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"...It is the only site I can visit on a daily basis that is guaranteed not to be filled with hateful, divisive, venom.  Due to your leadership VAF overflows with helpful, supportive comments and advice..." 
--- John H.

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Where we stand right now as of:  11/29/19.
List of who has donated in 2019.

 "I'm not an RV owner (in fact I don't own an airplane. Yet...), but I rarely miss my daily visit to your site. In an Internet overflowing with obnoxious, sneaky ads and hidden links, VAF is a breath of fresh air. Clear skies!"
-Peter H.

I'm sorry for the commercial.

First, scroll to the bottom and see if you are exempt.  If you are, THANK YOU for what you did (or do), and enjoy the site for life with my heartfelt thanks.

OK, like a lot of families, Casa Reeves sticks to a budget.  No fur-lined sinks or electric dog polishers.  In the flying department I've flown the RV-6  (39.8) hours in 2019.  Obviously I'd like to fly more, but I can't justify the avgas expense in this phase of my life (the college years for the kids).  Let me assure you we're not making millions doing this site - trying to keep a small business afloat is insanely expensive and time intensive. 

I'm trying my hardest to keep it afloat while providing a good product for the Van's RV community.

That's where you, the regular reader, comes in...

In the entire history of the site, I've never asked for more than $25/yr if you're a regular reader.  I'll never ask for any more than that.  Ever.

The Pitch:

Son's Status
-Awesome son.
-Freshman SMU (Chemistry)

Daughter's College Updates
SMU:  Chemistry BS 2017.
Currently in PhD program at UC Berkeley.

Published papers she has been included in.

June '17 - one of her papers was published (below).

Imaging Acetaldehyde Formation During Ethanol Metabolism in Living Cells using a Hydrazinyl Naphthalimide Fluorescent Probe
The metabolism of ethanol to acetaldehyde has been visualized in living lung epithelial cells using a hydrazinyl naphthalimide fluorescent probe. Utilizing a condensation reaction between carbonyls and a hydrazine moeity, we demonstrate that the fluorescent probe (Aldehydefluor-1) AF1 reacts with a range of reactive carbonyl species including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, glyoxylic acid, and methyl glyoxal. With AF1, it is possible to directly visualize endogenous carbonyl metabolites. Here, we have applied it towards the visualization of acetaldehyde generated from alcohol dehydrogenase mediated ethanol metabolism, validating it as a useful tool to study the roles of alcohol in respiratory disease and other pathological mechanisms.

At SMU she worked in the Lippert Research Group lab between classes, and is third from left in the pic HERE at this faculty link.  Their research here.

June 30, 2017...from Audrey

Dear VAF Community,

Iím off now to start life in the real world! All my hard work at SMU paid off when I found out Iíd been accepted to UC Berkeley, one of three schools tied for the highest-ranking chemistry graduate program in the country. In exchange for working for the university as a TA, tuition is waived and Iíll be paid an additional stipend (plus health insurance!) over 5 years on my journey to earning my PhD. But whatís most exciting is that Iíll be spending most of my time performing cutting-edge research in some of the most famous chemistry labs in the world. Did you know that 16 elements were discovered at Berkeley (and more)? Iím a little excited to say the least!!

More specifically, Iíll be working in the field of chemical biology, which involves researching new ways to use chemistry to better understand biological systems. This leads to more effective treatments of diseases, as well as a better understanding of how our world works. My work at Berkeley this summer will involve fluorescent probes in the detection of copper to determine its role in living systems. Iím so grateful and excited for this opportunity and canít wait to get started!

Your support gave me one of the best gifts a kid could ask for: more quality time with my dad growing up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support of our family!!

Audrey Reeves

Exempt from Donating:
picture courtesy

  • any United States citizen who has EVER been in no-shit, bullets coming at you combat.  You know who you are, and I will never be able to thank you enough for protecting my way of life.  Please enjoy the site free for the rest of your life.
  • anyone currently serving in the United States Armed Forces
  • police officers (past or present)
  • current Kindergarten thru grade 12 teachers.
  • firefighters (salaried or volunteer - past or present)
  • anyone employed by Van's Aircraft
  • anyone acting as a moderator in the forums
  • My Mother-in-law.
  • anybody currently unemployed
  • the (2) renters at 'theVanCave'

Lifetime Donators:
(worked out a barter deal for something I was hunting for over the years...)  - Clements, Jon  - Dalton, David   - Karpayev, Vlad   - Redmond, Robert  -   - Schoen, William   - Settle, Curtis (Bill)  - Thorne, Mark   - Webster, Tom


You ever notice how when you visit this site you never have to sit through a 30 second commercial, or dodge pop-up windows selling cars or email newsletter signups?  Or take a survey.  None of the small ads on the site start talking to you.  Nothing bounces around on your screen, forcing you find some stupid little 'X' in the corner that may or may not make it go away (and possibly launch another pop-up).  Nothing slides your screen down halfway so an animation of the new and amazing Honda Whatever can drive from screen left to right. 

That's by design.

You don't have to log in to see all of can already see everything!  Let me repeat that:  You can see everything on the site right now, whether you've donated or not.  You get to decide if you think I've provided you a quality product worthy of a yearly donation. has been this way since it came online in the mid 90's, and it always will, if the regular readers send in their honor system yearly donation.

All those annoying advertising tactics help keep the sites they are on in business.  I made a conscience decision to do it the other way around.  You show up and instantly start reading the latest Van's RV news, with no hassle whatsoever.  The experience isn't interrupted.  It's that way by design, but it does require 60 seconds of your time once a year to stay that way.  Use this site for 12 months.  If you think I've earned it, send in $25.  Treat it like a magazine subscription.

I don't track your keystrokes and clicks.  By design (more on this at the bottom of this's scary).

My full time job, and this product I offer here, exists to motivate, entertain and occasionally help you during the purchase, construction, ongoing maintenance and safe flying of your Van's RV kit plane.  Hopefully for decades.  If I'm doing my job well you come back on a regular basis.   If you're a regular visitor, pick a day (birthday?) and ask yourself whether the last 12 months here were worth $2.08 a month.  If the answer to that is yes, send in $25.  I will use that money to keep the site going, and to provide food, shelter and clothing for my wife and two kids.

Just trying to make a living here, like you do with your job.  Thank you to those who help keep it afloat.

PLEASE do not start threads in the forums along the lines of 'People should donate!'  Donate if you think VAF is a good product, don't if you don't.  God Bless You either way.  I would kindly ask moderators to delete these threads if I'm offline for a bit and don't see them.  Thank you.  dr

  • VAF is our family's stab at American Small Business.  It provides 99% of our family's total income.  As far as I know, I'm planet Earth's only full-time Van's RV online community provider, and we bet the farm on it.
  • Ads on the site do not pull in what some online think.  I WISH they did....I wouldn't need to beg for money here on this page.  They basically keep a roof over our head and pay SOME of the bills.  Not all.
  • During the 19 years this site has been online in various forms, best I can calculate is I've spent more than we spent on our house bringing it to you. 

    The cost of running a 'small' business is not small.  The risk is enormous.


How You Can Donate

1) Credit Card
This is the method I currently prefer people use.  It's the easiest on me from an accounting standpoint.  You wouldn't believe how much 'behind the scenes' work there is.  If you can donate $25/yr with a credit card, THANK YOU!!!

Note: You do not have to have a PayPal account to donate with a credit card (if sending from the USA - International donations will need one).  After clicking on the 'Donate' button above, look for the link denoted by the red arrow in the screen grab below. 

2) Cash.  
Instantly ready to go back into our local economy at the businesses that offer our family cash discounts.  You'd be surprised (

     mailing address:
     Delta Romeo, LLC.
     P.O. Box 270321
     Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321

3) Check
made out to 'Delta Romeo, LLC'

mailing address:
     Delta Romeo, LLC.
     P.O. Box 270321
     Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321

A special request:
Sending me a check or credit card donation with "use half of this for this year and the other half for next year" in the memo line doesn't work for the CPA. I am required by law to report income that comes in during the year it arrives.


*Why does VAF use an honor system business model?

The simplest explanation I can offer is because it's less work for both you and me.

Three more reasons...

First, as a United States citizen who is VERY appreciative of those who defend(ed) my freedoms, the 'exempt from donating' category at right is of primary importance to me.  Who would setup and maintain the list of thousands of free combat veteran accounts?  How do you verify their credentials? This all implies employees, and an office, and status meetings, and peer reviews, and a thousand other things that a) gets us off topic and b) killed large parts of my soul in a previous corporate life.  I'd have to charge much more to cover the increased overhead, just so I could net the same amount.  It becomes an episode of ĎThe Officeí every day. Thank you, but no. I do it this way for my own simplistic, sanity-preserving reasons.

Second, it releases me from the ĎI paid my money so this is the direction I demand you go with the siteí back and forth.

Third, this honor system business model allows those who are lurking, still on the fence regarding getting into the hobby, to virtually enjoy the show.  For years if thatís what it takes.  This hobby is supposed to be FUN, something sorely lacking in today's hate filled world.

Thank you,

Doug Reeves (and family)


VAF comes to you courtesy a former cube worm's spare bedroom Doug Reeves and family.
Of note: My late parent's 1980 Pioneer stereo and my 80's vinyl collection.


*I used 30,000 as my 'lurker' number to be conservative.  The actual number is more like 35K-40K. 
**A few auto-send $2.08 each month via their bank or credit card - each donation like this is recorded separately, so the number of donations shows more than the number of people who donated.  For example, in 2015 there were 2,397 donations made by 2,126 people.
Donation in previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (Cash/Check - Credit Card), 2013 (cash/check - CC), 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008



1,397 people have kindly donated in 2019 as of 11/29.
Around $37,000 after taxes...

They are...(sorted by first name)

Aaron Balog


Aaron Gleixner

Aaron Schomberg

Acen Thomas

Adam Cutting

Adam Tibbitts

Aime Fauchon

Aitor Lazo

alan archer

Alan Grindstaff

Alan Lancello

Alan Mekler

Alan Metzler

Alan Searle

Alan Tempin

Aldo Perotto

Alejandro Badia

Alexander Hardt

alexander stark

Allan Brownlow

Allan Glen

Allan Stern

Allen Maris

Allen Sydow

Alpine Racing, Inc.

Alvin Fox

Alvin Grasse

Amir Bayani

Andrew Felce

Andrew Goans

Andrew Haile

Andrew Hamber

Andrew Kilroy

Andrew Lamborn

Andrew Manilla

Andrew Muir

Andrew Shorter

Andrew Tyler

Andrew Wegrzyn

Andy Crabtree

Andy Delk

Anon. (AL Gulf Coast)

Anthony Garagliano

Anthony Gilson

Anthony Kirk

Anthony Phillips

Anthony Tessitore

Anthony Trettin

Anton Beidl

Anton Haas

Antony Lloyd

Archer Ellis

Ariel Arielly

Ariel Bello

Ariston Johnson

Arnie Barros

Arthur Woods

Aubrey Ogden

B. Noel Fallwell


Barrett Thompson

Barry Bernstein

Barry DiSimone

Bart Suver

ben cawte

Ben Meeuwsen

Ben Neighbors

Bengt Follinger

Benjamin Burbridge

benjamin clay

Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin Poffenberger

Benjamin Westfall

Bennie Frazier

Berchmans Wick

Bernd Goretzki

Bert Moore

Bill Hall

Bill Hempel's Team Edge

Bill Marcum

Bill Marvel

Bill Peyton

Bill Vinson

Bill Wightman

Bill Woods

Billy Callanan

billy canup

Bjorn Nelson

Blake Carlson

Blake Harral

Blu Sky Detailing inc

Bob Bisbee

Bob Hassel

Bob Japundza

Bob Keith

Bob Mozina

Bob Scheaeffer

Boyd Birchler

Brad Cheshire

Brad Fennell

Bradley Brensing

Bradley DeRubba

Bradley Walton

Brandon Flores

Brenden Johnson

Brent Connelly

Brent Ehresman

Brent Hall

Bret Parker

Brett Nordick

Brian Adams

Brian Bennett

Brian Carroll

Brian Collins

Brian D Smith

Brian Decker

Brian Eisner

Brian Forsyth

Brian Jorgensen

Brian Kilby

Brian McGrath

Brian Perkovich

brian pham


Brian Sewell

Brian Stamper

Brian Sutherland

Brian Szuter

Brock Street

Bruce E Byrkett

Bruce Estes

Bruce Hatch

Bruce Hill

Bruce Hostager

Bruce Lane

Bruce McGlamery

Bruce Pauley

bruce penner

Bruce Rawlins

Bruce Stoddart

Bruno Dionne

Bryan Ard

Bryan LaPlante

bryan taylor

Bryan Winberry

Bud Shaw & Rebecca Rotert

Budd Elliff

Burton Jacobs

Byron Gillespie

C B Weber

C Van Der Merwe

C. Walter Jazun


Cameron Smith

Carl Boecher

carl brownd

Carl Froehlich

Carl Martin

Carl Miller

Carl Niedermeyer

Carl Wood

Carlos Rodriguez


Cecil Banks


Chad Boot

Chad Larson

Charles Bulkeley

Charles Crawford, Jr.

Charles Derk

Charles Fretwell

Charles Hazekamp

Charles Keeney, Jr

Charles Lloyd

Charles Menger

Charles Refling

Charles Rice

Charles Rosenzweig

Charles Tagart

Charlie Kearns

Chestnut Properties

Chris Glaeser

Chris Kleen

Chris Mahoney

Chris McConnell

Chris Obaugh

Christoph Schnyder

Christopher Cannon

christopher ives

Christopher LaRue

Christopher Olsen

Christopher Pratt

christopher thelan

Chuck Deerinck

Chuck Miller

Clarence Mitchell

clarence sams

Claude Pitre

claudio ricci

Clay Romeiser

Clay Rull

Clifton Shuman

Clint Hanson

Clinton Fereday

Clive Whittfield


Code 1 Flight Training

Cody Herndon

Col. Sidney Mayeux

Colin Noseworthy

Colin Peterson

Collin Adams

Conrad Bolton

Conrad Nordquist

corey bewley

Corey Enderle

Craig Bennett

Craig Brenden

craig DUTTON


Craig Hagen

Craig Harding

Craig Westwood

Crank It Up Diesel

Curt Bowers

curtis sullivant

D.E. Christiansen

Dale Boorsma

Dale Emmons

Dale Fanning

Dale Lamport

Dale Willey

Daley McLeod

Damien Currier

Damien P Graham

Dan Burdette

Dan Cruz

dan fiore

Dan Garrelts

Dan Niendorff

Dan Reed

Dan Ross

Dan Roy

Daniel Ainge

Daniel Baier

Daniel Begeman

Daniel Connell

Daniel Decker

Daniel Dorschel

Daniel Grant

Daniel Green

Daniel Hempy

Daniel Herron

Daniel Kintner

Daniel Landry

Daniel Langhout

Daniel Martin

Daniel Miller

Daniel Morris

Daniel Newman

Daniel P Horton

Danny Tillotson

Darin Anderson

Darla Parham

Darrell DeBoard

Darren Chaffer

Darron Spencer

Daryl Tolliver

Dave Lane

Dave Schuler

David Anders

David Beland

David Bellairs

David Bray

David Brown

David Brunberg

David Buono

David Carter

David Cicciari

David Clinthorne

David Cole

David Corwith

David Domeier

David Egelston

David Ellis

David Farmer

David Figgins

David Goldfarb

David Grant

David Gray

david Grimmer

David Halmos

David Harris

David Harsh

David Hays

David Heal

David Hershgold

David Herzfeld

David Hill


David Hollingsworth

David Howe

David Ireland

David Jackson

David Kewley

David Kloss

David Kuhtenia

David Lacefield

David Lewis

David Lowe

David Macdonald

David Maib

David Main

david martin

David McKinnon

David Meyers

David Miller

David Motley

David Nelson

David Nolte

David Oakes

David Pattee

David Paule

David Perkins

David Poe

David R Clifford

David Romuald

David Sandefur

David Schwartz

David Setser

David Shenk

David Sprinkle

David Valcik

David Vaughan

David Vincent

David Vosburg

David Walrod

David Weisgerber


David Wiley

David Wimberly

David Zwart

DCH Enterprises

Deborah L Hobbs

Dejan Vucinic

Denis Sailer

Dennis Enns

Dennis Gilton

Dennis Glaeser - Flight Instruction

Dennis Grundy

Dennis Harm

Dennis Hodge

Dennis Millsap

Dennis Miner

Dennis Myrick

Dennis Rhodes

Dennis Young

Denver Gore

Derek Canavan

Designed Performance

Devin Albrecht

DiamondWave Aero, LLC

Don Coady

Don Crum

Don Flanigin

Don Garrison

Don Harrelson

Don Kroesch

Don Martin

Don McMullen

Don Short

Donald Bodnar

Donald Disher

Donald Johnson

Donald Mack

Donald McNamara

Donald Meehan

Donald Oberlander

Donald Washington

Donald Wilke

Donaven Chase

Doug Crumrine

Doug Kaye Inc.

Doug Mattson

Dougla Keller

Douglas Conciatu

Douglas Cronkhite

Douglas Garrou

Douglas Geib


Douglas Rohrer

Douglas Seward

Douglas Smith

Douglas Weiler

Duane B Hopper

Duane Clawson

durward smith

Dwight Mattmuller

E D Fern

E Frank Russell

Earl Pate

Ebbe Nilsson

Ed Avila

Ed Darcy

Eddie Booth

Edward Cech

Edward Cole

Edward Eliot

Edward Fleming

Edward Flisher

Edward Herold

edwin esther

Edwin OíQuinn

Edwin White

Edwin Wright

Eiland Dean

Elias Jamali

Eric Backscheider

Eric Fitzgerald


Eric Paslick

Eric Picciano

Erik Forsberg

Erin Gatlin-Martin

Erin Schneider

Esa Lehto

Ethan Dahlkamp

Eugene DeVillier

Eulice W Curington Jr

Finn Lassen

Flint Brady

FliteWallet LLC

Florence Garbini

Flyboy LLC



Francis Cordrey

Frank Huber

Frank Johnson

Frank Kenney

Frank Lonza

Frank Pavlovcic

Franklin Brown

Fred Fallis

Fred Heinecke

Fred Herzner

Fred Mann

Frederic Stucklen

Fredrik Diehl

G Williams

Gail Yobe

Garret Hade

Garry Shepherd

Garry Treloar

Gary A Sobek

Gary Baker

Gary Bjorklund

Gary Bridges

Gary Keyser

Gary Kohler

Gary Krause

Gary Moore

Gary Peterson

Gary Seaton

Gary Slutz

Gary Zilik

Geoff Pout

Geoffrey Bowering

Geoffrey Son

George Barth

George Dowell

George Michaels

George Nuse

George Psaros

Gerald Kalin

Gerald Kinman

Gerald Stofer

Gerald W Roeder

Giles Clark

Gillett Welles

Glen Palmer

Glenn Bridgland

Gofourth LLC

Gordon Griffin

gordon maclean

Gordon van de Bilt

Graham Lowe

Grant Cassady

Greg Barnes

Greg Beyer

Greg Bitzer

Greg Dombrowski

Greg Green

Greg Hale


Greg Long

Greg McElvenny

Greg Niehues

Greg Van Strien

Gregg Waligroski

Gregg Wilson

Gregory Beckner

Gregory Blilie

Gregory Diollon

Gregory Healy

Gregory House

Gregory Lair

Gregory Marlow

Gregory Novotny

Gregory Tilford

Gregory Walker

Guilherme Barros

Gunther Zion

Guy Prevost

H V Hatwell

Hamilton McClymont

hamish kebbell

Hans Strahle

Harald Sotomayor

Harlan Henke

Harold Birkett

Harold Hopler

Harry Hepperlen

HeavyLogic, LLC

Henry King

Henry Retting

Herbert Brust

Herman Ross

Hilbert Dahl

Home Health Forms

Homer Phillips

Hugh Aodh O'Brien

Hugh Finnan

hugh thomson

Hugo Terrosa

Iain Macleod

Ian Chapman

ian coates

Icarus Flyers, LLC


Ira Phillips

IT Works, LLC

Ivan Luke

J Brad Bowman

J Briggs

J Kenneth Morris

J. David Daniel

J3 Woodworking

Jack Bates

Jack Crabtree

jack haley

Jack Hosmer

Jack Hunt

Jack Wootten

Jackie Watts

Jacob Lewis

Jacques De Jonghe

Jahnnie Brake

Jake Thiessen, Inc.


James Baker

James Bedsole

James Berry

James Black

James Blake

James Carey

James Eiland

James Feighny

james fernandez

James Fisher

James Fogarty

James Folsom

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Jeffrey Rupp

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Jerry Deanda

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Jerry Furnas

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Jerry Ozment

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