Clay Killion Travels to Homecoming 2000
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From Clay, "I had a great time - the first Van's Homecoming I've ever attended. The new factory looks really great. The factory was open for touring and the large computer punch was operational all weekend. The Banquet was Saturday night & BBQ Sunday night.  The Blackjack Squadron flew in an impressive 14 plane formation. The weather really tickled me - in the mornings starting drizzly but always offering a gradual clearing as the day progressed.  And the best part - lots of people doing a lot of looking at really nicely built RV's and talking RV's.  

That's Eustace Bowhay getting an RV9 demo ride in one shot (fella in white cap). RV8 builder Brian Develle is getting an 8A demo flight from Ken Krueger as an EAA film crew does some up and personal filming on the homecoming flight line. Terri Jantzi's RV6 was one of many RV's that had lots of great detail work to admire. Lastly, that 3-bladed MT prop would sure look good on my RV6!"

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