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   "After receiving my RV 7 Quickbuild, I came up with a solution to the transportation difficulties of delivering Vans aircraft kits. My company is offering a unique service that will minimize damage, unloading issues and save you money! Place your kit on one of our carriers and it stays on the same truck the entire trip unlike a big freight company where your kit may be cross docked and handled by several people before it is delivered.
With our service, you can save several hundred dollars on the delivery of your Quickbuild fuselage and wings by eliminating the need for crating. The fuselage and wings must be shipped together for this savings.
   Our service for RV Quickbuild kits encompasses everywhere in the continental US.

Tony Partain


1/15/08 - Partain Transport Now Shipping Standard Build Kits!
Partain Transport is starting a pilot program for shipping standard build kits. We will be accepting orders for fuselages, wings and finish kits for all models. New England and Southwest kits will be accepted on a case by case basis only. This will be due to the limited amount of trucks running in these areas. Discount will be offered for multiple orders. One caveat is that our deliveries may be a little slower due to need for grouping of kits. But on the flip side your kit WILL NOT BE delivered to you upside down. When we put your kit on the truck it is not moved until it gets to you and it will be delivered by drivers that know how to handle aircraft and aircraft parts. You must call Barbara or Anne at Vans to confirm using Partain Transport. Failure to do so will result in your kit being shipped by motor freight.
Tony Partain



Martin Sutter
  As you might know I am building yet another RV, this time a 7A for ourselves. It is a "Quickbuild" and after seeing Charley Kearns glowing report on how nice it was to have his kit delivered by Tony Partain, I decided to give it a try. The kit was delivered yesterday and I could not be more pleased with the pleasant experience. This time Richard Crabtree and his wife Debi hauled the load east in the brand new Dodge Ram Duelie and a 40' trailer. They transported three kits on this load and a finish kit for my up the street neighbor Gary Bricker. The arrival created a small party here at Pecan Plantation among the large contingent of RV builders, as seen in the pictures. Within 10 minutes the kit was safely in my hangar. Richard and Debi are two of the nicest folks you could meet. The kit was in perfect shape, riding in a fat cushion of moving blankets and being securely fastened in the trailer. This service is so much more personal than getting a bunch of big busted crates from XYZ Trucking International. Best of all, since there is no crates there is no mountain of packing material to dispose of. I would recommend this service to anybody ordering a Quickbuild kit.
Martin Sutter

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