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The following is a travel story and pictures of my most recent trip in N65RV from Lubbock, Texas to Lewistown, Montana.
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N65RV (RV-6A) Flying
N710RV (RV-10) Building

Ann, my better half, and I headed north on January 15, 2004 for what we thought might be our last flight in N65RV. We departed Lubbock, Texas at about 7:30 a.m. on a rainy morning with low clouds but it cleared up about 100 miles north. The first leg of the flight took us over northwest Texas and southeastern Colorado stopping at Frontgate airport east of Denver.

As the Canadian River winds it's way to the Gulf Coast Waters, Sleeping Beauty enjoys the peaceful sounds of an RV in flight, but she missed a wonderful early morning view:

The trip north of the Canadian River to the Denver area has little to offer except a flat view and this Crater looking landscape:

The flight from LBB to FTG was 389.5 NM and took two hours and thirty four minutes, burning 25.8 gallons of gas.

North from the Denver area up through Wyoming saw the terrain steadily rising. My buddy, Terry Cole, who is a Railroad Engineer and RV-6A builder, would have enjoyed the sight below:

Leaving Wyoming and heading Northwest into Montana got us into the snow with the Rockies as a backdrop:

Just west of the Little Big Horn, a mountain lake creates a wonderful center piece for the foothills of the Rockies. Anywhere else these foothills would be mountains:

The lake waters are a perfect match for N65RV's blue leading edge. Next stop is Billings, whose airport sits on the very edge of a sheer drop-off, with the city below. Flight time from FTG to BIL was two hours fifty seven minutes, over a distance of 402 NM, and fighting a headwind all the way. We burned 26.6 gallons of gas averaging less than 9 gallons per hour fuel burn. True Airspeed over this leg ran an average of 181 MPH.

Next was a short hop over the mountains to Lewistown, Montana where I received a warm welcome from Noel Simmons who had both an RV-8 and an RV-10 going together in his shop. Noel went flying with me in N65RV and just had to put her through her paces.

Flying upside down over these snow filed basins around Lewistown was a pretty sight:

After overnighting in Lewistown, Ann and I started back to Billings intending to plan the return to Lubbock via Las Vegas but the weather on the west side of the Rockies was Snow, Fog, and hard IFR conditions.

Instead we decided to fly down to Pueblo, Colorado and spend the weekend in a Bed & Breakfast built in 1906. The Abriendo Inn was a wonderful retreat with breakfasts to die for. The leg from Billings to Pueblo was 485.7 NM and took three hours and one minute, burning 30.2 gallons of fuel. ATC gave us the choice of flying down IH 25 through downtown Denver or east of DEN. We took the scenic route:

Enterprise car rental gave us a great weekend deal of $30.00 for Friday until Monday, but we came back to Lubbock on Sunday afternoon, having gained a few pounds while in Pueblo.

The 1750 NM trip (11:48 hours flying time) brought us back home refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. There is nothing like a little time spent speeding down life's airways to give you an appreciation for life's treasures, one of which is flying an RV.

Russ & Ann Daves