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Welcome!  My name is Doug Reeves and in 1996 I started what would become (VAF).  Its focus is on those building and flying 'RV' kit airplanes from Van's Aircraft.  From 1996-2002 with help from RV mentor extraordinaire Jay Pratt, RV-6 N617AR was completed and flown on 9/17/2002.  More on this plane below.

Working both from home and remotely, I publish the 'Van's Air Force News' Monday thru Friday and am the administrator of the VAF Forums.  This has been my primary job since 2007 (the two decades before that I worked in I.T.).  With over 33,000 registered VAF forum accounts and tens of thousands of unregistered 'lurkers', if you are looking for Van's Aircraft RV community, friendship, mentors and motivation, you'll find many 'RVators' here capable of doing just that.


Contract Pilot Services  Contact

I am an ATP, typed in both the Embraer Phenom 300 and Gulfstream 450/550.  In Q3 2023 I will be single-pilot typed in the King Air 350.

Age 58. 170 lbs. BP 116/62. 49 bpm resting heart rate. Lifelong non-smoker. VO2 Max 38.4

I live in Dallas, TX and am available for contract SIC work.  If you are single pilot in a light jet, and insurance requires an ATP in the right seat, I am always interested (Citation, HondaJet, PC-24, etc).

What other FO's probably won't have:
As a part time CAE sim support crew member in the Phenom 300 and Gulfstream 450/550,  I have client-supported 1,000+ simulated:

  • Engine Fires

  • V1 cuts

  • Single Engine Approaches and Go-Arounds

  • Emergency Descents

  • Clean/Departure/Landing Stalls

  • Unusual Attitude Recoveries

  • Hydraulic, Electrical and Pressurization Failures

  • Emergency Evacuations

Two to three times a week I spend a few hours in the box helping clients do sim things from the other seat.  You get good at the memory items and flows, so if it goes to poo for real you stand a better chance of executing the correct actions.



- Airline Transport Pilot.
- Airplane Multiengine Land. 
      PIC: EMB-505; G-V
- Commercial Privileges.  Airplane Single Engine Land.


PIC types:

Embraer Phenom 300
PIC typed and Current through June 2024 (CAE)


Gulfstream G-V
PIC typed in 550 w/diffs to 450.
Typed: Feb 2022 (CAE)



Additional Experience:

Cessna Grand Caravan EX

(PIC and SIC)

Pilatus PC-12NG

(PIC and SIC)

Cessna Citation V

King Air 200


I work part time at CAE (KDFW) in the Embraer Phenom 300 Level D full motion simulators as part of their Supporting Crew Member (right seat) program.  I have participated in (430) client simulator sessions since March of 2020.


Douglas G. Reeves
Flying Resume

vansairforce 'at' gmail 'dot' com Profile HERE

Location Dallas, Texas.
Ratings PIC Type: Embraer Phenom 300 (Current)
PIC Type: G-V (550 w/diffs to 450)
SIC Endorsement: Bombardier Challenger 605

All checkrides passed on the first attempt.
Total Time
 2000 hrs0
Level D Sim*
900+ hrs0

Total Time + Level D Sim

2,900+ hrs0



Van's Aircraft RV-6
(1,500 hours / 300 in formation)

G450 glamour shot...

Previous Contract Pilot Work

2021.  Challenger 605 SIC.

2018 - 2020.  One of five pilots flying a Cessna C208 Grand Caravan EX for a private owner back and forth to his ranch.  Logged 99.6 hours in it before it was sold and replaced with a Pilatus PC-12NG.  Logged 36 hours in the PC-12 before the chief pilot retired (the new chief pilot brought his own crew).  Both aircraft operated off of a 2,350' grass runway in addition to paved airports.  I enjoyed these aircraft very much.


I Built My Own Plane and Earned Both My Instrument and Commercial Ratings in It.
1996-Present.  A Van's Aircraft RV-6 built from a kit.  The current panel shown below utilizes (3) Garmin G3X touch screens and (2) WAAS Certified 430W GPS/Comms.

Ed Hicks photograph.



THE BETTER HALF  ...and turning away from airplanes for a bit.

My lovely wife teaches yoga (about her practice) and co-founded a non-profit that provides free yoga for cancer patients and survivors (Yoga Bridge).

Susan Becker Reeves
- Moondog Treasures


Why Advertise on VAF? 
Enter 'Van's Aircraft' in any search engine.  You will, of course, find the company site as the first return.  Look just below that though and you'll find this site.  It is usually on page (1) in the search results of any search engine.  If you have time go listen to around the 57min mark of this podcast where Van's founder Richard VanGrunsven is being interviewed.  He has a couple of nice things to say about this site, and I suspect if he didn't feel that way he wouldn't have said it.
  People researching Van's Aircraft and the RV line of kitplanes usually find their way here.  No secret formula, just an online presence since December of 1996.


Wanna Advertise on (VAF)?

Would love to have you onboard.  I just ask two things:
  1. The product or service be aviation-related and....
  2. You pay by the due date when invoiced.  I've been burned in the past - and the back and forth via email is a lot of trouble for a 1-person company.  Here's my logic on this - if you hem and haw and make excuses that have me emailing you multiple times to get the check you agreed to send, how do I know you won't do that with the RV community and your product? 

Still interested?  Great!!!  OK, work up an ad graphic using the graphic here as a reference.  Feel free to save the image to your computer so you'll have the correct dimensions to start with.  Email me for an advertising rate card.  If it still sounds good, simply email me your graphic, tell me which URL to have clicking on the ad take readers to and include the mailing address where the invoice needs to be mailed.  Easy parcheezy.  If you want to update the ad from time to time, that would be just fine.



VAF Mentioned Here and There:


From Van's Aircraft:


Kitplanes Magazine

"...the largest online gathering of builders in the world...." 

"...this incident shows exactly where the collective brain trust at VAF so valuable...."

(read article)


Kitplanes Magazine

" far the largest and most active user group in Experimental aviation..."

(read article)


Flying Magazine

(click to enlarge)

Flying Magazine Blurb about
   Brought to my attention by Larry Pardue.  The word I'm most proud made it into the article was 'politely'.

(Speaking of community, Van's....)

Flying Magazine Blurb about
   In an article by Stephen Pope on Van's Aircraft, was mentioned favorably.  One minor the article it reads incorrectly that I was the founder of 'Van's Air Force'.  What I actually did was create a WEBSITE called in 1997.  The term 'Van's Air Force' has been around for decades.
   It was very satisfying to see this site referred to as "
the largest online community for devotees of all things Van's."  Many thanks to Mr. Pope and Flying.

a   b   c

a) The October 2011 Issue of Flying Magazine
b) The article about Van's Aircraft
c) The paragraph mentioning this site...



Before emailing/voice mailing/private messaging/texting me, please read...

Q:  I sent you an email/voice mail/private message/text.  Why didn't you get back to me?

A: (short):  There are ~30,000 VAF forum accounts and another 50,000 or so unregistered 'lurkers', so we can probably agree I get a fair amount of email.  Because of that, and due to both the limitations of the human hand and available cash flow, if your email doesn't reference one of the items below you might not get a reply.

  • Contract Flying Job.
  • VAF Advertiser.
  • Forum Login Issue.
  • Some long lost friend from my past.

   Let me explain in greater detail...

A: (longer):  If your phone rang every five minutes around the clock, and everyone left a message, how long could you hold out before turning it off?  The last thing I want is to have someone upset at me because I haven't responded to a call / email / IM / PM / vMail / letter / note / smoke signal.  Having said that, the reality is I get more emails than I can respond to.  It's an uncomfortable feeling that I never get used to, knowing that if I typed and talked day and night I couldn't keep up.

Some examples I get on a regular basis:
'Sup Brah!  Help me promote my Youtube channel on my RV build?  Let's Collab!!!'
'Why do you hate America?  Why won't you let us talk politics?'
'I'm trying to get in touch with Gern Blanston.  Got his number?'
'Why did you delete my post about selling my washing machine on eBay?'

'What engine/avionics/prop/tools should I buy?'
'Can you send me a larger version of a plane image you posted 2yrs ago?  It was red.'
'What's my plane worth?'
'I'm thinking of buying so and so's RV.  Is the price is fair?'
'I'm writing a paper on this or that, can I ask you some questions?'
'I have the same radio as you and it's throwing an error.  Help!'
'I'm starting a small business.  Can I pick your brain?'
'Can you tell me how to do a web site / what software do you use / what cameras?'

None of the questions above are at all unreasonable, and I answered them for years for tens of thousands of people.  Then, over the course of a decade or so the site got a good head of online steam, and the emails really started coming in.  It is not unusual for me to get 200-300 emails/vmails/PMs/texts/calls a day, and no matter how much typing/talking I do, it keeps growing.  Of course, that's the way it works - you reply to a question and usually that person will ask one or two more in a follow up (completely understandable).  But in the mean time more folks are asking things, so the pile always grows, never shrinks.  OK to deal with for a little bit...not so much 365/24/7 for the rest of your life.

(photo credit)

If you don't hear back from me, again, please accept my apologies in advance.  It's me, not you.


PS:  Same goes for the cell phone.  If I don't recognize the caller ID as being from a family member or close friend (or a couple of folks up at the Van's factory), I don't usually pick up.  If you're looking for a contract pilot and and interested in me, please leave a message!  I'll return your call!!!




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