Hicks (T67) To Hilltop Lakes Resort (0TE4) For Breakfast  by D.Reeves
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On Sunday, the 29th day of September, 2002 I rode as a passenger in Jay Pratt's RV-6 from Hicks (T67) to Hilltop Lakes Resort (0TE4).  I couldn't take my plane as the time isn't flown off yet and 0TE4 is outside the 50nm radius on my Phase I test plan.  We had to be careful to avoid the 30nm TFR around Waco (the President was there).  

After breakfast we did a little air-to-air photography, as we've been known to do.   dgr

climbing out of Hicks...here you can see the homes surrounding Eagle Mountain Lake.

tied down at Hilltop Lakes.  RVs here are (from front to back) Rich Rudolph, Jay Pratt, Don Christiansen, Martin/Claudia Sutter

The 'resort' and strip. 

Don Christiansen's RV-8 'Yellow Bird'.

Rich Rudolph's RV-6A (passenger is Pat Stewart)

Martin and Claudia Sutter and their RV-6

Above the clouds and in smooth air for the return flight.  Jay Pratt here.

Downtown Fort Worth passes by the right...just about home.