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Fri Jan 31. 1238z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Summer of Opportunities - Teen Flight Students Justin & Paige ...factory FB page

If I was only able to use one word to describe the opportunities and adventures I had this past summer, it would have to be, incredible. The fact that I had none of it planned ahead of time is even more amazing. And as I look back on it, I cannot help but realize how much I have been blessed.

I agree. Sometimes you are so busy just doing all the things that you enjoy, you don’t seem to find the time to plan ahead. Often opportunities just seem to find you. ...


Poor Man's Panel Upgrade ...Ken Harrill

It's hard to beat the "bang for the buck" that you get by adding a couple of iPads to a 12 year old RV-6!!!



Something about a football game this weekend.  Insert TX A&M alums rolling eyes...


Well, I'm going to assume that these wing skins are now toast

So we made the big move from Atlanta to Houston two weekends ago. Spent Saturday loading the truck in ATL. At the very back of the truck, our two motorcycles went in and were tied down. The main wing skins were wrapped in moving pads and placed between the bikes along with some other similarly-shaped items. The leading edge skins were also wrapped in moving pads and placed to the right of J's bike, between it and the air compressor and tool chest. Everything seemed just fine for the drive.  ...



Thu Jan 30. 1242z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

A paint job for N614EF


A Few Pictures From the 1st Annual VAF Ski Trip


Roy Thoma Panel


Page one, step one ...Jon in Richmond Hill, GA

So, what to do when you live in the SE and don't have to go to work because of the crazy weather? Start your build of course... I had to get a pic of the very first part of my plane. My only hope is that years from now when I actually have a plane in front of me, I'll look back with fond memories - good times outweighing the bad during this adventure. Now, to repeat tonight about 900 more times.  ;^)


Help please for repair tips / jig

...rolled thru a ditch at the end of a grass strip...


January is online...


Stall turn practice


Sent from Jenny at NationAir (VAF advertiser)



Wed Jan 29. 1257z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Out of phase one! ...Damon Wack RV-7

Let the rides begin!


Ron's carburetor heat setup.

I installed a Robbins Wings carb heat muff on my -8. It gives a good RPM drop during run-up (~50rpm) and a steadily increasing carb temperature... I haven't waited for the carb temperature to max out but I'm sure it's a lot better than the Van's design... I also blocked the sides of the inlet flange with pieces of aluminum angle so that all the air passes through the heat muff. The 2" scat seems to be sufficient air for my O-375 though I haven't tried it yet in flight.... Another thing to test, only 7 hours so far... I figure I could always use partial carb heat or open the FAB bypass a bit for warmer air if I notice a problem with air volume...  more pictures


1st annual Van's Air Force Ski Trip

The first annual RV ski trip is now history. It was truly delightful with sunshine and mild temps the entire week. All 4 of us returned with no broken bones and great memories. We skied Beaver Creek twice and also Snowmass, Breckinridge, Vail and Copper. Much thanks to Dave Syvertson for the use of his fabulous large home on top of a mountain @ 9000 ft overlooking i70 and Beaver Creek.

Nick Ahlen had a ski app on his phone that showed us doing 22000 ft of vertical a day with a top speed of 41 mph. That may sound slow to you RVers and it is nowhere near the speed of an Olympic downhiller, but for a 66 yr old I assure you that it was fast enough.

Dan DeBry has some video and pics that I hope he can post on here as I am technologically challenged.

After skiing all day it was cocktails, shooting pool, playing cards and talking about airplanes. It just doesn't get any better than that.

John Morgan

PS Dave promised us that the hot tub will be fixed for next years trip!
John Morgan
Atlanta, GA KPDK


Stick Labeled  


From Rich Meske at www.AircraftExtras.com


We just received a new batch of Electroluminescent lighting in for the new year. This has been a popular choice for RVs and other aircraft. The low blue lights are easy on the eyes in the cockpit as well as the baggage compartment. Other colors are available too. The lights are fully dimmable with use of a voltage regulator input. We offer them with a 12V or 24V inverter. The lights are easy to attach to the under side of your glare shield with a little bit of double sided tape or Silicon Rubber. The continuous one inch wide light strip keeps down those pesky shadows too. See our lighting products and more at www.aircraftextras.com


Notable Bridges Thread ...Mark Burns entry

London Bridge with some of my friends!  Lake Havasu City, AZ
Photo by Randal Warren "Digger"



Tue Jan 28. 1240z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Danny King's 'Beautiful Doll' ...Tom Schad photo


RV-4 And The Cranberry Bogs ...Steve Rush

The fog finally lifted, for a day, and I went out to Hoquiam for possibly the last lunch before Lana's closes and moves into town. While there I went out and played over the coast. All in all, a very nice day.


Burke Wick's RV-8  ...Anchorage, Alaska


Status in Pics ...R.Welch (UK)

16 yr old barn find.  Virtually untouched QB/Slider.


Good, good, good...Good vibration


Survived First Power Up ...BigD RV-10


The Most Kick @ss Paper Airplane Ever Built




Mon Jan 27. 1258z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

This is how I roll....Brad Benson


RV-10 Build Timelapse #1036 - H.Stab


Crabandy Updates (many)


Notable bridges...from the RV


Official first day of Building.... Sorta


First Flight! ...(as pax).  Bret.
  A couple of us met up (first time) at the Tail dragger cafe KMEV for breakfast this morning, looked at a very nice 8 project sitting in a very nice hanger, a 6, and an offer for a ride! Heck ya! Once airborne he let me feel her out. This is not a Cessna! Now I can see where transition training is going to be very important before my first flight. The stick was very sensitive to input controls that I was not familiar with. Crusing faster than the Skyhawk at half the fuel burn! Can't wait to finish mine. Nice to meet you Craig and Andy! Thanks again.

Why we pay the big bucks to live in California


Status: bruceh

Don't use the wrong air filter


Teaser shots...


Don't forget these flap bolts


We Need A New Word
  What word would describe a pilot that has flown in all 50 states?

RV-7 Status: Janekom ...S.Africa


Now it's the leading edge!!!!

I have an airplane! ...John Courte (RV-7)
  Special Airworthiness Cert issued to RV7 313TD yesterday at 12:30pm!
  Adam Valdez was my DAR, and he made a very thorough inspection of the ship. He found 14 minor squawks all of which were corrected. I also received an onsite briefing by Dave Voelker of the FAA on how to interpret my op lims and what my phase 1 test area really means. It was a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable process.
  It still hasn't sunk in yet, that I can take to the skies (the skies within 50nm of KOXR), supported by a machine that I built. It also hasn't sunk in yet that I've finished one leg of the journey and I'm about to start on the next.
  For the most part, this post is meant to be a great, big, giant thanks to all VAF'ers, who have helped me directly or indirectly just by sharing information and conversation, and to DR for providing a venue for it to happen.

From the RV
grassfire west of Denton, TX.

Latest CNC Panel Cut from www.upnorthaviation.com



Fri Jan 24. 1236z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

The Bridges of New York City ...Vlad


Just off the bench at SteinAir

(from Stein)  ...This was an existing panel from a flying RV8 of which the customer decided to upgrade. It is a mix of old and new instruments, mainly a new AFS-5800 12” TouchScreen and a GTN-650.  Turned out be a really nice setup.


Electrical System Planning - Input requested ...akarmy

Like I really needed to ask. I'm sure I'll get a full dose of the input I desire.

The basics first. I'm building a very simple VFR only RV-8. Single Dynon Skyview 10" with a GTR200 radio / intercom. LED lights, dual P-MAGS, manual trims. No autopilot initially, but wired for the servos with brackets installed. PC680 on the firewall, B&C starter, Plane power alternator "with OV"...

My last plane had a basic Aeroelectric Z-11 primary / ebus. I'm looking to go even simpler with this one. Don't think I really need the endurance bus concept as the Dynon has a backup battery so what else is really needed to continue going or to land? Lastly, I'm leaning towards the dreaded avionics switch as I have a few devices that don't have a power switch and while they can be on during start, I would rather be able to cut them off if needed.

Here's what I have thus far. What am I missing?

(click image to enlarge)


The Polar Vortex got me !...petersb

After 2 1/2 years building and then only 1 month flying I went out to the hangar and found large cracks in my slider canopy.

This occurred after several -25 C evenings.

The first crack originates from a rivit just behind the canopy handle and goes in both directions about 6 inches, the second is four rivits back in both directions about 4 inches each way.

Have stop drilled and will reinforce so I can keep flying for now.

From what I have read in the Forums it seems that most slider cracks mostly originate from the top center bow.

So my thoughts re: replacement is to rivit the foreward and aft bows and use the existing screws in the skirt, however, use glue (sika) for the centre bow. This should allow a good fit with the existing windscreen fairing etc.

Use the clecos in the exisiting rivit holes in the top center bow to hold the plexi in place untill the glue sets. Some have suggested still installing the top rivits, they will also hold the trim strip in place, the glue will stop the plexi expanding with temperature changes and putting pressure on the rivits.


GRT Sport doing aerobatics


Charity Hat Sighting
     ....Mr. Craig Dixon ('Ranger' in the forums...9A flying since 7/27/13)

"Tiger Leaping Gorge, near Lijiang, Yunnan, China"

"Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (18,360') near Lijiang, Yunnan, China"

fmi: All about the VansAirForce.net charity cap



Thu Jan 23. 1251z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Getting Ready for Work

Charlie Kearns (two doors down from theVanCave) readies his RV-8 for a day trip - visiting clients 1.5 hours away by RV.  Beats driving five hours.


Banana Puddin', First flight ...Stewie

N986BP “Banana Puddin’” made her first flight June 9 (finally getting around to posting this!) under the skilled test-piloting of Tom Porta (CFI, RV-8 driver Reno-Stead).  ...


This suddenly became real ...60av8tor (RV-10)

What is the saying...one bite at a time..?

After months of thinking, planning, and prepping, it's finally beginning!! With the ink still wet on my Sportair Workshop certificate, this showed up this afternoon. I'm excited, nervous, happy, and hesitant all at the same time. 


Paul K FWF Inspection at 80 hours

With the weather turned really bad, I decided to take a serious look at my RV7a FWF installation after 80 hours. I typically look everything over at 25 hr oil changes and when in phase one, all the time. These typical inspections look for fluid leaks, loose stuff, and anything that looks out of order. With this inspection, I looked at every wire, hose, cable, bolt, clamp, ect.... A very through looking at. Following is what I found.  more pics


Flying in one of these cold days ...chiricucu in Madrid, Spain


RV-4 Status: Rick Morris ...started in 1983.


Shawn Li RV-7 Status ...Seattle, WA

After fixing a few wiring mistakes, I had my first power on. My panel is for day/night VFR right now, with space reserved for potential upgrade to IFR. When I first planned my panel I was thinking all steam gauges, but now there is no single round gauge on the panel. I have one Dynon ADIRU, one backup battery for pilot side display (I can make it switchable between left and right side display). Hope I have enough redundancy. I will have iPad as backup if necessary.


datsclark Status

After a nearly two hear hiatus from building, I got back into the shop a few months ago. I had been working and living about 40 mins away from the project, so it fell by the waysides. I quit my job so I could work full time on the plane!

Actually, I quit so I could first spent 5 months riding my motorcycle around the country and Canada! This picture from a campground from Sampson State park in New York seems fitting seems fitting.  ...


How bruceh Did It...

I used a couple of popsicle sticks around the step tubing to center it, then drilled the block in place. I think you do need to cut some relief for the tube on the corner rib. Not a great photo, but is this what you are describing?


Status: akarmy

All parts again and now comes that part where motivation is challenged… Time to tear apart all the fuselage parts and debur, dimple, countersink, prime, etc...



Wed Jan 22. 1251z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Fuselage bottom skin to wing bottom overlap

I am working on the right wing right now and where the bottom fuselage skin overlaps the bottom wing skin (#8 screws to hold) the fuselage skin does not fit flush with the bottom wing skin. This is looking from underneath the right wing toward the fuselage. 2/32nds and 3/32nds gaps.


DIY Heated Vest ...Pete Howell

I know this was probably not worth the time to make, but I had some fun, learned some stuff, and the dang thing really works!!! It is cold in St Paul!!!

And yes, I don't plan to wear this when I go thru a TSA checkpoint.......

I used an old Land's End vest, 30 ft of 24ga nichrome wire, a few feet or regular wire, some micro heatshrink, a few butt connectors, a PWM controller and some glue to make a toasty warm airplane Pete warmer for about $40!

You can buy most of the stuff on Amazon and then have fun with the basic EE equations to size the elements. The controller uses pulses to efficiently regulate the power from the 12-14V power source.

2V = barely warm,
6v = toasty,
12V = broil!

I used 5 elements in parallel and the result is just about right. The pockets are heated and there is an upper and 2 lower back elements. I'll clean up the controller and the hookup wires and it should be good to go!

Alex P is making heated boot liners with some of the wire he stole from me (don't really need all 350 ft on the roll......) Those might me next on the list!


Panel Geography Lesson

I'm starting to think about wiring my plane, so I'm thinking about what my panel is going to look like and that brings up the idea of tablets.

I was around when we saw the exponential growth of microcomputers, and we are now seeing the same thing with tablets, which are actually thin flat microcomputers. Multi-processor, gigabyte, HIGH RES microcomputers.

Tablets are getting faster, more powerful, networked, sharper, have greater capacity in processor, memory and storage. And cheaper.

I believe that EVERYONE who is planning a panel today better plan for a panel mounted tablet.

* Cut a hole for the tablet? Nope. You will not know if your tablet will be 7", 8" 10" or even 12". RAM type mounts that allow the tablet to snap onto the surface and slide in and out. Remember, there is a good chance you will be replacing you panel tablet every three years!  ...


Garmin Pilot Adds Enhancements to iOS and Android

...new release on both operating platforms. Version 6.0 for iOS and Version 2.8 for Android mobile devices are available for update and offer a number of enhancements and integration among several other Garmin products.



Tue Jan 21. 1306z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Wiring an RV...on a deployment ...RV7AJeremy

I thought some of you might get a kick out of this.

I knew I was going to have more free time on this deployment than I have had on others, so I figured why not wire the RV. I spent the first two months designing the electrical system; I drew it out on AutoCAD, figured out every wire size and breaker size. I had a friend from back home measure out the lengths I needed (thanks Jim), then I added a few extra feet to the ends just to make sure.
Before I left home, I made a fake panel out of some scrap, cut it in two and riveted on a hinge so it would fit in my suitcase.  ...


Surgeries ...Allan Stern

I am two weeks out from having my Mitral valve replaced Jan 6, 2014 and feeling like a mule has kicked me the few days after surgery. Today I feel great still a little sore in my ribs. Doctor did minimally invasive procedure. Was not having major problems and did this as a pro active procedure so I would have a long healthy retirement. Decided to have operation in Winter when not flying as much and work toward getting medical back for Spring. Will see how complicated this will be.

RV8A 125 hours.


Bonfire Flights at Spruce Creek ...tc1234c

Here at Spruce Creek during annual Toy Parade (December) and Bonfire (January) Gaggle Flight always put up a big fly-by. On last Saturday we must had 40+ airplanes in the air at the same time. Before Gaggle launch, a TBM and P-51 made a few low passes. After the Gaggle fly-by, two Aerostars made a formation pass. RVs are well represented in the flight. I was part of a 14 ship Lakes Flight and was with the lead Aerostar. Here are a few photos to share. Most of the photos are taken by Gary Rosier.  ...


RV-4 Canopy Loss (2002) ...lella

I'm not sure how many pilots have survived a complete canopy loss in an RV4, but it happened to me....and since you asked, here is my experience:

Back in 2002, on February 3rd, a day which I will never forget, I was goofing around and showing off the performance of my RV4 to a bunch of former hang gliding buddies waiting to launch off a hill at Lake McClure, in the foothills of the California Sierra Nevada mountains.

I snuck up on the launch site from behind at about 1000 ft above the mountain, stalled the plane and dove towards the landing area, way surpassing the recommended VNE of the plane (around 230 mph when I last checked). I then pulled as hard as I could for a near vertical climb and as close to the ground as possible....stupid, ignorant and inexperienced as I was.

The pull registered 7 G's on my G meter, and nearly caused me to black out. The one thing I'll never forget in my blue skyward daze, was an instant "puff" of air hitting me in my face...a mili-second before the massive explosion of the canopy loss.  ...


Alton Bay '14 ...Vlad

Visited Alton Bay today. Runway and parking area bumpy. Challenging for our small wheels. Hit snow bumps several times should have removed the fairings.  ...


New Member in LA ...Ryan Ducote (Broussard, LA)

Just wanted to say hi from Louisiana. I currently fly a Bonanza but have been dreaming of building an RV7 or RV14 for a while now. If there is anyone in the Southwest Louisiana area that is currently building, I would love the chance to come by and see their project and see some of their techniques. Blue skies to all!!!!


Slide out instrument panel?


Luckiest guys on the planet

According to several folks here at KWHP (Whiteman, SoCal) My brother-in-law and I are the second luckiest guys on the planet. We have now installed the RV-9A canopy roll over bar and canopy frame and THEY FIT!!! ...


RV-4 Status ...David Taylor (Australia)


Dynon is hiring! -- Sustaining Electrical Engineer --

...Woodinville, WA



Mon Jan 20. 1254z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

From Chris Thelan... A little teaser from this
morning's photo shoot at the Sebring LSA Expo!


Brantel Update

I am 12 days post op. My personal opinion is that my recovery is going very well. No complications at all. It has went better than my expectations. Apparently it has also gone better than the average for the procedure I had.

Knock on wood, lets all hope it stays that way!

I will go back to work on Monday.

Thanks all for the well wishes and most of all the prayers! This thread is truly heartwarming for a feller to wake up to in recovery!

Get some air time for me the next few weeks! I am going to take the downtime as an opportunity to do some maintenance and the condition inspection!

Brian C.

Oh...I almost forgot! 34.2 lbs down!


North Dallas View from RV - Sure is Dry Here ...Chris Pratt photos

RVs give one a different perch from which to view the world. These pics of the north end of Lake Dallas show just how dry this area is. The light tan and rust brown areas should all be under water. This is the worst I can remember seeing in my eight years of flying the RV over this reservoir.  ...


Cracked Windscreen; help requested!

Posted on the "How cold is too cold" thread, but thought I'd post it separately to solicit advice:

I think I jinxed myself; after bragging about my New Years Day cold weather flight, I went back to the airport yesterday to fly (in much milder temps) and discovered a 2" crack in the windscreen, probably from the cold temps last time out. Bummer. The crack is at the bottom of the screen on the passenger side at the "corner" where the screen curves from the frontal plane to longitudinal. It can't be seen from inside the cockpit at all, and there is zero separation; can barely feel it with a fingernail.  ...


The Arctic of Upstate NY ...Vlad photos

"...Braking action nil..."


The godfather of APRS ...Bob Collins post

You can do some pretty good things when you live near Pete Howell. In response to an earlier thread in which I scratched my head with getting the connections right for this legacy APRS tracking gizmo, Pete volunteered to help me out. This is typical Pete.

Fortunately, he was just working on an electric vest (I believe), so all the tools were ready to go when I stopped by on Saturday.

45 minutes later, I was in business (link).

Can't wait to test it out.

If there ever is an RV Hall of Fame (well, I guess there actually is one, in Elkhart, but not that kind), Pete would be a charter inductee.


More awful Florida weather ...MarkW

We are developing a small group of RV'ers here at SouthEast Ramp KSFB (Sanford Florida).  ...


More on Clayton's Polished Hangar Floor ...Clayton

Alright - I heard from more than one of the airport bums here at my field this weekend and they informed me that they read Doug's site and saw the picture of my shop floor. They all gave me **** about making the concrete polishing job I did on my shop floor sound too easy. They are partially correct - at least in the total amount of time I spent on the project. No single step was particularly difficult, but it did take several hours to complete the total project. The floor was filthy, had remnants of a 30 year old sealer, and lots of over-spray and glue to remove before I could even get started with the polish job.

Please do understand that one can never admit that these Airport Bums are 100% right, as their heads might explode.

Just to reiterate my own experience, I did not grind the concrete, but started with what I had adopted - 30 years of service, stains and all. I used the 3M Trizac Diamond discs and the 3M Scotchguard floor protector(Nano Technology). The chemical process acts as a barrier and has a higher slip resistance characteristics than standard sealers and floor finishes.  ...


OFF Topic
"Rape, murder!  It's just a shot away."  
      --- Merry Clayton (background singer on 'Gimme Shelter')

Susie and I watched '20 Feet From Stardom' Friday night on demand.  Date night.  $5.99.  IMHO, one of the better uses of our TV in a long time.  If you listened to music from the 60's on, you've heard the work of the women interviewed.

Two things stood out to me.  One, a sentence Sting says about the random, blind luck aspect of the music industry - that talent really isn't needed anymore.  Two, a producer describing a budget line in modern recording sessions for 'tuning' (correcting modern singer's pitch).  "Why can't they sing in tune?", his response.

Backup Singers

Darlene Love
Merry Clayton
Claudia Lennear
Tata Vega.

Some of their work
you might know:

What'd I Say - Ray Charles
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
Young Americans - David Bowie
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Southern Man - Neil Young
Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals

DO go to this link: Merry Clayton's isolated background track on Gemme Shelter

fmi: 20 Feet From Stardom  /  Trailer


Fri Jan 17. 1301z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

The Polished Concrete Shop/Hangar Floor ...the how, why and what

(Capflyer) ...Using sealer on cement floors is becoming old school. The Jan/San industry is moving to Diamond pads. Different manufacturers call them different things but think of it like polishing aluminum. Start with heavier grits pads and work your way down. If you go into most Aviation Depots and some of the other big box stores you'll see glossy concrete floors done with this system and no sealer or finish on them. The problem with sealers and floor finishes used on concrete, terazzo (not that finsih should ever be put on terazzo but I see it all the time), VCT or older asbestos flooring is that they wear off and also require a lot more maintenance. Rental places that have any type of floor equipement are good places to start if you want to go this route. Not sure if they will carry the Diamond pads though. For those you may need to hit up a janitorial supply house that sells over the counter. Just be aware these pads are expensive...

(Clayton) In my particular case, I am fortunate in the fact that my brother is in the Jan/San business as a manufactures rep. He put me on to the very thing that Mike (CapFlyer) mentioned - that being the use of Diamond pads and a stone sealer. These pads, in combination with a low speed machine like the one Doug has "Taken a Shine" to, and a high speed buffer/burnisher will make concrete look almost as good as granite. This is all done wet, so there is no dust to deal with.

The level of shine is just a matter of how much time and energy you are willing to put into the job - much like polishing aluminum. Unlike aluminum, the sealer will lock in the shine, and an occasional burnishing will bring back the full shine.

My hangar floor [above right] is about 30 years old and had everything from oil and acid spills to paint and upholstery glue on it. Consequently, after lots of clean up I still ended up with a number of "Character" marks in a very shiny floor. Which is fine with me and the look I am actually after.

The next option for an established floor is actual grinding, which is done dry, very messy, and extremely expensive. You would get the same shine, but get rid of most all of the character marks from past hangar spills.

If you have a new floor, or for those who will be pouring a new slab in the future, I would certainly suggest the polished floor with stone sealer instead of the epoxy paint. It is easier to clean, much less slippery when wet, and in my opinion looks better.

It looks like CapFlyer is in the business, and I am sure he could enlighten you even more. As I understand the Jan/San business from my brother, it is regional in nature, where the manufactures have representatives covering specific territories. If you are in CapFlyer's area, I will bet he can hook you up. If you have an interest in the equipment DR was using, you can contact Viper directly and Laura said she would line up VAF readers with the appropriate rep for their particular location.

Might be something that a group of hangar owners would go in on - especially when you look at the cost of renting the equipment.


Poster Surprise ...David Paule

This was a surprise in the box that came from Van's today. It's a nice poster of the RV-1, roughly 24" x 20".  It was under a large piece of cardboard - so if you're getting something from Van's, keep an eye out


Cross country to Florida in 2017 - who's with me?

...for the project launch of NASA's Space Launch System...

(dmaib) Come on down to New Smyrna Beach. We can make a party of it. I have several favorite spots to watch the launches. Weather permitting, watching from my boat is lots of fun. I might even be able to scavenge a hangar spot or two.

(Vlad) I am in. I love Space parties

(CubedRoot) This thing is almost as large as the Saturn V rockets, and I mean close by a few feet.  It will be an amazing site to see, I am down for the cross country

(RickWoodall)  To make it an international event, I will round up a few of the Canucks to attend too! Rockets are cool eh?


Vans RV-6 Flight New Years Day 2014 ...Doug Jones

About 13 minutes of video from a 1 hour flight. Getting familiar with the great flying qualities of the Vans RV-6. Hazy at ground level on this warm New Years Day but unlimited visibility above 2,500 feet or so.

This aircraft is powered by a 150hp Lycoming O-320 with a fixed pitch wooden propeller by Bernie Warnke.



Thu Jan 16. 1242z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

And Yet Another Build Delay ...Joe Wilber RV-10

So here we are 16 months later and we have another little blessing to add to our family. .... Surprisingly the RV-10 build delay this time has been minimal. That's probably because the older the others get, the more (actual) help they become.

I'm very proud to introduce Melody Anna Wilbur, just 2 hours old in this picture, born 1/13/2014 - healthy and happy (and Mom's doing fine, too):


It has a knob labeled 'Rabbit' and 'Turtle' ...even *I* can understand that!

My friend (and hangar neighbor) Clayton has really prettied up his hangar lately.  First pic below is where his RV-8 project lives.  Rest assured the floor didn't look like this when he bought the place.  Far from it.  His brother works as a rep for a company that sells commercial quality floor scrubbers and such, and because of this, Clayton knows where to get the 'good stuff'.  Yesterday he let me borrow his Viper 20HD automatic floor scrubber. 


Who knew such mechanical wonders existed - it's like a Zamboni machine for concrete.  Filled it with 15 gallons of water and 12oz of cleaner, and then spent about ten minutes watching a perfectly clean strip of hangar floor continuously appear from behind.  Clean and dry in one pass.

I'm sold.  It's like mowing, but without all the sneezing.  And fast.  They aren't cheap, but I would imagine some with larger hangers and renters could justify this.

Now, if I could just convince Clayton to let me store it at my place, and have his brother's potential buyers demo it on my floor.  You think he'll go for it?  Yeah, me neither.  ;^) 

Clayton's Polished Concrete Shop Floor ...where his RV-8 project lives.

Yours truly scrubbing the Cave.  I'm guessing Hank Hill feels like this when he
mows the lawn.   Clayton McMartin photo.

L to R: Master, Suction, Brush, Water/Cleaner, Brush Height.
Switch under L handle: Reverse.  Knob under R handle: Speed.

It drops water/cleaner, scrubs, then vacuums it up all in one pass.
An amazing machine.

Clayton emailed me later that his brother sent the following contact info (below) if anyone is interested in this scrubber unit.  Will find you a nearby rep:


(click to enlarge)

The Van Cave floor after 10 minutes.  Click on this and note the shine
...and this is BEFORE going over it with the burnisher.


Airplane Inspection Party ...beav (San Jose, CA)

Since the beginning of my project, I chose to build my RV-7 in a very public way by documenting every step of the project (including the mistakes I've made) on my blog. This has been hugely valuable as builders from around the world have caught a number of issues both large and small or have challenged me to get a second opinion on something. Now, as I get ready for meeting with my DAR in a few weeks, I'd like to do the same thing for the inspection of my plane. To that end, I'm hosting an Airplane Inspection Party at my hangar at the San Martin Airport (E16) in San Martin, CA this Saturday, January 18th between 10am and 5pm. Feel free to stop by for as much or as little of that time as you want. I’ll have the BBQ grill running and plenty of snacks and cold drinks. If you plan on coming during lunch, please let me know so I can get enough food.

I want to get as many eyes on the plane as I can before the final inspection, and I promise to post every issue that is found to help other builders have a better idea what to look for during an inspection.

My hangar is H-23. There is a small amount of parking on that row, but most will want to park in transient and walk down.

If you need to reach me, my cell is 408-368-0690.

Thanks, and I hope to see many of you there.
RV-7 (Just Prior to Inspection)


Q: Is a bench vise really needed/required?
A: Yes.


G3X Install Lesson learned ...SFB711

Fore those of you installing G3X systems, these are a few not so obvious things I took note of to maybe save you some time and frustration.
Install was single display GDU 370 with standard GSU 25 AHRS, GMU 44 magnetometer, GPT 59 Temp probe, GAD 29 GNS430 interface, and a GMC305 Flight Director. No Garmin auto pilot installed. This replaced my Dynon D100.
Installed Using Revision K.  ...


Wire routing to tail cone questions

....I am contemplating using the ¾ light weight corrugated black conduit from VAN. I have fair bit left over from the wings.

Cutting two hole – on one the left side and one on the right. Similar to the holes for the rudder cables – but higher up – above the top stringer. One for signals and one for power for the rudder strobe and tail light ...




Wed Jan 15. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

RV Fun Proof.  Click to enlarge.

'Export All Tracks'....no idea how many flights this is.
I made it my iPhone background


Trip to EFII ...John Walker RV-10

So, since I live in San Diego, and Robert's EFII Electronic Injection and Electronic Fuel Injection System Company is just up in Upland, I decided to take advantage of a free day in my schedule and shoot up there to see his stuff first hand.



(from the 'Damaging the tanks' thread)  I ended up using 1/2 tubing to construct a manometer. It worked as advertised and I found a couple pinhole leaks in the corner seals.  Thanks very much for all the replies, like drinking from a firehose


A Few More Pins Terminated ...BigD

Making progress. Two more Garmin avionics connectors to go, the engine monitor sensors (later) and the two big D-subs on the VPX. Also found out I hadn't planned for intercom wires...and I haven't started in with switches either.

If all goes well I'll be trying to light up some screens next weekend. Oh, wait...I need to mount forest of tabs, fuse block, magnetometer, starter contactor and feed-through...maybe in two weekends.


Video: Bird Strike - Goose Crashes Through Cessna 210 Windshield


[ed. Reinforces my conscience decision to wear a
helmet, motorcycle goggles, or at the very least
thick prescription sunglasses
on all RV flights.

Neither of the gentlemen above were wearing eye
protection of any kind, even eyeglasses.  I think we
can agree they got lucky. 


International Vans RV-Meeting- 30.5.2014 - 01.06.2014 at Muenster-Telgte (EDLT)

...60NM North-East of Dusseldorf (EDDL)...



Tue Jan 14. 1258z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Florida winters...MarkW

We had a three ship planned for a trip from Sanford, FL. KSFB to Venice, FL. KVNC for Saturday but the weather was windy and 700' yuk ahead of a front.

Sunday could not have been better. Severe clear 65-70f. Left Sanford as a two ship and flew to the West coast for a trip south past Tampa to the West side and down the coast.  ...


Thanks for the help ...Bill Thomasson

Thanks for everyone's help and coming over to socialize. Weather cleared up just as the party got started, so after eating we put the wings on!

Starting to look like a plane!

We had about 15 builders show up including RV 6,7,8,10,12,14's.


Back in the shop ...Larry Larson

What a strange three months. I'm finally back in the shop working on Lucy. It was only 1 1/2 hours but still gets the hobbs meter turning again. I didn't post earlier because so many others have bigger problems. I'm just happy to get back in the shop.

So we planned a vacation to visit the kids and grandkids and left a couple days before Halloween. We had a wonderful time but spent one week working on my Tabitha (Tracker). She dropped a timing chain and it took some time for me to fix her. We got home on schedule Dec 8 and set up Christmas decorations. I was ready to start working again. Then the weird part started. Dec 11.

Going to the shed for boxes, I slipped on ice off the stairs and landed on the driveway. Both bones in the lower leg broken. I've broken bones before so I knew as soon as I hit what was wrong. Sweetie heard me yelling and brought me a shovel to use as a crutch. She got me to ER. They were so wonderful and splinted it to keep it stable.

Thankfully we have a new Orthopedic Surgeon who happened to be on duty. Later that day, he put in a titanium pin from the knee to the ankle with screws holding it at the top and bottom and sent me home the next day. The following week, he put me in a boot and told me I could start walking with crutches.

All is healing well. In fact I ditched the crutches a week early after week two. Doctor gave me a high five for my progress.

Today was the first day I felt I could walk around working and standing in the shop. It was so nice. It only lasted a short time before I had to get off the leg, but I'm going back in a little longer tomorrow.

The Hobbs is turning on Lucy again!


Starting with APRS -- dummy side up ...Bob Collins

I've had an APRS antenna hanging around three different hangars for at least six years now. Pete Howell sent it along on the day I gave his wife and son a tour of Minnesota Public Radio. At the time, I believe, journalism was a possibility for the lad, who was still in high school. Last time I checked, he's in college now and, hopefully, the Howells successfully beat (metaphorically, of course) the idea of a career out of his head. No matter, I ended up with an APRS antenna anyway.

Then about two years ago, following the excellent instructions from Sam Buchanan, I ordered this gizmo, which has sat unused in that time.  ...


akarmy Status Update

Here's the fuselage just about wrapped up with the initial fit and drill. Lot's of clecos required for this stage. Lucky for me I was able to borrow some more from a local builder.


AFS Sebring Info ...Rob Hickman

Headed to Florida for the week. First three days I will be Seaplane and Turbo prop flying and the last part of the week we will have a booth at Sebring.

Advanced Flight Systems will be in booth H103 next to Dynon. We will have EFIS screens from 12" to 8" all with touch screens on display and connected to XM radio, ads-b, and the new Dynon com radio.

All of our EFIS screens are now shipping with support for the Dynon Skyview network. The latest AF-5000 manual on our web site has complete documentation for interfacing the ADAHRS and radio.


Rollover Bar Done! ....comfortcat


Is this a reasonable fuel line routing method? ...grayforge


p51dplt's RV-8 in flight



Mon Jan 13. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  I would like to thank John and Chris for stopping by this weekend and letting folks look over N249VA, the newest RV-12 S-LSA (on its way to Sebring).  Very, very nice folks.  They arrived after dark Saturday - I took the picture below after they tucked it in for the night.  They showed it to several folks on Sunday.
  Hope you had a nice weekend, also. 

Dave's PIREP  /  More on the RV-12 S-LSA


Tracy, CA to Sisters, OR ...Mike Macon

I have been working in the Bay Area for a few weeks and I usually do not get a chance to fly back home to Sisters, OR very often due to the weather this time of year. This year is different. ...


Bartelsb RV-3

 I purchased this RV3 N833RV sn 11302 in November 2013. Now that I have 25 or so hours, I am begginning to really enjoy this toy. She's kept at 7B3 in ,NH. A 2100 foot grass strip. She has 108 hours tt since new. All wing mods completed and just yesterday finished the first Annual Condition inspection of my ownership. Winter is a nice time in New Hampshire to do this. She has a slightly high 884# empty weight, but she sure can fly.


Welcome Buller Enterprises, Inc ...ad lives in the Previous Day's News section

(from Larry Buller) When I built my RV7A, two products came to mind that were not currently offered.  One was a method to bend the longerons without resorting to hammers.  The result was a set of bending dies to gently and controllably bend the longerons.   My RV7A has a tip up canopy, that when unlatched is quite floppy on the aft end.  The latches need to extend down through a ¾” square hole to line up with a hook.  Frequently the canopy latches  would bang down on the side of the hole making a nasty noise and chip the paint.  Now you need to look over your shoulder to see which direction it needs to move to get through the hole.  With our CNC machinery we make a set of canopy guides that guide the latch down through the hole.
fmi: http://www.bullerent.com/experimental.htm


Once upon a time in the West ...Vlad photos 2012


Scott Card -8 Status Update

"So Scott, how is that RV8 project coming?"  Well, I just came in from the shop after taking off the Bunny Suit. This morning I asked Tanya, "Hey, would you mind coming out here and masking the canopy while I mix up some primer?" We'll see how she did tomorrow .

Actually we both spent about six hours yesterday masking the inside and outside of this thing. I'm hoping that the exterior is final "very rough" finish for now until final surface finish just before paint. Not a pin hole anywhere in sight. Can you say, clear candy coating?

The interior is coming along as well. I shot my last coat of high build primer yesterday. Next is a little more final finish sanding, paint the glairshield flat black, then final finish on the interior which is AKZO green primer .

Giddyup! I'm tired of having to thumb wrestle for an airplane to fly.


Watch this....

This little film made by Jesper Radegard may be something for your web-site. It is filmed during last summer in Sweden and the RV-7A in the movie is mine. Some inspiration for builders and something to dream of during the dark and cold winter we have here in the north.


Best Regards
Lennart Oborn


The Aviators TV show ...n5lp screen grabs


Tweiss Status Update


First Oil Change ...crabandy


From Tina's Pilot Shop....



Fri Jan 10. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

If you've ever wondered what the face of a burned exhaust valve looks like....

...here is one.  Photographed yesterday via my iPhone at Richmond Aircraft at my home field.  RV-7A getting its annual done - leak check in the 50s on one cylinder.  Note the discoloration at 1 o'clock and 5 o'clock positions.  Cylinder taken to Sal's Aircraft Cylinders, Inc in nearby Prosper, TX for some love. 


Factory Built RV-12 S-LSA Headed to the Van Cave January 12th

The latest factory-built RV-12 S-LSA takes off today on its way from Van’s in Oregon to the Sebring Light Sport EXPO in Florida and will be making a special stop at the Van Cave in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.

The RV-12 Team planned a quick stop in Texas to give people a chance to see the build quality on the factory built RV-12s and to give a few demo flights for interested buyers in the Dallas area.

N249VA will be at (52F) Northwest Regional Airport in front of the Van Cave (map) this coming Sunday morning (depend upon the weather) for anyone who wants to stop on by and take a look. Demo Flights have been scheduled in advance and are all filled, but you will be able to track a live feed of our progress toward Sebring on http://www.flightradar24.com/data/airplanes/n249va.

If you are in the Dallas area this weekend, come check out N249VA at the Van Cave.

[ed. If coming by car please park out at the street, not on the ramp, so airplanes can move around.  Thanks!  dr]


Getting the Heat Shield to Stick ...DanH

Epoxy primer is good, and a 2-part single stage urethane topcoat over the primer is even better.

This PPG Shopline white, with Vans reflective self-stick foil over strips of 1/16" fiberfrax felt. The fiberfrax shadows the head pipes.


DR's Sister Needs a Job in the Houston Area.

My sister Donna is 7 years older than me, and ran much-appreciated interference during my 'vulnerable years'.  Now hopefully I can help pay her back for that.  If you're looking for someone in the Houston area to work in your office, I can't think of anyone who would work harder for you. 

A note from her, followed by her resumes.  Thanks if you can help.

"I worked for Trendmaker Homes for 10 years in the accounting department, then as the Manager for Cross Creek Ranch Welcome Center. In 2012, Cross Creek Ranch was sold to Johnson Development and I returned to Trendmaker’s Corp office in the Marketing Department. Trendmaker Homes was recently sold, along with our sister companies under the WRECO umbrella. As of Oct 1st, I was RIFed and received a package from WRECO.

I am currently looking for a new opportunity. I am reaching out to my friends, family and previous co-workers for assistance locating opportunities in their companies or possible positions in affiliated companies. Holy Covenant's resident resume expert, Julia Oldham, recommended I break out all my accounting background into a stand alone resume. I have attached two resumes, one a more concentrated accounting resume, and the other inclusive of my multiple job responsibilities. If you know of any job openings that align with my experience, please let me know. Feel free to pass along my resumes to any contacts you have that might know of a possible job opportunity.

Thank you so much for your help. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family.

Please feel free to call or email me."

Donna Reeves Lamb
donnawaco 'at' gmail 'dot' com
(832) 421-107

'Accounting' Resume...

'Job Responsibilities' Resume...



Thu Jan 9. 1258z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Wesley Schierman...Rest in Peace

The RV community mourns the loss of a Great American.


RV-8 ...vuurwapen (Tucson, AZ)

Acquired a used RV-8 on the 30th of December. Have about 15 hours in her so far. Haven't really had much time to take better photos, but I'll get around to it.


More Amazing Pictures from an RV


Pound, pound, pound them rivets ...Rosie and Tuppergal get some press


Build Your Own Tug

The RV-10 turned out to be a little challenging to push back into the hanger by myself, especially when the ramp has snow and ice. The latest discussion about pushing by the propeller on a CS prop convince me I needed to come up with a tug fast and I did not like the idea of using an electric winch. I found a snow blower at Lowe's.com that would work. 208 cc electric start engine with 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds.  ...


Control Sticks ...Sid


RV Marriage Proposal Video ...no idea when, where or who (but congratulations!)


LOE'14...Russ Daves post

GREAT NEWS RE: LOE 2014 KABI (Abilene, TX) October 3-5, 2014

Gray Bridwell has agreed to co-chair LOE with me this year. In addition, Gray has worked out arrangements for EAA 471 to host the event. Wonderful facilities and lots of activities. Move info coming soon. Mark your calendars now and plan on attending.



Wed Jan 8. 1253z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Cold Weather Flying


Critique my back riveting....


Add me to the list ...welcome Dave Weiselberg (RV-10)

So I finally did it, I ordered my empennage kit yesterday. It has been a long time coming. I think I went through the standard builder steps. After lurking for a couple of years I contacted Mitch, Vans's East coast rep. I've never seen a 10 up close and was excited to get my hands on one. Mitch spent a few hours with me and my wife showing us the airplane and taking us for a ride. I fly professionally for a living and have flown countless aircraft from the piper cub to a B-777; I was beyond impressed with the RV10. I can honestly say that the 10 is one of the nicest airplanes that I have flown. Even my wife loved the airplane asking me "when can we get one". The next day I ordered a whole bunch of tools that I had no idea how to use and made a temporary workshop in my basement. I managed to put together the tool box without a hitch but the practice airfoil proved to be a little much for me so I contacted Keith from W.C. Aircraft in Boone Iowa. My wife and I took a class with him and by the time we were done I was comfortable with all of my tools in my tool box and even ordered a few more from Cleaveland tools that I felt that I couldn't live without. After building a couple more airfoils for practice, joining EAA, contacting my local chapter, and of course donating to this wonderful site I ordered the Empennage kit. Now back to reading primer wars...


Hey guys, Thanks for all the ...Brian Chesteen update


TeenFlight III Factory Tour - Van (FB piece)

On Thursday, Jan. 2nd, Van’s factory saw a larger than usual tour group pass through. This consisted of 11 of the 13 student members of the Teenflight III Project, plus parents, siblings, and a few mentors. It was a great opportunity for these kids to see the origin of the RV-12 kit parts that they had been working on over the past 8 weeks. They were able to see the flow from engineering/design through the parts punching and forming processes. We’re confident that this experience left them with a much better understanding of the entire gestation process in the creation of an airplane. They ended up in our hangar for a group photo in front of the RV-12.  ...


Jan/Feb '14 FAA Safety Briefing

[ed. This site was mentioned on page 15 as one of the 'fan favorites'.  Honored to be linked in a publication with 'Safety' in the title!   ]




FLIR for your iPhone5 or 5s......$349 (is the word on the street)



Tue Jan 7. 1256z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Moving Day ...Kurt W (Kansas)

After almost 3 1/2 years, N425KW has finally left the nest. No, not in the first flight sort of way - that'll have to wait. On Thursday morning the roll-back truck arrived to pick up my baby and haul it to the airport. ...


Dayton NV day trip ...Mike S

Motivated by Rosie's writeup about visiting Paul and Louise in Dayton, I decided Laura and I needed to fly over and say hi to them also.

Laura has been gone to Hawaii for 5 months with her work, and this is the first flight since she has been home-----so we needed to do more than just a simple "go to lunch" flight.  ...


Speedy recovery "Brantel"

As many of you know, this is the day Brian Chesteen AKA Brantel goes in for surgery, and I think it would be a good thing for him to find a long thread of best wishes waiting for him when he gets back here on VAF-----so folks, jump in and send him a message.


Wings Installed ...Nicholas Blanck (CA)

Brought the airplane down to the hangar a few weeks ago. Now we have the wings installed!  ...


Never too cold to build!


Shrimp Boil Date Change ...5/3/14.  Port A, TX




Mon Jan 6. 1300z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

My Flying Bliss ...Brent Owens vid

I must have cabin fever, but I went through about 40 hours of video to get it down to this little 6 minute edit.  The year and half of having my -8 flying has been blissful indeed! Keep pounding those rivet guys. ...


New RV-10 for the wife!! ...welcome Adam from Mojave, CA

We just received our RV-10 emp/cone kit this week. We inventoried yesterday and we are setting up the shop to get started. The wife (Dana) is getting nervous. This will be our first build and we are going to be looking any helpful information you folks are willing to offer up . ...


Tommy's -8: Status Updage


RV-9 Status: Complete ...MarkW in Lake Mary, FL

I finished my phase 1 testing a few weeks ago but had not completed the cowl paint. I have now finished that so I figured I could finally post here.


RV-8 13B Turbo Rotary makes second flight

Today I made out my second test card. The simple second flight to assess controlability and let the engine run.  I climbed to 1000 ft. above the pattern, accelerated to 160+ MPH, then reduced power to 120+ MPH. Total flight about 30 minutes of pure bliss.  I'm running a Mazda 13B Turbo engine, approximately a 1988 model. I'm burning 92 Octane ethanol free unleaded Mogas.

Power passes thru a Tracy Crook RD-1A 2.19:1 reduction gear with left turning Catto propeller. The only flight adjustments were mixture to observe and reduce exhaust temp, and the pitch trim knob. (Oh, and 1/2 flaps for the landing) This is such an easy plane to fly.  I've posted here about some of my pre-flight engine tribulations and developement leading up to the first flight.

Now I can reap the rewards of all that work. The RV-8 is a dream plane. I have a Thorp T-18, which I have enjoyed tremendously, but I always kept working toward the RV-8 13BT. To those of you building: Keep at it, the feeling of satisfaction is deep and lasting! 

Ross, thanks for the help sizing the Turbo, the engine behaves very well now. I plan to eventually add an intercooler as many have advised, but as of today, the take-off performance is equal to or better than an O-360 w/ fixed pitch prop, so the basic requirement has been met.

Temperatures & pressures all stayed in 'the green'. The next flight will follow another under cowl inspection, but right now, no changes are anticipated.  To those requesting video of the first flight; it's pretty shakey, and some of the side bar conversations about neighbors with long propellers might not be appropriate. However, 89SE is actually pretty quiet


RV-4 and the Day the Clouds Stood Still ...Steve Rush video


http://www.baselegaviation.com/ ...Vic Syracuse's new gig


Please Rescue me - and my Motivation ...fl9500 in Germany


Another first try

Had a gorgeous day and time to experiment with the GoPro.  Did three full stops around the pattern, changing camera position at each and pieced it all back together.  ...


Bankstown to Goolwa ...Mark in Sydney, Australia

In October, I took VH-SOL on a 1400km trip from Sydney (Bankstown YSBK) to near Adelaide (Goolwa YGWA) to have its annual inspection carried out.

Since travelling in an RV with an empty seat is a crime punishable by guilt, I asked my Twitter friends whether any of them would like to come. John-Paul jumped first, so off we went.  ...


Proof of RV Fun ...Vlad


NTSB Issues Five New GA Safety Alerts



Fri Jan 3. 1305z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Southern California to Minden - Lake Tahoe...Rosie trip write-up (6A)


Christmas in Arizona ...Brandi trip write-up (10)


Welcome VoiceFlight.com

VoiceFlight's VFSXP1 allows pilots to enter complex Flight Plans into their GNS-430/530 GPS units in seconds, by Voice or via iPad, rather the interminable knob twisting required by the primitive GPS knobs. The VFSXP1 provides the same exact features as VoiceFlight's field proven, and FAA Certified VFS101, but does so at a significantly reduced cost for experimental aircraft.
fmi: www.VoiceFlight.com


My first flight in 2014 ...tc1234c

Did you get a chance to fly on New Year's Day?


Flying my RV-9A in SoCal - Havasu RV Fly-In ...pmccoy video


Fist flight with new engine ...rvator51


Route Maps ...continued


26th Birthday ...Buzz

My airsled is comin up on her twenty-sixth birthinday, kit #26...she was built by my friend, Rick Laituri and I over the coarse of three years and has been a joy...her fifteen minutes of fame, flyin lead durin takeoff some years back from Westover Field, Jackson CA, with thee SmokyRay in his Bandit on her right wing...


RV-4 Panel Upgrade ...tomdubes

I bought my RV-4 in Aug of 2011. It was well equipped with Advanced Flight Systems AF4500, AF Pilot autopilot, and AOA Pro with Garmin SL-30Nav/Com and 396. The system performed flawlessly for two years, and nearly 500 hours of flying. Every piece of information you could want, is available at your fingertips, the EFIS moving map, and geo-referenced approach plates make IFR situational awareness simple. The AOA pro system with the panel display is very accurate and makes for simple short field landings, the base to final turn is safer, at every aircraft loading scenario, with this system installed.  continue


Mystery doors ...Vlad



Thu Jan 2. 1258z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Where have you been lately? / Route maps.

(Joe Blank factory FB post)  I got to thinking (perhaps related to the New Year) about what all of my RV travel routes that I've flown over the years would look like if I graphically mapped them out. Many pilots are doing single flight versions using logged GPS data then displayed on Google Earth for example, but I haven't seen a 'total history' version of this yet.

Thinking that this would be a great builder motivation tool, I 'went simple' and looked around on the web. Found a JPG map on the internet as a starting point that I could edit, opened up my logbook and went to work. It was a fun process revisiting all of those places again and the people I'd flown with as I drew the approximate course lines across the country from "A" to "B" and beyond. In my case, I produced 2 maps. One for my RV-6 and then another version tracking all of the routes I'd flown in the Van's company demo aircraft.

The version for the Van's demo Aircraft is shown [ed. above]. I've posted the rest on accompanying VAF thread. It would be interesting to see where others have gone too. (Hey Rosie!)

Let's see where you've gone... Post your trips on this FB link or on the VAF thread today!


Another fun-filled flyout! ...Rosie

Happy 2014 to our VAF family of friends! We had another WONDERFUL turnout for out 14th annual New Year's Day Flyout with 32 RVs flying into Lake Havasu (KHII) :-) There were several other 'store-bought' planes that flew in to join us and were welcomed (since they flew in with an RV...you gotta have RV friends to join us!)  continue


Progress: Bill Bencze RV-7

Greetings and Happy New Year VAF friends,

My baby, N430WB, is proceeding nicely. 2013 saw the completion of the empennage, including the fiberglass work, and a significant amount of work on the wings. Frame is complete, tanks built and leak tested, LE riveted on and the top main skins are cleco'ed on a ready to rivet. Any folks in NorCal that wants to shoot or buck rivets, let me know. HAF is fog-free this time of year!

340 hour on the Hobbs so far, including 92 for doing the tanks alone. I'm real comfortable with pro-seal now.

Here's my lovely assistant and resident wing flip helper showing off our handiwork:


RV-7 N143JL Paul Kendrick

(snip)...I started building in December 2001 when I was 19 years old. I was a full time college student, working a full time job, so the build took a little more than 7 years...more


I got in my Jan 1st flight....

...but kept it short.  Winds at 0800 were 54kts at 3,000 ft (below) and migrating lower by the minute.  Quick glance at the EFIS pre-flare showed 17kts down the centerline when landing.  My location at the 'X'.  Logbook total for 2014......  12 minutes.  Spent the rest of the day mulching the lawn and watching Baylor throw up on their shoes.  ;^) 



Wed Jan 1. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  And so begins the sixteenth full year of me doing RV stuff on the web, nearly half of that full time.  Here's to another sixteen, and hoping you got the day off today!.  Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!  (and family)

Sydney Harbour Scenic New Years Eve ...2.5hrs before the fireworks


First Flight -- N97CU (120587)

Happy to report that N97CU (RV-12) flew this morning for the first time. All smiles.


First GoPro Video


2nd Annual Mustang Beach (Port Aransas, TX) Shrimp Boil -- 4/26/14


Spinning in the New Year


Check it out! Made a video filming from a DRONE! Whole new perspective


Animated World Winds Map Link

Flying from El Paso to Omaha today?  Have I got a route for you!

You may already know about this.  When there, click on the word 'earth' to change the altitude.  You can zoom in/out in by scrolling your mouse in/out.  Link added to the weather page.


December EAA Experimenter Online


200 MPH Club!


New Years Day Fly n Eat (KSEP) ...N.Texas social director Jay Pratt sets the time/place.