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  • VAF Podcast (#22)
    ...this edition is from Tony Partain of Partain Transport, Co.  He's the guy that delivers your RV to your door.  (This was previously called 'RV Talk').
      Starting RV-3B
      FAQ on shipping (when to call, cost, damage, insurance, # of helpers needed, delivery times, payment)
      3min 49sec in length (.mp3 format)
  • RVTalk #20
    6/2/07 -   Chris Pratt walks you through the panel of his RV-8.  The images below are HUGE, so if you have the monitor to display them, you will be able to follow along nicely.  If you have a smaller monitor you can use the scroll bars in your browser to move around the panel.  The thumbnails below link to the larger images. 
    CLICK THIS LINK when you're ready for the 12 minute audio clip to begin (.mp3 format).  Plays just swell using MS Media Player.  Enjoy!

  • RVTalk #19 (OSH 2006)
    If you're all settled and comfy...listen to this 3MB 25min .mp3 audio track while looking at these pictures (opens new window).   Trivia: When you hear the phone ring, it was Danny King <g>.  Enjoy!!!  3MB in size and 20 some odd minutes long.
  • RVTalk #18
    Andrew Sugg from Baylor University delivers RVTalk #18.  A group at Baylor University wants to build a RV-8 and use it with the Baylor Institute for Air Science in (among other stuff) various research capacities.  The biggie there is Dr. Max Shauck, a proponent of using ethanol fuel in aircraft for air sampling.
      As you probably know, I'm a '87 grad of BU, so I'm glad to help spread this info for 'em.  Go Bears!  dr
  • RVTalk #17 (8min  .9MB)
    Eustace recently interviewed a RV pilot that took off without latching his 9A slider canopy, and the distraction led to a non-standard, hard landing and accident.  The pilot attempted to to hold on to the canopy latch while landing.  The pilot agreed to sit down to an interview with Eustace so that others could benefit from the experience.  Thanks to Eustace for presenting to me the idea and for Jim for being so forthcoming.
    It's my hope that you go away from this after listening remembering that:
          a) use the checklist (if it's a mental one say it out loud)
          b) fly the plane if something unusual happens
          c) non-trainer aircraft do not handle hard landings as well as training aircraft
          d) expect an inverted aircraft on the ground to be pretty hard to egress from
          e) the cockpit enclosure should protect you in a roll over event
  • RVTalk #16 (12min  1.3MB) (to be listened to while looking at these pictures)
    Johnson Creek, ID 2005
  • RVTalk #15 (25min  2.8MB) (to be listened to while looking at these pictures)
    Johnson Creek, ID 2005
  • RVTalk #14 (6/20/05)  2MB (12min) (opens a page dedicated to this particular issue (pictures and text and audio link)
  • RVTalk #13 (5/3/05)  2.29MB (8.25min)
    The audio commentary for the weekend trip out to Corpus Christi to see the USS Lexington museum.  Basically, look at these pictures while listening to this audio clip.

  • RVTalk #12 (5/2/05)  1.3MB
    The audio commentary for the weekend trip out to Lubbock to see the Silent Wings museum.  Basically, look at these pictures while listening to this audio clip.
  • RVTalk #11 (4/18/05)  290KB  1min 38sec
    Tony Partain of Partain Transport Company talks about his new business, specializing in delivering your RV QB kit to your garage without crating.  An interesting listen!
    Picking up QB kits at Van's
        FMI: Partain Trucking Co.
  • RVTalk #10 (4/8/05)     834KB   4min 44sec.
    Danny King talks in great detail about what is involved in landing an RV-8 on an icy runway with a 20kt direct crosswind.  We did this, and you can see actual pictures of the runway covered in ice (taken by DR) by reading the Angel Fire 2005 travel story (with more pictures of the runway).
  • RVTalk #9 (3/25/05)     2MB   11min.
    RV digital photography (air to air, static).  Gear, software, etc...

  • RVTalk #8 (3/14/05)     1.5MB  8min.
    RV Hotel, Centerville, TX Fly-In, Looking for RV-8, Formation Flying Clinic, RV Video Coronation
  • RVTalk #7 (3/2/05)       1MB  6min.  Hosted by Jay Pratt.  Recent first flight and weekend gathering this coming Saturday at Lancaster, TX Air Salvage for a talk by Lucky on 'Why Airplanes Crash'.   1361 Ferris Rd. Lancaster, TX
  • RV Talk #6 (2/25/05)    1.4MB   7min 45sec Starter, Strobes, LOE5 flyer, Voting for name change, Mom's thank you, Cards, Fly-Ins, Hanger, RV White Pages.

  • RV Talk #5 (2/21/05)    1.6MB   9min 30sec New intro music, Flash update, Wx, Monkey, Forums, Name Update (poll), Logo contest, Mom's birthday.

  • RV Talk #4 (2/18/05)    2.2MB   13min Weekend plans, Sorting the forums, IAC Practice in Brenham, TX,

  • RV Talk #3 (2/15/05)    1.2MB   7min   Flash v2.0, Insurance 'loss ratio', LOE5 aerial, Birthdays, Abilene bunch comes to DFW, Classifieds.

  • RV Talk #2 (2/10/05)    1.0MB   6min   RV Hotel, Services Locator, 2nd Annual Carson City RV Fly-In, Vern Darley audio comment.

  • RV Talk #1 (2/8/05)     1.0MB    6min   Land of Enchantment RV Fly-In (LOE) update / Checkoway Wx / RV-10 throttle quadrant


  • About the ADDS Wind Page

    (direct link to video)
  • Jay Pratt Talks About The RV-8 QB Fuse

    (direct link to video)
  • RV-12 Wing Removal

  • Landing the RV-12

  • Danny King's RV-8 "Beautiful Doll" Cockpit Checkout

  • RVTalk #21
    9/12/07 - Robert 'Smoke' Stack gives a video tour of his RV-8 cockpit.

direct link to video: