We survived Birdsville! by Pete James
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On Friday the 1st of September my bucker, Chris Ainsworth, and I set off in ‘Riveting Experience’, my RV-7 for the Birdsville races in Australia.


Birdsville, pop 140, in the heart of the Australian Outback, is wedged between the Strezlecki and the Simpson Deserts, with an annual rainfall of 6”. So, you get the point, there ain’t nothing there, The Annual Birdsville Races are such an iconic Australian event that they attract a crowd of 6000. Due to the remoteness of Birdsville, it takes two or three days driving from the coastal cities (All Aussie cities are on the coast, because everything else is desert.) mostly on dirt roads requiring a serious FWD. Alternatively you can fly in and land at the Birdsville airstrip which has the Birdsville Hotel on the threshold.


The flight from Geelong, 900 odd nm away, took us 6 hrs, the last 3 of which were across barren trackless desert.


Truck loads of beer are bought in and the party runs for three days.  The party starts on shutdown and every one camps under the wing.

If you are ever in Aus. with access to an aircraft…… don’t miss it.




PS. Apparently, some people go to the horse races.