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Oct Wallpaper

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Oct 4, 2022  Issue #5,663. (previous day's news)
  Contract pilot resume   

The RV Weekend ...from the community


Noodle pads for tail pieces

Building tail pieces with clecos on both sides.
Never liked bottom side riding the clecos onto the bench.

Ta da.
Large pool noodle with trim to create a small flat side.
Lifts the work off so not resting on the clecos.
Two noodles for VS works fine. Have not tried on other tail pieces yet.

(I use the flattened noodles for loading multiple SUP boards on my car.
Re-purposed for the RV build)


Yet another tug video- RV-6A ...RVDan

Aging and an injury started to make it harder for either my partner or I to move the airplane into the hangar and we decided to look into tugs. Commercially available tugs were just a bit more money than we were up for spending, and I decided to look at making my own.

After watching Youtube videos of what other people did, I found someone who would share what major parts they used. I was concerned that If I chose a motor, gearbox, controller and wheel, it either wouldn't have enough torque or wouldn't be controllable. Having someone provide some insight into the key parts was very helpful. Also, I have gained access to a TIG machine and wanted to refresh my welding skills.

The tug is designed specifically for the rV-6A. I tried it on the RV-9A and it will work with different lugs to pick up the tow bar points. A fairly minor change. It will probably work on a -7A but I haven't looked at a -7A to know for sure.

Besides the basic requirement for it to help me move the airplane, I also wanted to minimize the space the tug took up in the hangar. The result was a unit that was more compact than most and that stores under the airplane wing.

I am open sourcing the information and will make details available to anyone building their own. Depending on how many folks ask I may just email the info to them, or I may make another "how to" video and link the files there.

The tug is quite easy to handle both while maneuvering it for hook up and while towing. It has plenty of power, and at top speed moves at a good fast walking pace. It isn't going to win any races, but that is not what it is for. In some cases, tire traction needs to be increased by applying some weight to the tug handlebar. Maybe 10-20 lbs. tops. The tug itself is fairly light- I can pick it up to my workbench, but heavy enough to get the job done.


Milestone: Wings Arrive ...bob865 8A

It's happening. It's been a long wait, but my wings finally arrived. Can't wait to get started putting these guys together.


Oil Consumption Increase ...FORANE data point

...the allowable oil consumption per Lycoming is dictated by hp and is fairly large.
I would also be concerned if your oil consumption increased precipitously like mine did on the titan x-340. We found this:


From the Mothership ...a page for what we know to date.


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Add yours!


----->>>>> How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.



Off Topic


G450/G550 or Phenom 300

Contact / Pilot resume:

My name is Doug Reeves, and in addition to running this site I have 2,600+ hours TT, including PIC type ratings in both the G-V (550/450) and Embraer Phenom 300.  Additional time in Challenger 605, PC-12 and C208.  I live in Dallas, TX and work part time in seat support at CAE in their three Phenom Level D simulators. 

I am available for contract SIC work.

Ratings and experience:

  • All checkrides, private through ATP, passed on the first attempt.

Typed and Current in:

  • Gulfstream G-V
    (350/450/550/500/V). PIC typed in 550 w/diffs to 450.  Typed: Feb 2022

  • Embraer Phenom 300
    PIC typed.  Last recurrent: May 2022

Part Time:

  • CAE Level D Simulators: G450/550 and Phenom 300.  Right Seat Program  (~900  hrs on motion over  325+  sessions)

images grabbed off web

FMI / Contact:


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