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Mon Mar 31. 1142z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Andrew Tuhohy photo

Seven years and DONE ...Steve Langdon RV-6
  Just received my airworthiness certificate after seven years. A huge thanks to all those friends who listened to me moan when thing didn't go just right, who bucked, drilled held, clamped, and offered a word of encouragement at just the right time. An especially huge thanks to my wonderful wife who was behind me pushing me to "get'er done".

10 Years after ...Smokey
  10 years ago this Monday EAA photographer Jim Koepnik took this photo in my front yard. I had invited my three F16 Squadron mates "Slim, Mob and Rascal" to visit when we came home from Operation Iraqi Freedom in 04". Lucky for me, Fossil, Hollywood, Jason Wolfie and Demon would also be there. Later the 8 RV"s would fly formation for the EAA Cessna 210 to accompany an article I wrote about my friends and their RV"s.
   My wife surprised me when she placed this photo in our wall collage recently. I followed up by inviting them all to visit for the "10 years after" anniversary. Unfortunately only two members still own RV"s and are unable to visit. They are however still very active in aviation. The article albeit dated still makes me smile when I am reminded of eleven F16 pilots in the same Squadron owning RV's, a rare event indeed.

Daffodils in the Skagit Valley ...Stephen photo shoot


Family gives me wings ...David Boeshaar
  An entire day of work for just drilling two holes????  Ah! but which holes?
  So, after 6 years, I invited a bunch of family and friends to the hanger to help me with a BIG milestone. Wings On!!!
  I would like to thank all the guys who came out for a big day. Some understood why it takes 6 hours to drill two holes (some friends who have done this before) and some who had no idea why it takes 6 hours to drill two holes.

2014 Texoma 100 Results ...Bruce

Extraction ...Marco Grilli (Italy)

Vetterman Exhaust's New Trombone Muffler Exhaust System


Really Really Cheap Gust Lock
  Flexible plastic sheet, 3/8 hardwood dowel, 1/2" clear poly tubing.... roll in into gap at top of rudder and roll into gap at elevator and H Stab

A problem we never used to have ...not enough USB ports

Calendar Wallpaper for April
  Planet Earth's only flying RV-14A departs the Van Cave on its way to SnF - Sterling on the controls and Joe giving me
the finger a thumbs up.


Dimpled where I shouldn't
  I went into the workshop this weekend with a great attitude to "get this tail done." While cruising along dimpling my ribs, I failed to recognize that the ends are fastened with 470s (rookie!), and I dimpled them as if though they were flush.
  I decided to give the flush set in the squeezer a shot to flatten them out. I'm concerned that the material has been weakened and wont support the AN470s. I plan on calling Van's tomorrow to confirm my suspicion, but I figured I would see if anyone else has any input before stamping these ribs as scrap.

Garmin's Location at SnF
   As Sun 'n Fun is upon us, I wanted to extend an invitation to Garmin's Press Conference at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, FL on Tuesday, April 1 at 8:15 AM. As you may have guessed, we are very excited about this show and the new products we're bringing, (especially G3X Touch!) and look forward to offering a sneak peek of G3X Touch ahead of the exhibits opening at 9:00 AM.
   Our press conference will be located in our Seminar Tent, just outside of our booth next to Hangar D. For your reference, a map is attached and is pasted below.




Fri Mar 28. 1153z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Leadville, CO Run ...Geoff McHarg RV-7A


LA County Air Show 2014 - West Coast Ravens  ...video link sent to me by G.Sobek


Another 8 ready to fly ...bjconst

After three years and one month, I received my pink slip. I want to thank good friends and a supportive wife for making this happen.


Charleston, SC KJZI Fly-in Planned for 3/29 Cancelled
                    ....weather (70% chance of severe thunderstorms

RV-14 Kit Update ...from the mothership


Fillable Order Forms Coming to Van's Aircraft! ...mothership


From TCW Technologies...


SkyView 10 Software Released ...free


Eagle's Nest Projects - SnF News

2014 Texoma 100 Update ...Bruce

Race # Name Aircraft Class
Race 32 Mike Patey Lancair Super Legacy Unlimited
Race 66 Ernie Sutter Lancair Legacy Sport
Race 79 James Robinson Glasair III Sport
Race 24 Bob James Lancair 320 RG Red
Race 40 Chad Rundell Glasair Super II-S FX Blue
Race 73 Steve Hammer Glasair I TD FX Blue
Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair I TD FX Blue
Race 227 Norm Biron Glastar FX Blue
Race 390 Jerry Hajek RV-8 RV Gold
Race 26 Mike Thompson RV-6 RV Blue
Race 62 John Goodloe RV-8 RV Blue
Race 81 Gary Shelly RV-8 RV Blue
Race 118 Ken Krebaum RV-8 RV Blue
Race 411 Jeff Barnes RV-6 RV Blue
Race 17 Jim Smith RV-6 RV Red
Race 83 Dave Adams Long EZ Sprint
Race 98 John Keich Midget Mustang I Sprint
Race 1 Henry Punzi Mooney 201 FAC1RG
Race 193 Bobby Bennett S35 Bonanza FAC1RG
Race 456 AnnElise Bennett Cessna 182 FAC3FX
Race 37 Chris Nickens Grumman AA5A FAC5FX
Race 55 Team Ely Grumman AA5A FAC5FX
Race 61 Jeff Anderson Cessna172G FAC5FX
Race 21 Monica Randolph-Graham Cessna 150 FAC6
Race 89 Kurtis Samples Cessna 150G FAC6
Race 94 Jack Stanton Ercoupe FAC6
Race 59 Jeff Kubiak Cessna 340 Twin1T

Weather looking great for Saturday.



Thu Mar 27. 1205z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  The spousal unit and I were lucky enough to get a couple of $10 tickets online for last night's SMU NIT quarterfinal game against California's Golden Bears (bracket).  Our first sporting event at our daughter's college, and it came down to the wire.  Great game, setting and atmosphere.  Look for the kid in the lobster suit at the games - that would be student body president Ramon Trespalacious.  Triple major.
  They won with seven seconds on the clock (highlight reel).  Hey NCAA, remember the team you didn't invite to your tourney?  The one with the same record as did-get-invited OU?  Well, that team is now going to the NIT semifinals (round four) at Madison Square Garden April 1.  What's that...OU didn't make it past the second round?  Suck on that Nice headwork there, invite committee!
  Finally, by taking the picture below, the entire evening became a business expense.  High five, baby!  Don't leave me hangin' now...
  Gusting 30kts here midday (over 20kts at 7am).  No fly.  Maybe I'll fiddle with something at lunchtime.  Go Mustangs.

Hat sighting at the SMU v Cal. NIT Quarterfinals.

ESPN highlights / video

No. 506 Flies

(Paul Eeds RV-12) Van's RV-12 No. 120506 made it's maiden flight on Monday 3-24-14. All went well and as planned. Almost exactly three years were spent in construction.

I spent most of last week flying with John Albury (Jetguy) in Ft. Worth. I would highly recommend the transition training that he provides. It is not just transition training, it is detailed preparation for your first flight.


Trip to a barbershop ...Vladsky

I am tired of my barbers. Since I moved from New York City to a NJ province I struggle to find a barber who can keep his/her mouth shut. Recent aerial reconnaissance yielded a barber shop in other state where no appointments were needed. Friday was good (payday), weather shiny and I was stupidly happy. Slipped off work a bit early...

According to the windsock the trip to the barbershop should take 37 minutes.  continue


Win a Ride with Team AeroDynamix at SNF! ...KatieB

Have you ever wondered if formation flying is something you would like to do? Do you wonder if you'll freak out in the middle of a gaggle with wing tips, tailwheels and props so close to you? Do you want to see a GRT EFIS in action?? Now you have a chance to do all of that at Sun 'n Fun!

GRT Avionics is hosting a drawing at Sun 'n Fun for 2 open seats in the Team's Saturday morning (April 5) media ride. There are 2 ways to enter:  more


Moving the Oil Cooler Forward 1" ...Marty Santic RV-12


When Will You Be at SnF 2014?...the networking begins.


Mark Pensenstadler: Interior Decorator

...wanna see what single people can do? I call it the Aircraft Storage Facility. Some other 'normal' people might call it the "living room"!


RV-12 Newsletter ...special edition


What have you fixed with airplane parts?



Wed Mar 26. 1200z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Washington State Landslide ...video by 704CH

I thought I would share with the VAF Community. Bekah and I left KPAE at 11:00 on Saturday to fly the Cascade Loop. Unknowing to us my wing cam captured video of the slide about 20 minutes after it happened. Probably the first images/video of the slide after it happened. You can see smoke and where it blocked the river. The whole side of the mountain came down. Very Horrible coincidence for us to stumble across. I am very sorry to the people and families impacted by this horrible event. We clearly were flying over prior to the TFR going into effect.

VAF Special! 50% off LED Landing Light Kit ...Kahuna

"For 3 days only, 50% off our PAR 36 landing light kits with the purchase of ANY Whelen LED Landing light, Nav/Strobe lights, or other light kits.  Offer good through March 28.  Details on products here.

Another joins the ranks of pilots

(Lucas at Trutrak) "I passed my private checkride yesterday! I must say, that is a pretty darn good feeling!"

Spring Cleaning ...Stein

More on Advanced Flight System's Sun 'n Fun Software Release ...Rob Hickman

SkyView Touch Video Tour

PCA Press Release

fmi: https://www.pacificcoastavionics.com/products/2994-g3x-touch.aspx

Mitch's RV-12 Fitted with (2) G3X Touch Screens

...see it at SnF.

I have fuel tanks! ...blueflyer

Timely Rotor Lessons

Thought I would restart this as it is March and blowing like snot outside today.  I climbed to 14.5 last season to cross East to West over the Sierras. The sink I encountered was very smooth but in excess of 2K fpm. Bailed out with a 180 back to Bishop for gas to go around the south end at Bakersfield. At the pumps, a local was trying to tell me about all the passes I should try. Did not sound like prudent advice to me. I politely declined and took the long route.

That particular day, all the small airports on either side of the Sierras were reporting low wind velocities. So, it was hard to see it coming. No clouds.

I thought alot about Steve Fossett that day as I turned back. Anyway, thanks for posting the story and the great graphics that put a picture to the phenomenon

Is this switch wired correctly?

Sounds levels in an RV cockpit

Today, for fun, I used a sound meter app (Decibel 10th by SkyPaw) on my iPhone to measure the sound level in my -4. Much to my surprise, the sound level averaged 96dB with a peak of 99dB. I had expected a value in the 80's... (Thank God for Lightspeed headsets) Has anyone else measured sound levels in their cockpits?

For comparison purposes, my -4 has an IO-360, 4-pipe Vetterman exhaust, and no sound proofing. I was running 23-squared while I held the meter (phone) at chest height during the measurement.

Smoke ON ...schristo



Tue Mar 25. 1146z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Moved project to hanger... Got pink slip 7 days later

...Bill Thomasson RV-10

Thanks for all the help I got from Atlanta builders moving my project, and then also getting it ready for DAR inspection.

Saturday the 15th we moved the project to the 10 miles to LZU. Fuselage on a car carier, wings and tail in a 17 foot U-haul. I did not move any work benches, and the 17 foot U-haul was plenty big for all my tools, supplies, Wings, and Tail Feathers. Builders showed up at about 10:00, had the truck loaded and secured by 11:00, tow truck showed up about 11:40 (supposed to arrive at 10:30), and we were at the airport and wings on by 3:00!

I took 1/2 days from work all week, and worked 8-10 hrs at the airport each day. Had a few problems once I had everything hooked up. Left fuel gauge not working, Lightspeed RPM sender not talking to G3X, some problems with my wing-tip lights, and my flap position sensor not having enough range, causing them either to not go all the way down, or not go into reflex. Got the plane weighted (1692 lbs)

Fueled and calibrated fuel gauges, and did first engine run!  She started right up without a problem (except not having an RPM gauge). Max static RPM (once got gauge working) was 2610 out of the box.

Saturday 22nd Vic showed up and did my DAR inspection, he found a couple items that were quickly remedied (Aileron hitting autopilot stop and not main stop, elevator trim jam nut not tightened.). Got my Airworthiness Certificate!

Did not rush to get things buttoned up as Sunday was supposed to be bad weather all day (ended up being nice). Expect to do my first flight later this week or weekend.!


Introducing​ Garmin G3X Touch (Thread / Video / Pricing)

Van’s Aircraft will be offering both single and dual display G3X Touch systems for the RV-12.

fmi: Company link

Fuel leak thru BNC fuel sender plug

New Product Announcement From Aircraft Specialty and TS Flightlines

Aircraft Specialty and TSFlightlines are excited to announce the availability of our exclusive Thermostasis install kit for the RV-12 Aircraft.  continue

EAA Argentina Video RV+Pitts+Super 18+Pilatus ...video

Status Update...Tom Beiser RV-14A

Fresh wax after too many years - RV-6A

RV-4 Smoke Tank Behind Firewall


From Sensenich....

Status: 2 years down! ...Dbro172 status update

www.AircraftExtras.com Offering Flap Positioning System (info)



Mon Mar 24. 1155z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
I’ve known Ken since roughly age fourteen. He lives between me and the airport. Thursday evening he texted me about the possibility of using the RV-6 to go pick up his kid at the University of Arkansas. Spring break, which means full airline seats and limited options. A little number crunching showed 1hr 33min each way at 150kts. I’d be happy to.
   Did I mention the 37kt tailwind?
   A 238mph groundspeed going up made quick work of that leg (207kts). Crew car into town for a bite at a college taco joint (nice small town atmosphere and a nice campus). Katy called thirty minutes in front of our planned rendezvous time, finishing up a midterm test quicker than expected. Shoved her bag in the back and launched for Dallas, climbing to 8,500’ to get the headwind moved over to the side a bit. One hour and fifty minutes later we landed, Dad waiting at the hangar.
   She said it’s a 6.5hr drive. The airlines wanted $1,000 one-way, with a stop in Houston.  Advantage Van's Aircraft.
   My first 'more-than-50nm' flight since 5/4/2013, when I flew down to Stephenville to eat lunch with a passing-thru Rosie/Tuppergal (college years equal sign avgas budget).  These days anything over about .2hr and the plane looks at me funny.  Felt good to stretch the legs a bit.
   The rest of the weekend was spent sneezing and watching basketball.  Hope your weekend was nice, also.

Some pictures...
1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
1. Screenshot way up. 207kt GS.  2. Grass fire damage.  3. Route.
4. Destination (the geology in this area is pretty).  5. Pollen levels for my area.


First flight of RV8 N84GN ...Nicholas Blanck


West Coast Ravens at the LA County Airshow PIREP

2014 Texoma 100

Why I sold my RV-7 after 12 years of building (dcasey1's RV-8)

Turn your paint ON! ...you're gonna wanna watch this.

Ramland1's RV-7


Cub RV Flight

A tale of two tanks

Island time in the Bahamas ...Tommy Lewis trip write-up

Ultra's 'Notable bridges' entry...

RV-4 and the Spruce Goose

From Tina....




Fri Mar 21. 1135z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Stella Maris & Staniel Cay, Bahamas ...Andy Cobb RV-7A Trip Write-up

This picture says it all. Just wanted to thank Rosie, Scott Schmidt, David Maib and others for all of the information in the forums. Been wanting to make this trip for a long time but waited until the airplane was painted. My wife had about 6 hours in the RV over 4 years before this trip. Now she has 10 and 4 of them are over water. She loved it!  continue


Wheel Pant Bracket Failure and Brake Failure ...Matt McManus RV-7

Here's the story. Perhaps someone has an idea about what might have caused this or if you've heard of it before.

I did my run up in Greenville, Tx and the engine was running a little rough. It had rained hard over the weekend. So I did a full power run up to about 2200 RPM. I heard what sounded like a screech on the right brake but the brake held. The engine ran smoothly in the runup so I took off and flew about 1.5 hours to Claremore OK. When I landed I discovered I had no right brake. I was able to get it stopped with only one, slow, 360 as I made the left turn onto the taxi way. I killed the engine and then walked the airplane to the A&P on the field with the tow bar.  continue


GRT Press Release...new stuff!

fmi:  http://grtavionics.com/charts.html


related: thread


Scheduled Site Maintenance 3/22 11pm CT - 3/23 6am CT

(from the ISP) Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep your data safe and improve the reliability of your hosting services. Customers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.



Thu Mar 20. 1156z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Motivation ...Bryan Douglass trip write-up


Silver birds, silver moon, silver anniversary ...Mike See

When I bought my unpainted -6A in December, the primary purpose was to use it as a commuter vehicle. Then that particular job got cut from the contract, and all I have been able to do is use it for fun and transportation. Darn! Last night, however, it finally fulfilled the commuter mission.

My wife was bringing American 107 Heavy into JFK, but it became apparent as the day progressed that scheduled north Atlantic winds were indeed there, and she was not going to make it in time to jump on the last flight home to DCA. Oh well, a night on the recliner in Operations and first flight in the morning for her. NOT! You see, yesterday marked 25 years since we exchanged our vows, and while normally we adhere to the "Christmas and birthdays are when the flight schedule allows" rule, this particular day demanded some time together.  continue


Construction Finished ...Randy Pflanzer

All of the assembly has been completed. I'm busy configuring the EFIS and getting ready for weight and balance and first engine start.


Introducing The New SkyView - Featuring SkyView Touch

...and lots more.


Ever had two planes form up on you?

...unannounced, and out of nowhere?

I had a near mid-air years ago. A commuter turboprop came within 100 yards of merging with my RV enroute to the Outer Banks. My passenger's cry of "Plane! PLANE!!!" alerted me just in time to do a hard pull-up and bank as I stared in disbelief at the steeply climbing plane just below our nose, both pilots intently studying something inside their cockpit. I cringed until I knew they had to have passed beneath us, hoping my wake buffeted them enough to make them realize how close we all came to making the evening news.

That memory played in my mind last week as my bride and I were tooling along on her first RV cross-country, to our honeymoon destination in Georgia's Golden Isles. I had some new gear- an iPad mini, DualX170 GPS/ADSB, WingX trial subscription up and running with WX and ADSB radar enabled. We were getting some traffic on the screen- a complete novelty for me, having only flown with a 296 plus steam gauges for years. I was showing my gal the finer points of VFR sectional navigation and how the ADS-B would display some but by no means all traffic around us, with vector and altitude info attached to the returns.  continue


My first panel plan ...Pete


This month's factory RV-12 newsletter


When the hangar doors open

Stay tuned for exciting news from Garmin - and plan to come see us at Sun-N-Fun!.




Wed Mar 19. 1200z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

2014 Recipient of the Godfrey L. Cabot Award: Richard VanGrunsven

fmi: http://www.acone.org/awards


A Car Horn Mod...


Troubleshooting RV-8/8A Control System Friction


West Coast Ravens at LA County Airshow 3/21-22



9A Down (summary from the pilot)

[Victor's first VAF post.  Thank you and welcome! dr]
I will try to include photos to let you analyze what happened.

This is VictorC the builder/owner/pilot of N19VC, RV9A with Subaru 2.5L engine that crashed on Sunday Feb 23, 2014 in Mount Plymouth, FL. Route of flight was MYAM (Marsh Harbour, Bahamas) to Orlando-Sanford International Airport (KSFB) in Florida.

Some questions were asked in the forum and I will try to provide short answers. Please don't beat me up if they are not detailed. Believe me, I could write a book.

The flight from MYAM to KSFB was a total of three RV's based at SFB on IFR flight plans. The first two RV's were handed over to SFB tower on a 10 mile final to 9L to clear with "SFB Customs".

Someone had a "customs" question. At SFB, 9L/27R is 11,000 feet to handle A300's and B767 flights from places like England and Holland.
Hence, "SFB Customs".

After I leveled off at 3000 ft. and some 12 miles on final to 9L, something in the Prop Speed Unit broke. I have an IVO 3 blade in-flight adjustable prop.

My 'engine out' procedure was performed, 'Backup Batt ON, Backup Fuel Pump ON, Switch to other Fuel Tank" as I declared a Mayday to Orlando approach. My passenger was instructed to "tighten up your shoulder harness hard, we are in trouble".   continue


(Garmin Video) NYC Flight - Hudson Corridor Northbound


akarmy Status: Rear fuselage skin

Getting everything lined up and ready to install the rear skin. Still need to do some wiring before closing it up. The Fairings-Etc tail fairing fits PERFECT!


David-aviator RV-8 Status

SB 14-01-31 was completed today. This is how it looked this morning after riveting yesterday, today the ribs were reinstalled and also riveted.  ...


Tell us your Titan story

(Kevin at Titan)  Need help! I am launching our new website in a few weeks and I am looking for your Titan engine and ECi kit story. Our records show we have sold well over 1600 engine kits and completed engine in the last 5 years and many of those engines are powering your projects. Please email me a few photos and details about your project so we can showcase you on our new website.

Please email to kevine@titanengine.com



Tue Mar 18. 1143z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

ao.frog phase 1 over Norway.


1.4 hour flight in 4 minutes ...plehrke

St Louis does not have the cool mountain or ocean landscape as some of you that are posting great videos. I have flat land and 4 rivers here to entertain me when flying.  FYI, if this was the actual speed of my RV, I would be going 4800 kts or Mach 7.


Fuel in the FAB ...Bob Collins 7A

Here's the looks of things when I took off the FAB for the conditional, on an IO-360-M1B.  What can cause accumulation of 100L?


When can I start to lean during break-in? ...ao.frog (Norway)

I've just performed the first oil change on my brand new Lyc IO-360, and it was a relief to find that both the oil-screen and the oil filter has no abnormal deposits, nor dind I find any screws, washers or nuts in them... hehe...

The oil consumption has decreased about 50% for every flight up until now:
First flight: 1 hr: oil consumption 0.5 litres
2nd: 1 hr 10 mins: oil 0,3 litres
3rd: 1 hr 40 mins: oil 0,2 litres
4th: 1 hr 10 mins: oil 0,1 litres.


Crabandy Update

I flew with the lower fairings temporarily screwed on and the uppers glassed/taped on. I guess it's not exactly 200 mph tape.  more


Bahama and Crystal River Florida ...bugsbunny 9A

My wife Melissa and I ventured south to escape the cold a few days in our RV 9A. We left Mauston New Lisbon airport in Mauston Wi (82C) and flew down to Treasure Cay Bahamas, with a couple stops for fuel and then stopping at Ft Pierce Fl for a sandwich and then on to Treasure Cay.  more


Panel Status ...John Harrell


I Like Mark Pensenstadler's Sense of Humor

You've heard of Mark.  He runs a site for the Rans group which parallels what I run here (ransclan.com), is building a RV-7 as a 2nd project, and runs an aircraft sticker business (aircraftstickers.com...VAF advertiser!).  Finally, he has a side job as an airline pilot.

I'm thinking about adding '.net' to the end of 'Vans Air Force' on my cowling, so I asked him what he could do sticker-wise.  I emailed him a picture Randy Richmond took of me a few years back. Here's what Mark replied with.  THAT is good stuff, there.

The G.I. Joe beard was a nice touch!

And he also sent what's below, but it's not as funny...



Mon Mar 17. 1151z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Good morning!  So much RV news to report today I thought it easier to break it up into two columns with smaller thumbnails.  What a great hobby.
  No flying for me this weekend - rain and wind.  At least there was a lot of basketball and Formula 1 on the idiot box.  DVR saves the day! 

First Flight...Steve Allison RV-6A

First Flight! N313TD ascends!
...John Courte RV-7.

Another First Flight
...Peter Richmond RV-7A

Two Pink Slips in One Day

Let's promote professionalism

Show us your panel ...ninelima

Here's the best and biggest RV-building team in the world! (or at least in Norway...)

www.UpNorthAviation.com recent completion
"This panel is for an RV-7 slider and was fabricated for Keith R. from Wichita, KS.  On most panels I do all of the CAD work but in this case, Keith provided a preliminary CAD file that I reworked as required"

What do I do next? I'm stuck :(

Panel Design Stage ...grayforge

Another RV8 takes to the Denver skies ...William Shook
  "On Friday 3-14, the culmination of 21 months of hard labor (from quick build stage) finally took to the skies."  more

Badger Breakfasts
...Pete Howell (and Kate)

"I Don't Think We're In Texas Anymore Tsam"
...Paul Dye

More pics ...Paul
 A few pictures from yesterday's flight down the eastern face of the Sierra Nevada range. It was a bit hazy, but we got some nice ones!

Brantel Update
  "...flew today for first time in two weeks."

Great party Axel!

1st Annual Ramona Fly-In Bar-B-Q ...pics from Dave Leedom  "We had a solid turnout and it was great to meet with other RV pilots from Southern California."

Back in the saddle!! ...Aaron Arvig



Fri Mar 14. 1206z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

More Motivation (mountain tour video) ...Mike Elliot


Daisies ...Luke in Italy

Today we spent a day off-the-shop where my friend Francesco 'Franz' Dante is in the last finishing area of his RV-8.  We flew to an airfield to see a Fastback RV-8 project.  Franz took this photo with his iPhone and ... yes, spring is coming.


Yesterday in the RV-6 and at my airport. 

A quick 15 min flight to look at river/lake fog and count deer (32 in all - 13 bucks).  Back on the ground the RVs just kept taxiing out, so I shot a few pics for your (hopeful) enjoyment.  Uploaded full size if you want to make it your wallpaper or something. 

View Photo Album  / Alternate link


Making a Claim- When You Have to Use Your Aviation Insurance

(Jenny at NationAir) "What happens when the unthinkable occurs and you have to use your aviation insurance? Perhaps you’ve skidded off the runway or had a prop strike. While we hope you never have to make a claim, a little knowledge goes a long way toward making the process easier. While this site is aimed at Vans aircraft, the same concerns and challenges apply to anyone who has to file a claim. We hope you find this discussion helpful as we walk readers through the claims process in the March/April 2014 issue of Cirrus Pilot, click here to read it:"  continue


200kt GS Club ...Gash

Winds 56kts from 277*


From Team Aerodynamix and Titan


Some formation and acro ...gdflys video


Garmin's New GI 260 Angle of Attack (AOA) indicator

•Offers intuitive, safety-enhancing AOA information which is simple to install in GA aircraft
•GI 260, GAP 26 pitot, GSU 25 air data computer offers a complete, integrated system, providing pilots a quick understanding of AOA during critical phases of flight
•AOA offers the precise display of the angle between the wing and relative wind
•The GI 260 provides a visual indication of flight characteristics leading to a stall, incorporating visual and audible alerts as the aircraft nears the critical angle of attack
•Unlike lift reserve indicators, the AOA system incorporates industry-leading normalized AOA technology, which provides superior performance throughout all phases of flight
•The AOA system is expected to be available for installation in GA aircraft in the 3rd quarter with prices starting at $1,499*
•Various packages are available that accommodate the appropriate aircraft voltage and the option for a heated probe.

fmi: link


Scheduled Maintenance 3/15 11pm CT - 3/16 6am CT

"Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep your data safe and improve the reliability of your hosting services. Customers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window."



Thu Mar 13. 1146z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Whiskey Flight Bride and Groom ...sent to me by John Fleurent

"This bride & groom will never forget this moment---a picture of Whiskey flight from Spruce Creek (Daytona Beach) FL fly over led by Mike Kelly—John Fleurent on right wing---it was a memorable evening."

(click to enlarge)  related: www.bluelanestudios.com


St Paul in Spring ...Pete Howell

Still a bit early to call it warm, but the time change means we can fly after a full day of work. Meeting til 5 and 630 dinner at home might just work!

Traffic not too bad, quick preflight, launch for T&Gs at KSTP.  continue


RV-9A stall testing with wing tufts ...Steve Melton video


Panel / Wiring Complete ...Bill Thomasson RV-10

Just went under my panel for the last time.... hopefully.   Everything seems to be working. Will see for sure next week when I am at the airport with the wings on.


Finally Landed on the Ice ...flybill7

Saturday's East Coast weather was great and Alton Bay's ice runway was 20 inches thick -- fully operational. Game on!  continue



Wed Mar 12. 1152z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

My boy's first flight! ...Paul Kendrick


Another flight from Florida to Louisiana ...Ted Chang RV-9A

Last Sunday made another trip from Florida to Lake Charles, LA. The total distance is 663 nm.  ...


Weight and Balance ...Bruce Hill 9A

I borrowed scales from BillC and got to work weighing the airplane.  I was hoping to keep it under 1070 and I did! Nice and light on the nose wheel, and pretty good balance between sides.

A few calculations and it looks like bumping the Gross Weight up to 1800 and baggage to 100 pounds will be safely within CG limits in all configurations of passengers, pilot weight, baggage and fuel load


Michael White Photos from Brian Wallis' Fly-In


Cleaveland Tool Blurb...

What do you know about the different types of dimple dies? Substructure, tank, standard -- What does it all mean?

Swing by the March Online Builder Hangout from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool to get the scoop on dimple dies.

Thursday, March 13
7:30 PM CDT



Tue Mar 11. 1145z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

(click to enlarge)

N525RV departs my airport.  Friday morning was cold, overcast and damp, and I was in a chair in Stan's hangar talking with Ross about the pros and cons of using smartphones as health monitors.  And airplanes, of course.  The beautiful RV-8 above came taxiing down into view, and I felt the urge to go to the car for the camera.

I shot thirty images during the roll, and liked this one best.  Click on it.  What stood out to me, besides the beautiful paint job, is the position of aircraft in the shot.  That complicated mix of ground and flight, where everything is in play, and changing by the millisecond.  Note the elevator slightly pitched up, the rudder slightly canted to the right (the shadow of the rudder counterweight is just barely there).  The engine at its absolute maximum, and the pilot (most likely) focused on the centerline off in the distance, correcting constantly.  Is his thumb just now starting to move toward the trim switch on the stick? 

Three wheels spinning down, unneeded for now, as needles on gauges continue climbing.  Physics, art, engineering, excitement, calculated risk, satisfaction.  How can one not be drawn to this hobby?

And good morning. 

Aerobatic Fun ...Mike Elliott

Big Move ...seattleworm

Smoke Helper Smoke System Installed

Mark Albery in Denali, Alaska

A Little IFR, then VFR on Top ...sj8005

Crabandy Update

Tweiss Update

From the RV-6 Yesterday ...200mm lens. 

Been trying for several days to see some bucks, and yesterday morning the tumblers clicked.  I think the one on the lower left is makin' hockey.  At least that's the stance Moondog makes in our front yard.  Fourteen minute flight and back home on the computer an hour later.

If anyone's thinking of emailing me that I was too close, please note that I was high enough that the female didn't stop eating.  GPS track later showed 992' agl.  It's really quite an amazing lens (info).  The challenge for me, and I find this enjoyable, is mentally calculating the radius of turn needed to enter a nice banana pass over the spot, trimming for altitude, holding 95kts, putting the plane's belly between the sun and lens at the exact moment, and raising the camera off my right thigh for one shot....then setting it back down on the passenger seat.  The actual taking of the picture takes about two and a half seconds if I do it right.  Easy in a Cub...a little harder in the faster moving RV.

If you're flying an RV-3/4/8, you'll have to figure out your own system <g>.  My passenger seat isn't just for passengers!

March Issue Online


Mon Mar 10. 1145z

Keep Building ...Mike Elliott

Another Successful First Flight! ...David Heal

Flew my new RV-12 E-LSA (#120496) today on its first flight! Weather was spectacular and all went very well during the 50 minute initial flight. Slightly heavy left wing and the usual slight right rudder needed at @ 5,000 rpm cruise. All can be tweaked.

My Airworthiness Inspection was performed on Valentine's Day by two great FAA Oakland FSDO inspectors. It took me about three years of spare time to build the plane. Pictures to follow when I figure out the posting process!

Now its time to fly off the 5 hours doing Van's PAP procedure and I'm ready for fly-in season!

Keep building out there!!

March Ice Update

This is a video of the (Phoenix NASCAR overflight) practice run from Delta 4

Johnny's first flight ...Mike S.

Another 3A is an airplane... dlomheim

After 21 months of restoration and repair, RV-3A Van's number: 10934 (original #513) flew for 1.2 hrs yesterday (total time 152.5 hrs). Previous to that flight, the a/c sat in a house/hanger on the grass strip at Colgate, OK for at least the pat 12 yrs. without flying. It is powered by Lycoming O-290G which I tore down, sent the pieces out for inspection, and rebuilt. In comparing an average of GPS to my indicated airspeed they both coorelated very closely together, so I believe my a/s is indicating about 10 mph too fast. The first take-off as in all the RVs I've ever flown was a real "non-event", since before I finished feeding in all the power it was flying! Anyway, I just thought I'd post this update, and see if one of my buddies got any useable pictures of the flight to post since I was a bit busy at the time!

Fly safe out there!

Doug Lomheim

Listen to the Crowd ...NASCAR overflight last week.

Goofy Flight

Hello from the start of Section 6! ...welcome Mike Jimenez (first post)

Hello all,

Mike J. here, first post on this site. It's been a lifelong dream to build my own airplane, and I must say I settled on an RV-10 largely due to VAF! It's amazing to me how much information is available on here, seeming to cover every step of the build process. I guess I just want to start by saying thanks for having such an awesome site. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute my own stories and acquired knowledge as the build goes on.

My girlfriend Sarah and I have now officially joined the ranks of RV-10 builders yesterday, after our empennage kit arrived on Friday afternoon. We're about 11 hours into the build now and have something that resembles an airplane part!

We're going to do our best to chronicle the build process here:

Feel free to check the site out and let me know what you think! There are a few pages on there that I'm still working on cleaning up and finishing, but the general structure is there and photos from yesterday's build are in place.

Look forward to chatting with you all throughout the process! Take care for now, gotta get back to the shop!!! -Mike

Covers for RV-7A and RV-9A Main Gear Mounts

Bambi's Breakfast Run & First RV Grin



Fri Mar 7. 1246z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

click to enlarge

Randy 'Monkey' Richmond taking off yesterday.  What a great old school -6!  Sorry the lighting wasn't great...it was OVC and early morning.  Image specs at right.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 


Grandson helper...RGLives


Van's RV-10 Build Timelapse #1043- Elevators- p.9-2 step 2-6 & p.9-3 step 1-3


DFW Class B airspace changes now in effect


Status Update ...Abner Sims RV-3


SportAir Workshop Courses Return to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014

EAA's SportAir Workshops will offer a pair of sessions during the week of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014! The popular Van's RV Assembly course will be held Tuesday-Wednesday, July 29-30, while Electrical Systems and Avionics will be held Thursday-Friday, July 31-August 1. Each hands-on course is limited to 16 students. Builders will receive professional, expert instruction spread over two eight-hour days, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., in Paul's Aeroplane Factory. Registration is open now, so sign up today!

NOTE: There are still a few spots still left in the Composite Construction and Electrical Systems and Avionics courses slated for Watsonville, California, March 22-23. Register now.

EAA SportAir Workshops are proudly sponsored by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company.

Sign up today and Register now: http://www.sportair.com/register.html



Thu Mar 6. 1246z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Robin Marks 'Show us Your In-flight Picture' Entry.


It...is official. RV-7 it is!! ...Jason Hess

After stewing about it for several years while building the tail and wings...I emailed my order form for the fuselage today and paid the deposit.

I am building a RV-7 Tip-Up!

Pretty excited and had to share.


More NASCAR Flyover Footage ...Dave B.

Here's how it looked from echo 2 with camera mounted on top of fuselage pointed to the right. After takeoff I sped up the playback while we drone along then I actually stopped recording until the 3 large diamonds starting coming together and kept it on until just after the "smoke off" call and the 3 big diamonds start to separate. If you just want to see the run-in, start watching the video around the 6:50 mark. I purposely didn't add music so the constant RPM changes can be heard. If you've never flown formation, it will give you an appreciation for how hard the pilot is working to hold position.


SB Compliance ...Walt

Finished the repair on my tail today and started reinstalling it, here are some pics and info...


Final 1% ...Bruce Hill

I'm really running out of things to do on the project. I had to take out the VP-X unit and have it repaired. There was a bad voltage regulator in the box and I wasn't getting any reading on the pitch/roll/flap servo positions. I got it back today, reinstalled it and everything now checks out fine. Over the weekend I started putting on the forward top skin. I was able to solo rivet all of the center section, but will need to find a helper to shoot the side rivets. Once that is done the canopy goes back on. I have a few more engine runs to perform, drain the fuel and weigh the plane. Then pitot/static/transponder checks and ready for the DAR inspection! I'm also starting the transition training on Friday.


Tip- Birds in the Hangar

Get a high-power laser pointer and start chasing them around with it. It's the opposite of what happens with cats. Birds do NOT like the laser beam at all, and if you leave a door partially open so they can get out, you can chase them toward it and they'll leave. Not only that, they usually stay gone.


Milestone....engine uncrated (Sid Mayeux)


RV fly-in March 8th 2014 SE of ATL

(latest - driving dirs) Take 75 south from Atlanta, left for 8.5 miles to center of Jackson on 16. Turn left on Covington St (36) for 0.6 miles, bear right on Stark Rd for 3.2 miles, rt on Singley Rd, rt onto taxiway, tan and green hangar on rt past red and white hangar



....from the RV-6.  Lake Grapevine beach.  N33°1.33' W97°9.59' 

click to enlarge

Image info:



Wed Mar 5. 1247z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Selfies ...L.D. Jeffries


GoPro Video  ...Jim Brown RV-6


Status Update ...Blain

Haven't added to the thread for a while. Here is an interesting shot; Guess where I'm at?


Meet Team AeroDynamix...new video published 3/3/14.


From the mothership....

From the mothership...

RV-8 Owner Tommy Williams doing 'other stuff'

Tommy keeps his RV-8 about 200' from my RV-6.  Good guy, and gets laughs at lunch. 

click to enlarge

Chris Fahey photo (from a P-40). 

(from Tommy) Here Chris is leading a flight of five from Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ to Chino, CA.  The flight consists of one P-40, one P-47 and three P-51s.  Photo taken Monday.  Chris volunteers at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino.



Tue Mar 4. 1248z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Saturday, before the newest round of cold weather arrived, I took the good camera out to the airport and enjoyed a little warm weather while it lasted. Charlie was out, and agreed to dip his wing a little bit my way after taking off and before getting too far away. I got the shot below. Modern cameras with their high-speed burst modes are amazing.  8.5 shots per second means you'll probably get a keeper (if you have enough space on the memory card).  I shot for 2.35 seconds <g>.

click to enlarge

*shot with Canon EOS-1D Mark II N body with Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.


First flight- the 4th RV-7 in Norway (and our second build) is flying! ...ao.frog


RV-8 first flight (sort of)...nzrv8


Sunset Flight...Berchmans

Took off from Merrill Field in Anchorage just before 6:30 PM for a nice evening flight. The sun was just setting over the Alaska Range. The mountain to the left of the setting sun is Mount Redoubt. Visiblity 100 plus miles, Temperature 20 degrees.


Saturday morning flight - breakfast run...tc1234c

Last Saturday morning the 11-ship Lakes/Super Flight went to X21 at Titusville for breakfast. We were 11 ships of different models. It includes an RV6 and an RV-9A. We had the most smooth air I can remember for a long time. ...


St. Pete...MarkW

Saturday lunch trip from Sanford, FL. KSFB to St. Pete KSPG as a three ship


Loose nut in the cockpit! Help me idenfity...walkman

Yesterday after flying, including some mild acro, I found this loose nut lying on the floor in the cockpit. Operationally everything checks out, heck I made it home. However I'm a little worried and I'd like to figure out where it came from. Its possible it could have been rattling around for years, as I've done the only inverted flight this airplane has seen in 7 years and I've been rained on by gravel, wire tie ends, pens, and various other detritus that builds up over the years.

Does anyone recognize where this might have come from?


More flyover pics...


More flyover pics and movies


How it was laid out ...rvmills


akarmy Progress/Status


RV-10 Progress ...P51Matt


Upcoming Webinars Schedule

fmi: http://www.eaa.org/webinars/



Mon Mar 3. 1240z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

(50) RVs Over Phoenix NASCAR Race (yesterday).
Gash photo

50-ship RV Flight Over Phoenix NASCAR ...thread with pics, links and PIREPs.

(from 's Mom)  "The flyover was beautiful.  I don’t know how many planes there were, but the camera stayed on them longer than usual.  They got fore and aft pictures so good you could see the color of the planes."

Video (Mar 1)

Video (practice)

Video (Mar 2: Sunday)

dr photo of my TV

Gash PIREP  "We had a great time flying together today. What an awesome group of people! Hats off to everyone who put in all the time and effort to make this happen. Yesterday's weather was too rainy to get in a rehearsal, so we got one in this morning followed by the real deal at 13:02:45 EXACTLY. Bill Gill did a superb job of leading Speedway Flight, and I'm sure the NASCAR organizers are very happy with his ability to hit the time over target (TOT) right down to the nanosecond with 50 airplanes."


Welcome earthX

EarthX, Inc. is a Colorado based company founded by an electrical and a mechanical engineer who wanted something better than the hazardous, heavy, lead acid batteries they had been using and that has been around for over 170+ years! After years of research and development, EarthX lithium batteries were developed with a full line of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium batteries are fundamentally different than lead-acid batteries.  The lithium cells inside the 12V battery need electronics to monitor and balance the voltage/charge of the individual cells. Inside every one of our batteries is a microprocessor Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the charge level of each cell and balances the charge when needed, protecting the cells from overcharge or over-discharge. What this means for you is more starting power, longer battery life, and the safest lithium battery on the market.
fmi: http://earthxmotorsports.com/product-category/experimental-aircraft/


Team Aerodynamix Now Offers Light Kits for RV's / Becomes Whelen Distributor

[ed.  One of the best formation acts on planet earth, IMHO.  dr]

click to enlarge


Calendar Wallpaper for March ...it's our friend in Italy.


How to build your own aeroplane ...Financial Times article.


March Sport Aviation

...with a nice piece on a trailered RV-12 on pg 86.


First engine start N516RC ...Irmo, SC


From Tina...