Kid Fix by Roberta Hegy
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I decided that I needed a kid fix last week, so Rich and I took a long weekend and flew to Atlanta, GA to visit our son Bryce, daughter in law Tanya, and our two grandkids, Alyssa and Andrew. This is our second long cross country in our 7A. The first was out to Colorado (mountain flying), New Mexico, and Arizona (Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon). We headed out over Lake Michigan (from East Troy, WI), past Chicago and under the class "B" airspace. Chicago did not want to talk to us. Too busy, they said.That's OK 'cause we wanted to slide by low over the lake and check out Meigs. It is GONE. Damn that mayor dailey.

After passing on to Indiana, we climbed up to 8,000 msl for our first leg to Bowling Green, KY. We stopped for fuel and had lunch at the Rafferty's across the street. Lunch was great, but fuel was a bit pricey at $3.30 a gallon. But that seems to be the going rate at most FBOs these days.

After lunch, we headed on to Cobb County (RYY) just north of Marietta, GA. Preferred Jet Center took great care of us during our visit. They arranged a car, hangared the plane, and even gave us some promotional T-shirts. They will be our FBO on our visits to Atlanta.

After a wonderful weekend hugging and holding the kids and seeing our 7 year old granddaughter race her mini-quad, it was time to head back home. We set the GPS to home and headed out over Chattanooga and parts beyond. Our King KMD 150 is a great VFR nav tool. The moving map is so easy to use and the display is Great! Every time I do a cross country I remark on how glad I am with the choice.

Bloomington, IN (BMG) was off our right tip about 2.5 hrs out. We figured we could stop for fuel here and have plenty left when we got home. We don't have fuel at Air Troy Estates, so it's necessary to make sure we have enough for the next flight out when we get home. BMG Aviation took care of our fuel needs and was only charging about $2.40 a gallon for 100LL. Wish I could have bought more. You don't see full service prices like that very often anymore. Too bad they don't have a restaurant close by. Oh well. We'll be home in another hour and a half. Strong 30 knot head winds slowed us a bit. We were truing out at 204 mph at about 7000 msl and showing ground speeds of about 170.

Flying past the Chicago loop is always a sight to see, especially on a clear day. We left Wisconsin on Friday with temps in the 70's. Atlanta was in the 80's. We were going back to 40's on Monday. Yikes!!!! Winter is a comin'!!!
After a nice uneventful flying weekend, we made an equally uneventful landing at home, unloaded the plane, and headed out for lunch. Aren't RV's GREAT!!!!????

Roberta Hegy
N2447A RV-7A