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December 17, 2015.

After 30 years supporting the aviation tool community Bob & Judy Avery retired from retail tool sales on December 17th, 2015.

The Avery Tools webstore was closed on that date, and the toll free number was changed.

Avery Tools will continue to manufacture many of the specialty aviation tools and products and supply these items wholesale (only) to the below noted retail suppliers (most of these suppliers have been selling our tools and products for years).

Bob Avery will be available part-time by phone at (817)439-8400 or e-mail boba@averytools.com to cover any warranty issues, answer tool questions, help you with the transition to other tool suppliers. The aircraft tools that Avery Tools manufactures and the products we have provided for all these years are available from many other aviation tool and product suppliers. These suppliers (in alphabetical order) are listed below:

Note: Mike Lauritsen at Cleaveland Tool has added many of the Avery & special RV tools and is using our old part numbers on his website. If you have an Avery catalog you should be able to enter the Avery part number in the search box and find the tool or part (if Mike stocks it). Mike can assist new builders with help on complete tool kits, and questions and technical help related to other experimental / homebuilt kits.

Note: Peter and Diana Pengilly have been close friends and suppliers in the UK and Europe of Avery Tools since 2008 and will continue providing technical expertise, tools, and other aviation related products to the aviation community in the UK and European market.

We wish all our loyal friends and customers a MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Keep building and flying!!

Bob & Judy Avery & the Avery Family

Contact us at: Tech line 817-439-8400 or by e-mail at: boba@averytools.com