first trip to visit the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We took the tour and had a nice lunch on the Union Terrace overlooking Lake Mendota. That was pretty much it, he was hooked. We cancelled other college visits and he went early admission option to be a Badger.  continue


So...we went west.....but only to look!!! ...Joel 'Weasel' Graber

Ever since the RV-10 was completed I have thought about taking a long trip out west to see a few things that people talk about.

A little back ground. I grew up east of the Mississippi river and the only time I have been west of there was on an occasional trip to eastern South Dakota or a Bus trip with our church chorus that took us as far as Oklahoma and Nebraska. I stopped in L.A. on an airline trip to Hawaii but was only a change over and stayed in the airport. And one time I went via airline to L.A to visit my brother for 2 or 3 days.

We decided to take the girls and go on a trip WAY out west and just look around. 


Eagle's Nest Projects - Central HS (WI) Moves EN-4 to the Airport

The school year has ended at Central High in Salem, Wisconsin... but not for the build-students and mentors of Eagle's Nest (4) who, by the generosity of Mr. Mike Jones of JRS Aviation, LLC., will have a place to continue work on their Project during the summer. Mr. Jones owns a number of hangars at KBUU and when he heard the students wanted to complete their aircraft over the summer and were looking for a permanent airport location for flight training, he generously offered the use of one of his hangars at no charge. Thank You Mr. Jones!

Cockpit Footage TBM Avenger Emergency Landing: Arsenal Of Democracy VE Day Flyover

[ed. Watching this is well worth your time, IMHO.  The debrief starts about 3min 30sec in, and you'll need to use the pause feature to read all the text.

Yours in Nomex,

"This is the Emergency Landing at DCA, Reagan National, of the Military Aviation Museum TBM Avenger during the 70th anniversary of VE Day, Arsenal of Democracy flyover. A 1500psi pinhole hydraulic leak vaporized in the cockpit, appeared like smoke, and prompted a decision to abort the flyover and land at Reagan DCA airport.

The video is broken into two parts. The first is real time, the second breaks down my thoughts at the time and draws lessons learned for other pilots to learn from. The biggest lesson was how the leak presented itself in a vapor form. It moved and acted like smoke, combined with fluid heat on the legs of my passenger, it was mistaken for fire. The only differentiating feature from smoke from a fire is the smell. An electrical fire and engine fire have very distinct smells, this had the smell of hydraulic fluid. Hopefully this will help someone else recognize the difference in the future.

We were off the runway quickly and caused no delays for traffic at Reagan, fixed and flown out later that afternoon. Thank you to all who helped! American Airlines and Signature Aviation Mechanics found and fixed the problem in record time. The emergency was flown exactly as briefed for that segment of flight. To have a malfunction for that 2 mile segment when I had flown a thousand miles in the last few days and the last few years without any incidents at all is statistically impossible.

This event, especially on this day, gave a somber reminder to all those who didn't have a runway conveniently aligned. To those who were hundreds of miles away from the nearest carrier, in enemy waters. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We remember.

A nickel on the grass.

Keep em' Flying!"

New Tool, what to make for the RV

My First Dimpling Error (a familiar tale)

Paint is going on ...Guilhermepilot


Q: How much torque on these fittings?



Webinars Coming Up from EAA...



6/2  0033Z


Today Susie and I celebrate 25 years of marriage.  Since so many of you are considered family to us, I thought I would share.  Thank you for being a part of what makes our lives so special.  We are Blessed in many ways.  I found the love of my life, and I thank God for her every day.

My brother Don took the first photo a few days before our wedding (excuse the glared iPhone copy).  Waco's suspension bridge in the background.  The second picture was from a couple weekends ago at the graduation of a niece from the University of Dallas.  Significant changes...

True to form, we got each other a new half bathroom downstairs instead of a silver doodad we'd put in a drawer and forget about.  Replacing the nasty carpet in the living room with laminate wood also, but that's in a month or so.  We're both going to install it.

Please note that big hair was in fashion in 1990, and I miss having it where I wanted it.  God knows where it will be in another 25 years.  Probably my ears... 


Status Report

"Today we married the tailcone to the fuselage. I've waited long enough and there's only a couple more things to do before I get it on it's gear."


RE: RV-12 SB 14/12/06 ...Jetguy

"I got it to at 689hrs. I thought the replacement went as planned per the SB. New part installed, after getting to it maybe 2 hours labor at a leisure pace.No sweaty rivet on bottom of wing."


From the 'Please Don't Do It' Thread

I don't mean to reanimate a zombie thread, but I think this one is perfect for what I have to say here.

I just returned from flying practice approaches in IMC with my instructor. ATC vectored us around a bit while a life flight helicopter flew an opposite direction approach. Once cleared for the ILS approach at our intermediate destination, we were given a frequency change, of course. The AWOS was reporting a ceiling of 600 overcast. We were in solid soup the whole way from our departure airport (ceiling there was about 800 AGL).

When we got on the CTAF, we announced our position, 9 miles out. While we were near a 3 mile final, a faint transmission on the CTAF was heard, no call sign, asking for "position of the traffic on the ILS approach." Surprised anyone was flying, thinking maybe the helo had gone missed for some reason, we gave a position report. The reply (at about the time we went missed) was "I'm on a left downwind for 08 about 2 miles north of the field, I'll extend my downwind for you." Of course he was basically directly crossing the published missed approach course for our approach.

Mind you, we had broken out at 600 ft (the ILS minimum there was 254 AGL). Serious IMC all around, and this numb nut was messing around in the pattern, flying directly in the path of any traffic on the published missed.

PLEASE don't do this. It causes needless concern and frustration for legitimate IFR traffic, and clearly there was no way this guy was in legal VFR conditions. We never did get a visual on him. Keep in mind he was low enough that ATC couldn't see him (or at least didn't mention him to us) and he probably didn't have his transponder on, and this was within the Mode C veil.



6/1  0001Z
  Spent the weekend cleaning the garage, nursing a slightly sprained ankle, and using my Avery Tools polyethylene dimpling mallet and other tools to 'deconstruct' the upstairs shower tile, backer board and sheetrock.  Out with 1987 and in with 2015.  Why yes, I do happen to have a picture of the progress.  And yes, I did throw the old stuff out the window into the backyard...which felt great.
  No flying, but got a lot of stuff done.  And we're drying out finally. 


AX-O First Flight


Today was a good day! ...Howard Hollins

Folks, today was a good day flying the RV-12 SLSA and I just wanted to say a big thanks to those here, and the Dynon Tech Support guys, and the folks at Vans who have answered many of my newbie questions and suffered my frustrations and impatience.

Since taking ownership last July it has been a big learning curve and often times confusing and frustrating.

I've found, especially in the last week or so, that there is more information out there to help, I just wasn't aware of it, or didn't know where to look. I spend hours searching this site and reading info online but sometimes that one piece of the puzzle isn't there.

For example, just yesterday Tom and Bill H told me where to look for the recent in-flight compass calibration and how to check the engine type being used in Skyview. Maybe elementary to you folks who've built the plane from the kit but I didn't know for example that the Installation Kit was revised with each firmware update. D'ooh.  I'm looking in the paper manual Vans gave me and couldn't see it. As soon as I followed Bill's direction for the "12.2 manual' bingo there it was.

I'm about to get an iPad Air as backup to Skyview with Foreflight Mobile and Synthetic vision…from now on all the manuals, POH, and Rotax info and bulletins etc all be stored there.

Can I just say a big Thank You to all of you who have the time and patience to offer a tip of other help, it's greatly appreciated. I apologize for any perceptions of complaining perceived as whining. It's just frustration at not being able to find the missing piece sometimes, and lack of knowledge. I'm trying to learn as I go and it's certainly paying of.  continue

The Big Lake they Call Gitche Gumee ...Pete Howell


Hydroguy2 Update


Wallpaper Calendar for June.  "Old Meets New."


NTSB Safety Alert - See and Be Seen- Your Life Depends on It


Advanced Flight AF-5000 12.2 Software Release

1. Profile view inset window.
2. Video inset window
3. Transponder loader software with support for the Avidyne IFD540 and IFD440
4. ADS-B Traffic Status display (OK, No Radar, Fail, Unavail)
6. Traffic Audio Alerts.


Advanced RV-14 IFR Panel


100,000nm ...Roy Thoma


Broken NACA vent- need advice


OSH Runway Photos



5/29  0030Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

RV-10 Status Update ...Bluelabel

This update doesn't contain anything new that hasn't been done almost 800 times or so... but, might as well post.  We finally put in the windscreen, and built the fairing. Went pretty well. Good thing I researched it here. Would never have thought to dye the filer and epoxy black until it was too late....

We also fitted the wings. So, that was kind of big deal. Actually went surprisingly easy. The plane got to get out of the garage and make a Uturn back in.

Amazing that these wings left the factory in 2005 and the fuse in 2007, and they went together like butter. A lot to be said for Vans engineering and production.  continue


2015 Oshkosh RV Social

"...The old girl crawled up out of the basement last week and ordered the kegs, so yes, it's on! Come join the Beer Fairy at OSH, on Monday, after the airshow, for one night of libation, tall tales, and outright lies...."


Geese Story ...Don Hull

Had a friend who survived a goose strike in a C152. He was a retired Air Force pilot and he had a friend who was also a retired Air Force pilot who had come to town for a visit. He/they rented a 152 for an aerial tour of Decatur, Alabama. As they were returning to the local airport just before sundown a goose came through the windshield. Wheeler Wildlife Refuge is home to hundreds of geese during migration season.

The short version of his story went like this. Boom! Sound of rushing air. No headphones, no communication. Most of windshield gone, blood and feathers everywhere. Plus noise, cold air in the face, and fear. He, as PIC, realized air speed slowing due to tremendous drag. His friend being a pilot wondered why the PIC was pointing the nose down, and in the confusion, thought he was unconscious or out of his mind to be pointing nose down...so he pulled on the yoke. Tug of war and a few elbows at each other, plus full throttle, finally resulted in control of airspeed by PIC.

Both glad to be back on the ground.

I've thought of this almost every time I've flown near the Wildlife Refuge.


Elongated Hole - Top of Wing ...RV-12

Well I had to drill out an LP4-3 rivet on the top outboard skin of my right wing the other day and totally messed it up. See the image below.  ...


ADS-B Save...Bryan Douglass RV-10

I suspect as ADS-B becomes more widespread (the traffic portion specifically) these types of incidents (or not incidents) will become more commonly reported. Yesterday I was descending into Prineville, OR from the east about 20-30 miles out. Suddenly I noticed a target directly in my flight path about 5 miles out, opposite direction, 1000 feet below me and climbing - and fast. I was in a cruise descent so I was smoking too. Somewhat unusual for where I live, this target had it's N number displayed indicating that he has ADS-B out. I stopped my descent, diverted left, and he almost simultaneously diverted to his left but kept climbing. It was almost like we could see each other After he passed on my right a few miles away I got a glimpse of him and noted the N number from the target on the screen. After landing I checked the N number and it was an Agusta helicopter, I'm guessing a Life Flight unit based on the N number.

The lesson (and this isn't the first) is that this was as close a potential mid air as I have had but that it was easily and safely avoided because both of us had ADS-B. This is NOT busy airspace but it could easily have happened nevertheless. Put me down as a fan of ADS-B.


Charity Hat Sighting ...David A. Stern

Dragon bridge in Danang, Vietnam.

(hat info)


Garmin Open House June 11



5/28  0034Z

(click to enlarge...note aircraft shadow crossing practice range)
.3hr hop Wednesday in the RV-6 looking at flooding in N.TX.
(33.070086, -97.000933)
dr photo.


Hawk ...Larry Pardue (RV-6)

I don't think I can impart any new wisdom but the experience made an impression on me.

In my area we have many turkey vultures and I am on alert for them. I find they are almost always at around 500 ft AGL which makes it easier. I have made evasive maneuvers even as recently as two weeks ago while in the landing pattern. They are huge and slow flying and that tends to help make it easy to spot them.

Yesterday I was flying at about 155 knots at 1,500 MSL over the Delaware River of West Texas. I had my attention out the front of the airplane in a relaxed way. Suddenly, right now, there was a hawk and I reacted by pulling and the hawk dived at the same time. This was all within half a second or so. I got a real good close up look at that bird and missed it by 10 feet or so. I apologized to my passenger as I felt I maneuvered pretty abruptly. As it turned out I only pulled a bit over 2 Gs and he didn't see the bird. I felt that even if I had hit the bird I would have had time to duck down.

This is all with my attention outside the cockpit. I guess the lesson is to look out as much as possible and I have seen hawks at quite high altitudes so that doesn't only apply when low.

Boy I have a vivid picture in my mind of the exact feather patterns on that bird.


Not much flying recently ...Vlad pics

"...just quick hops around the corner here and there."  continue


Non ferrous flake in oil screen

I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction.

During annual I pulled the oil screen and found one 0.315 x 0.157 very thin shard of non magnetic piece of material. it almost looked like a thin sliver of aluminum. Interestingly I cant find anything in the filter although the oil that was left in the oil screen seemed grayish like there is aluminum "dust" mixed in the oil, maybe it is other contaminant (lead deposit?)

Have not send the oil in for analysis yet. The hartzell C/S prop was recently overhauled (5hrs ago) and the engine is running great and is 144hrs old.

Engine is an mattituck M1b IO-360.

Anyone seen this before? what can cause one lone sliver of silver non magnetic material in the oil screen? Can it come from the prop? What is the next best step? teardown?

Thank you so much for your time, any advice is appreciated.


Cedar Mills Marina Update ...KeithB

I flew up to Lake Texoma to view the flooding. Unfortunately, the lake has risen even more, rising to the main spillway (I believe that's about 30 feet above conservation level). Here is the marina at Cedar Mills with Pelican's Landing in the center, flooded to the eaves.



5/27  0009Z

My buddy Jim Pappas w/Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top on the
jumbotron at the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte.  Nice shirt! :^)  dr


Loss of records

...Among the casualties of the fire that leveled my home on May 13 were my pilot logs and aircraft maintenance logs for airframe, engine and prop. Thankfully my medical, pilot cert and airworthiness docs were in the plane and therefore unscathed.

What does an owner do when all his original and backup photocopies of maintenance logs are lost like this? Besides start over today with new ones...

I am at a loss. In more ways than one, I guess.


Do I have enough screens?


Status ...Blain

Here is my AFS4500 on center with A210 and GTX327 on left. Barely enough space to put lock nuts on the rack mounting and still get inside the panel header in the cabin. The Skyview is about 2" wider so unlikely you could keep Skyview centered.


APRS Art ...Vlad

...in remembrance of Memorial Day


Skin to longeron to F-711 rivet (7A)

New question. Drilling skin to longeron holes and found one virtually impossible to set.  How did you all set that one rivet on each side? It's going to be right up against the F-711D angle.


Status ...KHeidorn

Laying out the stripes so I can paint this weekend.



5/26  0010Z

First flight ...PeteP 9A


Harold flew west but his tail remained with me ...Saber25 post

This summer marks a thirty year anniversary of my RV4 and the memory of the remarkable man that introduced me to an equally remarkable plane.
In 1985 while returning from a training mission in south western Idaho for the National Guard, I flew over a small dirt strip adjacent to a work shop and spotted a shiny aluminum airplane. At 500agl I identified it as an RV4 having seen pictures of the airplane in Sport Aviation. I determined the position of this location on my map and the following day my wife and I rode the motorcycle to Murphy Idaho for a closer look.

Out in the desert country near the Snake River, we met Harold and his wife who helped build what was then the first RV4 in Idaho. After a brief introduction and explaining my interest in his plane, we walked down to the shop to get a closer look. Well, for me it was love at first sight. Years earlier in the 70’s I had planned on building the T-18 which was then considered the hot rod model for homebuilts, but with intervening time the RV4 had outpaced the T-18 in every performance category and also looked far sleeker. The seed was planted.

Harold had an interesting background. He could build anything and that included homesteading and building a ranch out of raw land in Idaho to include building the rig to drill his water well. He logged a plot of forest land he owned in the mountains and ended his career working as a lineman for a telephone company. Not one to sit around he decided at age 64 to build an airplane. He ran a tractor up and down his land to build a strip of sorts with a fence at each end of this hockey stick shaped runway measuring 1800ft. Adjacent to the runway he built a workshop and proceeded shortly thereafter with the RV4. In those days, basic hand tools for building were acquired and those that were not available on the market would be hand fabricated.  continue

Flying with my Son on Memorial Day - Bar Harbor ...Dvalcik


"Done....Part II" ...cactuspilot

Well, here she is....post paint shake-out flight...

During the paint down period I:

1) Installed the new vernier throttle and springs
2) R/R new dimpled carb floats
3) Re-did panel with carbon fiber overlay and installed new autopilot panel and sky view touch on right side
4) Did 1st oil change (figured might as well)
5) Re-checked a lot of things (angle and torque on prop, etc)
6) Ended up painting my own wheel pants as my painter got evicted and subsequently disappeared....(long story)...which went pretty good till the second coat of clear over the acryglo metallics....got a lot of orange peel....

colors are SW jetglo matterhorn white, black velvet metallic and copper gold metallic acryglo (with clear on top)

7) Updated everything to 12.2 (Van's...)


'Therapy' session ...Bob Collins

Have I mentioned how beautiful polished aluminum can be lately?


Stage IV Colon Cancer & Building an RV-8 ...CSJohnson

After many years of dreaming, turning a garage into an airplane factory, I started my RV-8 build on March 31, 2015. Within two weeks I started experiencing abdominal cramps, being unconcerned until one day they were stronger than previous and persistent throughout the day.

X-rays at an urgent care center suggested a bowel blockage and trip to the ER. More x-rays and a CT scan but the ER doctors couldn't pinpoint the issue. I was admitted for further evaluation. Three days later a GI doctor called my room from his home at 11:30PM saying, "Something is definitely wrong." A colonoscopy was performed and a cancerous tumor discovered.

Surgery to remove the tumor, a section of the colon, an appendectomy, remove lymph nodes, and liver biopsy was performed. Several infections developed and I remained in the hospital for four weeks with chest tubes and another fluid drain (OUCH!), followed by three weeks of home infusion with three self-administered antibiotic IVs each day (via a PICC line; I'm hooked up as I type.) Pathology results confirmed colon cancer having spread to all nearby lymph nodes and a small liver lesion. Having metastasized to distant organs I was diagnosed as Stage IV.  continue

Errant Dimple


RV-7 Mods Added ...mantry


Cross Country Relocation...Radar Required! ...drdestructo


FOR SALE: FLYING RV-9A .....$79.9K


Donations (link) updated

...and THANK YOU!!! to those who help keep this American, 1-family small business online.

  • 741 donations this year so far
    (out of 20,692 registered forum accounts - 3.5%).
  • Year is 40% over.


5/24  2351Z
No Memorial Day edition today.  Done out of solemn respect for those American Warriors who sacrificed everything for my family's way of life. 



5/22  0030Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Note: Forums might get slow for an hour around lunch Central time zone Friday.  Troubleshooting and apologies. 

Click to enlarge.

Flooded Denton Creek vs full Lake Grapevine.
.2hr RV-6 hop 5/21.
(33.038037, -97.208257
dr photo.


iPad 'Micro' ...Larry Pardue thoughts

I am one of those guys that tends to like the Apple stuff but it has never worked out that well for me in the cockpit. The iPad is way too big as is the iPad Mini and the iPhone is way too small. I have used the iPad Mini some in the cockpit, mostly on a kneeboard, and had screen visibility problems and didn't like the fact of always having to remember to bring it and then there is worrying about the state of charge.

The other day I installed a mount in my RV-6 for the iPhone 6 that I own. It showed promise. Still too small but the more vertical angle seemed to make the screen much more visible.  ...



We have over 100 new tungsten bucking bars on sale – 18% to 20% off the regular tungsten bar prices. If you ever wanted a tungsten bar, or are ready to add another to your tool box now is the time to buy. Also special discount prices on clecos and most other items on our website. Visit www.averytools.com to see what is on sale. The Avery family wishes all our friends and customers a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.
Bob & Judy Avery


Skin scratches and imperfections

So I'm working on the elevators on my -10 and noticed that one of the skins is fairly scratched up just due to man handling on my part, placing it on surfaces it shouldn't have been.. back rivet plate with rough edges..etc.. all the things.  ...


Medical issue ...Smilin' Jack

In an effort to help other RV owners and in my case keep my Corporate flying job I have decided to share the last 6 month issue with you.

I developed an issue of a tachycardia about 180 BPM when I would eat anything cold, Ice cream but it finally got to the point I could not even eat anything out of the refrigerator with out my heart taking off. The cardiologist had me wear a Holter monitor and they detected AFIB in the last part of a a tachycardia episode. The episodes of this happening were just days apart.

There were two options medicine to control the Tachycardia or an cardiac ablation

In November 2014 I chose the ablation. I was now grounded until I waited 6 months with no problems and pass th FAA Holter monitor and EKG test.

It was during this time I upgraded my panel and installed the LED Landing lights with the prospect of selling my RV. I went through all the test A nuclear stress test, Echocardiograms and a host of other test and could not get me in a fib but the condition continued.  They tried on the operating table to give my heart to go into a fib and could not do it even at 240 beats a minute for an hour so they ablated the normal spots in the heart.

Three days later I was back in the emergency room with atrial Flutter my heart rate was one 190 BPM and this time they got my heart rate down with the caritizan mediation.

This repeated itself every 5 to 7 days over the next month I was shocked back into rhythm or three times and was medicated back into rhythm a few more times finally a decision was made to do another ablation on December 4 since this was really taking a toll on me.

Now I am really concerned that I will not be flying again and have told my close friends I guess it is over flying and offered the plane to one of my friends who said lets just wait and see. My Corporate flying job of 25 years is also on the table.

The company stood with me, prayers were answered and on May 4,2015 I was cleared by the FAA for my second class for a year.

I know others have been here before me. But you do not realize how fragile
Life is and how we take things for granted. There are several on this board that know the fears and prayers I went through just hoping I would survive the two operations and the other 8 times I was in ER in November.

There are procedures that can be done now and the FAA has guidelines if those are successful that can get you back to flying.

I am grateful to be back to my corporate flying job! Playing my Sax in Church and enjoying my RV with my wife who loves it as much as I do.

All is great now.. And yes my God still has a purpose for me!

Smilin' Jack
Corporate Pilot CFI-AI


Job Opening - Avionics Technician ...Advanced Flight Systems


Vans will Be Closed on Memorial Day May 25th 2015


Family Updates:

[ed. Those who support this site financially are helping raise these two wonderful kids in a literal way, so I like to give the readers the occasional 'status report'.  Here you go...and thank you for the help!!!!  ]

Audrey's Grades at SMU

3.804 cumulative.   3.681 this term.  She starts her junior year in the fall, is working in the Lippert Research Group lab all summer, and is third from left in the pic at this link.  Their research here.

Tate's Trumpet

Our son played his 8th grade final performance last night (he's opting out of band for the 9th).  My parents bought the trumpet for me back in '76.  He'll pickle it for down the road....you never know!

They rocked.




5/21  0237Z

Crystal Cooper photo of Rosie/Tuppergal (Andrew Brandt photo ship)
(click to enlarge)


N302RM First Flight! ...Mike Hillger RV-7

I finally made my first flight in my RV-7 Friday.  I have logged 9 hours since. The flight went well other than me being really nervous! I realized later, I had not flown a plane solo in 2.5 years. Two squawks, CHT on #1 cylinder hit 400* before I got 800' in the air. I am working on getting CHT's more manageable now. The second thing rattled me the most, I added 20 deg of flaps and the plane yaw'd hard to the left and my left rudder pedal came up against my left foot! Needless to say I had to make the first landing with no flaps. I later found out the left rudder cable was caught under the nut on the flap control rod.  continue


Back in the Saddle ...Ed Wischmeyer

It was seven months and seven days ago that I had spinal fusion surgery, L1 - L5, a >>highly<< invasive surgery with a long recovery time -- "full" recovery is maybe another six months away. But I did fly the RV-8 today for the first time since the surgery.

At the six month point post-surgery, I flew my trusty old Cessna with an instructor buddy, and had no problems except feeling strange during an unusual attitude recovery. A week later, we flew 90 minutes of instrument practice.

A week after that, I flew the Cessna five days in a row from the right seat (I'm an out of practice CFII), preparing to check out the new owner of the Cessna. That all went quite well, and a week later, the RV-9A showed up.

Being much more comfortable with right hand on the stick, I flew the -9A from the right seat with the seller in the left, and the two landings were just fine. I subsequently flew the -9A four or five times, and those flights were safe but definitely not pretty -- but that's another story. It was surprising how much harder the -9A is to keep on centerline than the Cessna, which had a steerable nosewheel.

Then a few days ago, I started up the -8 and taxied it a little, just for a reacquaintance. This morning was the first flight, light winds but tower accommodated my desires to go directly into the wind. I was feeling good, looking forward to the flight, and had an energetic, positive, can-do attitude, not all of which have been present since I started flying a month ago.

It felt great, and I'm glad I didn't sell the -8 before the surgery. Thanks to all who suggested that I keep it. While the flight wasn't up to my standards (i.e., **** near perfect), the one takeoff and one landing (short flight, just to keep things under control) were quite acceptable.

Now to finish the -9A panel upgrade and to get really, really proficient in both planes.


Hangar Leak Fixed! ...Alex Peterson


Rear Throttle ...Chuck Deerinck

Am I missing something obvious? I searched Google and VAF to no avail. I'm looking for any information people might have on this...

I got my DJM quadrants today. They look awesome!  continue


May Issue Online ...PDF download (free)



5/20  0139Z

Crystal Cooper photo (Andrew Brandt photo ship)


Round and round she goes ...bobmarkert

This is not a picture of a NASCAR race. It’s what breaking an engine in looks like! Using a very tortured logic, subtracting a year for a military deployment and two years for a Masters Program, we finally completed RV-8 N747BM after 7 ½ years…. OK, OK…. 10 ½ years!!!!! My wife can rivet and proseal and I have an amazing group of guys that pitched in to keep me going.   continue

Keeping it...

First Real IFR in the RV! ...crabandy

I flew my RV with a handheld for a year and did a radio install/first condition inspection a few months ago. I had other issues like remaking fuel lines and installing new cylinders over the next couple months but the radio install seemed pretty solid in the 20 flight hours since installation. I had a trip planned for today and wouldn't you know my destination was IFR, closest weather was 1/2-1 mile vis and 300-900 ceilings with good VFR within a 20 minute flight.

I waited an extra 45 minutes to find the Wx was improving slightly, loaded some extra gas and took off. The start of the BKN/OVC layer shortly after takeoff, we stayed about 3000 ft above the layer in cruise.

Skyking Bob's Initial Glider Ride

Lycoming Piston Pin Plug Failure ...N208ET

RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

Panel Status Report ...maus92



5/19  0002Z

Somewhere over Texas.  dr photo.


Cleaveland Aircraft Tool Webinar


Cedar Mills - Flooding

Hate to see Cedar Mills getting hit like this again. Took these late yesterday so it was starting to get dark but it looks like at least 1/3 if not 1/2 of the runway is in the lake. I think that is boat floating on the porch of the restaurant.


Diagnosing radio noise

I was particularly proud of my installation of the ICOM A210 and the PS 1000II intercom because there wasn't a shred of noise.

Then I flew to the Berkshires on Thursday, encountering rain behind a front that took my about 10 minutes or so to punch through.

It sat on the ramp for a day -- covered -- and when I gave rides yesterday, I noticed heavy static mirroring the engine RPM. It sort of got quieter (or perhaps the rest of the world got louder) the more I flew but never really went away.

It was in both my and the passenger headphones (I flew right seat to give a ride to a former fighter jock, American pilot and current T-6 operator)

My head tells me that maybe there's a relationship between the rain and the noise, but, before I go off diagnosing, I have to consider that maybe there isn't.

When I flew over last year, I had trouble with my transponder and just rewired the antenna and it worked perfectly. And I recall looking at the com antenna connection at the time and thinking, "I should replace that connector with a 90 degree connector under the seat to take the strain off that coax.

The transmissions I made sounded fine, my wife told me on the ground. If that makes any difference.

But before I get home, I want to have a step by step plan for diagnosing this. And I'm thinking the antenna connection is the place to start.

In what order would you check things?


Removing right baggage floor on a 9A - aft rivets to bulkhead?

This is a question about whether we need to figure out a way to remove some rivets... We bought our 9A already flying, and the passenger step cracked a while back. We've just started the replacement process. The part numbers that follow are from drawing 29.  ...


Vans Forum, we want your input!!!

(EarthX Lithium)......VAF Advertiser

"First off, thank you all who have been supporting us over the years and adding your valuable input. We are now officially working with 11 OEM aircraft manufacturers and are endorsed and trusted by their own independent R & D testing departments! Thank you!

As this market is relatively new, there is some gray areas that we want your input with.

We would like to ask all of your for your input about the specs for a lithium iron phosphate battery. It can replace a lead acid battery, but it is not the same. To date, we have tried to write up the spec's in a comparison type language but maybe it's time to revolutionize this area.

A lead acid battery open circuit voltage (OCV) is technically 12.6V. (definition of an OCV is: Open circuit voltage (or potential) is voltage which is not connected to any load in a circuit) but we call it a 12V.

A lithium iron phosphate battery OCV is technically a 13.2V but the industry calls it a 12V so that people know they can use it as a replacement.

We are considering changing how the industry labels the batteries, or at least our batteries, and want to call the voltage 13.2V but we are afraid consuemrs will think they can not use it as a replacement for a 12v battery. Any thoughts?

Second question, any input on how to label the amp hours? This is an area that is all over the charts from battery manufacturer to battery manufacturer. (and marketing material as well) We want to state exactly how much amperage you have in the event you are using the battery as a deep cycle application such as when your alternator fails. We list both now, what type of equivalent amperage a lead acid battery would have for the amount of cranking power and the usable amp hour. We want to go to listing only the usable amperage but the numbers of what a lead acid might say will look much more in comparison even though it might be less as very few will list the true usable amperage. As an example, if we list the ETX680 as 12.4ah, and the PC680 list theirs as 18, (but only have 12.8 usable) it is confusing. And if you compared another lead acid manufacturer, their listed 18 amp hour might only be 10 usable by design.

Look forward to hearing your input and thank you in advance!"



5/18  0014Z

Airplane Wash for Hire!

Where do they think it up?

I find myself working in the hangar yesterday. Was doing some electrical work so I needed the master on for some long periods of time. I hooked the battery charger up and did my thing.

My 5 year old daughter walked in......

Hey daddy,

Yes dear.

What is that thing right there?

A battery charger, honey

Can that thing make little fire sparkles? ..........<g>


Once upon a time, an RV was built from raw sheet by forming over hammerforms. Obviously we don't do much of that anymore, although there are some remaining plans-builders who do.  ...

RV-8 Radial Engine First Run

Engine Start ...Andy Hill -3

An induction leak is suspected (which I know cause of) hence the "not quite smooth running". Apart from that, all seems to work <g>.

Front tire after 4 landings

So I've done my normal search thing but this time no luck. I think it's just a defective tire (this is the nose wheel tire on my 9A). I've only landed 4 times and I'm fairly sure they've been good landings. Thoughts on what caused this would be helpful.

Glaucoma and flying the RV (or any airplane)

This message may be of interest to older pilots and pilots not far from being "older".

My medical certificate is to expire soon so I had an eye exam to make sure I could pass the vision test. I have moderate cataracts but correctible with glasses. The exam revealed a different problem I was not aware of - high pressure in the left eye. Specifically 33, a number determined by the test. FAA limit is 23.

The indication is a precursor to glaucoma which can lead to optic nerve damage and blindness if not treated. The optic nerve has over 1 million transmitters, incredible.

Back to FAA certification - I was concerned that this might be the end. Glaucoma affects peripheral vision as it shuts down eye function.

First thing to happen was the ophthalmologist prescribed Lumigan drops for 30 days to reduce the pressure. The 33 number had to come down to protect the eye and meet FAA minimum standards.

During the 30 day period I checked out the certification requirements for this condition. It turns out the AME has authority to issue the certificate if certain conditions are met. If these basic conditions are not met, the matter is referred to the FAA for review. The test results are reported on FAA form 8500 completed by the ophthalmologist. This information is presented to the AME with a check list as to whether he can certify.

I did not understand much of the information on form 8500 so the outcome was somewhat in doubt until I saw my AME last week. I gave him the report the week before so he could review it before the appointment.

The 30 days of Lumigan worked, left eye pressure dropped to 22. Next came the peripheral test, it was complicated looking at a white dot and indicating when other white dots appeared around the edges of a circle. I thought I flunked it as I had to do part of it over. As it turns out I did not. My AME issued the certificate, he had reviewed the data and that was that. Whew!

If this situation evolves it probsably will be ok with FAA if detected early. Class 1 and 2 certificates are reviewed every 6 months, Class 3 can go 2 years. The down side is Lumigan drops are forever. Eye pressure should be checked every 6 months to verify the medication is working, it comes in variable strength..

How bad is this elevator tab bend?



5/15  0020Z

RVs and Exercise Equipment

Twenty years spent collecting unwanted exercise equipment from pilots and friends who never wanted to see them again.  The equipment lives between the RV-6 and the hangar wall and is used regularly.  Yes, that is a 'Chuck Norris' Total Gym as seen on TV between the wing and horizontal stab.  It's actually pretty dang useful.

For the last year or so, I've been on the lookout for somebody tired of their elliptical machine in the DFW area.  So, if that's you please give me a call and make me an offer!

Trying to hold off Father Time for as long as I can while making the budget happy ;^).  Slowly getting there!  As always, any Van's RV fan is welcome to use the workout equipment in theVanCave if the door is up.  Bring your own towel, though <g>.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Proper use of the Parker Rolo Flare tool

Mike Lauritsen from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool covers the proper use of the Parker Rolo Flare tool and fields questions from homebuilders during this 30 minute online session.


Followup on Walt's 'What's wrong with this' thread

I think the main point I'd like to see folks take away from this is that every time you do an inspection, especially if you're looking at your own aircraft, is that you really need to take a step back and try to look at things with a "fresh set of eyeballs".

This aircraft was built in 1992 and I have no idea when this part was actually installed, but I can assure you it wasn't recently so it has been overlooked for quite some time.

This is an excellent example of how having someone else do your condition inspections every now and then can be a good thing, owners/inspectors will get complacent if they see the same aircraft every year, it's just human nature, they stop looking like it was a first time inspection which always has a higher level of scrutiny than a repeat aircraft. Builders are especially vulnerable to this type finding, they "know" they built it correctly so why would they need to scrutinize it?

Your life and those of your passengers depends on sound maintenance practices, make sure you give it the time and attention it deserves!


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated


Rudder cable conduit

Has anyone run their rudder cable through the cabin in conduit?
I had a piece of 1/2" pex and it fits the grommet holes perfectly and the cable end fits through it just fine. I have flightline interior panels, but the rudder cable just floating around has always bothered me. I know it works fine, Im just not comfortable with it.

I am not worried about the few ounces weight. I know it isn't necessary. Is there a safety reason to not run the rudder cable through the cabin in conduit?


For Sale


Making progress on why the forums lock up Fridays at 11:30 CST for an hour

(from my ISP) "I monitored the server on Friday at 11:30am CST and verified there were no processes executing during the time the website becomes unavailable. The errors are all related to IIS 6.0 and PHP and the issue appears to be development related. I engaged XXXX  XXXX while the site was down on Friday and he had me look at possible fixes with IIS, but none of them were relevant to the issue. Here is the error that occurs when the site is unavailable:

Source: W3SVC-WP   Event ID: 2216

The script started from the URL '/community/showthread.php' with parameters 't=125423&page=2' has not responded within the configured timeout period. The HTTP server is terminating the script."

[ed. We're still working the problem, but for now you'll have to live with 167 hours a week uptime instead of 168 until then <g>.  Fridays from 11:30am to around 1pm Dallas time might not be the best time to check the forums.  If you're an IIS guru, or if you work at Microsoft and know smarter-than-me people (which isn't saying much), I'd love to hear from you if this error message/mode makes a light bulb go off above your head.  BTW, I'm migrating to a new server (running an upgraded version of Windows Server and SQL in the next 2-3 months).  ]




5/14  0001Z

100 Hours ...andyrv

I have about 100 hours on the new panel but haven't taken the time to get the new EFIS frames powder coated yet.

Garmin GDU 460, GDU 450, GTN-650, SL-30, GTX-330ES. Dual AHRS, Engine monitor, Auto pilot, GDL-39. Trutrak Gemini PFD for backup. The Garmin and the TT both have independent backup batteries.


Those that went to RV-12 from 6,7,8,9?

Curious to see feedback for those that went to a 12 and flew or owned another version prior. What are the benefits and downsides.

Debating back and forth on 12 vs another model for awhile now. The speed of others is attractive, but operating cost of others surely adds into that factor. Is it worth it.

Being the 12 is so light do you notice more bumps.

Anything else be helpful to know.


Quiz - What's wrong with this Gascolator installation?

I stumbled across this during a condition inspection, can you spot the problem with this install? (Ignore the wires, thats not the issue here).


LOE 2015

LOE Date: October 16-18, 2015

Website: http://loeflyin.org/index.html


F82 - Lubbock Executive Airpark
Runway 17/35 – 3500 x 70 Hard Surface
Runway 07/24 – 1500x150 Grass
Limited number of motor home hookups; On site airport tent camping
area; Limited number of hard surface tie downs - Lots of grass tie
downs; Some hanger space rental at $25.00 per night (Not yet firm).

Motel with shuttle service - Block Fly In Rate to follow:

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
3201 Loop 289 South, Lubbock, TX, 79423, US
Phone: (806) 797-3241 Fax: (806) 793-1203

Saturday afternoon Fly Out Museum Tour: F-82 TO: KLBB (Silent Wings Museum) AND F49 Slaton Texas Air Museum (Free Admissions)

More info to follow.

Russ Daves & Gray Bridwell
Co-Chairs LOE 2015.


May/June Issue Online ...40 pg PDF document (free)


Quote of the Day ...JonJay

Don't confuse "performance" with flying qualities. Lighter airplanes fly nicer. FP equipped machines are usually, inherently, lighter.

That said, you can pry my CS prop out of my cold dead hands......

[ed. Having flown FP on my -6 for a few years before converting to C/S, I had to chuckle.  dr]



5/13  0032Z

Swollen Denton Creek looking SE today.  North of Justin, TX.  dr photo.

Grapevine Lake beach on the west end (looking NW).  Where'd the sand go?.

How much Micro is too much Micro?

In order to get vents level and a consistent gap on nose ring, I had to move the bottom cowl about 1/8" forward. This created an "underbite" on the outboard cowl inlets at the horizontal seam. I'm totally new to fiberglass but I have been reading a lot in these forums. Is it acceptable to build up the top cowl inlet with micro and sand to match the bottom cowl or would I need to use something more structural here? Also, how do I need to prepare the surface, etc?

8.33 Spacing in Europe

Channel spacing 8.33 is coming rapidly in Europe. In 2017 all radio's should be 8.33 capable. Even worse, in The Netherlands the authorities like to be one step ahead.... which means the number of 8.33 frequencies is increasing. CTR's equipped with 8.33 spacing are prohibited for aircraft using "old radio's".   more

Windscreen Fairing Alternative

I have noticed on several finished and flying RV's that the glassed fairing at the base of the windscreens is cracking. My Cessna has a strip of aluminum to fair the base of the windscreen. I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried any alternatives to "glassing" the windscreen fairing to the windscreen? If so, any pics? Likewise, are there any known ways to prevent the cracks from occurring?

The last RV I saw had a beautiful paint job and now cracks are forming at the base of the windscreen. I just want to put some thought into this as I am just about to start cutting the canopy.

'hydroguy2' Build Update

Spent a productive Mothers Day at Cabin Creek. Kris and I acid stained and applied J-35 sealer costing to the hangar floor. Whew, a little work but kind of cool looking.

Grass Strip Entry ...Veetail88

From Rich at www.Aircraftextras.com

VALVE EXTENSIONS.  We just received a new batch of Valve Extensions. The flexibility of these extensions allows you to get easy access to your hard to get to tire valves. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS.



5/12  0054Z

Request panel layout review ...dbaflyer

I'm getting ready to move forward getting my panel built and would like to get some feedback on what I have. I am a VFR pilot who would like to pursue an IFR rating once my plane is complete.

This is a G3X Touch panel with GMA240, GTN650 (plumb now and add later as $$ come available), GMC305 Autopilot controller, Dynon D6 with backup battery. IBBS Backup battery for GDU 460/GAD 29/GEA 24/GSU 25 , heated pitot, GDL39R, Dual access auto-pilot, GTX-23 ES Transponder, GTR20.


Enter the Next Kitplanes “Best Of…” Photo Contest!

"...For this coming month, we'd like to see what homebuilders use to keep dirt - and critters - out of their intakes and pitot tubes when they are not flying. While many of us use boring red flags and pieces of foam, it is not uncommon to see something a bit more "playful" when perusing the ramp at a local or regional fly-in. Send in your pictures - we'll pick our top favorites and throw them back out for a community vote! Come on folks - Intake plugs - let's see the Best!"


First Engine Start ...AX-O

Well I tried to get a video of the first engine start done but my devices don't want to play.

That being said. Today I started the engine. Had all the systems working.

A few thing went wrong:
-A couple of fuel fittings were not as tight as they needed to be so they leaked during fuel checks. Got it corrected.

-Operator error. I followed the check-list but when it said "BAT ON" I used the wrong battery switch. I have a way to drop the battery/start contactor. after a few seconds of frustration. I told myself to think and I figure it out. It was a habit that I developed from doing all my ground tests. Instead of wasting battery life, I kept by-passing the contactors.

-The RPM indicated was twice the actual. I chose 1 on the EFIS. I will set it up to 0.5 pulses.

That was it. Now to schedule the DAR.


Split in tire tube

Had a flat tire on the Rocket the other day. Took the wheel off this is what I found:


RV-12 Needing to be Ferried ...Tucson to Forest City, IA

[ed. This was in my inbox today.  Posting here to see if someone can help him out.  dr]


Follow Up RE: 'Alternator Fooled Me': ...DanH

Tweaking the connector didn't work long term. Actually, it didn't work very long at all...maybe 10 hours.

Cut the plug off the harness and dissected it. Here's what the connectors look like when out of plastic housing. You're looking at top and bottom. 



5/11  0001Z
  Lots of rain here in the DFW area this weekend.  Hope less wet where you are...and that you had a good weekend.


Go West Young Man…again ...Gary Palinkas

So there I was, in the desert of New Mexico, minding my own business and dreaming RV’s when I get a text from SkyKing Bob. Says he’s going to come to KABQ to put a dent in my boredom.

He did. We did. Then we did our best to interrupt the day of a lot of very friendly people at Moriarty Airport, NM. In a sea of brown, the airport is a hidden jewel. Lots of things and people we never expected to see.

Visited with (proud to call him my friend), F-111 pilot Extraordinaire, Tom Bender. Tom is also an RV-6 builder/Flyer and I did an VAF article a few years ago on my adventures with Tom.  more


New Home for N642EM ...Loren Jackson

After several weeks of intensively searching for an RV-6A I finally found N642EM in Corona CA that I plan to ferry home on Monday. I plan to fly it home to my home airport KAWO north of Seattle. I just completed 2 days of RV transition training with Mike Seager in Vernonia OR flying the Van’s RV-6A production prototype. I’ve studied the airspace around Corona and I plan to head out of the LA basin via Cajon Pass.

Questions about my recent transition training, offers of contingency help as I head up through CA or any other comments appreciated! I look forward to flying this 180hp CS prop RV-6A over the next several years as I continue building my RV-7A.


Q: Retrofitting a landing light into a flying airplane

A: There's a kit for that...


Where did 5 kts of airspeed go?...Christer Stenstrom

Here is a puzzling question? I have a new 0-360 engine with a MA4-5 carb. I have a Garmin G3X system that records every imaginable parameter once per second.

On my initial phase 1 test flights, I had the following performance indications:
TAS 170 kts, MAP- 23.5, RPM 2410, density alt 3047, OAT 12 deg C.

I had an issue with the carburetor and it was exchanged for a new one of the same exact P/N (5-4164-1). After installation here are my performance numbers:

TAS 165 kts, MAP-23.6, RPM 2390, density alt 2914, OAT 10 deg C

Somewhere I lost 5 kts. Fuel load was very close to the same so aircraft weight was the same. Both flights were at full rich due to new engine still. The engine seems to be producing less power only by the numbers, it runs and feels the same.

There is one foot note to add. During the carb change I noticed that the hole in the Van's throttle cable bracket that sits between the carb and the sump was slightly smaller in diameter than the sump opening by about 1/8 in. I opened it up to match the sump which should have improved performance if anything.

Any good thoughts on where the 5 kts of airspeed went?


Bad USB Port Workaround

My Skyview doesn't seem to recognize USB drives inserted into the port below the panel. I've tried with two different USB sticks, both of which work fine in multiple PCs.

One the drives has an LED indicator on it which lights up when it gets power. With this stick, the LED flickers as I insert it into the plane and if I move the drive around in the port, but it doesn't stay on long enough for the Skyview system to recognize the drive. I assume I have a bad USB port in my plane. I haven't yet opened up the panel to see if the other USB ports in the Skyview are working.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen?

Does anyone know the best place to start looking for a replacement USB port part? Van's? Dynon? Stein?.


RV-10 Seat Mod Update ...Mike S.

Just to "close the loop" on this----------the seats have been in and out 3 or 4 times in the last month, and the nutplate mod has been everything I had hoped/expected it to be.

Very glad I did it, really sorry I waited 4 1/2 years to do so.


Mothership First Flight Totals

 As of May 07, 2015 9,028 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!.



5/8  0055Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Could be a weekend edition depending on news volume.  We'll see.  On a technical note, the previous two Fridays for about an hour starting around 11:30 Dallas, TX time, the forums seem to get constipated, and they throw database errors and run slow.  Some folks will be watching today around that time to see if we can get a better handle on what is occurring (if it does).   v/r,


N82SE Flies! ...Sam Evans

It's been almost a week now, so I guess I better make a post on the forum.  N82SE left the ground for the first time on Thursday, April 30. To say the least, it was an exhilarating experience; none like I've ever had. Although I had a couple of squawks, the plane flew very well. I made three laps around the pattern and landed. One of the squawks was that I had no airspeed indication (I've already been admonished for continuing the flight).  The engine was making good power & I continued on using GPS groundspeed. Although I did make a good landing, I came in a little 'hot' just to be on the safe side.

After eleven years, it was a great day. <g>


Testing The Waters- Mojave to Bimini ...Michael Robinson

With a nod to Rosie's epic journey, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the virgins out there. If you think you want to fly the Bahamas, just do it!

With plenty of research and building confidence in our recently acquired Rocket We loaded up our stuff and set out solo for our first foray out of the country.


Troy Branch Videos of Calgary to Florida Keys Trip


It's an airplane now ...PeteP 9a


Critters Lodge Fly-In Video


Talk of Recessed Cameras

Welcome Aliant Ultralight Batteries  ...ad on the front page

"Aliant Ultralight Batteries offer a tremendous amount of power in a very small and lightweight package! Using state-of-the-art technology and the best components available Aliant has created a battery that is safe, versatile, long lasting, and dependable. Aliant is the #1 choice of many aircraft manufacturers and pilots!"



5/7  0001Z

Sunset over Dietz Airpark at 10,000ft.

...open cockpit RV-3


EFII - the jury is coming in

Well, I think it's about time that I post a few of my experiences with the EFII system (dual ignition and injection) in the RV-10. I do believe N930M is the first RV-10, and possibly the first 6-cylinder engine, to be flying with the full EFII system. I now have 20 hours in it and feel like I should share my experiences and thoughts on it. I have talked to several people who have shown interest or who are planning to install it in their -10's, so this is mainly for those people, or those who may be on the fence.

First of all, it is a system that required, IMHO, a fair bit more planning than a standard engine with mags and mechanical fuel injection. Even with electronic ignition on one or both sides. I have had a few misgivings of flying -10's with dual lightspeeds, but that didn't last very long. I am actually very much looking forward to flying with the P-mag if/when they ever actually start delivering them. With dual electronic ignition and electronic injection, though, it mecomes much more serious. You really should have dual batteries, at at least dual contactors, if not full dual busses. You really should have dual alternators, or at least it's a very good idea. You need dual fuel pumps because there is no engine-driven pump. if any of these systems aren't redundant and the only one fails, you either are immediately a glider or shortly will be. I know that the battery can keep you going for a while if the alternator fails, but I'm not about to test how long that is. I also think it's very important to have dual ECU's, one controlling each ignition and each can separately control the injection system. I know this becomes a fairly expensive system, but just think, at least it's only 30-year-old technology instead of 80-year-old technology.

To be perfectly honest, it took several weeks after first engine run for me to get up the nerve to climb in and go flying. I was very careful to stay within gliding distance of the runway for the first several hours. I just didn't fully understand all that was going on (still don't) and was nervous about being the test pilot for a new system. I have done first flights before, but never with a system that had never flown in this configuration before (at least that I am aware of).   continue

Voices of Valor: Bobby Brashaer

[ed. Bob is a rock star in the RV world.  My hometown newspaper did a piece on him, and went into detail on some things you probably didn't know.  What an honor to say I know this man!  ]

From the mothership FB page....


Q: ALT field switch... why, really?

A: voltage spike during start

A: voltage regulator fails and the voltage increases above acceptable levels

A: alternator belt breaks

A: If there is ever smoke in the cockpit, it might be desired to shut off all electrical power including the battery and alternator, thus a need for an alternator switch.

A: when de-energized, contactors and solenoids can produce a high voltage spike



5/6  0026Z

Hat Sighting ...Turbo's Annual SnF Flight Review


From the Mothership FB Page

Order form HERE


Day 25: Dallas to Rosamond Skypark ...Rosie


Status Report ...Z-EDD


Panel Status ...Mark Dickens


Engine Fairy Visited ...walter


Paint Time! ...Guilhermepilot


Upcoming EAA Webinars


Weight/Balance This Weekend...AX-O


TeenFlight Puyallup celebrates first engine start ...video



5/5  0012Z
I'm going to try something a little different here for a bit. Going to push out the home page news at times other than 0630 local my time.  Maybe afternoon...maybe evening.  Some days maybe twice!  I don't know if it will work, or what the ups and downs of it are, or how I will feel having done it for a few days.  The times might ebb and flow with news volumes.  The main goal is to end the practice of waking up before 5 AM each morning and hitting the keyboard in a flurry starting 2 min. after my eyes open. The idea of waking up to the birds and sun seems to me to be a healthier lifestyle choice :-).
  Side note: Audrey made a 100 on her calculus final (sophomore chem. major at SMU).  What a brain on that kid! 


Rosie and Tuppergal Are Home

ECI Sold to Continental

Crankcase Pressure Data

"...When I first flew with my new engine, an IO-375 in an RV7A, I had the Antisplat Aero oil separator with the vacuum system installed. After about 10 hours time on the engine it developed a small leak that I traced to the front seal, (oil on the ID of the flywheel).  ...

Peach Slip In Hand

How to compromise a good fuel tank

I submit this boo-boo message and perhaps it won't happen to you.  ...

Radio Noise

I have a question for someone who knows more about magnetos than me, which is just about everybody I guess. My RV7 was ready for its first flight last Tuesday but unfortunately the weather was crappy that day and I had to go back to work for a two week hitch on Wednesday! I have a little time to think about solving my a little Magneto problem I have....I have two Bendix S4LN mags on my pre owned IO-360 B1E. I thought they were rebuilt 75 hrs ago but after re examining my engine documents, it says "Repaired as Needed". I installed new harnesses on each mag (harnesses came assembled with new caps) along with 8 new tempest fine wire plugs. I have one Dynon Comm Radio and Intercom....On run up mag check, I get a 60 RPM drop on each mag. I have never gotten a bad check from either mag unless I had a fouled plug. I have run my engine more than a several times and managed to foul the old plugs before I got my idle mixture right. I have a ticking noise coming from the right mag that follows my engine RPM.  ...

Tail Art

Mission Control, I have a problem

This is a very painful post for me. I think I have gone through a few trapdoors that I might not be able to come back through, and I am really hoping someone here can give me some advice.

In an effort to make my floors "removable", I elected to put Rivnuts in under the floors. I thought it all went well. When I had finished up all of the wiring under the floors, I figured I could put in the floors, because I could take them out later. During the process of doing that, I "spun" two of the Rivnuts. Meaning that they were spinning in their holes, so I got not get the floor screws to go in further, nor take them out.  ...

Sun n Fun 2015 ...Jaybird

A few stats if you want them.
ECI O-360 9.5 to 1 Pistons taper head jugs.
2420NM flown
139. Gal of 100LL used
$680 for the gas
16.4 hours flown
$1280 For room, wrist bands, camping fee, ramp fees, etc

Bruce Hill Status Update

Does anyone experience junk like this? Long story/need advice

I thought I simplify and remove the prop oil return line on my engine since I am going with a Catto fixed pitch prop. The word of the day is "Simplify". It just rolls off the tongue. Sim-pli-fy.........ahhhhh.

I have an IO-360-A1A. The front plug on the crank is removed already because it was driving a constant speed prop in its former life.

With Service Instruction 1435 between my formerly Cheetos stained fingers, I gave it a good read to understand what needed to happen next. It said to either pierce or remove the rear plug, located about 7-8" down the crank shaft. Oh yeah, there is also an oil return tube running across this cavity a couple of inches in front of the rear plug. Fortunately, this tube is notched to give access to the rear plug. Easy, right? Sorry, forgot that we're talking about an airplane engine or anything airplane for that matter. Now its time to figure out where the catch is.  ...

Blain's Panel Cut



Mon May 4, 2015.  0015Z
Excuse me pushing out the edition so early today.  I'm sick as a Doug dog and thought I would type while I had energy.  Going back to bed....and good Monday morning.

N728TT First Flight ...Todd Stovall

I'm officially the owner of a flying RV-10 now! The flight was short, (3 circuits around the field -- first at pattern altitude, 2nd a low approach, 3rd the first landing). Thanks to David Maib, my transition instructor, the flight was a non-event and the plane flew as advertised. I do have an oil leak which appears to be at the filter, but I'll get that sorted shortly.

Everybody loves Turbo

Grass Season 2015 ...Vlad

Day 23: St. Kitts to Great Exuma ...Rosie

Day 24: Great Exuma to Dallas ...Rosie

[ed. PS: Rosie is now home resting and playing w/the dogs.  dr]

Happy Birthday Jim Thill! ...Vlad

Another RV IAC Contest Win - Ron Schreck

Congrats to Ron Schreck who outscored Pitts and Giles to win Sportsman at the Carolina Boogie in Wilson, NC this weekend in his RV-8. Ron also had the second highest percentage scoring flights of anyone in any category with his last two flights just under 87% each. It doesn't get better than that.

So right now RV IAC participation remains extremely small, but at least the few involved really show what an RV can do in the hands of skilled pilots.

So as tradition requires me to say, Ron - move up! <g>

Amazon Ranch ...Larry Pardue

How would you like to own hundreds of square miles of West Texas ranch land and have the money to do pretty much whatever you like on that land? Some of Jeff Bezos' projects do seem fun.  ...

Welcome AV8R Designs ...ad in Previous Day's News

website: www.av8rdesigns.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AV8RDESIGNS

The jist of the company is, like many others, seeing the need for something.

I didn’t like the exterior handle for the RV-10, and I wanted something that maintained the stock functionality so as to not interfere with the third latch from Plane Around. So, I designed a new handle. After selling off the excess form the first batch, I had ALOT of requests for more, so, here you go.

Here's a picture of the handle. It’s simple 3 piece design that drops right on with very little modification and can easily be installed onto painted and flying planes in 10 minutes. The kit comes with a nylon spacer, 1 extra button and fully detailed instructions. Pics of the handle left and right.

Besides the handle, I’m working on some carbon fiber cable fairings, a new interior handle for the 10 (again, that doesn’t require modifying the door), as well as wing root fairing for the 10 that are smaller and more affordable than what’s out there.



Mon May 4, 2015.  0015Z
Excuse me pushing out the edition so early today.  I'm sick as a dog and thought I would type while I had energy.  Going back to bed....and good Monday morning.

N728TT First Flight ...Todd Stovall

I'm officially the owner of a flying RV-10 now! The flight was short, (3 circuits around the field -- first at pattern altitude, 2nd a low approach, 3rd the first landing). Thanks to David Maib, my transition instructor, the flight was a non-event and the plane flew as advertised. I do have an oil leak which appears to be at the filter, but I'll get that sorted shortly.

Everybody loves Turbo

Grass Season 2015 ...Vlad

Day 23: St. Kitts to Great Exuma ...Rosie

Day 24: Great Exuma to Dallas ...Rosie

[ed. PS: Rosie is now home resting and playing w/the dogs.  dr]

Happy Birthday Jim Thill! ...Vlad

Another RV IAC Contest Win - Ron Schreck

Congrats to Ron Schreck who outscored Pitts and Giles to win Sportsman at the Carolina Boogie in Wilson, NC this weekend in his RV-8. Ron also had the second highest percentage scoring flights of anyone in any category with his last two flights just under 87% each. It doesn't get better than that.

So right now RV IAC participation remains extremely small, but at least the few involved really show what an RV can do in the hands of skilled pilots.

So as tradition requires me to say, Ron - move up! <g>

Amazon Ranch ...Larry Pardue

How would you like to own hundreds of square miles of West Texas ranch land and have the money to do pretty much whatever you like on that land? Some of Jeff Bezos' projects do seem fun.  ...

Welcome AV8R Designs ...ad in Previous Day's News

website: www.av8rdesigns.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AV8RDESIGNS

The jist of the company is, like many others, seeing the need for something.

I didn’t like the exterior handle for the RV-10, and I wanted something that maintained the stock functionality so as to not interfere with the third latch from Plane Around. So, I designed a new handle. After selling off the excess form the first batch, I had ALOT of requests for more, so, here you go.

Here's a picture of the handle. It’s simple 3 piece design that drops right on with very little modification and can easily be installed onto painted and flying planes in 10 minutes. The kit comes with a nylon spacer, 1 extra button and fully detailed instructions. Pics of the handle left and right.

Besides the handle, I’m working on some carbon fiber cable fairings, a new interior handle for the 10 (again, that doesn’t require modifying the door), as well as wing root fairing for the 10 that are smaller and more affordable than what’s out there.



Fri May 1, 2015.  1137Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

May Wallpaper Calendar Online

Airborne!!! ...Dan Weyant 9A

At about 6:00 CDT this afternoon N96KD took to the sky for the first time.

Everything worked great, and she just jumped off of the field. I've got a few issues I need to work out before second flight, but overall I'm thrilled with how everything went!

Day 22: St. Kitts ...Rosie

Today was our last day of vacation, and starting on Friday, 1 May, it all TRAVEL back to the States and eventually home…this is the part of the trip I do not look forward to because it’s ‘back to the real world…’

N728TT is Now an Airplane! ... Todd Stovall

Well, it took a while to get here, and my experience with the Washington FSDO was a mirror of that journey, but I'm proud to report that N728TT is no longer a project and is now the latest RV-10 to join the fleet!

What is this material blowing by?

This is a new engine (IO-360 parallel valve, standard compression, vetterman exhaust) put together by Aero Sport Power (65 hours so far). I have noticed some seepage on the number 2 cylinder through 1) the hole where EGT probe is installed and 2) The exhaust joint downstream that exhaust pipe assembly.  ...

Embarrassing photo ...Jwputnam

I am learning about riveting the hard way I am afraid. I have made more than a few ham handed riveting errors that show up as dents and bruises, but I have corrected almost all of them. The painter is going to have to do the rest I suppose.

One of them does concern me, so I am posting this photo for comment, as much as it pains me to display it!  ...

NationAir is now Gallagher Aviation ...jestes

Attention all Vans owners and enthusiasts -

As some of you may know NationAir and Arthur J. Gallagher recently merged and from this merger NationAir will now be known as Gallagher Aviation. Remember this name Our office in Chesterfield MO is still devoted to all light aircraft and our Vans specialist remain the same.

We are still the same great team we have always been we just have a new name. You will still receive the quality service you have come to expect and trust from us. Please remember this new name and pass it along to your friends! See you at Oshkosh!  ...

Eagle's Nest Projects - SnF Youth Achievement Award

Why is my ventilation air hotter than ambient?

Can someone tell me why the air coming in the standard cabin vents is hotter than ambient?

Before you speculate....take a temperature probe with you and stick it in the vent while flying and compare it against a known outside air temperature.

Is it heat of compression alone? boundary layer ingested air from the cowling? heat leaking from around the cowling hinge (mine is fairly tight but i guess it could still leak some)?

Alternator Fooled Me ...DanH

There I was, flying along, minding my own business, and I get an "EIS VOLTS" warning. Uh oh, losing an alternator.  ...

Status Report ...N546RV

Well, the wings are as done as they're going to be for the foreseeable future. For the time being, I'm not going to bother riveting the bottom skins. Keep these things open until I've got all my plumbing and such finalized.