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Fri Feb 28. 1245z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Landing on snow

Picture of C-GKSZ Van’S RV-8 sn: 81084 (2003).  "Planenut" landing on Tapanee frozen lake during Sainte-Anne-du-Lac (Qc) fourth annual winter fly-in ;-)  Collllllllld! windy day

Jean-Pierre Bonin photo


N819DJ first flight ...Jackm

Special thanks to Mike Seager for his trust in our work to do first flight. Mike is a Legend...one guy we all respect and enjoy his style!!  ...


(57) Deer in (18) minutes.

...from the RV-6 yesterday in a near-metropolitan setting (between Dallas and Ft.Worth, TX).  I'd be surprised if I got more than five miles from the airport.  Zoom lenses are a wonderful thing.  View the photo album.


Bahamas ... MarkW trip writeup

One of the main reasons I built an airplane is that we are so close to the Bahamas I wanted to be able to fly there on a regular basis. This is our first trip in the new plane. A couple of trips in a 172 but this is the trip that paid off all the hard work.  ...


What could you do in one week of flying ...Vlad


Advanced flight systems in N819DJ...Jackm


From Abby at Flightline Interiors...


From Perry in West Kelowna BC Canada

...managed to fly Jan 4th, and Feb 22 this year, so that's better than average. Darndest thing today, a fire at a fibreglass manufacturing plant has filled our entire valley with acrid smoke, making it totally IFR, and you can TASTE it!



Thu Feb 27. 1249z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

First Flights Listed on the Mothership

...9/9A reaches 900 milestone.  RV-12 reaches 300!


Back in the air! ...our friend Brantel

Got back in the air on Saturday for the first time since January 4th which was 2 days before surgery...  All I did was bore holes in the sky and do some doughnuts while calibrating the D6 compass.  Was a little behind the airplane but still well within the safety zone and I made a decent landing!  ...


Feb '14 progress ...Strike69

Many pictures...


Pix of the new GRT Horizon Hxr Installation ...jjhoneck


Presenting a short story in 3 pictures instead of 3000 words.

From Danbury-ECi-Titan Aircraft Engines...



Wed Feb 26. 1248z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

N996S First Flight ...bpattonsoa (Independence, OR)

After 21.5 months of work, a new RV-10. Flys like a dream and lands not quite like a -6A. Thanks to Mike Seager for working with me Sunday to learn how to land these things. They do take a systematic landing approach compared to their smaller versions.  ...


You think YOUR build space is unique?

Roberto in Mar del Plata, Argentina lowers his wing 24 feet to the ground.


Early '14 Update ...riseric RV-8


Flying my RV9A in SoCal - Chino to Laughlin, NV ...pmccoy video


Uncommon View… ...Ironflight


Rivet spacing conundrum...NorthernRV4


Fuel line support...Veetail88

I have to support the fuel line from the mechanical pump to the horizontal fuel servo and I cannot see any good attach points to anchor it to.  ...


Are there any (PC) computer folks out there....

...that work at a company that can nudge me in the right direction for a 3-4 monitor setup?  Sometime this year I would like to replace my Gateway desktop with something 'better'.  It was quickly purchased one afternoon when the old Dell gave up the ghost a few years back.

I have two HP 2511x monitors right now (replaced the single Dell) that have been wonderful the past couple of years.  My HP laptop, the one that goes to/from the airport is still rockin the casba - no worries there.  The ultra mobile hardware is an iPhone 5.

Anywho, here are two pics (right) I found on the web of a three and four screen setup.  Believe it or not, when you get all the VAF authoring stuff, browsers, pic capture app, email, forums, forums management, server management,  backup utilities, voice to text dictation software and accounting stuff up and running....you kinda need more screen acreage then what I got now.

Sidenote, I've been headquartered in the upstairs guest bedroom these past ten years.  Purple walls (previous owners).  My desk is the first table Susie and I bought after getting married.  From Target.  $39 I think.  It stays.  VAF will always come to you from this table.

2014 is the year we finally paint the walls and replace the two decade old carpet in 'the office' with fake wood.  I'm excited too! 

For grins....the current setup.



Tue Feb 25. 1255z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

  So, the washing machine started throwing up on the floor yesterday.  Turned out to be the fill hose clamp that failed after a measly 25 years (pic at right).  I handed Tate the busted clamp and dropped him off at the door at Lowes.  "Let's see if you can find a replacement for this.  It's OK to ask for help."  Forty six cents bought a fifty year supply of replacement clamps, installed by Tate using my Dad's tools.  How's that for the 'ol circle of life?
  Maybe he'll be maintaining the family RV-6 forty years from now, or at the very least tearing into his broken washing machine with PawPaw's SnapOn socket set.  Wouldn't that be nice?*

*Who we kidding?  There won't be washing machines in 40 years - you'll push a button on your phone and a new shirt will just appear.  

First Flight ...beav

  After 5 years and 2 weeks of building, I took my RV-7 up for its maiden voyage yesterday. I completed transition training with Mike Seager on Friday, so I was well prepared for the flight.
  The flight lasted about 30 minutes and was completely uneventful. We orbited overhead at high power for 10-15 minutes and then slowed down for some slow flight and stalls. My buddy Greg flew chase in his Bonanza, and we were able to confirm the airspeed and altimeter readings are virtually spot on.


Free Dinner ...Berchmans (Alaska)

  It was a CAVU day yesterday and the wife (Peggy the riveter) and I decided to fly to Talkeetna for a little dinner at the Twister Creek Brew House. We had a gift card therefore I view this as a not cost outing. The RV still drew some visitors even in the land of turbine otters on skiis...


AeroLEDs new product announcement ...VAF advertiser

AeroLEDs is proud to announce a new landing/taxi/recognition lighting solution for the Van's RV wingtip location.

The product is called the Aerosun Vx, and will fit any RV-7 or RV-8 that uses the W-715-1 wingtip that has the 6" long back face on the lighting cover:  more


Out the shop recently ... www.upnorthaviation.com



Mon Feb 24. 1248z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

First flight ...9Driver

After two years of sweat and fun, RV-12 N40RK, s/n 120622 took to the skies this evening for the first time. My son was at the controls. Approx 40 min flight. The only issues are slightly heavy right wing, and rudder trim tab needs to be adjusted more. He said it was a joy to fly.

Finished ...paul330

I seem to have run out of bits so I guess she's finished!

As you can probably see, there might be just a little fiberglass "fettling" left to do...




Take off run - first decent day after a while ...Luke in Italy.


Well I finally did it! ...bhester (painted)


RV White Pages Updated

...courtesy the lovely and talented Audrey Reeves (home from college for some of the weekend).  RV contact info for 3,215 builders/pilots .  41 page PDF file that you can save to your smartphone or tablet and take with you everywhere.


RV Hotel List Updated ...courtesy the lovely and talented Duh Greaves.


SB Complete ...Danny King

I completed my SB repair and test flew a couple of days ago. The job is not that difficult, but it did take a little longer than "Just a few Hours". It took me an hour and five minutes to disassemble the Doll's empennage. It took me several hours to put it back on!  ...


In Flight ...Harvey (Australia)


In Flight ...Vlad


Full day of flying ...scard


Bird Strike Video ...1min 45sec mark



Fri Feb 21. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Happy Birthday Mom

(This Saturday)  Some nice people worked out the NASCAR schedule so it could start back up on your birthday weekend.  Exactly what you wanted ;^).

Thanks for bringing me into this world.  I (and Audrey and Tate) owe you everything.  I love you.


Lots of Pics and Videos of Turbo Flight Sebring ...turbo


Tip- Drilling holes in wheel pants ...Michael Burbidge

I used glow sticks to help line up drilling holes in wheel pants with the holes in the brackets underneath.  ...


Welcome www.AircraftWraps.com  ...ad in the Previous Day's News section


RV Cowling Winter Jacket


Another accomplishment by my wife...woodmanrog

I had to brag that my wife, Myra, passed her IFR check ride on the first try. I guess I'll always be in the right seat now,



Thu Feb 20. 1247z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Audrey Reeves makes SMU Honor Roll (link) ...the 'AR' in N617AR.

Found out last night - could be no other top story today.  Your yearly VAF donation dollars being used wisely, with heartfelt gratitude from both Susie and me.  Congratulations Audrey!

fmi: www.smu.edu


Welcome Kevin Spooner RV-6 ...Spoon in the forums

...Started in approx 1990 (serial 20621) flew first flight in January 2014. O-320 with Sensenich weighs 1041. Now halfway thru phase 1 and loving it.


SB kit came in today...bret

Looking at the kit, there is 5.00 in plate nuts alone and a ton of rivets, and they even through in a SS plate to protect your skin while trimming, I don't think they are making any $ on this kit. Just a BIG thanks to Vans Aircraft for taking proactive and honest actions in addressing this issue!


8/8A side consoles ...pics


RV-3A SN 10934 About Finished ...dlomheim

Here is a shot of the RV-3A that I've been restoring for the past 1.5 yrs. When it flies, it will be some 12+ years since it last did that, so hopefully it hasn't developed any bad habits in the inter-rim. Alot has gone into this project to include an engine (O-290G) tear down, carb overhaul and mag 500 hr. inspection, add carb intake snout (RV-4) and filter, carb and cabin heat, redo the electrical per Bob Nuckols ideas, remove and discard the 8 lb "remote indicating compass", add an old Garmin GPS and NARCO transponder and encoder, Ray Allen electric elev. trim, Odessy battery, skybolt fastners on top of cowling, etc, etc, etc. Also ended up building a new vertical stab. due to cracks and wallowed out holes in the old one that had been repaired via stop drilling and slapping another piece of alumimun over it. Anyway, some 350+ hours of work later, it finally is about good enough to call an airplane again and it hopefully will be a reliable platform to start doing some cross-countries in!

Blue Skies,



Garmin Pilot Adds Synthetic Vision

•Synthetic vision will be featured as an option for premium iPad and iPhone customers
•When Garmin Pilot is used with a GDL 39 3D, back-up aircraft attitude information is superimposed overtop the Garmin Pilot SVX display ◦Traffic information is also depicted when used with the GDL 39 3D
•When used without a GDL 39 3D, a three-dimensional topographic landscape is available which also incorporates GPS-derived airspeed, altitude, and vertical speed information
•Topography, water features, obstacles, and the runway environment are available on the SVX page, enhancing situational awareness
•When an active flight plan is present, a horizontal situation indicator (HSI) offers course guidance; estimated time enroute (ETE), distance information, and the active leg of a flight plan are also displayed below the HSI
fmi: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/on-the-go/apps/garmin-pilot-/prod115856.html


Five Deer and Two Turkeys (I think)... 12 minutes in the RV-6 two days ago.

No zoom (to prove I wasn't buzzing them).  Upper right.

That's a turkey at the top...

...I say turkey because this was about thirty yards away.



Wed Feb 19. 1243z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

RV-8 I-LOVI Capt. Marco Ricci ...Italy

This is the story of a project that was born in a conversation inside the hangar. My friend Marco, owner of the RV8 told me, "I would like to do a new panel for my plane, but I can't do it alone, it's quite a few years I have this idea"

I told him that I could help him out, so the same night I sent him a CAD Project of a panel, he was very anxious of the idea so we spent the next 10 nights with teamviewer and skype spending hours and hours of mutual confrontations.

The first difficult was the space, there's not allot of space in an RV8 panel so we couldn't underestimate every aspect! front obstructions, back obstructions and composition of the instruments. after so many tries we had the final draft, so the next step was the cutting of the panel.  more


Quick Facts at 1000 hours ...Vlad

My tach turned 1K hours on 2-16-2014. Hobbs time was more, counted by a Russian Bear clock. Approximately 2 % more. The difference was mainly because of two dissimilar counting systems. Tachometer is cable driven and Hobbs is of a spring winding variety. <g>  more


6th annual ice cream social ...March 15th (Inyokern, CA)

Well it is that time of the year again. I turn one year older. The 6th annual ice cream social will be held at Inyokern, CA airport on March 15th from 1100-1400. It will be held in the area next to the airport office. The red circle on the picture below indicates the area. ...


It Smokes!! ...Dayton Murdock

Here's the first video of my -4 smoking.  more


From Cleaveland Tool...

"On 2/20 at 7:30 CDT, Cleaveland Tool is going to show some tips and tricks on how to use simple tools to get great results. You may still want to have the fancy tools as they certainly make the job easier, but we appreciate that many folks are building on a shoestring, and quality is achievable for everyone with a variety of tools.

Check out the Google Hangout on 2/20: http://bit.ly/CAThangoutFEB

If you're looking for archived hangouts, check out our YouTube channel: http://www.YouTube.com/clevtool


RV Haikus

Oh no, too bumpy!
The wife grabs for the barf bag.
We are landing now.


Less is More

Hangar office project at theVanCave.  Rack/stairs replaced with hammock that hangs on wall when not in use.  Two additional shelves identical to desk added.  Subject to 100% change... 



Tue Feb 18. 1244z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

John Goodloe working smart (not hard).

Conditional inspection underway.  Seen at theVanCave this past weekend.  Old office furniture getting a second lease on life...


Alton Bay NH Winter Carnival ...Vlad

Fierce February here in the North East. Winter storms rolling one after another. Snow and snow and more snow every week. Flying conditions are very unique but there is some GA activity even during this harsh winter. Couple stoic RVators decided to go to Alton Bay B18 for their annual Winter Carnival. I had another plan and was about to launch in opposite direction to VA but somebody persuaded me to go his way. <g>  ...


Lake Havasu Formation Clinic 2014 video link...George Ford email.

Here’s a clip of our RV fun and a 20 ship RV formation that happened a week ago down in Lake Havasu.



Polished Hangar Floor Underway

Clayton hired my son Tate (background) this past Saturday to drive a scrubber fitted with grinding pads in his hangar.  Five hours and forty one minutes by Tate's watch <g>.  He turned the money earned into skateboard parts less than twelve hours later.  He's thirteen...(I'd have done the same).



Status: 'BigD' RV-10

Starting to Lose that Canoe Look.  Cabin top fit and drilled. So far not as bad as feared, but the fill/sand/repeat hasn't begun. And there are a couple of places that will need help...


My RV is too flippin' fast!

Apparently some guy writing code in the fraud prevention department of Citibank decided "there's no way someone will do $100-plus charges for fuel 100 miles apart in less than an hour."

Took my daughter back to school yesterday, 8 hours round trip. Fueled just fine in North Carolina and Florida, but got denied at the pump for the top off back home.

A conversation with the night shift customer service rep was less than productive.
Mike See



Mon Feb 17. 1248z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Valentine's Day Flights...tc1234c

Since last Summer every Friday evening from one hour before sunset we have a party and formation fly by in our community. Tonight we had two RV8s flew above Daytona Class C airspace to draw a heart. Down below four rockets, four RV7s, two SX300s, and a flight of 8 consisting Great Lake, Cessna 140, Turbine Maule, Grumman Lynx, Jabiru, RV9A, RV9, and Dova Skylark did our formation passes. It was a beautiful day after many bad weather days.  ...


Add another 9A ...RV9A Bill

Sunday feb 16 N789BT flew for the first time. Handles like an RV. Couple of electronic issues to address. Based Lubbock international, which always sounds pretentious to me.


RV-10 First Flight in Melbourne, Australia (details) ...AMac

...I haven't experienced rates of climb from any aircraft that I've flown previous to match this! ...


Lake Michigan Ice Flight...Paul K


Safety Glasses vs. Face Shield ...longranger

I've always used wrap around safety glasses when running the cutoff wheel. Tonight while trimming the longerons, I found that glasses, even the wrap around type, aren't adequate eye protection for the task. Evidently the glasses had slid down my nose slightly and either a piece of abrasive or aluminum dust found its way into my left eye. I was hoping the massive amount of tearing would flush out what ever it was and relieve the irritation, but it was not to be.

Another half hour of flushing with saline and direct spray in the shower with no improvement convinced me it was time to head for what passes for an emergency room here. Two hours later I was diagnosed with a corneal abrasion. The good news is that the doctor saw no remaining foreign objects in my eye, and it should heal in a day or so.

The anesthetic only lasted an hour, and the doctor warned me not to use it more often than I absolutely have to, so I currently am not a happy camper...



Houston Bulder Gathering ...flytoday


RV fly-in March 8th 2014 SE of ATL...brianwallis

Catered, donations accepted for food. 62GA Seven Lakes (not GA62) 122.9 land to the North, takeoff to the South. Parking at north end of strip. Just shy of 3k grass. 4 miles west of base of Lake Jackson. South of Covington and halfway between ATL and Macon. Will have transportation to town if anything needed. Family friendly. Bring your own dish for judging. 10am till it ends... private field. Raffle with prizes. PM ME PLEASE TO RSVP Will try and have some version of redneck Olympics for a contest. COMSINK gave approval, race in the works, stay tuned. (Bikini contest terminated by COMSINK) Race details, it will be a timed event. Stopwatch starts, plot route (short) to secret destination, estimate time, fly and recover. Stopwatch stops when wheels stop turning. (Destination known at this time, photo required of certain object) Winners shall be based on how close the planned time is to the actual time.


Got Canopy ...scard


Another reason to have new eyes look during Condition Inspection ...Flying again!

Just finished the condition inspection on my RV-10 and saw again the value of having different eyes looking at the plane.

I bought the -10 Aug 2011 and this is the 3rd condition inspection. This year I decided to have another A&P look at it after having another A&P do the first 2.

When David was looking at the tail he found that there were 9 rivets missing from both the top and bottom of flanges HS-1002 and HS-1013! these were match drilled and dimpled but the original builder neglected step 2 on page 8-6 of the plans which tells you to install 9 rivets on the top and 9 on the bottom! This is easy to see once the fairing at the base of the rudder is removed. Tail came off, rivets installed and put back together.

This was in plain sight and was missed during the original airworthiness inspection in 2005, the subsequent annual condition inspections, the week long very thorough airworthiness inspection in Canada when it was sold there, and by the DAR here when I re-imported it in 2011 and had to have another airworthiness inspection. At least 16 inspections and it was not caught until now! I can't believe I missed it too!

Just wanted to show how things can be missed and a new set of eyes can be very beneficial.



Fri Feb 14. 1254z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Twelve minutes off the surface yesterday and too many deer to count - stopped at twenty.  iPhone pic right caught (15) in one image - click it.  Twelve minutes well spent!  I gotta remember to take the good camera in the plane.  Landed and then did the photoshoot for Grady at GLO (below).  What a beautiful paint job.
  Related....Danny, I found you a motorcycle to match yours and this plane.  You're welcome.
  On to music:  Listening to Ryan Adams 'Cold Roses'  on the drive home on alt radio, poked around online later to find it.  Been too long since I've heard that, and I'd forgotten how good it was.  Found like every song he's written here.  Amazing what you get now with ten seconds of typing.  Is that good?  Well, here's a live version wearing Ace Frehley boots.  That's good.
  All over the map today....but hey, Friday.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  I hope our friends in the snow and ice are safe and sound. 


View the photo album / related: glocustom.com


Rob 'Smokey' Ray in his RV-'X' Post SB Shakedown Flight

...3min 48sec video to enjoy instead of working!


Daughter's V-Day Card


Charity Cap Sighting ...Lanikai, Oahu (Joe Walker)

Charity caps?


When hobbies get in the way of each other - What can I work on now?

Wishing Aaron a speedy recovery (brewing accident).


Houston Area Monthly RV Builders Lunch - February 2014

The third Saturday (February 15th) is upon us, so lets get together for lunch at our monthly RV luncheon. This Saturday we will meet at Carl's BBQ for some good BBQ. Nothing will get you more motivated to finish your plane than our RV get together and some good Texas BBQ. Carl's is located at Weiser Airpark on HWY 290 frontage road between Telge and Huffmeister in the NW part of Houston. We meet at 11:30 am.


Reading VAF in Bed, or Other Low Light Conditions?

Tip:  Try setting your phone on 'Invert'.  For iPhone and iPad, go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors.  A shortcut is to scroll down to the bottom of that screen and choose 'Accessibility Shortcut', and assign 'Invert' to triple-clicking the Home button.



Thu Feb 13. 1254z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Hoping my RV friends in the path of the ice/snow storm rolling up the east coast are doing OK.
  David Morrow sent me some SketchUp ideas to get me started with my hangar office project, and that motivated me to spent some time yesterday re-learning some of the software.  Thank you, David!  The nudge I needed.  I think I can pull this off, design-wise.
  What I came up with below.  Efficient, within budget, leaves as much of the fake wood floor visible as possible and will cost pennies to keep cool/warm.  Will all this happen?  I dunno.  But man, an office like this would make work almost fun!

 Sleeps one (me).  Seats (3) comfortably.  WiFi.  A/C and heat.  RV-6 twenty feet away...

24 Gallons of Avgas ...update on our friend Brantel

...I am 5 weeks out as of this past Monday. All pain is gone, all incisions are healed. Starting into my exercise regimen...

Flapper Valve ...David Paule RV-3B


Bob Collins Paint Scheme Renderings

...I've incorporated many of the changes suggested by people ...


From the factory....


(Video) Garmin Virb down Hudson Corridor, NYC


RV-10 Status ...Dave Wyzepilot

So I managed to complete the first "test" with only a few small bruises on the skin. That middle nose rib was kind of a pain to get to but a little "puddy and paint will make it what it a'int". I am very pleased with the final product and look forward to moving on to the the rudder. Thanks for all of your help so far. I'm sure I will call on all of you again as I move on in my build.

Well I was told it will be an emotional roller coaster and I would have to agree. I found myself going from Fun to Frustration to fear then back to fun on more than one occasion. All and all it was a great experience. I learned so much and most importantly I built an air worthy Vertical Stabilizer <g>.



Wed Feb 12. 1258z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  So, it's in the 20's outside and I'm playing with ideas for the hangar office - stuff to do on a budget when you can't go outside.  After eight months or so, the walls are painted (white, but could change) and the fake wood floor looks kind of like this.
  It's tiny.  Around 55 sq. ft.  Elevated with the windows facing out into the hangar.  RV stuff in view.
  I've been looking at pics of 'tiny home' interiors on Google for pointers.  For cripes sake, look at this one!  And this.  Amazing.  All those decades in a cube fostered a Stockholm syndrome of sorts.  Must have small, efficient office.  No waste.
  I'd like to maybe have a nap-i-loo after lunch every now and then, so something to lay down on.  A work surface for my HP laptop looking out into the hangar, and a couple chairs for guests?  Bookshelves?  TV?  Jello wrestling tub?
  Alas, I'm not the creative type.  If any of you folks (or spouses) have mad interior decoration skilz with access to modeling software, and want to use the Van Cave office as an example of what you can do, I'll let you. Like nobody's business.
  I have a copy of Google SketchUp, but the free version stops working in 7 more hours of use, and well, you know, pilots have this thrifty streak.  Mostly I just don't know how to do this stuff, and I figure since folks might stop by for a visit someday, might as well try to keep it from looking like the set from Sanford & Son.
  Dimensions clickable at right for your amusement (done in Photoshop), and feel free to ignore all this.
  Rambling thoughts on a yucky day.  And good morning...

from a few months back.  moving the a/c up above the windows soon.

Harare, Zimbabwe ...Ed Fleming RV-7 Z-EDD Begins

Hi Everyone!

The journey begins for me, but in a uniquely frustrating way! A small delay to the ship meant that the kit got caught up in the Christmas traffic, and then the complete shutdown of almost all industry and transport that paralyses Southern Africa every January. I had arranged vacation so I could get started, but in the end I had to leave on a three week trip just 4 days before it arrived. So the pictures here were taken by my wife, and are still all I have seen of it. But its time to start getting excited again as I'm starting on the way home and should be cracking open the crates on Friday!

There is of course a silver lining to this delay. If it had arrived on time I might just have finished the HS by now, and then face having to rebuild it to comply with the SB!

Anyway, here are the photos of the arrival and unloading, African style! Never any shortage of labour to carry heavy stuff around here <grin>.

related: Where is Harare?


Frustration Ensues ...JDBoston

Continuing my tail for the 9A for now, but running into what I would call beginner issues.

Has anyone else run into frustration with bucking (or squeezing) the rivets on the powder coat brackets on the VS pieces (I assume it will be the same on the HS)? I end up with bent over rivets as if they were too long to begin with or perhaps my technique is poor.

I am using a pneumatic squeezer, but for the rivets in the center of the bracket closest to the bend I use the gun with a tungsten bar. On the builder sites I don't typically see these called out as problematic but they seem to consistently dump on me. I have seen others call out problems with rivet lengths that are too long but I assumed the plans would have been corrected by now. If I ever have the means to switch over to the 14 I wonder if they fixed those issues as many of these tail parts are the same.

I am venting a bit perhaps I need to just practice my riveting more to get more consistent results.


Nose Gear Bolt Break Update ....pics


Q: Polish the RV-12 landing gear?

A:  No.  "Polishing the main gear legs on an RV-12 is not advisable. The polishing process would cause material removal from the surface of gear leg. These legs are heat treated aluminum and shot peened (hardened) for fatigue resistance. Any modification like this may cause an untested and/or a weakened condition in the gear leg.

Read more about the process here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shot_peening"



That's the view of Freehold airport and adjacent Mohawk River on Feb, 2014. Not even a single Polar Bear down there.



Tue Feb 11. 1247z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  The making of the world's most famous photo.  Mike S. fwd'd me the link.  Amazing, and something to distract from the freezing rain today here in N.TX.  Yuck.  Hope better in your neck of the woods.
  PS: Audrey scored a 91 on her Bio exam Monday.

RV-10 In Australia About to Take to the Sky ...AMac

VH-BUY received her Special Certificate of Airworthiness today! Seven years of work will see her take to the sky this weekend for phase 1 testing.

Airworthy! ...beav

After 5 years of building (almost to the day), I received my airworthiness certificate on Saturday. No issues were found during the inspection (though it wasn't incredibly thorough).

I'm heading up to Oregon next week to train with Mike Seager and should take it up for the first flight within two weeks!

Sebring Sneak Attack ...GLPalinkas

OK, it's not Sebring Weds RV Breakfast.... however,

A good friend of mine, Greg Vine's birthday is today (the number isn't important... but it's 59 )

Greg is a former Mooney owner and pilot who hasn't flown in a looong time so I thought maybe a little RV magic would motivate him.

I decided a birthday breakfast recon trip to Sebring on a Monday was warranted. I rang up the usual suspects. They obliged and the rest is history.

Easy Time-Lapse Video ...chris in WI

My family got me a Brinno time lapse camera for Christmas that I've been experimenting with to document my build.  It's a piece of cake to use - set it, forget it, upload the fully-processed video to your computer. . I'm still tinkering with which combination of pre-set capture & playback framerates is best.  Biggest benefit: saves me time while proving I'm actually building this thing!

A Milestone of Sorts ...longranger

Somewhere under the cockpit floor the 10,000th rivet installed in the project so far is helping hold the center fuselage bottom skin to a seat rib. You say counting rivets is anal? I say NO; knowing exactly which one it is would be anal...

Some Interior Shots Showing What The Flightline Interior Kit Looks Like...Tony_T

Video of Sporty's sweepstakes RV-12 ...Jzimmerman

On 2/20 at 7:30 CDT, Cleaveland Tool ...

...is going to show some tips and tricks on how to use simple tools to get great results. You may still want to have the fancy tools as they certainly make the job easier, but we appreciate that many folks are building on a shoestring, and quality is achievable for everyone with a variety of tools.

Check out the Google Hangout on 2/20: http://bit.ly/CAThangoutFEB

If you're looking for archived hangouts, check out our YouTube channel: http://www.YouTube.com/clevtool

Tina's Pilot Shop Valentine Specials

817-490-0046 MON-SAT 9A-5P CST

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Last year with a couple of hours to kill in Schiphol airport In Holland I wandered into the gadget shop and left a bit of graffiti on the demo tablet.

Rob 'smokyray' Ray's Plate from 98-99

Hello World ...berck (Divide, Colorado)

Hello from the newest RV-10 builders. A friend and I have ordered an RV-10 tail kit which arrives tomorrow, but the paperwork got here today, so it seemed time to say hi, and I know everyone wants to know what the latest number is...1535. Looks like most questions have been asked already, and I've probably read a hundred posts just trying to decide which tools to buy.

We're handy with tools, but have pretty much no experience with aircraft construction or sheet metal, so we're starting with both practice projects this weekend.

Thanks for all the help so far, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from us.

Bridge from the RV ...Vlad

Tappan Zee Bridge, NY. This is the old bridge construction of a new colossal structure is about to begin...

Status ...akarmy

Wrapping up the basic fuselage riveting. Starting the Canoe stage I guess you would call it!



Mon Feb 10. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  SMU men's basketball.  My daughter's college.  Ranked (almost certainly) for the first time since 1985 as of today.  Beat #7 Cincinnati Saturday, and it wasn't even close.  Audrey didn't watch a second of it - spent the evening on our couch studying for a bio test she has today.  Not interested at all - same as me at that age.  Susie and I sure watched it, though <g>.  Once the doormat of college basketball, now transforming into something wonderful.
  Something to do when it's too cold to fly the RV.
  From ESPN:  "SMU improved to 13-0 at home this season and the Mustangs are beating teams by an average of 21.2 points per game in their 13 home games.  Before this season, SMU hadn't won against a ranked opponent since 2003. This season, in the first 4 games against ranked teams since Larry Brown became the SMU head coach, the Mustangs have won 3 of those 4 games, including their first win against a top-10 opponent since 1987. The Mustangs have 3 wins against ranked teams in the same season for the first time in 29 years."
Thanks for letting me brag on my kid's school.  Hope you had a great weekend. 

First flight of N987J ...BJohnson

Hello Seattle ...Stephen pics from his RV-7

The RV is already showing me a great time! ...DougJ

A Wee bit Nippy! ...PeteHowell

Florida Seafood Festival ...MarkW

Failure of Nose Gear ...flytoday

AX-O Status Update ...many pics

Danbury/ECi Launches Titan Aircraft Engines

(Kevin 'Relentless' Eldredge) 
   "I have accepted the leadership position at Danbury Aero (ECI), to lead their newest company, "Titan Aircraft Engines" in San Antonio, Texas. We will focus on building & overhauling experimental aircraft engines for the experimental and LSA market.
   I love huge challenges and building dynamic teams. Work never seems like work when you're serving customers in an industry you are passionate about.
   Stay tuned..."

Cap Sighting ...Joe Blank in snowy Oregon

"What else are you gonna do with 7" of snow?  Tricia and I decided to put it to good use...!"

fmi: The cap



Fri Feb 7. 1252z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Caulking Gun Gets a New Use ...Ivan Luke

Here's my take on the syringe v. Semco question. I bought veterinary syringes, drilled the hole out larger, "hot-glued" a short piece of plastic tube in as a nozzle and then put the whole thing in my generic caulking gun. I did this because I found the syringe itself too hard to squeeze by hand. Of course in retrospect, that's probably because my proseal was cold. I'm in New England and heat the garage while working but I never thought to take the proseal inside to warm up-- probably would have been better, but using the caulking gun worked just fine too.


From the factory...

NTSB Infomation regarding recent Service Bulletins

Important Service Information:
SB 14-01-31
Hoizontal Stabilizer Cracks

SB 14-02-03 Superseded by SB 14-02-05...Why?

fmi: http://www.vansaircraft.com/pdf/sb14-02-05.pdf

Cracks in Elevator Spar
Service Bulletin Parts


Panel Upgrade ...Al Girard

Bought a ram mount today for the Mini...


Scheduled Site Maintenance 2/8  11pm CT - 2/9 6am CT

Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep your data safe and improve the reliability of your experience. Readers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.


Is This OK for Support During Repairs?

I utilized my 2 post car lift and tried to make a couple of support cradles...seems to work fine but I don't want to put too much stress on belly and cause any damage.  I plan to build a wood frame at some point and place on some castors for mobility...but can at least get started removing engine mount now...and it will sure make for an easy belly cleaning!!!
I would really appreciate comments/feedback constructive criticism on my supports.


Welcome www.TiWings.com ...new advertiser in the Previous Day's News section.

(from Travis - owner)  "If you’ve ever daydreamed about using some specialty hardware in your RV, TiWings can help. TiWings.com specializes in Grade 5 Titanium (titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloy) fasteners that are stronger than AN series fasteners, but are about half the weight and just as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel. They have a wide selection of AN replacement, Standard, and Metric sizes.

Very excited to be a part of the community!

Happy landings,




Yeah, it's cold (yesterday).  I clicked on the 'Surface Wind' and 'Temperature' overlays (click the word 'earth).  Might as well play around on this site.  I mean, it's not like I'm going outside for any length of time.

compared with the South Pole at the same time...



Thu Feb 6. 1237z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

  This isn't RV-related, but I just have to say how much I like the site www.ifixit.com.  The step by step iPhone5 battery and lightning charging port replacement was just amazing.  Internet and the free market at its best.  Phone mo better!  Up yours, toilet!  You don't win this round! 


Gary Bacon's Panel ...heavily influenced by Brantel's example

click to enlarge


Check your Nuts! ...polishpilot

I was able to get my wings installed with the help of 3 fellow RV friends on Jan. 29; but not without a funny incident. I had trouble attempting to get a nut attached on one of the close tolerance bolts. Anyone who has been there know how difficult it can be even getting into a position to get these nuts on. I literally took about a half hour struggling with the nylok nut. And then, out of the blue, I decided to check and see if the threads were damaged. They were not; in fact, they were not even there!! You got it. nut never finished the machining process----no threads.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWGi_HL8eUw ...posted Jan 30, 2014.


February is Online



Wed Feb 5. 1242z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

RV-8 Tom Powers #83300

Wow its been a while since my last update and today was a big day because I was able to move to the airport. I was running out of room in the garage and was able to get a hanger. Still have lots to do but will now have have room to do it in.  From my last post I was able to finish the panel and get every thing wired and up and running, I installed the engine/Prop, ran all the engine control cables, started the engine baffles and got the engine cowling fitted.


RV-12 Milestone 600 hours 2-3-14 ...John Bender

It has been a very cold and windy winter in Iowa. Got 2nd tank mod & vent done, and able to fly again. Smooth, but temps were not too bad. About 18F on the ground.  ...


Tsam gets the Angles…

Last Oshkosh we got a deal from a fellow builder on a new-in-the-box AFS AoA Pro system. Having flown the system in the RV-8 for a year or more, both Louise and I have grown to really like the added insight into the lift margin that you get, and decided that having it in the RV-3 would be a big plus.  ...


RV7A rudder penetration for tail light ...Bob Collins

In addition to allowing me the opportunity to move up my annual inspection date to typical "no fly" months, the recent service bulletin and subsequent removal of the tail has given me the opportunity to correct some wrongs when I built.

On my RV7A I didn't want to drill through both the tie down bracket and rudder spar to run the wires for the tail light and strobe. So I had to cockeye it off to one side.


Service Bulletins and Such

They are part of the engineering process, and will help keep you safe.  And I drove a Ford Pinto once...I know what I'm talking about!

'Right.  Learn it. Know it. Live it.' - quote referencee

Bookmark this: http://www.vansaircraft.com/public/service.htm

related:  Link to SB parts


Mounting a Tablet to the Panel ...Joe Dubner

That sounds like what I did: single Dynon 10-inch SkyView and a 7-inch Android tablet on the right side of the panel with a gimbal mount.

It would look a lot better if my homemade fiberglass tablet holder was painted gray instead of white :-)


New openings at CubCrafters

[ed. Posted for my friend Randy Lervold. dr]



Tue Feb 4. 1254z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Sorry for the abbreviated edition today.  Felt a bit under the weather yesterday and spent most of the afternoon and evening in bed.  Below are the biggies....

Important Service Information:

SB 14-01-31 RV-6/6A, RV-7/7A, RV-8/8A
Horizontal Stabilizer Cracks


Important Service Information:

SB 14-02-03 All RV-3, 4, 6/6A, 7/7A, 8/8A Flying aircraft
Cracks in Elevator Spar


Related to the new SB's...a free magnifying glass app for your iPhone

Lets you zoom in under light, and take a picture.  Google 'em...they're there for all brands.

Mon Feb 3. 1300z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Snoozer on the Super Bowl - no fun when they aren't remotely close.  Congrats Seahawks and fans.  The sixty seconds the Red Hot Chili Peppers had the stage at halftime was the high point for me.  That and the Go Daddy puppet commercial - 'Chow Baby!' (link).   So long football and hurry up Formula 1 (green flag drops in 41 days).  And hurry up spring.  Winter, you suck.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.

Giving Chase ...Brent

N6CT is Flying ...Curt & Terri Sullivant

SB 14-01-31 ....6/6A, 7/7A, 8/8A 
  Inspect before further flight.


Cut & Buff believer

Declared an emergency today ...Ed Wischmeyer
   And my voice did quiver a little bit, so no macho points for me. (I did better with my last emergency 30 years ago...)

More VAF Ski Trip Pics Surfacing

Me & My Shadow ...Scott Mills

First RV formation in Chile

Fantastic! Took Unusual Attitude Training
  I had been thinking about getting C-GOGO (and me) a little more exercise if I am just going up for a quick local hop.  ...

N913BC First Flight ...Brent Connelly RV-12

Advice needed - Double check my electrical system

Replace those old weldments

This doesn't seem right... video

Blain Status

Another USB Camera

Panel ...Dan Burdette