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What's Wrong With This Picture?  (WWWTP)

   WWWTP will eventually be a large collection of photographs and descriptions of sub-standard construction techniques that have made their way to me via A&P/IA's.  They could be from RVs, Cessnas, Pipers, Bonanzas and more.  Presented here as a way to spread knowledge - what not to do and at least one way to do it using accepted practices.  

  1. Incorrect throttle cable used
  2. Exhaust pipe rubbing hole through motor mount.
  3. Drilling holes in motor mount.  Please don't....
  4. Oil Breather Tube
  5. Safety wire sawin'
  6. RTV on Fittings
  7. Fuel Line From Hell (NEW)
       Found on a used RV purchased.  All lines re-done by an A&P.